i watched it today and loved it :)

I had this conversation today with a boy from school..
  • Him: "Hey! You love Harry Potter, yeah?"
  • Me: "Yesss... why?"
  • Him: "I do too! Yeah I love it so much! I've watched the movies so many times and I've read the books like 9 times!!"
  • Me: *laughs* "Oh that's great! The books are great! I love it."
  • Him: "I was thinking though... about horcruxes."
  • Me: "What about them?"
  • Him: *looking deep af in thought* "Well you know how like.. he has them?"
  • Me: "....um, yeah??"
  • Him: "Well I had this crazy thought! Like, what if Harry was a horcrux?"
  • Me: "Uh... you said you've read the books? And watched the movies?"
  • Him: "Yeah! I love them."
  • Me: "Ha ha.."
  • Him: "Did I say something wrong?"
  • Me: "..."
  • Him: "..."
  • Me: "... WHAT THE FUCK"

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If you're interested, would you be willing to write something about the foxes gathering for a movie night and watching deadpool but then neil has a flashback during the scene where deadpool burns that guys face with a dashboard lighter? I live for hurt/comfort fics

This prompt is cruel and I love it. 

Keep the prompts coming! Someone send me some Nicky/Erik, please. I crave them. <3


Neil doesn’t care for movies but he watches them with his team because it’s something they do as team, as friends, as a family. Today, they agreed on some superhero movie which Neil has never heard of, but it doesn’t even matter because Nicky and Allison swoon over the main actor until Aaron threatens to throw up into Nicky’s drink, Kevin keeps checking his phone for updates from the sale at Exites, Matt and Dan start making out on the couch after 15 minutes and it’s just so them and it makes Neil’s chest feel like he just had a big mug of tea. He sits next to Andrew on the floor, Andrew is slouching in a bean bag, looking desinterested as ever, but from time to time, Neil feels his fingers on the back of his neck and it gives him goosebumps. 

And then there’s a scene with a dashboard lighter and suddenly the warmth in his chest is replaced with the feeling of a brick dropping into his stomach and he can smell the stink of his own burning flesh again and he’s on his feet faster than he can think because running is still the first thing to come to his mind when it comes to surviving. 
Lots of things happen at once, Matt shouts his name, Dan yells at Nicky to turn off the TV, Renee quickly tucks her legs back so Neil doesn’t stumble over them but the only thing that matters is Andrew, who is up a second after Neil.

A strong hand grabs the back of Neil’s neck and pulls him out into the hallway, slamming the door shut behind them, and then Neil’s with his back to the wall and Andrew’s hands cradle Neil’s head left and right, not delicately or gently, but with pressure, but it’s what Neil needs, it’s what grounds him and Andrew doesn’t do anything else but be there for him, like a rock, unmoving and unbothered and calm. And eventually Neil’s breath slows down again and the smell in his nose faints and is replaced by Andrew’s scent when Andrew slowly slides a hand to the back of his neck and pulls Neil in until his forehead is resting against Andrew’s shoulder.

When they come back in after some time, the other’s have switched to Finding Nemo and act like nothing happened because they know better than to ask Neil about this while Andrew’s around.

My goodbye to Skam

I was supposed to make an audio post talking about my feelings about todays end but technology wasn’t on my side so I decided to make this text post instead.

So Skam, the Norwegian tv show who swept me away with its story and characters is coming to an end. It’s such a bittersweet one for me because I started watching this show 6 months ago on December 16:th 2016. It isn’t that long ago and I’m not used to saying goodbye this soon to a show I love with all my heart. (Even the abrupt end of the get down can’t top it tbh). But I’m so grateful for it. I’m so grateful that my best friend @sanathehumble got me interested in it even though I was so hesitant about it at first. It started really blowing up here in Sweden weeks before the ending of season 3 and when things does that I tend to get put off by watching it and this one was no exception. But luckily I got a grip and I started watching it and it’s something I’ll never regret. I’m so grateful for this show and I’m especially grateful that I got the opportunity to watch Isak and his story. A story I recognize myself in a lot and it’s why it resonated with me so much. Most especially I wouldn’t have found my love for hiphop if it weren’t for season 3 and considering that’s almost the only thing I listen to now days yall might have a decent understanding how much this genre of music means to me and that was all because of Isak but also Even and his love for Nas.

