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Treat Yo’ Self

Request: A plus-sized, low-income African American gal being gifted T'Challa’s credit card as a [pre] wedding present. But she only buys a handful of clearance/sale items & so T'Challa sits down & has a talk with her to let her know that neither he nor Wakanda is gonna miss a couple thousands or even a couple millions. -SQUEE!-

T’Challa casually held a credit card out to you. You took it reflexively, looking down at it curiously. It looked really fancy, like the type of credit card every filthy rich person gets at birth just to let them know they’re good for life. The holographic picture on it caught the light to show that it was a panther. You looked up at T’Challa with an expression that read “Really?”.

“It is a… pre-wedding gift,” He explained. You immediately attempted to give it back. T’Challa had given you enough. You had him, and none of the wedding expenses came out of your pocket.

“T’Challa I can’t take this-”

“You can and you will,” he insisted smiling indulgently at you, “You never let me get you anything.”

“That’s because I have everything I need… and you’ve already given me the greatest gift I could hope for.”

“And what was that?”


“Well, I am a gift that keeps on giving,” he grinned, “If you do not take the credit card and get yourself something nice I will be forced to buy you things myself and I’m sure you don’t want that.”

You glared at his taunting smile and weighed your options. If you didn’t take the credit card and left the gift buying up to him, he would blow a good couple thousand on you easily. If you took the card you would be in control of how much was spent on your behalf.

“Fine,” you conceded, sliding the credit card into your pocket. He seemed pleased with you to surrender as he looked down at you like you were the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. You never quite understood that look, you were absolutely positive you were the lucky one here, and anyone you asked agreed. You were just a normal girl, living paycheck to paycheck before you met  T’Challa. You grew up poor, so money was tighter than a corset. Frivolous spending? You didn’t know her. Hell, you two are begrudging acquaintances now. Splurging doesn’t come easily to you, much to T’Challa’s frustration.

“Buy yourself something nice. Do not look at the price tag,” he instructed.

“Fine,” you groaned. He laughed at your reluctance and pulled you closer by your waist until your head could rest on his chest.

“I am flattered that you worry so much about my fiscal responsibility,” he joked, “but I promise I’ve got a team of people whose entire job is to watch my financials. They’ll yell at me before you have to.”

“I don’t want them to have to. I’m already this lower class chick marrying a king, I don’t wanna seem like a gold digger on top of that, and I don’t need all the extra you know?”

“My people love you. They see themselves in you and they wish for you to be comfortable.”

“I am comfortable, though.”

“Then just indulge me for one day. Get whatever your heart desires without a second thought of the price.”

“Okay,” you huffed and he shook his head at you. He never ran into anyone who he had to beg to spend his money. He kissed your forehead as you looked up at him.

“You are something else entirely,” he laughed, but then let you go, looking down at his watch, “I have to go, but I’ll see you in two days, at the altar.”

“I’ll be the one in white,” you answered lamely. He kissed you then left to engage in whatever kingly duties were set for him. You had a few plans for the day. First off, you had to finish packing up your apartment in Wakanda. The apartment had been a gift from T’Challa, one you graciously accepted. The two of you met in D.C. he was in the restaurant you worked at with the Avengers. You remembered the day you met T’Challa better than you remembered anything else in your life. He was sitting with the group of superheroes as they talked animatedly looking utterly spiritless. You’d always wondered what they were talking about to make him so lifeless. T’Challa was nothing if not joyful and charmingly ridiculous. You went to the table to take drink orders and he visibly perked up. At first, you just thought he was being nice to you, which you appreciated a lot all on its own. People could be awful to servers, especially at such a high-profile restaurant. You were charming in your own right, throwing out little jokes for the table, he would tell you later that it was love at first joke for him. He kept coming back to the restaurant, striking up a conversation and asking more about yourself. The day he had to leave to go back to Wakanda he asked for your number so he could stay in touch, he also asked for a date whenever he returned to D.C. You didn’t even know he was a king then. He was just the handsome regular from Wakanda that took a liking to you. You didn’t learn he was royalty until a year into your relationship.

You scoffed a little thinking about that, as you taped off the last box in your apartment. You should have known he was royalty. He was simply great in every other way, of course, he was royalty. He told you without even thinking about it, he was surprised to find you surprised. He wanted you to move to Wakanda so you could be closer. Respective cultural customs meant you wouldn’t move in together so you picked out this apartment from the array of extravagant homes T’Challa offered. It was small, and with the job, you found when you got to Wakanda you could pay for it even if T’Challa dumped you.

