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Dirty Thoughts

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Warnings: SMUT (All my blog is so… ;) )


You stared over at Daryl, watching as he picked up one heavy crate of supplies after another, lugging them from the truck parked at front of the gate, to the side of the street. His arms glistened in the sun, as sweat ran down his big, muscular body. You bite your lip a little at the sight of him, looking him up and down with one thing only on your mind. You imagine what it would be like to run your lips up and down his neck, what his tongue tasted like. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about all the things you would do to the man you stared down.

You had only been in Alexandria for a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time you had developed a full on raw physical attraction for the man they called Daryl. His big muscular body was like nothing you had ever seen before and the way he made you feel when he was close enough to touch. He didn’t say much, to you or to anyone else, Rosita told you that he wasn’t at all a social person. You tried to make excuses to talk to him and get to know him better, but he was always short and stoic.

Rick and Michonne had saved you from a couple of walkers out in the woods a few weeks ago. Before that you were travelling on your own, you had been with a group, but you had snuck away in the middle of the night. The men there were anything but friendly and you had saw what they did to their women, you had only been with them a short time before you ran off. Before that you had been with a close friend from the days before the world ended, you and her made it quite a while after before she was bite and turned.

Now, here you were seemingly hitting the jackpot, Alexandria was a heaven that you never thought you’d see again after the world went to shit. Not only were the people nice and the supplies decent, but there was also the added bonus of this beautifully rugged man, that it just so happened didn’t know how damn attractive he was. He grunted a little in the hot Georgia sun and lifted one of his big hands to his forehead, wiping away the sweat the heat had caused to build up. You bite your lip a little harder, feeling yourself tingling all over as you imagine his hands over your body. You rub your stomach a little absentmindedly, not hearing Rosita come up from behind you on the road, towards the gates of Alexandria.

“That man has to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice the way you look at him.” Rosita said matter-of-factly, crossing her arms, coming up to stand beside you.

Your face gets a little hot and embarrassed by her words.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask her laughing a little nervously.

She turned her head sideways and stared at you with a smirk.

“Are you kidding? You might as well be over there straddling him right in the street.” She smiled mischievously.

“Actually… that might work.” She finished and you laughed out loud, feeling a little more relaxed as she joked with you.

You and Rosita had become close in the few short weeks you had been here. You had been assigned to live with her and Abe, you taking the bedroom in the basement of their house.

You stared back over at the man that had you wanting everything that you shouldn’t want in this hell of a world. You stared him up and down again as he lugged the last of the crates over to the stack he had built on the side of the wall.

You hear someone approaching from behind you and look over to see Abraham walk up the road and snake his arms around Rosita’s waist. She sighed, closing her eyes and smiling at the feel of his arms around her.

“Hey, Baby.” She said, leaning back into his neck.

He kissed her sweetly on her forehead and rocked her in his arms a little before turning his attention to where you two had been looking. He smirked a little looking at Daryl heaving in the hot sun and then back to you, who had turned your gaze back to watch him work.

“When are you gonna do something about that crush of yours, Y/N?” Abe smirked at you.

You whipped your head over to stare at him lowly, rolling your eyes at his comment, before dropping your eyes to the ground awkwardly.

Daryl began to walk up the road and back into town, he began to walk past the three of you and head off to find some water. Your heart stopped the closer he got to you, you watch him intently as he stared straight ahead, not looking at any of you.

“Daryl.” Abe suddenly called out to the man, Daryl stopped in front of Abe, looking over at him when his name was called.

“Ya?” Daryl asked.

Abe nodded his head at the man, “Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight? Cut loose a little?” Abe smiled at Daryl, with a playful look in his eye.

Daryl stared at Abe for a moment before nodding his head in agreement, “Alright. I’ll be over in an hour or so.” He said seriously, looking from Abe, to Rosita, and over to you, staring into your eyes for a second before looking back at Abe. Daryl nodded to Abe again and began to walk off down the road.

You wait until Daryl is out of earshot before turning and punching Abe on the shoulder.

“What the hell, Abraham!” You say furiously and Rosita laughs staring straight ahead as Abe swings her in his arms, laughing to himself.

“Just given ya what ya want.” He says and shrugs.

Rosita looks at you, still chuckling. She notices your unamused face and slaps your shoulder a little.

“Relax, Y/N. It’ll be fine.” She says, chuckling.

You smile a little and feel your body relax, giving in to the humor of the moment. Suddenly, your head snaps up and you look at Rosita with nervous eyes.

“What am I going to wear?!” You ask panicked.

Rosita and Abe chuckle to each other and Rosita nods her head to you.

“Come on. Let’s go get you ready.” She says and Abe drops his arms, laughing as he watches Rosita grab your hand and pull you down the street to your house.


You sighed and smoothed down the top of your nice black lacey shirt, that laid loosely over your frame, over a small white tank top. You ran your hands down your clothed stomach and down your thighs, covered by the dark denim jeans that clung to them. You took a few deep breathes trying to calm you stomach, which was doing backflips.

Your nose picked up the scent of tomato sauce and boiling water. Rosita had asked for supplies to make a simple spaghetti dinner for the four of you that night.

“That smells damn good, girl.” Abe yelled out to Rosita, who was stirring the noodles around in a pot. She smiled to herself at Abe’s words.

“Don’t think you are getting any until Daryl gets here.” She called back, smirking to herself.

He chuckles and sits back on the coach in the living room.

You walk into the living room and take a seat on the chair across from Abe. Abe whistles and as he looks at you with your hair done up in loose curls and held back by some pins you and Rosita had found. You had put on some eye liner, purple eye shadow, and a hint of pink lip gloss around your lips. You smile and look down at the floor.

“Thanks.” You say in response to Abe’s reaction.

“Boy won’t know what hit him.” He said, smirking a little.

You hear a knock at the door and your stomach flips more feverishly.

Abraham gets up, smirking at your reaction, and turns walking to the front door that is across the living room.

You watch from across the room as Abraham opens the front door, swinging it open and stepping aside.

“Hey, man.” He reaches his hand out to Daryl, who takes it shaking it with his own.

Abe steps aside and you watch as Daryl strides through the door. He was wearing his leather vest with a simple white t-shirt underneath, showing of his muscular arms, and a pair of dark black denim jeans. He had a small can of something in one of his hands. He nods to Abe, smiling slightly, without changing his facial expression. Rosita comes rushing out of the kitchen, untying her apron and running up to the front door.

“Daryl! You made it!” She says warmly and wraps her arms around Daryl, who remains completely still. She drops her hands and steps back. Daryl nods his head up at her and hands her the small can in his hand.

“Brought somethin’.” He says lowly and you notice it is a small can of corn.

Rosita smiles and looks up at him, taking the can from his hands.

“Thanks! I’ll just go heat this up.” She says warmly and turns to walk back to the kitchen, as she does she walks past you sitting frozen on the chair, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at you.

You roll your eyes and laugh a little to yourself. You wipe your nervous hands up and down your thighs a few more times before forcing yourself to your feet. You walk over to the front of the room, looking at the ground and trying to shut up your senses that were all screaming at you right now. You look up and notice Daryl’s eyes on you. He stands there, not moving an inch, taking you in. You feel his eyes on you and you bite your lip, noticing your body getting hotter the longer he stared. You force your eyes up into his, still biting your lip.