And though season 4 became a huge disappointment for me I’m still glad I got this last opportunity to follow the updates live. The updates that I’ll miss the most with this entire experience. I have it hard to believe that there won’t be any new ones tomorrow. There won’t be another day where I can wake up and be excited that at least something might drop. Something that I can look forward to when my life otherwise is quite a blurr of darkness and not knowing where to go or what to do. So that’s gonna be so empty for me the upcoming days and it’s gonna feel so odd but at least I’m glad I got to experience it and especially with Sana despite the disappointment. 

Last but not least I want to thank the Skam fandom for embracing me. I remember being so scared when I started this blog in January and have no one that would embrace me and accept me. Because I’ve been in many fandoms and most tends to be quite cold and unwelcome but when I think of the Skam fandom I will still think of the positivity, kindness and love that I experienced when I first joined. There are quite many of us who have this trait of kindness and love within us and that’s what I appreciate about the fandom despite the fact that this season has brought up a lot of negativity and ugliness along it’s way but I’ve never felt so at home as I’ve done here. So thank you Skam fandom for giving me that!

And before I’m really saying goodbye I just want to thank everyone who has followed me during this crazy ride. I want to thank you for following me for whatever reason it might be and for sending me love and positivity when I haven’t felt my best. I appreciate you all and I’ll be here for you if you need to cry tonight once the final update has dropped. Alt er love!! 💛

💛 Nates first and last Skam follow forever/people that I’ve appreciated during this 5 month tumblr adventure! I love you all!💛
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Imagine Alpha!Lance's gymnasts watching him carefully all day. He's on the edge of his rut and because of it, he's been practically all over you (his assistant and omega). And today you're wearing this little skirt that rides up a little too much for him to handle whenever you turn too quickly or bend over. So when he starts stalking over to you with a predatory stare, all the gymnasts suddenly freak out and scramble and trip to get out of the gym because they don't want to be around to see that

omfg I love this and I love the idea of Lance not giving a fuck who sees hahahahah 

Sinful Sunday™


Waterpark Here We Come!

After we almost decided not to go because we couldn’t find a babysitter for Lincoln, Makayla text us yesterday and said that her plans got cancelled and she could watch him for us. 🙌🏾

The twins were up bright and early (just like they always are) today and in a pretty good mood so hopefully it stays that way. Besides fighting me while trying to do their hair, (again, like they always do lol) getting them dressed was pretty easy.

Mekhi got Kayson ready and packed up the car but we couldn’t leave before I snapped a shot of the girls lol. Worked a miracle with their hair today and they loved it lol. We’ll see how long this style lasts once it gets wet. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Off to New Jersey we go! ✌🏾 🔫 ⛱

Thank you SKAM.

Okay. There won’t be any more Skam clips after today. Today is the last day of this beautiful journey. So let me say something. In December 2016 I started watching this incredible show called Skam and it has not left my mind since. I fell in love with it the moment I had watched the first episode. I fell in love with the characters and their stories. Eva’s battle with herself, her finding new amazing friends and finally learning how to love herself. Noora falling in love with the bad boy in school who had completely different values and views in life. Isak, oh Isak my baby. His life turned completely around by Even and becoming confident with his sexuality. And our strong Sana battling with the world and her religion, falling for the softest boy who wasn’t muslim. And of course all of the stories that we didn’t get to see more closely. Our babies Vilde, Chris, Even, Jonas, Magnus, Eskild, Linn and Elias, we love you all! I fell in love with how the show portrayed teenagers’ lives so realistically. All the problems that we face every day, like trying to get a good social status in school or facing problems in, the sometimes scary, social media. Skam taught me so much about living your life to the fullest. It taught me that being kind, understanding and accepting towards others is the most important thing in life. And it taught me the importance of loving yourself. I have never learned this much from a tv-show before. I’m not sure how I feel actually, now that we won’t be getting any more updates. Am I sad? Am I happy? Am I proud? Am I devastated? Am I satisfied? Am I thankful? Yes, I’m all of those and much more (like all of us in this fabulous fandom) I just wanted to say that SKAM IS NOT OVER. We’re still going to have the four amazing season, the beautiful music, the incredible memories and each other!! Most of all each other. We’re going to continue discussing about Skam here in Tumblr and making beautiful edits on Youtube. Thank you Julie for taking so much effort and your time to make Skam as beautiful as it turned out to be. We are forever grateful for what you have created

