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You should write something about Even graduating! :)

hello! sorry this took so long! i combined it with another prompt too “ even getting an email that he got into film school” and i hope i did it okay! casual reminder that i know nothing about how school/uni works in norway, so i kinda had to improvise :P enjoy!


“I’m fucking free,” Even heaves a sigh of relief as he flops face down onto his and Isak’s bed. Isak flops on top of him, making him groan at the weight. “Get off me.”

“No,,” Isak replies quickly. “I like it here.”

“Get off me,” Even repeats, whining slightly now, “I just graduated.”


“Fuck you.”

“Is that what you want as a reward for graduating?”

“We already established that this morning.”

Isak hums, burying his face into Even’s neck and pressing kisses there.

“But what I want right now is for you to get off me, you big lump.”

Isak pulls his head back and lets out an offended huff. “You love me being on top of you,” he teases.

“No, I don’t,” Even tries to argue, but Isak can hear his smile. Even tries to shuffle underneath him, trying to force him to roll off, unsuccessfully.

“Maybe you should work out more,” Isak teases.

Even takes a deep breath and gives one last push, rolling Isak off him to the side where he lands with an “oof.”

“I win,” he declares with a cheeky smile, rolling onto his side to look at Isak, who sticks his tongue out at Even.

Even’s about to lean in for a kiss when his phone goes off with an email notification. He would ignore it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been riled up for days about receiving emails from universities that he’s applied to, so he rolls away, ignoring Isak’s pout, and checks his phone.

It takes him all of ten seconds to read the email, at least the part that matters, but then another twenty seconds to actually react.

“Holy shit, Isak!”

“What?” Isak says slightly concerned.

“Holy fucking shit,” Even says again, holding his phone out to show Isak. When Isak takes it, Even rolls onto his back, putting his hand up to his hair to run it through, mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Isak gasps from next to him. “You got in.”

“I got in,” confirms Even, still looking at the ceiling, because he’s not sure what else to look at. He’s not sure  what to do with himself, right now.

“And,” Isak continues a few seconds later, “this was your first choice, right? Oslo?”

Even nods.

“Fuck,” breathes Isak. “That’s awesome.”

Even nods again. Isak rolls onto his side next to him, and reaches out a hand to Even, placing it on the side of his neck and stroking with his thumb, while smiling softly. After a few seconds Even shifts onto his side to face Isak, and sees a look of incredible pride in his boyfriend’s eyes. Isak reflects this with his words.

“I’m so proud of you, Even,” he whispers, because there’s no-one that needs to hear it but the two of them. “So proud.”

Eve lets himself grin widely at Isak, before moving forward to kiss him, still smiling.

Isak pulls back a few minutes later and looks up to see Even smirking at him.

“What?” he says, narrowing his eyes.

“I just decided,” Even says, nonchalantly. “I definitely want graduation sex for this.”

Isak simply rolls his eyes and tugs him back in for another kiss.

Some of the stuff my lil sis has said about Thomas Sanders

“nakakatawa siya” (translation: he’s funny)

“that’s me! I do that too!” (talking about relatable vines)

“he’s really nice. not fake nice like real nice”

“he’s too nice. nabugbog toh nung bata siguro” (translation: he’s too nice he mustve gotten beaten up when he was a kid)

“How come he never rubs off on you? you’re still mean.” 

“ay pwet.” (translation: oh a butt.)

“Why is he always happy, though?”

Regarding the pride video: “we should let Noki (our little brother) watch this. He needs to see this. Sana may ganito nung bata ako (translation: i wish there was something like this when I was younger)

regarding Joan: “must gwapo siya…ay hindi sorry. mas ATTRACTIVE siya. Gender neutral pala dapat gamitin ko” (translation: they’re more handsome…oh hindi sorry. mas ATTRACTIVE siya. I should use gender neutral terms.) 

“maraming siyang kaibigan kasi mabait siya. magpakabait ka rin para may friends ka” (translation: he has a lot of friends because he’s good. you should be good too so you’ll have friends)

“puro naman toh pwet” (translation: he’s all about the butt)

after listening to heathers orlando: “video?” (me: not available) “good. you might cry harder.” 

takes a peak at my fanfiction: “…they have the same face.” 