“Hey, Daryl.” You say softly, trying to hide the tremor in your voice.

He stares into you harder, not able to take his eyes off of your colored lips.

“Hey, Y/N.” He says softly, continuing to stare for a moment.

“Well man, come on in. I think dinner is almost ready.” Abe says, turning to walk towards the kitchen, leaving you and Daryl alone in the room for a moment.

You slowly walk over, feeling your shoulder brush against his as you walk past him to close the door. You turn around and walk back slowly touching his shoulder with yours, on purpose this time. You stare up into his eyes, not really knowing what to say. Truth was all the things you wanted from him had little to do with small talk.

He stares into you with dark eyes, letting his eyes roam up and down your body a few times, slowly. He knew you saw him do it.

“You look… nice.” He says, saying the last word slowly as his eyes lingered on your body.

You smile and bite your lip in response, feeling yourself getting turned on by his close proximity.

“Thanks… So do you.” You gesture at him with your finger.

He smirks, rolling his eyes a little, in response.

“Sure.” He says chuckling a little.

“Dinner!” You hear Rosita yell from the kitchen. You shrug your shoulders looking at Daryl once more before turning to walk over into the kitchen. You felt his eyes all over you again as you did. He followed behind you after a moment and walked into the kitchen, taking the seat furthest from the door at the table. You sat across from him and Abe sat at the head of the table. You stared up at Daryl through a low hanging head as you awaited your meal. You thought you saw him doing the same, before he quickly glanced back down at the table.

Abraham grabbed a bottle of whiskey that Rosita had set in front of him along with four glasses, he popped open the top and went about slowly pouring liquid into each glass, filling them generously. He passed one to Daryl, one to you and leaned over, placing one over in Rosita’s spot, across from him. Rosita poured the noodles into a big bowl and picked up the saucepan, pouring the hot tomato sauce over the noodles generously.

Your stomach growled a little in response, you were so hungry and Rosita was the best cook. You watch as she puts the bowl down in the middle of the table, with two large spoons in it.

“Dig In.” She says, smiling and taking her seats across from Abe.

Abe nods to Daryl, “Go ahead, man.” He says.

Daryl eagerly nods, not wasting any time, he quickly grabs the two spoons and deals himself a large portion on his plate. He passes the bowl to Abraham, who begins to put some on his plate. When he is done, you grab the bowl, throwing a decent sized helping onto it, and passed the rest to Rosita.

“Looks great.” You look over at her and smile. She smiles in return and dishes herself some of her cooking.

You look over at Daryl who is slamming his fork down and swirling rapidly trying to grab as much of the food as he can, shoving it into his mouth. He slurped up the noodles hungrily, sucking them up into his lips. Spaghetti sauce splashed up onto his lips and his face as he quickly consumed the food.

You smile a little to yourself, looking down at your own plate, thinking about how damn cute he was. You take your fork and absentmindedly begin to swirl it around in your noodles, winding them up into the metal object. You brought it to your mouth and closed your eyes in delight as you taste the combination in your mouth.

“Oh my god. This is so good Rosita!” You say happily as you reach down for another spoonful.

The kitchen is quiet as everyone devours their meals. After a time you all sit back in your chairs, satisfied.

“I think you killed us.” You say absentmindedly to Rosita, rubbing your stomach a little. You smile at her and giggle a little before turning your gaze to Abraham, which you smile relaxed at. You then turn your head and see Daryl staring at you, pushing away his empty plate. You smile shyly in response and drop your gaze back down to your plate. Rosita notices the interaction and looks at Abe, wiggling her eyebrow at him.

“Let’s have a toast!” Abe said, ceremoniously grabbing the full glass of hard alcohol in front of him, causing you all to do the same.

You wrap your fingers around the cold glass and lift it in the air, looking at Abe before flitting your eyes back over to Daryl. He stares into you as if his eyes had never left you and he raises his glass, nodding a little to you. You feel your face get hot and your entire body beings to vibrate erratically from his gaze. You felt hot and tingly all over as you stare into his eyes, he is looking at you with a slight squint in his eyes, his wheels turning inside his head. You had no idea what he was thinking, but you knew your mind just went straight back to thoughts of his hands and his body all over you.

“To…” Abraham pauses and you look back over at him, trying to pay attention, all the while feeling Daryl’s eyes on you, making you hot all over.

“To… New beginnings and great friends.” Abraham says and shoves his glass forward into the middle of the table. You, Daryl, and Rosita all raise your glasses and join his at the center of the table, all leaning up and off your chairs for a moment to clink glasses together.

You lean into the middle of the table, arching your body up, and meeting Daryl’s face halfway across as you clink. You subconsciously lean in a little closer, putting yourself just inches across from his face. You close your eyes and take him in the second before, clinking your glass to his, Abe’s, and Rosita’s. You lean back down into your seat, looking up and over at Daryl from across the table. You take a quick swig of the alcohol and chug it down easily, pushing the glass back on to the table. You feel a little courage and smile at him as he stares at you.

He smirks in response and slowly lifts his glass to his lips, pulling the dark liquid to his lips and allowing it to smoothly slide down his lips. You watch him as he tilts the glass back, closing his eyes in pleasure as it hits his throat. You stare at him, jealous of the liquid as it passed down his throat and made him smile a little before nodding his head back forward and opening his eyes.

He opens them to see you staring at him with a look that he had grown to know from you. He couldn’t count the number of times he had caught you looking at him like that, eyes hazed over a little, biting your lip. Ever since you had arrived in Alexandria he couldn’t help but notice your eyes on him every time you were around.

You all sipped on your drinks as Abe and Rosita fill the conversation, you and Daryl staring at each other for a second too long, every time you found each other’s gaze.

Rosita and Abe flirted and exchanged heated conversation across the table as you and Daryl listened. You gave into his stare after a while, feeling more courageous as the drink hit your throat. You heard Rosita and Abe beside you, but visually, you felt time stand still around you, as all you saw was Daryl. He leaned onto the table with both elbows digging into the wood, he had his arms crossed, making his muscles flex. His right hand brought the glass up to his lips again, he slowly drank it, staring into you as he did.

You felt your breath get heavy as you ached for him to be closer. You breathed in and out again, forcing yourself to focus on your drink. You look up at him and see him staring at you while his finger circles around the edge of the glass, slowly at first, before picking up momentum.

You smile and don’t break your gaze, staring into his eyes and feeling everything that radiated through him and made you feel so good. You swayed your hips a little under the table, feeling your body give in to your craving. You hear Rosita and Abe laughing to each other as you and Daryl stare into each other, in your own world.

He takes another sip of his drink, leaving his index finger on the front of the glass as he tips it back up to his mouth, as he takes another sip.

You mimic his actions and swirl your finger around the edge of your glass a few times before grabbing it and pulling it back to your lips.

You aren’t sure how much time had passed, but your head snapped back to Rosita’s laugh and you were pulled back into their conversation. Rosita was talking about the time she and Abe had almost been bitten because Abe was so eager just to have his way with her. Her nose snorted as she laughed heavily at the thought of Abe having to run up and killing the walkers in the nude. Abe also replied that he loved her right when he was done, of course.