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relatable things my choir teacher has said

- “i’ve had so much coffee today, i’m surprised im not dead yet”

- *the second the boys choir completely exits* “girls can i complain about the boys for a bit” 

- “im like, in love with sutton foster”

- “ben platt is amazing and i love him and he’s one of my vocal idols”

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Closeted Trans Girl Problem (solved) I needed a watch for a long time because I hate having to dig out my phone to check the time while I’m working and men’s watches are super bulky and it’s impossible to shop for watches online so I finally worked up the courage to buy a women’s watch at an actual store today and I love it and it was cheap AF

“A believing heart is your magic”

Oh man, has Little Witch Academia been a blast. I found out about the show two months ago when the latest episode was episode 16. I hadn’t watched the OVA’s back then- I had literally no idea what the hell this show about witches was. After watching both OVA’s I binged watched the rest in a day. Ever since then I’ve been annoying my friends about it constantly and staying up until 12 on Sundays to watch the subs. The show is ending today and so I decided to finally contribute to the fandom. This show has never ceased to surprise me with it’s story, it’s characters, and hell- even it’s animation! It’s time I tried and showed my love.

I will miss this show and the masterpiece of a world Trigger has created long after it ends. 

That good old Mysterious Play

So, Youtube has been recommending a bunch of short FY clips to me lately, and I’ve been watching them, and yep, they’re just like I remember. But man, my perception sure has changed. Fushigi Yuugi is truly awful. I highly doubt I would be able to watch or read this for the first time today.

The last time I watched the anime most of the way through was when I got a couple of girls I knew in college to watch it (ironically, their friendship later ended because of a boy… girls really do that??), and I was so second-hand embarrassed. Granted, they were totally into it (and I was soooo happy to be there to watch their reactions to certain episodes, like, oh, say, YEAH 33 YOU KNOW WHICH ONE OUCH), and since they were involved in the romance part of it (as opposed to loving the characters for just being the characters), I paid attention to the romance portion with fresh eyes and was like, “good Suzaku, Miaka, why the hell didn’t you pick Hotohori over Tamahome??”

But you know what? I still love this. I still have five Fushigi Yuugi posters in my closet (giving literal meaning to the term “closet fan”. Where I used to live, I always nailed that moment when I had guests over and determined that it was safe for us both to embrace our anime fandom together. Without a word, I’d dramatically open the doors to reveal all the posters). I sing FY songs at karaoke with a passion (especially Nuriko and Chiriko’s, but my friend and I make a pretty unforgettable duet for “Dengon”). I had the most adorable Chichiri shirt that I got on eBay when I was 16 and wore it until it could be worn no more, as it was just simple chibi that others wouldn’t immediately recognize as anime, but people who knew were always like !!!!!!!! and this lead to new or deeper friendships. If I needed good luck for something, I’d write the kanji on my body of whatever celestial warriors’ powers I wanted to have that day (never where anyone could see, though). I got into the fandom long after the series had all aired, but still had a great time with people in it, including spending a weekend with one of them. A big reason I started practicing naginata was because Takiko was so cool. I wrote over 300,000 words worth of FY fanfiction over the course of about 10 years. After years of trying to insist that my art is not just a copy of Watase’s style, I’m like, “hells yeah, you know why my art feels ‘classic’? Because I’m still trapped in the Universe of the Four Gods.” And heck, I live in China now partly because FY got me started on this road so many years ago.