“what if Anxiety’s name was Fernando! or Eduardo oh JOse!!!”

“it’s really weird that you ship people who are basically the same person. I mean at least they’re not historical figures but still…”

“if you’re gonna write a fanfic it should be about the smart one and Anxiety.” (me: Logic and Anxiety?) “Yeah! them. I mean not that I ship them. they just fit.”

“…Anxiety smiled because of what Logic said!”

“Can you write me a story about Logic and Anxiety?” 

“I like him but I’m not gonna let myself like him too much. you made me fall in love with smosh. at saan yun napunta. sa hinagpis. HINAGPIS” (translation:  I like him but I’m not gonna let myself like him too much. you made me fall in love with smosh. and where did that take me grief. GRIEF”) *She’s still not over Anthony leaving* 

“Malayo mararating nito. Talented na nga mabait pa. may mapupuntahan toh.” (translation: he’s gonna go far. he’s talented and a good person. he’s gonna go places)

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Kirishima Sunday please❤🙏😍

Everything for Kiribaby, Sweetie ✨💕

• he loves watching movies with his s/o, especially if it’s a day off - usually it means movie marathon with lots of food, snacks and drinks
• he doesn’t care about the genre, if s/o wants to watch some romance he’s super fine, but they should be careful, he gets really into it - he actually cried a river of manly tears while watching P.s. I love you (there’s no way he’s going to watch it again because it hit him so hard)
• whenever there is a kiss scene on screen he insists on having a kiss too, otherwise s/o will see his pouty face
• most of the times movie marathon ends in a cuddling session and when it’s really late, s/o will fall asleep while their head is resting against his chest - but Kiri don’t you dare to change the program/film, s/o will immediately wake up pretending they’re watching (he actually thinks it’s cute how they look with their sleepy face, eyes only half open and he will sometimes do it on purpose)

S3E02 "Primavera" Notes

This one’s longer.  Is this too long?  What do you all think– should I try to edit some of it out next time?  How in-depth do you want this to be?  I’m still unclear on whether my ‘keep reading’ links work for anyone on the mobile app, so if anyone has insight for me about that, I’d be glad to have it.  If they do work, I’ll come back and put a link in.  In the meantime, I’m just going to post this long version and apologise for clogging up your dashes.

  • WILL!!!!!!!!  I am appeased.

  • Oh no, Mizumono.

  • O.o face… teacup??

  • Well, that’s a nicely-wallpapered and atmospheric hospital room.  Why aren’t those everywhere?

  • OKAY WHAT IN THE HELL KIND OF DOCTOR WOULD JUST SPRING ABIGAIL ON HIM LIKE THAT???  The guy just woke up!  Look at his breathing!

    …okay, stop looking at his breathing now.

    ANYWAY.  How about giving the man a little time to orient himself?  How about asking first!  Fuck!

  • :D Abigail ships the Murder Family??  (Is family-shipping a thing?)

    She’s like “dammit Will, he had a nice house picked out and everything!  I wanted to go to southern France!“  (By the way, in my head Hannibal is a southern France person, at least as far as France goes.  Paris would drive him nuts.)  She was SMILING when she said "he made a place for us."  And I know, Stockholm Syndrome, but this whole thing is irreversibly fucked up, so I don’t really see my way to taking exception to it.

  • Okay, I’m going to have to back this up again– I know Will’s talking, but his FACE and his CHEST and his BREATHING– I keep getting distracted, okay?


    Is it weird to feel like there’s something a bit sexual about this hallucination?

  • Time jump??  And scrolling ‘typed’ location exposition??  We’re starting with this now?  Well… okay.

  • Wait, who’s dogsitting?

  • How have Will and Abigail not pissed off five little old Italian grannies by now??  Little old Italian grannies are dangerous.  They can, and will, kick your ass with a wooden spoon if they feel like it.

  • Ohhhh, that skeleton mosaic’s pose brings to mind all kinds of silly Edwardian-ladies-in-illustrations jokes.