You smile a little and look at the two of them as they stared into each other’s eyes, so in love. You smirked to yourself at the thought. It had been a long time since you had even thought about anything like that. The group you were travelling with before sure as hell didn’t give you any urge to be with any of them, and before that it was just you and your best friend. Before the world ended? Fuck. You had little luck with men even back then, I mean yeah if you wanted one night stands and emotionally unavailable men it was the time to be alive, but you had always craved something more. Someone who you could melt into in all the right ways, every night. Someone who knew what a true connection was worth.

You stare up at Daryl, lost in your thoughts of the possibility of love, and you see him staring back at you, taking you in.

He watched you as you looked back and forth to Abraham and Rosita, how your eyes dropped sadly, and then he saw you smile and look up at him. His heart started to race a little as your eyes turned to him. He had never seen such intense eyes. Y/N rarely said much, but she didn’t have to, she could say everything with a look. Daryl swallowed, hard, as he watched you peer into him curiously. Daryl wondered what all the questions and thoughts that swirled around in your mind were. You intrigued him in all the best ways, although he would never admit that to anyone if they asked.

Daryl stared hard into you as you peered back at him with eyes full of question and intent. You take another sip of your drink and continue to swirl your finger around the edge of your glass. Absentmindedly thinking about tracing your finger up and around his face, ending with his lips. You wondered what his lips tasted like as you stare at them across the table. You shake your head a little in your haze and force your brain to pay attention to the scene around you.

You allow Rosita and Abraham to enter your vision again and you look over at Rosita, peering at her, trying to pay attention to another story she is telling. She glances quickly over at you with a twinkle of laughter in her eye, noticing your interaction with Daryl, before turning her eyes back to her man. She laughs as she talks to Abe, her hands moving around in animation for effect.

You stare up at Daryl as your fingers traces the edge of the glass, wishing they were feeling his skin underneath instead. You grab the glass, hungrily taking in the last of its remanence with your lips. You gulp down the liquid, wishing it was him inside your mouth. You lean your head back, slowly letting the liquid fall down your throat as your eyes remain closed, wanting to feel every drop of satisfaction.

Daryl stares at you, watching you consume the liquid and enjoy it. He feels himself getting harder and harder as he watches you. His eyes glance to Abe and Rosita, respectively, to make sure they are not watching him. Once he sees their eyes firmly on each other he places his gaze back to you.

You slam the glass down on the table and slide it over toward Abe, who catches it suddenly as the glass whips to him. He chuckles a little and reaches over to grab the bottle, popping the cork and refilling you glass to the brim.

“She can get a little demanding…” Abe looks at Daryl and winks.

Daryl looks back over at you as Abe slides another glass of sweet elixir toward you on the table’s surface.

You smirk at Abe, reaching for the glass as it slides to you. You pull it back into your hand, gulping it down a few times before slamming it on the table.

“Amen, Sista!” Rosita laughed and chugged the rest of her drink, tossing it across the table to Abraham’s awaiting hands.

He grabbed it and winked at her pouring her another full glass. He tossed it back across the surface of the table and refilled his own glass, looking over at Daryl. Daryl nodded and smiled to Abe shoving his glass across the table to him. You heard the rush of the liquid into the glass as you stared over again at Daryl, this time getting to take him in in secret as he watches Abe pour his drink.

“Thanks, man.” Daryl says and politely nods to Abe, as Abe shoots Daryl’s glass back across the table to him.

Daryl catches the glass easily in his right hand and takes another swig. Daryl slams it back down to the table after a few swigs and stands up out of his chair. You look up at him, dismayed that he may be thinking of leaving so soon.

“Gonna go have a smoke.” He nodded to Abraham and looked over at you for a moment before beginning to make his way out of the kitchen, back down the hall, and out the front door.

After you hear the click of the door you look over at Rosita, groaning a little to yourself.

“Girl! What are you waiting for! Go out there and join him!” Rosita smirked at you. You look at her and then look to Abe who nods, “A man loves a woman who takes charge.” He says and winks a little at you.

You smile and nod, contemplating your next move. You sigh deeply to yourself before taking the drink, gulping it all the way down and slamming it on the table.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” You say to them, staring at Rosita a little terrified.

“You got this.” She looks at you seriously, trying to give you more courage.

You nod to her, trying to ignore the backflips your stomach is doing at just the thought of being alone with him. You smooth your hands over your shirt and down your jeans a little, trying to make them stop sweating. You take another deep breath, look at Rosita, and turn your heels walking down the hallway to the front door.

You step outside and you can see the dim streetlight as it emanates down the road of Alexandria. Your boots hit the wooden surface of the deck, as you walk out onto it. You didn’t see Daryl anywhere, you sighed to yourself, and your body slumped down a little.

“Hey Y/N.” You hear his sexy, low growl and turn to your right, where the sound is coming from.

You see Daryl sitting on the bench located all the way at the other end of the deck, in the corner. The light did not reach his shadowy figure and all you saw was the outline of his body and a burning red cherry, coming from his cigarette. It burned hotter as he inhaled, you hear him breathe out and see a plume of smoke coming out from the shadows, as he blew it toward you.

“Hey.” You say, nervously, as you forced your feet to move over to his side of the deck. The closer you got the clearer the image of him becomes. He has one of his feet up on the bench, as he sits relaxed, leaning against the back wall of the deck. You move closer and you can see his eyes as they watch you walk slowly over to him, he looks you up and down again, making you almost forget your nerves.

“Just wondering if I could have one.” You say and sitting down tensely beside him.

Suddenly, his hand reaches over in the darkness and he offers you his pack of cigarettes, you take one and put it between your lips, leaning in to him as a gesture for a light. You hear the flicker of the flint as he sparks the lighter to life and watch as the flame shoots out and up. You lean your lips toward the flame, lighting your cigarette, taking a few drags of it to get it started. You exhale, feeling the nicotine rush through your veins, and smile closing your eyes a little.

“Thanks.” You say staring straight ahead, leaning back a little to mimic his movements. You are inches away from touching his shoulder to yours as you both inhale and exhale your treat. You sit in silence not sure what to say to the man that set you on fire.

“Those two must be pretty fun to live with.” Daryl said to you, smirking a little to himself.

You smile, Abe and Rosita were easy to talk about.

“They really are. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They have become like family to me.” You admit, looking over at Daryl for the first time since sitting down.

He has his hand resting on his propped up left leg, his fingers dangling with the cigarette in his mouth. He watches as your face lights up when you talk about them, he loved when your face lit up. He rarely saw you smile, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“You adjustin’ well….here?” He asked, gesturing with his right hand to the town in front of you. He takes another drag and watches you, waiting for your response.

You take another big drag of your cigarette and exhale deeply.

“Ya. For the most part. People are nice. Some things are harder to get used to than others.” You admit and stare over at him for a moment.

“Like what?” He asked curiously, taking another drag.

You take another drag of yours and bring your hand back down, using your fingers to play with each other, as you sheepishly tried to act busy.

“Well?” He asked, pushing you.

