i watched part 9 the other day

Whump Challenge: Day 9

How would you explain whump to someone who doesn’t know what it is?:

Whump is the enjoyment of pain. Fictional or non-fictional. Aside from that, it’s whatever you want it to be. You may like physical whump but not emotional. Maybe vice versa. Maybe you’d rather watch instead of read. Maybe it’s the other way around. There may be parts of it that you do and don’t like.

I say “it’s whatever you want it to be”, because, at the end of the day; it’s whatever you like. It’s personal. Customizable.

My bottom line: There’s no “real” definition for whump, because it changes with every living soul who likes it.


Hey guys, sorry I don’t have a snazzy graphic to go along with this, but here are the details of when and where you can watch the one-hour finale.


Thursday, December 18th at Midnight Eastern / 9:00pm Pacific


Friday, December 19th

9:00pm  Chapter 10 “Operation Beifong” 

9:30pm  Chapter 11 “Kuvira’s Gambit” 

10:00pm  Chapter 12 “Day of the Colossus” (finale part one)

10:30pm  Chapter 13 “The Last Stand” (finale part two)


I’m *pretty sure* all the other platforms will be releasing the finale at their normal times on Friday, December 19th.

I know a lot of you wished the finale would be released simultaneously so you could experience it as a community in tandem, and I wish it had worked out that way too. At least there are several ways to view it, even on a TV––imagine that! Tag your spoilers for those who can’t see it early!

Love Contract >> Suga, You (Part 9)

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My days started to get busier so I’m sorry for being late! (Am I even late? XD) enjoy reading~

And you ended up waiting for Suga until he finished his other photoshoots. Ellie, a model from Vogue’s magazine, whom Joshua knew her, was asked to do the photo shoots that you were supposed to do in the first place. 

The photo shoot for the new brand collection even the designer was standing happily watching the work. 

He was impressed by how pretty Ellie was. You almost got jealous because all the eyes were on her,

A sigh skipped your mouth followed by the other. Jimin promised to take you to the new place to stay in. He kind of told you that he had a nice place that you were going to love and that after the photo shoots he promised to take you there.


“I’m so sorry.” Jimin had apologized, his arm had still been around your shoulder. “I have another schedule and –I didn’t forget our promise, I swear– I just asked Yoongi to take you there. I’m sorry. He knew the place too…”

And just like the silly girl you were, you had just smiled and shook your head in understanding. “It’s okay. You have a work anyway. I’m sorry, I troubled you ”

It wasn’t okay. That meant that you had to stay with Yoongi until he finished his work and you were too hurt to even look at him.

You wished you still had had your apartment. You wanted so bad to crawl in your bed and cry. No, you wouldn’t cry. Not for someone who didn’t deserve crying for. 

Why would you even cry? It was just a kiss and it wasn’t like you were in love– In fact, you started to fall for him.

And it still hurt. Deep inside your heart.

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Writing Masterlist

Updated  March 19



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#1- How You Met

#2- You Become Friends

#3- He Gets Jealous

#4 He Makes You Feel Better

#5 It’s Your Birthday

#6 What You Get Each Other For Christmas

#7 First Kiss 

#8 His Favorite Outfit on You

#9 He finds out about the Dark Thoughts you have

#10 You Get Hurt On a Hunt

#11 Song Preference- Tiny Dancer

#12 Rainy Days

#13 Christmas Traditions

#14 What Supernatural Creature You are

#15 The TV Program You Watch Together

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Dating Dean

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[Saturday 19/09/15] - ‘A day in the life of Thestudyingdinosaur #2′

7:29am - Walking the dog ^^ 

8:08am - I started the morning with Biology & an old English reading exam.

9:15am - I enjoyed my breakfast while I was watching ‘Flikken Maastricht’. 

11:52am - I finally finished my homework of Math from last week, but now i also finished my homework for the upcoming week :)

1:38pm - Till this moment i did some English vocabulary. And while i was eating my lunch i watched the first part of ‘Hollands Next Top Model’. 

4:10pm - A break! I Watched the other half ‘Hollands Next Top Model’. 

4:53pm - Another break, 15 minutes i think. Skype with feathersflyingeverywhere, we talked about Judo & Jiu Jitsu :D 

5:21pm - Time for chemistry, i switched to the other side of my desk, so i could sit on my bed. I worked till 7:00pm and after that i had dinner with my family. 

I discovered a awesome music album with piano music, it’s called Ascend by Shaun Taylor McManus, you have to listen to this! :D I think ‘heartland’ is the most beautiful. 

(Are you interested in more of these? Please let me know ^^) xx

Liam re Zayn in interviews

Ok, not really sure of what this means or anything in relation to Liam and Zayn but there’s something i’ve noticed recently going back to the Corden interview which gave us so many tells where Liam was concerned in terms of his awkwardness in discussing Zayn.   I think i may have mentioned what this post is about even at the time or at least thought it and I’ve kind of noticed it since but particularly so in today’s interview with Grimshaw. It was the first thing i picked up on.

He will happily chat 19 to the dozen and fast without any hesitation or nervous tics, pauses etc., about anything.  But get him on the subject of Zayn and while he loves it, welcomes it and will wax lyrical, there’s one word or combined word, he always uses ‘Y’know’  So i went back and listened to the interviews am aware of since Zayn left and here you go (if I’ve missed out on any let me know):

The full interview is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQT4Iz-t5G8

Liam’s section about Zayn is on the first video at 56 seconds till 1.31 and in that time he says ‘y’know’ 9 times.  For rest of the interview, its said by him a neglible, if any, amount of times.

Then starting at 53 seconds on the BBMA’s red carpet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P8lpu1uFf4

He says ‘y’know’ 8 times in 22 seconds. The rest of the interview tho brief he contributes but barely says it again.

As a comparison this interview where he contributes a lot and its the same length but Zayn isn’t brought up he doesn’t say it even when he talks about the 2nd award and him being cutoff in his part of the speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrDKXhJSjHs

I also watched the coca cola interview that was released in May but I believe was filmed on the day Zayn went on ‘stress leave’ and I don’t believe he’s mentioned but its a long interview and I don’t notice him saying it then either.

Then onto today, interview link here

In all of the interview which is 7.21 except for the moments he talks about Zayn, there’s barely any ‘y’know’ action at all but at 3.28 for 40 odd seconds he talks about Zayn, he says it 8 or 9 times.

There may be other interviews I’ve not picked up on and I’m not saying its a code or anything or actually anything other than a verbal or nervous tic and a way of slowing down the conversation/pausing it but I just thought I’d bring it up as it’s almost as though he’s checking himself and the only time he has to do it is when they’re discussing Zayn.  Will be interested to hear how it goes on the interview with the magic fm person.  I pretty much just wanted to share it cos once you hear it for the first time or notice, its so obvious, or maybe that’s just me?  Anyway, there you go, sorry if this is of no interest to anyone.

I was re-watching the mvs to VIXX’s Eternity and Error the other day and they remind me so much of ‘Red vs Blue’ seasons 9 and 10’s main theme. That idea of memory and being unable to let go of the past. Makes me want to see a part 2 to Eternity where, like, one of the guys pulls an Epsilon and tells the girl in their memories “I forget you” and moves on with their life.