  • Wait, the giant heart/flayed torso on the swords wasn’t just a symbolic/hallucinated thing??  Hannibal… nice.

  • Is Abigail’s ombre jacket meant to look like it’s bloodstained?

  • Pazzi… I want to like you, but you’re just not making it easy for some reason.

  • I’m… not sure how to feel about Hannibal’s 20-years-ago photograph, but it feels like I ought to be feeling something.

  • This is some pretty heavy-duty exposition here.

  • ‘Twist you into uncomfortable positions’… so, Hannibal made the false Will Graham figure into a gift/message for the real Will Graham?

  • Wrath of the Roast Chicken… I mean, Ravenstag.

  • DAMN, Abigail ships it so hard.

  • The mind-fuckery is strong with this one.  Man, I missed In-Will’s-Head Time.  I genuinely didn’t know for a moment if Hannibal was really there.

  • And Hannibal WAS there!  My heart sings in glee for the poetic perfection of the moment.

  • … oh. 

    Oh, no.


  • Pazzi, leave me alone or I swear I will rip out your corneas.

  • How on earth could anyone not see this and get ‘Hannigram’?  Even without the ‘He gave you his heart’ bit.  Even just the way Will LOOKS when he’s talking about Hannibal… fuck, this show is so intense.

  • Catacombs: Now, normally this would feel dangerous and claustrophobic.  This is perfect jump-scare territory.  But it doesn’t feel like that at all, because I’m thinking "Please let him meet Hannibal, please let him meet Hannibal, etc."  It feels like one of those labyrinthine palatial hedge-gardens perfect for lovers’ trysts.

    … I LOVE that.

  • "I’m not alone.  I’m with you.”  Pazzi’s mannerisms here, like he’s talking to a bullheaded eight-year-old, amuse me greatly.

  • “Your Il Monstro”… I die.

  • :D Will’s perfect drama-queen supervillain back-away melt-into-shadow departure does good things for my soul.

  • Will twisting about and looking all around him through the catacombs: For one singular moment, it just slammed into me what he’s feeling/thinking:  ‘He’s everywhere… and nowhere.’  (Did that sound pretentious?  I can’t tell.)
  • !!!
    You can see the 'Please’ on his face before the ‘I forgive you.’  You can see just the barest suggestion of a smile on Hannibal’s face after!

  • THIS IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD I’m running out of words.  Thank goodness it’s the end of the episode…

…I don’t want to wait half a week to watch the next one…

Feedback would be very, very nice, thanks!

For @chrisdoof   ( ˘ ³˘) ☆…LMAO. Apparently i’ll be drawing all my old kylux/techienician buddies that tell me they like SWR now :’D! (Was it me? was it kallus?…who knows but the more the merrier :3!! )

Edit: Shit! i realized that Kallus is tall and i kinda made you tall too? Opps…i have no perspective when i draw ;v;!

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do you know where i can watch the finale tonight? pleaseee

vh1′s site > click xfinity as your tv provider > log in with fb or twitter and you should be good!! i think it should work internationally too if you use a vpn :)

The lips

Cousin Ben, you’ve been warned. I apologize for any errors, English is not my first language.

„You should stay the night.“ He proposed after they had finished watching the movie.

The evening was too hot and their stomachs full of food. He really wasn’t in the mood to drive her home, and it wouldn’t be the first time she slept at his place anyway. Uncle Luke was away from home more often than not, so Ben took it to himself to take care of his cousin. She was the most precious thing in his life and Ben decided that he won’t let her feel the loneliness he knew so well.

They grew up together. Both of them without siblings, it was destined they become so close. Knew each other’s secrets, dreams and fears, crying and laughing together. The comfort she offered was often the reason that kept him from breaking. He was there for her too, of course, but he was older and more experienced in life, so it was expected of him. His Rey was smart, and kind, and beautiful. And his cousin.