You take another drag and decide how you want to phrase your next words.

“Like, getting used to things I never thought I’d have… or feel again.” You say simply, deciding to leave it at that.

“What have you been feeling?” He asked in a low growl, your favorite low growl.

You close your eyes taking his voice in at its purest and smile a little to yourself, forgetting for a second he could see your reaction. You open your eyes and look back down at your hands. You take another drag of your cigarette, as it nearly burns your fingers, you push it to the floor and stomp it out with your boot.

You stare straight ahead as you answer him.

“Things I probably shouldn’t.” You say, not wanting to look in his eyes for fear he would find you out.

Daryl suddenly crashes his propped up foot down to the ground and pushes himself up off the bench. He takes one more long slow drag of his cigarette, before stomping it out next to yours on the ground. He walks up a foot or two before turning his body around to face you. He walks over to you, standing in front of you, placing his feet shoulder width apart, staring down at you.

You slowly lift your head and your eyes to him, curiously staring.

He reaches his right hand down to you in the dark. You stare into his eyes trying to figure out his end game, his eyes reveal nothing. You lift your left hand into his palm and he pulls you up with all his might, making you jump up a little as you rose to your feet.

You giggle a little at the sensation and smile at the feel of your hand in his. Once your feet were planted on solid ground again, you found yourself just inches away from leaning on his chest, you look up it and see him smiling down at you, this time with something much more playful in his eyes.

“I think about you too, ya know…” He says, bringing his free hand over to your face and using his index finger to slightly rub against your lower lip.

Your eyes close and you lean your head back a little in reaction, opening your lips to him. He smiles and traces up and along your top lip the same way, watching as you enjoyed his touch. He drops his hand from your lips and your head and eyes turn back toward him.

“What do you mean?” You ask, trying to sound like you had no idea what he was talking about.

“I think you know.” Daryl says lowly.

“I see you lookin at me with that look on your face…” He says, moving his fingers back up and begins to trace alongside your face, rubbing it up and down gently as he stared into your eyes with a gentle, yet hungry expression.

You would look away if it wasn’t for how his touch was making you feel. You smile, closing your eyes, as your face leans into his touch.

“Wasn’t sure you noticed.” You say, eyes still closed and his fingers began to gently trace around your face, memorizing how you felt in the dark.

You feel his hand come back to the side of your face, his palm cupping it, and his thumb gently rubbing your cheek up and down. Your right hand comes up to hold the hand he has on you face, you rub over it gently and lean your head into them, loving the feel of his gentle touch.

“Oh, I noticed.” He said in his husky southern drawl. His thumb continued to caress you as you looked up at him, taking your face away from his hands.

You stare into each other, neither of you saying a word, you watch in slow motion as he leans his head toward yours. He detaches his other hand from yours and brings it up to your face, so he is using both hands to cup your face. He gently runs his thumbs up and down your cheeks as he stares into you. The closer his lips get to yours, the hungrier he looks.

You let him tilt your head up and await his lips, hungrily licking yours. He pulls your face into his and crashes his lips onto yours. You open your mouth slightly to him and he plunges his tongue into it, slowly licking into your mouth with his tongue. Your body arches up and into him a little as you feel your knees get weak at the feel of his tongue inside your mouth. You reach your hands up and wrap them around his shoulders, pulling him gently into you.

He moans a little as you pull him into you and his tongue begins to swirl slowly around yours. He swirls over and over as your tongue tries to race it. Soon you are both breathing heavily into each other as your pace continues to quicken and your bodies beginning to ignite.

“Mmmm.” He groans into your mouth as he pulls you closer into him.

Suddenly, you feel his legs on yours as he begins to walk into you. You feel one of his hands slip down and he places it on the small of your back. He pushes his legs into you as his hips move sideways, he uses his hand on your back to guide you. You turn around, his mouth still swirling and twirling around inside you. You look up at him as he kisses you, he looks down at you hungrily and his legs start to push you again, this time he pushes you back toward the outer wall of the house. You cry out a little into his mouth when you hit the siding with a harsh bump, he growls as you moan and for the first time you feel the pressure of his body on yours, it was more amazing than you had ever imagined. You cry out into his mouth again, your tongue ceasing as your body arches up into his.

He pulls his tongue out of you and crashes his lips back down for one more hungry kiss before using one finger to slowly lift your head up, exposing your neck to him. He licked his tongue wildly up the side of your neck once and crashes his lips down onto it, swirling his tongue around your skin.

“Oh My God, Daryl!” You cry out at the sensation and your right hand comes up to push his head into your neck harder.

You feel his lips migrate north to your ear, he takes in your earlobe slightly, causing your hips to arch up into him.

“You like that, baby?” He asked in a low, sexy growl.

“Yes!” You cry out to him, pushing his head into your body again.

He growled again at your reaction and crashed his mouth around your earlobe, flicking it with his tongue.

“Yes!” You cry out again, your eyes closed.

“Damn girl, keep it down. We ain’t exactly in private.” He says smirking a little at your reaction. His lips return to your neck as he sucked and swirled up and down it with his tongue.

You bite your lip trying not to cry out to him again, but loving every minute of his touch and his kiss.

He works his tongue around your neck as he hears you moan out quietly to him and writhe into him.

You feel his hands make contact with the sides of your body and they start to lightly run up and down them as he kisses your neck. He slowly begins to put more pressure into his hands as the rub hungrily up and down you.

He stops for moment and detaches his lips from your skin, he moves his head out of your crook and looks into your eyes, more serious than you had ever seen them. You stare into his eyes with hunger, looking back down at his lips and wishing they were on you again. He moves his right hand up and down your side again, gripping your hip a little as he grazes it with his touch. His hand moves over to your stomach and rubs it a few times before moving it up to your breast. He massages your right breast, over your shirt, slowly as first before picking up pace. He stares at you as he massages you and you bite your lip and moan at him in response.

You feel his right knee lean in and nudge in between your legs, pushing them slightly apart. You comply and readjust your legs so that that are shoulder width apart with his leg inside them. He pushes his leg up and grazes his knee up your thigh and to your core, he rubs hard and slowly up and down you and your hips writhe into his, in reaction.

“Mmm!” You cry out, biting your lip and arching up into his knee, feeling yourself ache for him.

You look at him with such need as he rubs his knee into you. He moves his hand from your breast and back down your stomach until his fingers reach your waistband. He shoves his fingers down your pants, palm first, ignoring the button that is meant to restrain you.

You feel his hand rush down the middle of your panties and find your folds, he roughly rubs and cups you from the outside of your panties a few times, feeling how wet you already are. You look at him as he realizes what he does to you and he stares back at you like a wild animal.

“Cuz of me?” He asks you, staring into your soul.

You bite your lip again and nod. He nods in return and crashes his mouth back over yours, as he moves his hand up and out of your pants. Before you can protest to him about his loss of contact, you feel his fingers reach out to unbutton your pants and unzip them. You swirl your tongue around his faster, feeling him unzip you. He plunges his hand back down, this time sliding all the way underneath your panties. You feel his fingers hit your wet pussy as they slide back down to your folds, the back of his palm slowly rubs pressure onto your clit above.