At the end of your packing, you headed out to grab a quick bite to eat. You were still learning the language of the country but, English was spoken commonly enough that you were usually alright on your own. You’d denied any security detail, though you were sure some members of the Dora Milaje followed you anyway. It never bothered you, T’Challa was just worried about you. As you drove through the city you happened upon a store having a sale. You frequented this place often, it had really nice plus sized clothing. They didn’t just add more fabric to size two they really crafted clothes for full figured women. With T’Challa’s insistence that you buy yourself something nice in mind,  you entered the store. After going in, picking out an outfit and a few nice smelling lotions you consider yourself done. You grabbed some food and headed back home to spend one of two of your last nights unmarried.

Later on, T’Challa called. You answered, pausing the movie you were watching.

“Hey,” you greeted, a smile spreading across your face.

“Hello, how was your day?”

“It was great, I finished packing up here, and I got food from my favorite place, you know the place right next to the bookstore.”

“I do. Did you go into the bookstore?”


T’Challa sighed, “I’m looking at how much you spent today and-”

“Was it too much. I just found a really pretty dress and it was on sale so I-”

“Y/N you spent $50. No, it wasn’t too much,” he laughed.


“You are truly incapable of treating yourself. I booked a spa for you and your friends tomorrow after they are picked up from the airport. A separate driver will pick you up and take you to the spa to meet them there. You are going to let yourself be pampered and if you find a product you like you are going to buy it. Without looking at the price tag. Alright?”


“You are to spend $500 at least. At the very least, Y/N.”


“I love you,” he laughed indulgently.

“I love you too.”

~Mod Lillian

Creepypasta #1201: Social Life

Length: Super long

I live in the last small apartment remaining on a row of freshly-built fraternity and sorority houses that basically form a parade of epic parties every night. The social envy I feel here is still overwhelming, but it was actually the loneliness that drove me to make a deal with a devil for popularity—literally. Thanks to his power, during our deal everything I wrote online became real. It sounds like a wonderful thing, right? Heed my warning.

When I first saw him, he looked like a businessman, complete with slicked-back hair, a sharp suit, and a faux grin, but somehow I got the sense that his appearance was a show put on for foolish marks. In a thick but vague foreign accent, Malcolm said, “Welcome. Please, sit down.”

I possessed a foggy idea of having picked up his business card and contacted him, but I couldn’t remember exactly when. I also couldn’t really remember the trip to that random diner. Confused, but trying to be confident, I asked, “So you’re a social media consultant?”

He gave a slow nod, and his eyes never left my face. “You wish to expand your circle of friends online and therefore your popular appeal?”

“Yeah!” I leaned forward on one elbow. “It’s maddening, you know? I see these parties outside my apartment, and because I transferred here I don’t even have a single friend!”

“You never tried attending one of these gatherings?” Malcolm asked, evaluating me.

“I did.” I grimaced. “But I didn’t really know anyone, so I was just wandering alone in a crowd. Afterwards I always see posts online about the incredible night everyone had—everyone but me. It’s driving me crazy. What’s the point of college if I don’t actually do anything new or fun?”

His default grin widened subtly. “Spencer, I think I can be honest with you. You enjoy science fiction and fantasy works, yes?”

Warily, I nodded.

His face sharpened with an approximation of human pleasantry. “Well, Spencer, I am not a social media consultant. I am a demon.”

I nearly spat out my coffee. When had I ordered coffee? Putting the mug down, I clarified: “Like a classical religious demon?”

“I existed before religion,” he said with a small laugh. “But it was good business. As the world changes, I am now attempting to expand into newer human vices.”

“I have read books,” I told him, standing up and pushing my chair back to leave. “It’s always a trick. I am not going to give you my soul. Not for anything.”

He raised an apologetic hand. “No, no, nothing so dramatic as that. This is just a pilot program for a new market. Please, hear me out. We can work something out that gets both of us what we want.”

I almost left—but thoughts of parties, girls, and adventures pushed me back down into my seat. “So what is that you want?”

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The altar pics no one asked for. Set up my brand new altar last night and I am pretty pleased with it! The strawberry moon was so energetic it made me want to do everything. Made moon water as you can see it in a mason jar on my windowsill. 

Eugene my alligator taxidermy and spirit friend finally has a place on my altar holding my sage stick and helping with my craft. Always watching what I am doing. 

Finally made my devotional candles last night. Might make new ones later but until I can get icons this will do. I wanna eventually frame and hang my painting of the Bifrost but for now, it is a lovely backdrop to my devotional candles. 

Up before 7 on a (vacation) Saturday, you know what that means!

It’s time for another race! I gotta get my butt up and get ready because the breakfast buffet will have bananas ans danishes and I know what it takes to fuel a good run.