He couldn’t tell when his feelings for her were starting to be improper, but it didn’t really matter. It was just that she was the one constant in his life, and the time shaped her into the most beautiful -in every way- girl he ever knew. The jealousy he felt when thinking about all the boys that were interested in her was overwhelming. Oh, he witnessed all those glances and flirting that came her way. Yet it seemed she wasn’t interested in any of them. He knew his luck will come to an end someday and she’ll meet someone who is worthy enough for her. But for now he was content enough with the fact that she is no one’s, if she isn’t his.

„I’d love to, Ben!“ She answered with a bright smile, and texted her father.

Not long after, they were ready to go to sleep, and so they both fell into his bed. It was common for them to share it, wanting to be close, seeking belonging they couldn’t find anywhere else. Nothing ever happened between them. They kissed like relatives usually do; quick pecks on the cheeks and temples, and although their hugs were long and desperate, no one could say anything inappropriate about their displays of affections. It was getting harder to hide his foul feelings since he started to notice the glances that came his way; her dilated pupils and colored cheeks. At first, he thought he was making her uncomfortable in some way, or maybe it was him that made her form distorted expectations about relationships… but he finally concluded that, whatever it is he feels about her, she feels the same. And he couldn’t deny himself any longer, hell, he couldn’t deny her any longer, because she should have everything that her heart wants.

„Give me a kiss goodnight“ It was a command and a question at the same time, and she dutifully pressed her lips to both his cheeks.

„Have you ever even kissed someone?“

„I kiss you all the time, Ben!“ She was smiling prettilly, and his lips widened in a smile too.

„Yeah, but, like, really kissed someone? On the lips?“ He traced a finger over her lips.

She looked embarrassed. „You know I haven’t. I would have told you.“

„Not even that friend of yours, just to practice?“ He continued to tease her, he couldn’t help himself. She was so cute, with her face blushing and eyes avoiding his.

„Ben! Stop it, please! It isn’t that I don’t want to kiss, it’s just…“

He was laying on his side, looking her up and down with a warped smile on his lips. „C'mon Rey, you know you can tell me anything.

She sighed. „The thing is, Ben, the one I want to kiss, doesn’t feel the same about me. So I… I just can’t kiss anybody else, I don’t want to. And I want him in my life so much I will accept to be his friend just to be close to him.“ Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, and she looked truly hopeless. He couldn’t test her anymore, not Rey, she deserved all the happiness in the world. Her eyes were closed, so he lowered his head and gave her a wet kiss on the lips. He started moving his lips and she finally opened her eyes in shock.

„There you have it Rey. It seems he feels the same way after all. So if you don’t mind, I plan to teach you all kind of things with my mouth tonight.

And so he did.

Sorry for this s**t, but I was looking forward to CBW, and was very sad when it was cancelled, so I decided to write something myself.

Thanks to everyone who posted anything anout CBW, I appreciate and love it so much

What the hell?

I posted a pic of Alan Turing because it’s his birthday today and it gets marked by tumblr as NSFW?! What the hell is up with that @staff? Really? Because he’s a gay icon? He is way more than just a gay icon, though that is awesome too. But he was also a genius who came up with algorithms that paved the way to modern computers, lap tops, tablets and cell phones, not to mention all the other things he was interested in. But to my mind the most important thing about Alan Turing, he is a true hero who saved thousands of lives during WW2.

As for my post, there is NOTHING NSFW ABOUT IT. It is a tribute to a great, and good, man. I find tumblr automatically tagging posts like mine as NSFW just because it is about an openly gay man offensive, especially ON HIS BIRTHDAY. You should be celebrating Alan Turing today, not labeling posts about him as NSFW.


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1) do you have pop figures?

The funko pops? no

2) are you karkathiest?

Im not sure what “karkathiest” means but Homestuck is my religion so maybe

3) should i give suzumya haruhi a second chance?

Im not qualified to give relationship advice

4) have you seen it coming that my mind is too fast for eyes?

5) do you read/watch jojo?


6) what characters do you want to 5mash?(not returning)

John Egbert, Vriska Serket, or Karkat Vantas

7) do you play tf2?


8) name your top 7 favourite anime (one per franchise)


9) what was the latest con you went to? (if you have)

Haven’t been to a con

10) does john homestuck has arms?