“Oh god!” You cry out at the feeling, into his mouth.

He hungrily thrusts his tongue into your mouth, sucking and swirling harder as his fingers rubbed you up and down.

You thrust up into his hand eagerly and his fingers comply to your request as he shoves his index and middle finger into your aching pussy. You cry out his name, into his mouth, at the contact and hit your head back, hard against the wall of the house, moaning into his kiss as his fingers began to fuck you.

His fingers push in and out of you, slowly at first, as his palm put pressure on your clit. You break contact with his lips and shoot your head back, causing your head to hit the wall behind you.

“Fuck!” You cry out a little too loudly.

“Shh…” He says as he stares at you, loving the way you loved his fingers inside you.

He began to thrust harder and faster, all the while pressing his hand onto your clit over and over. His hand thrust you up into the wall slightly as it fucked you and you opened your legs a little more, bending them, allowing him to enter you further with his fingers. You bite your lip and rock back and forth with him, as he thrusts you into the wall.

“Daryl!” You cried out loudly again, only to be met with a response of his lips crashing back down and plunging his tongue into you. His tongue sucked and swirled around in your mouth, as his fingers dove in and out of your pussy harshly. He engulfed your moans into his own mouth, allowing you to cry out into his.

You thrust your hips back and forth up into his, thrusting onto his fingers harder and hard and feeling his palm press you back into the wall harsher with each thrust.

He let go of your mouth for a moment and licked up and down your neck again, pressing his lips to your ear.

“Cum for me, Y/N.” He growled and licked your ear up and down as he thrust another finger into you.

“Ahh!” You cry out and his lips return to yours, allowing you to moan and groan into him as his fingers fucked you.

He pushed his fingers into you repeatedly and harder and harder as his palm rubbed your clit and pussy hard into the wall. He could feel your hips rocking into him faster and he sped up his pace, thrusting his fingers into you faster and faster.

“Oh my god!” You cry out into his mouth, stopping your tongue to moan into his mouth. You thrust up into his fingers quickly a few more times and feel yourself explode all over his hand, cumming hard.

Daryl growled into your mouth, opening his eyes, watching you cum as you shoot your head back and close your eyes at the sensation. He pressed his palm down into your mound, putting as much pressure as he could onto it, prolonging your high.

“Yes!” You cry out into his mouth again as you cum even harder onto his hand. You ride your hips up into him a few more times, loving the feeling of his fingers inside you, as you ride out your high.

Your hips drop back down and hit the wall. Daryl presses hard onto you until he sees you are done riding out your climax. He retracts his fingers from you and rubs his hand up and down your pussy lightly a few more times, making you buck up into him again once more.

He slowly pulls his hand out of your jeans and brings it up to his mouth.

You stare at him, watching his every move.

He pulls the fingers he had just fucked you with into his mouth, sucking slowly down them as he tastes you.

“Mmm…” He growls as he licks, staring into you with his piercing eyes.

You bite your lip and stare back arching your hips a little toward him again, wanting to feel his touch on you again.

He notices and moves his hands to the sides of your hips, pushing you hard into the wall of the house. He stares into you as he moves his whole body toward you. He leans his core against yours, pushing you into the wall harder. He brings his lips back to yours, plunging his tongue back into your mouth. You moan out in pleasure and take his tongue into your mouth, swirling around it willingly. You could taste yourself on his tongue and you thought about how good he had just made you feel. You arch your hips up into him again and stare at him as you kiss him.

He pushes your hips back into the wall again and forces his body off yours, pulling his lips away and dropping his hands from your body.

You look at him sadly, making him smirk a little.

He nods toward the front door of the house.

“We should get back in there.” He said and you nodded your head a little, sad that you didn’t get to feel him all over you. Your hazy mind returns to clarity and you remember you are outside the house, you dart your eyes around, making sure no one had witnessed what Daryl had just done. You saw no one, thankfully. You zip and button your pants again. You look back at Daryl, your heart starting to race again at the sight of him. You smile a little and shrug.

“Guess so.” You move your feet and start to turn and walk back inside.

Daryl pushes you back into the wall lightly, using his palm to push you back by your chest. His head leans towards yours again.

You close your eyes and lean your head up, expecting a kiss. But instead, he leans his lips over to your ear. You feel his breathe on your neck and shivers run through your body. You keep your eyes closed loving the sensation of his lips so close to your skin.

“Later tonight, though? I’m going to make you cum even harder for me.” He said in a low, husky voice, before crashing his lips quickly onto your neck and then leaning back again.

You sit against the wall, lost in a trance by his breathe and his words, your eyes still closed. You bite your lip at the thought and arch your hips up again, before forcing your eyes open and your body up.

He licks his lips as he watches your reaction to his words. You pull your body up from the wall and he stands back, allowing you to pass him and walk back toward the front door. He turned his heels as you passed him and follows you inside, staring at your ass, looking you up and down as he did.

You smooth your shirt and your hair down, trying to make yourself presentable again before going back inside. You walk over, reach for the knob, and push the door open. You walk into the hallway quietly, hoping that Abe and Rosita had not heard you two. Daryl follows you inside, moving closer to your body, just inches from contact. You force yourself to keep your eyes open and focus, feeling yourself need him even more the closer he was.

You walk back into the kitchen and you notice Rosita and Abe are nowhere to be found.

You glance around the house and notice that the basement door was open and a light shining through. You hear Rosita say, “Hey! No fair! You cheated!” She says jokingly.

“Guess, their downstairs.” You say to Daryl slightly relieved that had not heard you outside.

You walk over to the basement door and walk down the carpeted stairs. You look back, noticing Daryl is not behind you anymore. You look up and wait a second.

He emerges again, holding your two glasses in one of his large hands. He nods to you and you turn around, smiling.

You get to the bottom of the stairs and walk right into the open living room. Your room was slightly off to the left side of the room, right next to a bathroom. You scan the area and you see Rosita and Abe playing darts, using an old dartboard that had been in the house when Rosita and Abe had first moved here. You smile as you watch Rosita focus on her aim and shoot a dart forward into the board, it hit hard, right into a bullseye.

“That’s right!” Rosita said and wiggled her eyes at Abraham, pointing to the score sheet on the table, where Abe sat comfortably on the edge.

He smiled at her and nodded his head, looking down and scratching a number down. Rosita looks at you and notices your eyes avert hers for a minute before flitting back to her and biting your lip. Rosita noticed your slightly smudged lipstick and tussled hair and she smirked to herself.

“You guys wanna play?” Rosita asked, turning her eyes innocently to Daryl’s and then back to yours.

You shrug, “Sure. I am not very good at it. But, I’ll play.”

Daryl nods his head, “Sure.” He says walking up behind you, keeping his body off you, his muscular arm reached across your shoulder, a few inches above your body.

You see him and notice he is handing you your drink. You take it in your small hands and let your fingers linger for a second on his before pulling the glass back to your lips. You take a drink and his arm disappears, you can feel him so close, yet so far away from you.

“Thanks.” You say, longing to look back at him, but instead forcing your eyes back to Rosita, who is starring at you two, trying not to giggle at the sight.

“So, who goes first?” You ask, trying to relax into the game.