Also we are in the friggin king sized bed, whirlpool tub suite, which is equal parts bizarre and awesome, but that’s all that was available on Expedia. The AC unit was making weird snapping noises last night, but my fitbit says I still managed about 7.5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday we did get to see both sets of my aunt & uncles that are up here, we met them at a bar for beers and it was nice. It wasn’t long, about an hour, but it seemed right.

After the race today, we’ll probably bum around, go check out the craft fair, and the carnival for some people watching and cheese curds. Like seriously, the best cheese curds on earth. Tomorrow on the way home we’re going to hit the Gander Mountain in Baraboo and see what’s left of the going out of business sale. Maybe a new Garmin or Fitbit in my future? Probably not, they’re probably sold out or not that reduced.

singledad!luke bringing his daughter to kindergarten open house, feeling immediately insecure around the dads and moms dressed up in fancy attire in his plain gray shirt and black jeans. their judging stares made his cheeks grow hot as she’d take him by the hand and show her all her adorable finger paint art and the sentences stapled to the wall that she wrote in her messy, five year old hand writing. with a swell of pride of his little girl, he’d bend down on his knees and give her a fist bump. “nice going, princess, these are awesome.” his butt would be wedged in a small, colorful plastic chair with his daughter on his lap, bouncing his legs up and down making her giggle quietly, when his eyes would trail around the room and see the gorgeous lady standing off to the side, fidgeting with a piece of craft yarn and her name tag reading “(y/n), volunteer, teacher assistant,” the same last name as the kindergarten teacher. luke would smile when you locked eyes and gave him a small wave at the end of the presentation, watching as parents approached you kindly and little kids hugged your legs. he almost forgot about the little ball of energy poking him in the cheek. “s-so, princess, how do i become a volunteer in your classroom?”

for @honeybeeisme and @cliffordchick‘s daddy!5sos blurb night!

Streaming time is almost here! I added paws and a base for the front legs last night, so in addition to more feathering I should be able to shape up a lot more of the body for this piece tonight. I’ll be live on Twitch Creative in about 15 minutes!

I’m happy to chat and answer any questions you might have, or you can just hang out and watch.

Come join me at http://myarmcanfly.tumblr.com/twitch
I’ll be live from 5:30-7:30 eastern!

anonymous asked:

i found your star wars stuff on ao3 and have read every fic multiple times (my absolute favorite, shamefully, is ophiuchus), and just watched fantastic beasts last night solely so i have the context for those fics now too. i just wanted to write in and say how much i appreciate the care and craft you put into writing -- your characterization is flawless and you write like a damn poet. your work is some of the most lyrical and deliberate stuff out there. don't ever stop, you are a superstar <3

wow. WOW. I’m just going to slide this into my back pocket as one of my fave asks of all time. This means so fucking much to me dude, you have no idea. I have authors I love enough to watch things for and to become that, even for one person– this made my day :) thank you.

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OneyPlays: Curry Paradise

Please send me a photo of your Villager wearing this if you decide to download!
I crafted this last night while I was a bit sleepy, watching my boys play some good ‘ol vidja games. Ding Dong says that 1 of his most-favorite foods is curry, so I created a shirt featuring a delicious mountain of chicken curry, set atop a plate of rice! The sleeves are dotted with stars & back has lots of bright colors, sticking to the space theme of Ding Dong’s persona. I’ll be posting it to his official Twitter soon. Even if Ding Dong doesn’t play New Leaf, YOU can use it!

I watched Her sleep last night,
She laid in my lap and dozed off,
As her mind dreamt,
I began to realize how much of a dream she was to me,
As I traced the outline of her lips with my fingertips
around and around
With each cycle, I fell in love with
just how beautifully God crafted her mouth
Not just the outside of it, but the words that come out of it
Talk to me: you have every answer
that my ears have ever longed for,
My fingers traveled to her eyes
I want to see what she sees,
How do you see the world?
How do you see me, see us?
What galaxies lie beneath the closed curtains
shielding the windows to Her soul?
I realized how much I wanted the ability
to reach into her eyes
and draw on paper exactly what she viewed
Look at me.
My hands traveled to Her hair,
I always had a thing for Her afro:
Soft as her presence, but bold like her attitude
Grow with me. 
She had awoken emotions in me
I was sure were paralyzed, dead, and unnecessary
and I couldn’t help but try
Just try to stop tears 
from dripping onto her face 
and awakening her
She was Art to me in that moment.
She was music to me.
She was love.
At that moment, it dawned on me
that she was not only sleeping in my lap
But soon, she would be awakening 
and growing more roots in my heArt. 
Wake up.
—  Open Eyes | Amarii Davu

Lindy and I stayed up late last night crafting Ashtyn’s handmade birthday presents. We listened to music, laughed our asses off, and watched tutorials of our respective crafts online to help with our projects: a hand sewn Princess Leia Star Wars rag doll from Lindy and a hand carved, stained, and decorated Star Wars “Rey Staff” from me.