11) does bro homestuck has eyes?

11 New questions

  1. When did you start reading Homestuck? (if you have)
  2. What’s your favorite Homestuck flash?
  3. Favorite song from Homestuck soundtrack? (any song if you haven’t read it)
  4. Favorite Homestuck character?
  5. What’s the trashiest fandom thing you’ve ever done?
  6. What show have you binge watched more than once? 
  7. Favorite meme?
  8. DC or Marvel?
  9. What’s your opinion on tumblr games like these?
  10. Where’s Vriska?
  11. Where’s Hiveswap?

11 new ppl (idk if anyone will actually do these)

@benzopyrene-612 @kernelatorsblog @ilovepeaceforever @nerdthreepoint0 @cinnamonrollmarcia @miss-serket @thechaomaster @not-erix  can’t think of more ppl rn

Oh my gosh I’m LOVING the progress you’re making on your animation/animatic :D Love watching the live streams too by the way!!! Ugh I cant wait to see this finished. (Thank you so much for sharing the WIPs with me by the way; I feel way too honored than I should be XD)


N'awww, thanks TeFA! And of course I’d share WiPs with you, you’re awesome!! I’m actually thinking of trying to recruit some professional artists/animators who would be willing to help me out on this, but not until I get the first episode done…or at least when this gets enough attention. And do you really enjoy the livestreams?? I always think no one cares about them or watches them, so I tried playing mst3k movies over them. I guess it’s working?? Idek. Well anyway, thanks again!!!

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is it bad tht i liked maid dragon for its charming parts?? yknow where it Wasn't fucking gross and creepy as shit?? like. when it seemed like a Good Anime, not something pandering towards shit fuckers. like i genuinely didnt know some things about it until you pointed them out too?? i didnt even know about the transphobia/homophobia in the manga so thank u for pointing that out;; i just feel bad for liking something w. a bunch of bad things i couldnt really Detect sdbkdka

here’s the chapters where the transphobic stuff is: (1) (2)

and here’s examples of the author’s pedo porn: (1) (2)

i can’t bring myself to watch it anymore (i was reviewing it to check if there was nasty stuff and there’s honestly a lot already) and knowing that the author has drawn child porn really should have been a red flag before anyone watches the show since it’s actually really pandering towards the shitty crowd


Dear Evan Hansen is an amazing musical. The characters, the plot, the songs, the meaning; I cried a lot haha. It’s so moving and relatable, especially to those who feel like they just don’t fit in. So to anyone who feels alone or is having a tough time I urge you to watch and/or listen to this. I swear you won’t regret it. Just a heads up though, what I drew doesn’t reflect what happens in the show per se. I was just inspired by an animatic of one of the songs because it’s awesome and you should totally check that out too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiNe0L6kyto)

the half blood prince
  • Hermione: so um... harry isn't the whole malfoy thing a bit too much? You're practically obsessed with him
  • Harry: what? oh sorry i wasn't listening i was watching draco on the marauders map he should be entering the great hall any secon- oh fuck there he is okay guys try to act naturally, ron could you move a little bit to the left you're blocking my view

Heyah guys ! 

This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

The previous “What Should You Watch”:

-Lost [X]    

-Wynonna Earp [X]

-In The Flesh [X]

And once again, if you have questions about the shows or suggestions etc… my ask box is open.


Strap in nerds because have i got a long post ahead for you

So me and @sassycsap​ (bless her soul. she’s like my first friend here) talked about the nyoom nyoom post with how Rich would totally cart Jake around in a wheel chair like madmen on a chariot race because Rich is a Fast Boy™ and somehow we accidentally gave birth to this beautiful thing called the *drum rooooolll*