“Why doesn’t Daryl go first? He’s the guest.” Abe said and shot his arm out to gesture to Daryl.

You see Daryl walk around you, taking a long swig of his drink before setting it on the table next to Abe.

He walks over to the makeshift line of tape on the carpet that marked where to stand.

You watch him, from behind, and see his strong muscular body walk over to the line and place his feet shoulder width apart. Your eyes take him in as you look down his wild mane, to his broad shoulders and muscular arms, down his back, and to his butt. You bite your lip a little as you stare at his amazing ass, before moving your eyes down his sleek legs to his boots. You slowly let your eyes work their way back up him again, taking his body in and feeling yourself hot all over. You desperately wanted to touch him and feel him.

Daryl shoots three darts easily into the board, grouping them together in the 20-point section. His right foot moves forward, with his hip, every time he shoots, before pushing his body back once releasing. You hear Rosita clear her throat and you look over at her, as she rests her elbow on Abe’s shoulder. You look over at her and she silently laughs to you. Your face gets hot and you realize she is watching you eye fuck Daryl so hard. You take a deep breath and shrug to her, helplessly. This makes her laugh a little more.

After Daryl shot, Abraham went, followed by Rosita. They all shot bullseyes or 20-pointers, grouping them perfectly on the board. You now felt like you were sure to be the worst player of them all, you had never been good at darts and you often missed the board. Rosita pulled the darts out of the board once she was done and walked them over to you, handing them to you.

You smile, take them and walk up to the white line. You placed your hips apart as you saw Daryl do, took one dart in your hand and shot it forward. The thin metal object nosedived into the floor before it could reach the board. You wrinkle your nose and squint your eyes, concentrating harder as you threw the second one. This one hit the side of the board and also bounced to the floor.

You heard Rosita laughing in the background.

“I told you I wasn’t very good!” You say in response.

“You’re throwin it wrong.” You hear Daryl’s voice come up from behind you and feel his close proximity again.

“Let me show you.” He says, his breath hitting the side of your neck for a moment as he moved closer and closer to the backside of your body. His hands come up to your hips and he pushes your body slightly to the side, pushing your right hip and foot slightly forward.

“Now… When you go to shoot, this time step this leg forward a little.” He pushed your right hip up slightly, indicating that was the foot he was talking about.

His hands hold onto your hips for another moment, making you wish he would run them up and over your skin. You close your eyes as you feel him talk into your neck, you force them open remembering you are not alone.

“Okay, let me try.” You say and you feel his hands detach and he steps back, allowing room for you to shoot.

You squint your eyes again, focusing on the multicolored game board. You take the dart into your fingers and throw it at its target, this time stepping forward as instructed. The dart flies into the board and hits right in the center. A big smile spreads across your face as you succeed.

“Oh my god!” You squeal out in excitement, you turn around to Daryl happily.

“I have never gotten a bullseye before!” You say and run excitedly to him throwing your arms around his shoulders. He grunts a little and steps back as he catches you, surprised by your actions. He smiles and leans into your hug, gripping you tightly around your back and pulling you in. You sway a little back and forth in his arms as you smile to yourself. You feel him pull you into his body more and your eyes close, as you get turned on again. You hold into him for a second before slowly pulling your body away until your face is looking into his again.

He stares into you lowly, himself also getting turned on by your body pressing into his. He looks away at Rosita and Abe before looking back at you, smiling quickly at you again before pulling his arms off of you and walking over to the dart board, picking up the darts on the floor and pulling your one successful dart out of the cork. He stepped back into place and began his turn.

You played a couple of games and drank together, laughing and having fun. Even you didn’t do too bad after Daryl taught you how to shoot. You wondered what else he could teach you, you had a few ideas in mind. The night wore on and after a few hours had passed you noticed Rosita yawn. Abe noticed too and walked over to her, taking her hand in his.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go to bed.” He says, kissing her lovingly on the forehead. She nodded in agreement.

“We’re gonna get some sleep.” Abe said to you and Daryl as he pulled Rosita toward the stairs.

Rosita looked at you and then looked at Daryl, “I hope you two have a good night.” She said, looking back at you raising her eyebrows a little.

“Thanks for dinner.” Daryl says nodding to her and Abe, smiling a relaxed, buzzed smile.

Rosita and Abe make their way up the stairs and you hear the door shut, as they head to their bedroom on the third level.

You stand by the table in the back of the room and Daryl stands a few feet over with his arms crossed and his body leaning on the back of the long couch that was to the left of the dartboard. Silence filled the air as you forced your eyes over to his, he was already staring at you.

You twirl your drink in your hand nervously, taking another sip of courage, as you stare at him in silence.

He pushed his body off the back of the couch, unfolded his arms and took a few strides across the room, over to you. He stood in front of your body and playfully leaned down, barely grazing it, as his head turned to the side and just past your neck. He reached his hand around you and placed his nearly empty glass on the table before leaning out again and reaching over to your glass in your hand. He takes it and places it next to his, turning his attention back to you.

You sigh a little feeling his body’s electricity just barely dancing with yours as he leans into your body just enough to drive you crazy. He stares into your eyes, your lips are just inches away from paradise. You open your lips and tilt your head up to him, staring at him with begging eyes.

His big, strong hands come up to the sides of your face as he grabs you and pulls your lips into his. He lightly traces your bottom lip with his tongue, slowly grazing it across it, before doing the same to your upper lip. You moan in pleasure and open your mouth further, aching for him to enter your mouth.

He slowly darts his tongue inside your mouth and begins to suck softly on your tongue. You moan into him again, moving your hands to his sides and pulling him closer to you.

His tongue begins to passionately swirl around yours as he feels you pull him into you. He presses his body into yours and uses his legs to push you backwards, you follow his lead and walk your legs backwards, until you feel your ass hit the side of the table behind you. Daryl continues to push into you, applying pressure into your hips as he grinds you slowly into the table.

You cry out in his mouth, biting his tongue a little in the process. His hands come up to the sides of your hips and he presses them into the table as he bucks his hips into you a few times.

“Mmmm…” You moan into his tongue, slightly stopping before beginning to hungrily take his tongue around your lips, sucking on it slowly. He bucks into you again at the feel of your tongue sucking on his. His hands move up your hips and to your sides, he pushes his fingers underneath the fabric of your shirt and tank top, running his palms slowly up your naked sides.

Your body shivers in response to his hands on your skin and you feel goosebumps all over, heightening the sensation as his hands ran up your excited body. He moved them slowly up you until he felt the sides of your bra. His hands slide around from your sides to your back, following the path the fabric gave him. He stopped when he found what he was looking for and unclasped it and pulled the straps apart as far as they would go, under your shirt. His hands move back to your sides and run down them, moving their attention to the front of your stomach which he rubbed a few times.

He opened his eyes and stared at your blissful face as he slowly moved both hands up your stomach and shoved them under your unclasped bra, landing on both of your breasts harshly. He rubbed them slow and long, swirling his hands around you.

You break contact with his lips as you shoot your head back and close your eye.

“Yes!” You cry out loudly, loving the feel of his big hands on your body.