When Lindy and I decided to pursue our dream of building a homestead on 10 acres in the country - we also committed to adopting certain lifestyle changes. Our home isn’t built yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start that way of life now.

This past Father’s Day, we made my stepdad a wind chime from a fallen branch from a very sentimental tree that he associates with his father who recently passed away. That gift was better than any car magazine subscription, golf club cover, or gift card that we had given him in the past. That labor of love and thoughtfulness made for a beautiful gift and a process that enriched our souls.

Ashtyn has 40+ people coming to her birthday this weekend and I’m sure she will receive plenty of gifts, but Lindy and I wanted to try our hand at making her something thoughtful and unique. If anyone appreciates kindness, thoughtfulness, and effort - it’s Ashtyn. And I don’t think we are teaching her that - I think she taught us :)


Thranduil Fan Fiction

by ladywyldfire

18+, eventually nsfw, starts fluffy but ends smutty

Links to previous Chapters:  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Thranduil smiled as he walked.  It was a sunny, crisp Autumn day and Maderia was at his side.  There was nothing else he needed to be happy.  Her company was really enough.  He thought he would be just as happy if it suddenly started pouring rain as long as he was with her.  He adjusted the straps of the pack he wore over his cloak and glanced over at her.  He had been a bit concerned about taking her on this strenuous of a walk given her lack of sleep the previous evening but she had responded shockingly well to his pain management techniques and insisted that she wanted to go today.  She gave him a dazzling smile and reached out to touch his arm briefly.  The walk they were taking was just strenuous enough that it was difficult to hold hands and walk at the same time.  Just the idea of having her hand to hold was enough to make Thranduil smile at the moment.  

The morning visit to her chamber hadn’t gone at all as he planned, but he was learning that things often didn’t go according to his plans with Maderia.  And somehow that was alright. From the moment she had opened the door clad in what he assumed was a robe hastily donned over her night dress with her hair a disheveled mess he had wanted to sweep her into his arms.  He had resisted and brought them breakfast while she dressed instead, but he hadn’t been able to resist offering to braid her hair for her. At first he had feared he had overstepped some boundary but she had been pleased with the result.  Then his concern that she may have changed her mind about him had landed her in his lap complete with a passionate kiss that had threatened his control.  He had been a little shocked, yet thrilled at her reassurance and her usage of her endearment of ‘my Thranduil’ for him.  He knew he wasn’t going to be able to resist her for very long especially if she did things like that on a regular basis.  He was already ready to move their relationship to the next step, but he didn’t want to rush her.  And he wanted to know what these ‘things’ were that kept her awake last night.  

Finally they arrived at their destination.  It was a glade in the forest, in a part unaffected by the gloom that had overtaken most of Mirkwood.  A large rock stood to one side of the clearing and the sun shone down on gently waving grass.  A waterfall cascaded into a small pool at one end and a lazy creek ran off to the side.  The trees that surrounded them were a variety of splendid autumn colors, reds and oranges, yellows and golds.  Thranduil knew that as the sun traced its path across the sky it would light up the leaves of the trees like stained glass.  But the best part would come later.  He had discovered this spot and it’s magic shortly after his wife’s death.  It had stirred him as nothing had been able to back then.  Each year after that, he had made the trip here alone.  It was a very special, almost sacred spot to him, and he had never dreamed to have someone to share it with.  He hoped it would be as special to Maderia as it was to him.  

“We have arrived, my lady,” he said softly as he turned to her.  He found her unable to say anything with tears streaming down her face.  “Maderia, what’s wrong?”  

“Nothing,” she finally managed to say.  “It’s just so…beautiful.  Thank you for bringing me here.”  Then her arms were sliding around his waist and she was resting her head against his chest.  He slid his arms around her feeling as though his heart was going to bust with emotion.  This place that was so special to him had brought her to tears at first glance.  There was no better reaction that he could have hoped from her.  

“Trust me when I tell you it will get better later in the day,” he replied.

“I’m not sure how that’s possible,” she sighed against his chest.

“I promise.  This place is very special to me, my love.  I come here every year the day after the Autumn Celebration, but I have never brought anyone else with me,” Thranduil said.

“How many years have you come here?” she asked.  He hesitated, not sure how she would respond to his answer.  Eventually the difference in their ages were something they would have to come to terms with, perhaps now was a good time to start talking about it.