BMC Incredibles AU

So here’s each of the Characters

  • Rich is Dash (super speed) u can’t argue with me. have u seen the nyoom nyoom post
  • Jake is violet (invisibility and force fields)
  • Michael is Frozone ya’ll (Ice powers)
  • Jeremy is Bob (Super strength)
  • Christine is Helen (Elastic Body) (because we’ve all universally accepted that she’s the Mom of the Gang)
  • Jenna is Jack-Jack (this guy has a lot of powers that I’m too lazy to type in)
  • Chloe is Edna (She makes the costumes!!!!)
  • Brooke is Mirage (That really pretty girl who’s a spy)(don’t worry, we we’re made her good)
  • Squip is Syndrome (Bad Guy™)

=(The HCs are under the Cut so I’ll spare u the mess)=

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using your time wisely on public transport

The bus ride to my university takes an hour there and back each day. Those hours spent on the bus tend to feel like a waste of time. However, that time doesn’t have to be useless. 

General tips:

  • Check out the transit schedule before you make your timetable. For me, there’s no bus at 3 pm so if a class ends at 2:30 I have to wait till 4 for the bus.
  • You can’t always be productive the entire time. When I’m on the 7 am bus on Mondays I make a deal with myself: Be productive for at least the first half of the bus ride. After that, listen to music and stare out the window all you want.
  • Pack your bag lightly. Your back is gonna hurt if you try to bring everything with you. If you and a classmate have a break together, make a deal that only one of you will bring the textbook each week. Or buy a binder-ready copy of your textbook (so you can bring individual chapters with you).
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle always! You’ll be thankful for that granola bar on your way back, especially on days when you’ve been on campus for 12+ hours!

Things you CAN do on public transport:

  • Study flashcards. Bring a stack of flashcards with you or use Quizlet. Quizlet is a good app because you might find that someone else has already made flashcards for the class you’re taking, you can star which terms you already know, and you can have the app read out the flashcards to you (I find I remember thing better if I hear them as well)
  • Do your readings and/or prelabs. I wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one textbook otherwise your backpack will be super heavy all day. Read through a few chapters. If you like to write down notes as you read, bring a pen and a pack of big sticky notes. If you have labs like me, finish up your prelabs for the following week when you’re heading home after a lab. I’ve managed to finish my physics and chemistry prelabs on the bus, every week so far this semester.
  • Catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been watching. Not so productive, but I see it as a way of unwinding. And if you’re going to watch an episode when you get home anyways, why not do it on your commute? So download those episodes and relax (I recommend The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a laugh)
  • Read over your lecture notes. You should be doing this anyways so why not do it on your commute? Looking over your lecture notes from classes you had that day will help reinforce the content in your mind. Look over notes from weeks or months ago too. Reviewing older content will help you so much when finals come along.
  • Watch some Khan Academy videos. Did you know that Khan Academy has an app!?? Download videos beforehand and watch them on the go. Since this requires a bit more focus I’d recommend not watching videos for stuff you just learned that day – go home, read your textbook, and then watch a video the next day to clarify things/learn the info in a new way.
  • Catch up with people you haven’t talked to for a while. Send a text to your mom or that friend who’s studying across the country. Trust me, they miss you and talking to people who support you is good for your mental health.
  • Get out your planner (or bullet journal) and plan your week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a to do list for each day of your week can help. This also ensures you won’t be forgetting about an essay due the next week.

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Sweet Words of Mine

Summary:  A trip down memory lane as Bucky tries to find the right time to tell you how he feels.

Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: Slight angst. Brief smut.

A/N: This is a re-write of a Dean Winchester fic. It’s based on Norah Jones’ “Those Sweet Words.”

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

Your eyes fluttered opened, your boyfriend’s face a blur. Yet you could recognize the long, dark hair. You felt him shake you, hear his voice from afar. Lips upturning, you tried to convey to him just how happy you were that he was there with you. Yet when your eyes focused on his, they were full of desperation, of frustration. You wanted to ask him what was wrong, why did he look so distressed? Yet the darkness swept you up and you gave in to it.

“Bucky, come on!” You grabbed his hand, dragging him with you through the throng of people waiting to enter the stadium. Your favorite band was on tour and were currently in New York City and you were more than excited to hear them.

“There are too many people,” said Bucky, grouchy expression prompting a laugh from you.

“Look!” you exclaimed, pointing at a security guard. “Maybe he can help us find our seats.”

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