His hands continued to massage your breasts, he used his fingers to pinch and flick both of your nipples a few times, staring at your closed eyes, awaiting your response.

“Oh God!” You cry out again, biting your lips, with your eyes still closed.

Daryl smirked at your reaction and repeated himself, flicking his fingers over your nipples, making you cry out again. He pushed his hips into you again, feeling his hard cock throbbing as he ground into you through your clothes. He leaned his chest forward into you, his hands on your body, pushing you further back onto the table, crashing his mouth back onto yours hungrily.

He took his right leg and moved to behind your left knee, nudging it forward a little and forcing your leg off the ground slightly. He moved his other leg behind your right knee, doing the same. At the same time he continues to push you back into the table. Your ass moves up the edge of the table and your back slowly leans down onto the hard surface as his hands and body follow you. He uses his knees to nudge your body up the table. You wiggle your body and your hips, helping him scoot you up. He continued to massage your breasts for another moment before moving them back down and rubbing them on your stomach. His mouth devours yours as his tongue swirls around in you with more need. One of his hands reaches down in between your bodies and slowly begins to rub on your pussy from outside your pants.

You cry out to him again and rock your hips into his back and forth a few times. You force your eyes open and see he is staring at you as he palms your pussy hard. You force your lips away from his and bring your hands up to run them through his hair.

“Daryl…I want you so bad… I’ve wanted you for so long….” You say looking into him. You pull your legs free from out underneath his body, one by one, before raising your open legs and pressing your knees into his sides.

He stares into you and he moves his hand back up your pussy and slides it slowly up your body, pulling your shirt up over your stomach as he does. He brings his index finger to your face and traces your lips a little.

Eager to taste any part of him you wrap your lips around his finger and slowly suck on it, closing your eyes in pleasure.

“Damn, Y/N.” He says, growling a little and pressing his core into yours, holding himself there. He removes his finger from your mouth and crashes his lips back down on to yours for a moment, before detaching and looking back down at you.

“I want you too, baby.” He said in a low tone. He leaned back on the table, you were both in the middle of it now, and brought his fingertips to your bare stomach showing and pulled the fabric of your shirt up slowly, revealing your undone bra over your bare breasts as he pulled the fabric up.

You sat up and grabbed the bottom of your shirt and tank top and pulled them off you, throwing them to the ground wildly. You looked back at him with a fire in your eyes as you pulled your bra straps down, grabbed it by the front and throw it across the room too. You stare at him as he looks down at your breasts, he licks his lips and growls a little at the sight. You smile to yourself, loving how your body made him react.

You lay back down and move your hands up your hips, to your bare sides, rubbing on yourself a little before pulling them over to massage your breasts, as you put on a show for him. His hips thrust into you as he sees you do this. You smile up at him, massaging yourself, flicking your own nipples a little and moaning out at your own touch.

“You are all kinds of sexy, girl.” He growled and brought his hands to your sides, leaning his head down toward your stomach, he darted his tongue onto your skin and twirled it lightly around your navel a few times.

You moan at the feel of his tongue on your skin and your hands move back down to his hair. You tug and pull at it as his tongue swirls around your stomach. Once your hands were out of the way he started to slowly lick his way up your stomach, to your left breast. He growled taking in the sight before crashing his tongue onto your hard nipple, swirling around it a few times before sucking and swirling around your entire breast.

“Yes, Baby!” You cry out and tug his head into your skin.

He places short kisses on your skin as his lips migrate over to your other breast, swirling around it as he moaned into you. You push his head into yours as you writhe underneath him. He kisses a path up your breasts to your neck and finally reaches your lips again. You pull his face into yours and roughly shove your tongue into his mouth, swirling around, his, taking charge. He groaned at your response and pushed his body and lips further into yours, clanking your teeth a little as he does. You cry out a little in both pleasure and pain, continuing to making love to his mouth. You kiss passionately into each other for a few minutes until Daryl slowly pulls his lips away from yours.

You groan a little in dissatisfaction and watch as he leans his body back on the table again. He looks down at you with a smile and brings his hands to massage your stomach a few times again, before moving them down to the button of your pants. He used his fingers to pop open the device and took one hand and unzipped your zipper slowly. He scooted down and off the table, he roughly grabs your ankles with his hands and pulls your body down the table in one swift move. Your legs dangle on the sides of the table and Daryl brings his hands to your hips rubbing them with his thumbs for a moment before tugging at the fabric of your jeans with his fingers.

You arch your hips up and he pulls your jeans and your panties off of your hips. He tugs them down to your knees and you use your legs to kick and pull them fully off you, letting them drop to the ground. You scoot back a little on the table so that you can prop your legs up again, you open your legs to him and he stares down at your naked body.

His eyes travel down from your eyes, to your heaving breasts, and down to your pussy, which is glistening wet by the way he made you feel. He looked up at you with piercing eyes and down back at your pussy.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” He said licking his lip, and not being able to take his eye off your pussy.

You open your legs more and arch your hips a little in response to his words.

He brings his hands to the leather vest he is wearing and wiggles out of it, throwing it aside. He brings his hands down to the hem of his white t-shirt and pulls it over his head and off, throwing it away.

You bite your lip and stare at his now naked chest and those muscular arms. Your eyes follow his hands down to his pants. He stares at you as he unbuttons and unzips them. He moves his hands to the sides of his hips and begins to tug them down, he pulls them down a little and moves one of his hands to the center of himself, reaching down and slowly pulling his cock out of his pants. He tugs them all the way down and kicks them under the table with yours. He stands back up and take his throbbing cock back into his hand.

“Daryl!” you cry out in pleasure as you look down at his huge cock, you had never seen anything so big. You bite your lip and your hand slides back down to pleasure your breast as you stare down at his glistening cock. You sway your legs as you imagine what it would feel like. You look back up at him and he is staring into you, growing harder as you pleasure yourself to the sight of him.

“Remember my promise?” He asked and strode back over in between your legs. You nod and open them to him, still pleasuring yourself with your hand.

He holds his cock and thrusts his hand over it a few times, closing his eyes and groaning at the sensation. He opens his eyes and stares back at you as he brings his cock to your pussy as your ass grinds into the table, near the edge in anticipation. You feel him slightly brush the tip of his cock slightly up and down your wet folds and you cry out to him in anticipation.

He slowly thrusts his cock inside you, pushing into you as far as he could go. You cry out in both pleasure and pain as he fills you further than any man ever had. He slowly pulls back out and repeats, filling you to the brim, this time thrusting into you a few times, making your body bounce in response.

“Fuck!” You say closing your eyes and gritting your teeth as he fucks you with his big cock.

“You like that, Y/N?” He asked as he pulls back out of you, looking at you.

You open your eyes and massage your breast, nodding, “Yes. You feel so good, baby!” You say.

He nods and pushes himself back into you, beginning to thrust long and slow into you as you rock your hips back and forth with his. He thrusts into you over and over, slowly letting you adjust to his huge size. You rock slowly up and down into the table, feeling him fill you in all the best ways.

“Daryl!” You cry out loudly and move your other hand to your breast, so you are massaging both. You shoot your head back as his cock thrusts in and out of you, moaning and groaning in pleasure. You writhe your hips up to meet his, holding him inside you for a moment, moaning to yourself at how good it felt.