“2,855,” he said softly.  

“You have come here 2,855 times alone?  In all that time why did you never bring anyone with you?”  she asked incredulously.

“Because, my lady, there was no one I wished to share it with until now,” he responded.  

“Oh,” she said simply.  “Then I’m honored that you have brought me here, my Thranduil,”  and she leaned up on her tip toes to press a kiss to his jawline.  “Wait,” she said pulling back to look him in the eyes.  “How old are you?”  There was nothing but curiosity and interest in her eyes.  Her response surprised him.  He was discovering that Maderia rarely reacted the way he thought she would.  

He searched her face then said, “I am 5,782 years old.”  She considered that for a moment.  

“Oh, my Thranduil,” she sighed.  “That length of time is almost unfathomable to me.  And you’ve been alone for so much of it.”  

“Not always.  I had my son, Legolas with me for many of those years,” he said.

“The love of a son isn’t the same as the love of a woman,” she whispered as she pressed herself against him.  Without a word, Thranduil dropped his backpack and lifted her up so he could kiss her without bending down.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he carried her the few steps to the large rock and pressed her against it.  She was well above his suddenly straining pants but he could feel the slight rock of her hips against his stomach.  He groaned inwardly as one of her hands worked its way into his hair.  Her mouth was soft and warm against his and she tasted just a sweet as she had the previous evening.  He kissed her again and again never wanting to stop.  Somehow kissing her out here under the sun in this special spot in his forest was even better than kissing her inside his Halls.  The sun on his skin, the wind in his hair with her hands, her scent mingled with the that of the fallen leaves and fresh air, and the taste of her mouth combined to almost overwhelm him.  But it was glorious and he reveled in all the feelings as he hadn’t had in so long.  And he didn’t have to hide his feelings from her any more.  Finally the passion of their kisses wound down to a gentle and slow press of lips.  Reluctantly he pulled his mouth from hers and took a deep breath before he opened his eyes.  

She was watching him.  Waiting for him to open his eyes.  He could see everything he felt reflected back at him in her gaze.  How was it possible that she could feel the same way about him that he did about her?  He stepped back, releasing her from the rock and then set her gently on her feet.  

“Come,” he said taking her hand and retrieving his backpack with the other.  They walked toward the waterfall end of the clearing.  Thranduil paused, releasing Madeira’s hand as he pulled a blanket from his pack and spread it on the ground.  It was warm in the sun and they both pulled their cloaks off, tossing them in the grass beside the blanket.  Then he sat, reaching up to pull her down beside him.  She leaned on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm about her as the watched the water cascading down the rocks into the pool.  Unexpectedly, Maderia reached down and tugged off her boots and socks, sighing as she dug her toes into the grass at the edge of the blanket.  She looked up to find Thranduil watching her with amusement.

“What?” she asked.  “Don’t you get tired of stone underfoot all the time?  And wearing shoes all the time?”

“I do, my lady.  But sometimes you surprise me, for one who isn’t an Elf,” he said as he reached down with his free hand and tugged off his own boots and socks.  He slid his feet into the grass beside her feet feeling relishing the feel of the cool grass. They sat in silence for a time and her head found it’s way back to his shoulder.

“Thranduil?” Maderia asked hesitantly.  “Does it matter to you that I’m not an Elf?”  

“Not too long ago it would have.  But I have learned recently that love is greater than that.  Greater than I realized.  Love transcends things like race.  We love who we love and we can’t change that.  Nor should we.  I love you as you are, my lady.”  he responded.  He wondered if it was too soon to say it.  He had called her ‘my love’ several times but never had he said that he loved her so plainly.  

“And I love you, my Thranduil,” she whispered as she leaned up and planted a fervent kiss on his lips.  He was thrilled to hear her say the words too and at the passionate display of her feelings for him.  Then, too soon, she pulled away and looked at him sadly.  “But I fear that all I have to offer you is pain.  Perhaps a few short years of happiness then I’ll be gone and you’ll be alone again.  I can not ask you to do that for me, not if I truly love you.”  He watched as a single tear ran down her cheek.  

“We have already had this conversation, my love,” he reminded her.  “And I told you it was my choice to make.  However there was something I didn’t mention last night.  Are you familiar with the Rings of Power?”  he asked.  When she nodded, he continued, “What many people don’t know is that there were many other rings crafted as well, lesser rings but still powerful nevertheless.  They were made as practice, if you will, by the elven smiths who made the three Elven rings and are not tied to the power of the One Ring as they are.  One of them in particular is of interest to me.  Because it has one specific power; to grant immortality to one who is mortal.”  Here Thranduil paused to study Maderia’s face carefully.  He watched understanding dawn in her eyes.  