But holy flaming tessen, this story is terrible, hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa XDDDDD

This has been the laziest day of this year so far, so much of doingnothing, me and my littlecousin and sister watched three movies, had soup for lunch, fed the chickens, said goodbyes to all the people who left today, lay and ran around the trampoline and played videogames and that’s all. I’m going back to the city tomorrow morning and I wish I could stay a lot lot longer, this is such a beautiful place and I love this sleeping house to bits. Right now I’m lying on a sofa in the kitchen listening to the clock ticking and very quiet subtle snoring, watching shadows on the walls move and my head is tired and at peace

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Would you be interested in Nyx/Prompto? Having a lazy day off at their apartment, cuddling and watching awful tv?

You mean, like, you’re inviting me to this? Because yeah, I’d love to go. Sounds like heaven. Send me their address and I’ll be there… Oh… oh, you mean would I be interested in writing Nyx/Prompto. Yeah, sure, I can do that too XD (sorry, I’m feeling very silly today).

“What is this shit?” Nyx asked, vaulting over the back of the sofa, landing beside Prompto without spilling a drop of beer from the bottles in his hand. He offered one to Prompto and ran his fingers lovingly over Prompto’s tight, charcoal grey leggings.

“It’s called ‘Trials of the Astrals’…” Prompto swigged his beer, adding, “Contestants have to do a bunch of challenges…”

Nyx scoffed at the ‘challenges’, throwing an arm around Prompto’s shoulders. “That’s easy… I could do that blindfold.”

“Maybe we should get the king to hold one in the citadel,” Prompto grinned. “So you can show off for me.”

Nyx snorted. “You see Regis allowing something like that to happen in the citadel?”

Prompto shrugged. “Maybe as a charity fund-raiser?”

“You’re serious?”

“I just want to see you do that,” he said, nodding at the screen and nuzzling into Nyx’ shoulder as the Glaive chuckled, kissing him.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I have been writing 150 word drabbles. Requests are technically closed (as of 23rd June), but you can still send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence. It just might take me a bit longer to respond now, as I’m working on other projects.

questions tag♥

tagged by @yoongijaes (sorry for doing this weeks after ashasdj)

1. Ultimate bias/biases?

  • jeon jungkook (bts)
  • jackson wang (got7)
  • jaehyun (nct)

    (but bitch idk i have so many biases)

2. Who are your TOP 3 groups?

boy groups:

  • bts, monstax, day6

girl groups:

  • twice, blackpink, exid

3. What are your 3 favourite songs?
i change faves constantly so these are my faves rn:

  • blackpink- as if its your last
  • suran-if i get drunk today
  • day6-i smile

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

  • sleep, relax, drink coffee, listen to music, watch movies/anime, taking a long shower, hang out with friends…

5. Are there any places you would like to visit that you haven’t already visited?

  • england, japan, france, greece, america… and i’d really love to travel a lot in the future because ive never been outside my country :(

6. Do you have a dream job?

  • okay i still dont know but i want to have a job that i can travel a lot with, maybe teach kids, a teacher, giving advice and stuff, or even a menager, who knows i still dont know hahah

7. If you could meet ANY Korean CELEBRITY (Includes Actors, Models, K-Music artists, ect., who would it be?

  • tbh bts and like literally every koren celebrity there is ahhh

8. What do you love the most about your bias group/groups?

  • they are so kind and they genuenly love their fans so much, ive never seen that in western artist. Im so glad i discovered bts because they really are a family and they are showing themselves as much as they can. so yeah, the love for their fans is unbelievable and thats why i love them. they are also really polite and have great maners, i havent heard a bad thing about them,thats how good they are. :’)

9. Who are your ultimate bias wreckers?

  • yoongi, jimin and tae TT

10. What do you wish for the most to happen?

  • something positive pls, some happiness plsss,less stress plsssssssss

11. When did you get into kpop and how?

  • i discovered kpop because of the fine bros video and im glad 

12. What made you decide to have a tumblr blog?

  • my sister had it so i was like sure imma get one too lol

13. Favorite colour?

  • dusty rose, burgundy

14. Favorite animal?

  • cat or a dog idk

15. What are your interests?

  • language study, music, drawing, painting, decorating…

16. Would you prefer music or movies?

  • this is a hard onee, i guess music??

17. What would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of 60?

  • i want love, success, happiness, to educate myself even more, like to live nice by that age is a goal

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