“Fuck! Y/N!” He cried out your name in pleasure, feeling you arch up into him and clench your pussy around his cock. His hands grabbed your hips roughly afterward and pulled your hips back up into him, holding you there again. You clench for him again and he smacks the side of your ass, gripping it harder into him, in response.

“Damn!” He groans and uses his hands to begin to grind your hips together.

He starts slowly thrusting into you, pulling your hips into his, and putting immense pressure on your pussy, making you dig your nails into your breasts at the pleasure.

“Yes! Right There!” You cry out and stare down at him with deep need.

He guides your hips into his over and over, putting as much pressure onto you as he can, he watches as you cry out loudly to him in responses. He begins to thrust into you faster and harder, bouncing his hips up into yours each time, causing pressure on your clit.

“Daryl!” You cry out and rock into him, sweat beginning to accumulate on your body, as your skin rubbed harshly against the surface of the table.

He thrust quickly into you a few times, watching as your breasts bounced up and down under your hands as he did.

“Say my name again baby… let me know how I make you feel.” He said between heavy breaths as he thrusts into you, hitting you harder and harder into the table.

“Daryl! Fuck! Don’t stop fucking me!” You say out loud, closing your eyes when his pace picks up and feeling yourself building up for your release. You grind your hips up and down onto his cock and begin to thrust into him with your own agenda. You grind your pussy down onto him, putting pressure onto your pussy as you swirled your hips, rolling them up into his as he fucks you.

He growls in response, loving your new technique. He uses his hands to guide your hips, slowly trying to match your rhythm as you continue to swirl around over his cock. He slams into you, swirling as you do, finding your rhythm and hitting your clit with pressure with each roll. His breathing is steady but heavy as he watched your bodies fuck. He looked up and saw your breath was becoming shorter and more erratic. He knew you were close. He picks up his pace, thrusting faster and harder into you as his hips swirled around yours, grinding into you with so much pressure.

“Baby! Right There! Don’t stop!!” You cry out feeling yourself so close.

He swirled his hips into you and fucked you hard into the table, slamming his cock inside you faster and faster as he hit your clit hard. He bounced you up and down over and over with his cock until you screamed out in pleasure.

“Fuuuuckkk Yeesss!” You cry out as you grind your hips into his, cumming all over him.

“Yeah, cum for me baby! Feels so good!” He groaned as he slammed his cock inside you faster, feeling your pussy clench and cum all over it. He pushed pressure onto your pussy as you climaxed making your head tilt back again in pleasure.

You close your eyes lost in your own world, loving everything you were feeling. You rock your hips into his as you ride out your high, loving every moment of him inside you. You feel yourself coming down and you snap your eyes open to look at the man giving your so much pleasure. You grind your hips harshly back into his, pressurizing your cores and pounding your pussy down onto his cock, pushing him inside you as far as you can go, trying to return the favor.

“Cum inside me, baby.” You say breathlessly as you stare down at him. He’s got beads of sweat running down his face and he is panting as he thrusts into you. He is concentrated on his hands on your hips, but when you speak out to him he wildly looks up at you, fucking you with his eyes, he nods and looks back down concentrating on his cock as it fucks you.

He thrusts into you long and slow a few times before gripping his fingertips tighter into your hips and beginning to thrust into you faster and shorter. He pulled you into him as you rode his cock. You let his hands guide your hips as you concentrated on his rhythm trying to match it. You could tell when you got it right because you heard him whimper a little and felt his hand smack your ass again. You memorized the pattern and rocked back and forth with him as he began to slam into you faster and with more urgency.

“Y/N!” He cried out as he slammed into you harder and faster than ever before. Your body squeaked and bounced up the wooden surface as his pace quickened.

He slammed into you harshly over and over as fast as he could for another moment before slamming into you harshly one last time, pushing himself into you, to your hilt and trying for beyond. He thrust slightly another time, pushing your boundaries before you felt him cum inside you.

“Fuck! Baby!” He cried out as he came inside you, thrusting a little into you as he did.

You massage your breasts and moan to yourself, loving the feeling of him cumming inside you.

“Oh, baby!” You cry out in response, wrapping your legs around him, pulling him closer and clenching your pussy onto his cock as he cums.

He slaps your ass in response and rocks into you a few more times, maximizing his high.

He holds himself inside you, the rhythm of his hips slowing down as he rides out his climax. He stares down into your eyes with pure lust and pleasure as he comes back down to earth. He rocks into you a few more times before his hips stop.

You reach your hand up to him and he takes it, you pull yourself up and he pulls out of you, allowing your legs to again dangle on the sides of the table on either side of his naked body. You look in his eyes lovingly and wrap your arms around his shoulders pulling him in for a kiss.

He passionately plunges his tongue back into your mouth as he heaves, trying to regain control of his breath. You take charge, grabbing the sides of his face and angling it so that you can gain more access to his tongue. You slide your tongue into his mouth and slowly swirl around his, gratefully. You make love to his tongue as he regains his breath and he puts his hands on your back, lightly rubbing it up and down as you kiss him.

After a while you detach your lips and look up at him, resting your forehead against his. You bite your lip again and stare up at him, tracing your fingertips on his back behind you.

“I can’t believe you…” You stare at him curiously, as if he was some sort of mythical creature. You had never known anyone who was so amazing.

“You are amazing, Daryl.” You say closing your eyes and pushing your lips back onto his. You swirl around his tongue a couple more times and Daryl forces his head back and his lips off of yours.

He leans his head back a little and stares at you the same way, how did he ever get so lucky? He moved one of his hands up to your face, cupping your cheek a little before using his finger to trace up and down the side.

“You are.” He said sweetly, looking at you like he was the luckiest man in the world.

He leaned in to shortly kiss you before looking at you again.

“Why don’t you show me the bedroom?” He said and playfully wiggled his eyebrow.

You smile and laugh a little and pulling him back into your lips. You had no intention of letting him go and the fact that you would fall asleep in his arms tonight was one of the best things you had known in a long time. You just hoped it would be more than just tonight…


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fic: you are in love

author: wildestdreams

pairing: harry/louis

rating: explicit

summary: The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

When they shooed the boys away, both of whom were cackling and no doubt posting those candid pictures on their social media, they noticed Barbara and Niall talking and giggling with each other, looking smitten as could be.

“I think Niall has literal heart eyes,” Louis said. “I’m excited to see where this will go.”

Harry cocked his head at him and smirked. “Excited to see where this will go? Like, you’re watching some TV show and you’re excited for the plot to develop.”

Louis laughed, nodding. “I’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother!”

“I kind of want to leave and go watch it some more.”

“Me, too.”

Harry looked at Louis and he grinned, turning around and walking out of the frat house. Harry followed him and the two of them laughed and talked the entire way back to Louis’ flat where they got under his covers, placed his laptop over a pillow between them and started up the next season. It was much better than staying at the party. Not that it would have sucked hanging out with their friends, but just that this show was really good and had Louis feeling a certain way. It also helped that he was watching it with Harry, who was quickly becoming one of his best friends.

chapter five: the one where it’s exactly what it looks like

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