“So, if I were to wear this ring,  I would become immortal?”  she asked softly.

He nodded.  “Yes, my lady.  You would, but you would give up any chance of reconciliation with your departed family.  And there are other challenges that come along with immortality.  It is not something to be considered lightly.”  Thranduil’s voice dropped very deep and soft as he said, “But I have this ring in my possession and I would like offer it to you as a token of my love and commitment. I have no expectation that you accept it, but only a selfish hope that you would choose to wear it and remain at my side for all time.”  

Chapter 18

“I love you too babe, I"ll see you tomorrow.”

For a six months I had a serious long distance relationship with my online school counselor. We “met” while I was living in Germany, and he in Arizona and instantly had a very strong connection, that started with daily phones calls, emails, any excuse to communicate with each other. We than began chatting through messenger all day at work, and ended our nights with video chats. And what was a close friendship quickly blossomed into a love affair, with us both confessing our true feelings for each other. I relocated to the states two months later, and spent some time with him in his home. There were talks of him moving to me, and vice versa. And still, every night we spent the entire evenings video chatting while he did his art, me doing my crafts, playing online games together, listening to music, watching TV together and us seemingly being happy. At night we would keep our computer cameras up and essentially fall asleep together. The last night, we said our usual goodnights, exchanged our I love yous, as we always had. The next morning I woke to find his camara turned off. Odd, but no cause for concern. I got on messenger later at work, to find he was in silent mode, still no big deal. After a day of silence, I called and began to worry about his wellbeing, still no reply. Another day passed, and I seriously wondered if he was ok or not.  I called again, and this time the phone picked up but with no response, instead I hear him and a female in the back ground. Still not worried, only confused, I waited for a response, and waited… and waited.  It’s been nine years and I have never once heard from him again, despite a couple emails from me to him, generically reaching out for closure and peace and still nothing in return. 

I moved on eventually and respected his space, and I know through Facebook he is happily married and with a child. Congrats to him but still a crappy way to leave things. He broke my heart into tiny bits. I’ve never been more hurt or confused by someone I truly loved and who I thought loved me. 


3 Fun Facts

  • A friend got me into the show but as always I ended up being more obsessed about it than her
  • I’m a stay at home walrus rn (pls hire me)
  • I watched this movie called I Origins last night and it’s now my favorite seriously watch it

Favorite CS moment

  • HAHA… you seriously expect me to answer this.(probably the hug outside the ice cave because reasons)

Other OUAT ships you <3

  • Captain Charming
  • Frozen Swan
  • OQ

Other fandoms

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S (im mondler trash)
  • Youtubers (Mainly Zalfie)
  • Is the arts and crafts tag considered a fandom????
  • I started watching iZombie and kinda love it
  • I was anime trash and I still low key love it
  • I’m sure I’m missing 4095839 fandoms but those were at the top of my mind


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I’m sorry if this post isn’t related to anime-manga at all but I have this sudden urgency to pour out my feelings. I was actually just discovering korean boyband SHINee (who is apparently going to have a concert in TOKYO fucking DOME surprise surprise I didn’t know they are that famous in Japan) because I watched an episode of running man where one of the guest was the really pretty guy, Taemin. I thougt he was just an ordinary idol guest until the part when he’s dancing and I was like woah, the guy was really talented.

It might sound strange (now that I realized taemin and shinee are really popular in Japan) but that was the first time I’ve heard of him. I’ve never been an avid fan of Korean music though; I listened casually to some of the songs from Leessang and Epik High and also some of their drama soundtracks but that’s it (well I also used to listen to some songs from Tohoshinki but it’s been a long time since they disbanded I guess). Even so, many of my friends are K-Pop lovers. Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1, 2PM, Big Bang, EXO (esp chanyeol like why is everyone around me obsessed with him), CN Blue, Infinite (my mom and sister are fangirling together over L so hard omg) are among the korean idols that regularly pops out on my SNS timeline but never shinee. And now I am wondering why. Really wondering why.

Being surrounded by K-Pop lovers, I was (over)exposed to uncountable korean music videos and live performances. Many of my friends tried to make me a K-Pop fan; they spoonfed me with videos of their idols. I was mildly interested with cn blue and big bang, but not to the point of being a regular listener. That’s why I was pretty impressed that it took me only one live performance of “Danger” from Taemin (which was super dangerous oh god protect me from taemin) to make me hooked with him.

My curiosity of him led me to search for shinee, and after watching their live performances of “Sherlock”, “Everybody”, “Dream Girl”, “Lucifer” and “Why So Serious” I was entranced because their syhncronized dances were complex and truly awesome on all levels. I was also searching for MR-removed versions to find out whether they can sing live or not and I was totally amazed because wow they sound just like a recorded version!

They also have a lot of songs that relied heavily on vocals harmonisation such as “Symptoms” (my personal favourite!), “Hello”, “Sleepless Nights”, “Quasimodo” and most of their Japanese ballads like “Keeping Love Again”, “Run With Me”, “1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…” etc. Being an avid J-Pop listener, I also love their cheerful songs like “Downtown Baby”, “Lucky Star” and “Dazzling Girl”. They have a really vast range of genre and they can just adapted to each genre very well. They really live up to their title as a contemporary band.

And so it was very easy for me to fall in love with them; I don’t even understand why because usually I’m really picky with what I listen. I wouldn’t go overboard and say that they have brilliant music, but there must be truly something special in their music. I’m guessing it’s just the way their vocals complimented each other and created a perfect harmony. It’s also helping that they are very pleasing to the eyes, both their appearances (even though sometimes I don’t understand their choice of fashion but I guess it’s just a chronic problem in K-Pop industry) and their wonderfully crafted dances.

That’s why I don’t understand why my K-Pop friends never gave me any shinee songs. Why my sister was so shocked when I told her I finally have a Korean boyband that I like and it’s shinee (‘wow really? never thought you would like that kind of style’ was what she said). Why when I watched MAMA last night there was no shinee (well they don’t have any new korean single this year but what about taemin? His solo album was freaking good imo). Why when I googled them they only have one daesang award for their six years career. Why why why.

It doesn’t really matter though. I’m already in love with them and there’s no turning back, so I can only hope that SM didn’t mess them up and that shinee will have a long and shining career

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ALLY PLEASE READ- I feel like this could help a lot of people, and I want to know your thoughts yourself. I know this sounds pretty dumb, but what are things to do with friends that don't involve alcohol? In day and in night? Like where would you go/ what would you do? Can you just list anything you do xx

Oh my goodness SO many things! I can’t remember the last time I had any alcohol.

Activities I love doing with friends:
Going out for breakfast
Movie nights
Bike rides
Dinner dates
Study sessions
Long walks
TV show watching with snacks
Visiting markets
Going to the movies
Making videos
Singing along to Taylor Swift in the car
Talking about life’s big questions
Op shopping / regular shopping
Arts and crafts projects
Workout classes
Swimming at the beach or pool
Just chatting about anything
Playing board games and card games
Cooking or making food


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18. Camp Counselors!AU
“Carmilla!” Carmilla groaned and buried her face under a pillow. Laura poked her again. “Its dawn!” She said cheerfully. “Didn’t you hear the bugle call?”
“That wasn’t just random noise?”
“Of course not! That was Danny on her trumpet!”
“Your ginger giant plays the trumpet?” Carmilla asked, looking up from her pillow and raising an eyebrow suggestively. Laura hit her over the head lightly, mussing up her hair.
“She isn’t /my ginger/,” she corrected icly.
“There are so many of those its hard to keep up,” Carmilla grumbled. Laura rolled her eyes and walked over to the door of her cabin. “Come to breakfast on time, or I will tell Perry about it,” she warned. “I’ll go wake up our campers.”
Carmilla wanted to sulk and complain, but she realised that by volunteering to wake their campers Laura had just bought her another fifteen minutes of much needed sleep, so perhaps it wasn’t so bad at all.

Breakfast was waffles. Again.
“Seriously, Perry, can’t you cook /anything else/?” Carmilla asked, lifting the soggy bread off her plate and staring at it morosely. Perry sent her a glare over her skillet.
“None of the /campers/ seem to be complaining, Carmilla,” she pointed out sharply. Carmilla rolled her eyes.
“Kids don’t have refined taste buds yet,” she muttered.
“And you do?” LaFontaine asked, giving Carmilla an incredulous look. “I watched you mix beer and whiskey and then drink it last night. Beware of what you say.” Carmilla laughed.
“That tastes better than this,” she decided.
“Be nice to Perry,” Laura warned, sitting down opposite her with her own tray. “Otherwise, no food.” Carmilla sighed dramatically.
“Whatever,” she mumbled, but she stopped complaining.
LaFontaine smirked and mouthed “whipped” to Perry.

“Why did you pull the short straw?” Carmilla asked in exasperation. The craft room was always the short straw: girls between the ages of 6 and 10 with glue, glitter and paper was never a good combination.
“Why are you blaming this on me?” Laura hissed through teeth. The four campers sitting at Laura’s table looked up. “Did you say something?” The oldest one asked, titling her head. Laura grinned at her and leaned forward.
“I was just telling Carmilla how beautiful your friendship bracelets look!” She cooed. The girl grinned, pleased with herself. “Who are you making it for?” She asked. The girl blushed and then pointed at Laura.
“For you,” she admitted. “You /are/ my best friend.”
“I am?” Laura asked, genuinely flattered. Carmilla wanted to roll her eyes and walk away in exasperation. This was /too cute for her/. But there were campers to attend to. Another table broke into a collection of squabbles; Carmilla turned around and began subdueing the fight (first it was Bertha’s turn with the scissors, and then Jenny’s; we could all take turns right?).

They were walking back to the cafeteria when Laura caught Carmilla’s arm and dragged her behind the barn. “Wait,” she cautioned, “I have something for you.”
“For me?” Carmilla asked, genuinely surprised. Laura pulled out a black and red friendship bracelet and lifted up Carmilla’s wrist so she could tie it to her.
“I thought this would fit your outfit…I mean, you could wear it -” like a charm, was the rest of that thought; but before Laura could finish the sentence, Carmilla kissed her, hard.

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Oliver, Felicity, and the Season Two Finale (spoilers - don't read if you haven't watched!)

I have to admit that in the season finale of Arrow when Oliver took Felicity to the mansion and asked her to stay there to be safe, I was into it. When he said Slade took the wrong woman and that he loved her I was swooning even though somewhere in the back of my mind I thought, that was too fast…really? I instinctively wanted more even though I was getting what I thought I’d been waiting for.

In the scenes after, it started to dawn on me that the scene before this profession of love was Felicity telling Oliver he had to outthink Slade. In my gut I knew I’d been played. That’s when I started feeling manipulated. The producers and writers had played a sick joke on all of us.

And then we got to the end…that was a real Olicity moment. When Felicity confessed she had believed him for just a second the lingering smile, gaze, and silence spoke volumes.

Oliver loves Felicity and he KNOWS he loves Felicity. She on the other hand still doesn’t believe it’s possible that he could think of her in that way. Therein lies the reason that we weren’t given a true Olicity love story last night. He’s there…she still needs to get to the point where she can accept that she deserves it.

Now, for those of you that argue I am being overly optimistic or seeing things that aren’t there, here’s what I hold up as evidence. The producers admitted in numerous interviews that Olicity moments, are real, crafted, and important to the show. If you watch any youtube montage of Olicity moments you see their story unfold and it’s awesome.

Beyond that when Lance told Oliver that Slade had Laurel, Ollie said the city was more important. He wasn’t going for her. He truly didn’t have a plan to save her at that point. He said the words, I know why he took her, but chose the city over her. Even the plan that eventually saves Laurel wasn’t about Laurel. It was about not killing Slade and Felicity’s belief in Oliver that he could find another way. Her belief in him culminated in his belief in himself.

So, if Oliver knew why Slade took Laurel and was going to save the city anyway, he must have known in his own heart that Slade had the wrong woman. It isn’t until Felicity pushes him again and again that he’s able to form it into an actual plan. I believe that Oliver told Felicity the straight up truth when he spoke to her in the mansion. Sure he had another purpose but it was possibly his last chance to say it to her and I think he meant it.

Then let’s look at the fact that he trusted her to understand what he wanted her to do. We’ve been hit over the head with how he wanted Sara safe and away from Slade in the island scenes. He wanted Laurel safe and out of Slade’s grasp in the past few episodes. But with Felicity, he allows her to walk straight into the fire! Is it because he doesn’t care?

On the contrary, just like his work with Sara allowed him to see her as an equal and be in a relationship with her, Oliver’s relationship with Felicity has progressed to one of equality and trust. We know that the flaw in Oliver and Sara’s relationship is her darkness and inability to accept the hero in herself, but that’s the exact opposite with Felicity. She is the light to his dark, she sees no other path but the hero’s journey. By letting them work together to make the hero’s choice, the writers and producers have brought Oliver to the place where he can finally see his love for Felicity. He has put it into words.

I also think it’s obvious from the last scene that he knows she loves him, too. I think his smile was knowing. Knowing of the fact that she is still struggling to put it into words and that giving her that time hurts no one and maybe even protects her.

I think what the producers and writers has done is brilliant. After getting over my initial anger at the manipulation factor, I can see that what they did is the only authentic path they could have taken. The I love you in the mansion may have been real for Ollie but it wasn’t time yet for her to say I love you in return.

(By the way, I hate you Andre Kreisberg for being right about giving me what I need and not what I want, but don’t drag them getting together out much past season three. I see she’s not there yet but by the end of three they should both know who they are and be ready to explore who they are together.)