i watched it a few days ago and liked it a lot

my mom knows i like to read fanfiction and stuff and that a lot of my ships are gay (i think at some point she actually thought fanfiction all had to be gay bc i only talked about gay ships?) and a few days ago she was trying to cheer me up and she was just like “think of bunnies… cake… christmas… pie…” and she kept listing things and eventually she was like “fanfiction… supernatural… carry on… im trying to figure out how to make it more gay bc i know you like gay things” and i just burst out laughing thanks mom


I wasn’t planning on making this post but since a lot of people are unfollowing I thought I might as well. I’m losing followers because I’m reblogging different fandoms like Skam and Eyewitness? I’m sorry, I got into the show and I binge watched it a few days ago and I’m obsessed. EVAK ARE MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT and you can unfollow if multiships/multifandoms isn’t your thing. I still am very much a supernatural centered account and I still adore and ship wincest and j2, they are my otp. But on the side I will be posting evak and philkas because I been obsessed with these couples and they are too cute not to post or reblog about, and I might even make edits of them. I hope you guys are okay with my account turning into a multifandom account, I know some people aren’t into that but please know my account will always be a supernatural centered account around wincest and j2. That will never change. I just have an obsession for evak and philkas at the moment.

Warmth (Castiel x Reader)

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You’ve been feeling incredibly warm these days. Which was weird, because the bunkers heating system had stopped working a few days ago. You also noticed how Cas was hanging around a lot more. He also seemed to stick to you more than usual. Currently you were going around with a short-sleeved shirt and thin pants. Sam frowned at you from across the room. You chuckled, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?” He was wearing even more layers than usual, and he was still shivering. “How can you walk around like this?!”, he gestured to your clothes. You just shrugged. “I dunno. I’ve just been feeling warm” Sam grumbled, crossing his arms.

Sams eyes narrowed as he watched Cas follow you around like a lost puppy. You didn’t even seem to notice anymore, only occasionally glancing and smiling at the angel. Cas seemed extremely concentrated, but also had a dreamy expression. That’s when Sam got an idea.

You left the room, and before Cas could follow you out Sam called for him. “Did you need something, Sam?”, Cas asked, tilting his head to one side. His eyes flickered to the door you had gone through, then back to Sam. “Are you keeping (YN) warm?”, Sam asked. He could tell by Cas’ expression that he was right. “Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me-” Sam cut him off with a gesture. “Why?” Cas’ face grew red, as did Sams smirk. “You like (YN), don’t you?” - “Of course I like (YN), we are friend.”, Cas answered. Sam rolled his eyes. “Romantically I mean.” - “I… have to go!” And with that Cas rushed out of the door. Sam just kept smirking. That was adorable, even though Sam was a little jealous of the warmth you got.

I’m so upset about dying dogs right now - Vicchan x Yuri OTP!

When I watched the first episode ofYuri on Ice, I just couldn’t understand why the death of little Vicchan turned a topskater into a depressed little piece of guiltish feelings towards his lost one.

I realized just now when my own little sweetheart died a few days ago, how horrible Yuri must’ve feel. I feel so ashamed about myself, at the same time, I think I can understand him a lot better now. And of course I also turned into a little depressed piece of guiltish feelings towards my dog. 

Now I’m sitting in my room, crying, unable to go to college and I feel like life can’t go on without my sweetheart Sandy. I think the only difference between Yuri and my own situation about my dog is the fact, that I just can’t eat because I feel like a piece of sit that doesn’t deserve food, lol

At least I can say that I understand Yuri now for the minimum of 98% (i think). I also understand why he’s so affected towards Victor. He was not only his idol, but also the one who rescued him from sorrow and sadness.

Rest in Piece little Vicchan together with my Princess Sandy. Your owners will never forget you two until the end of time, because you were our little fluffballs made out of happniess. 

I wish I had the chance to talk a bit with Yuri about dog-stuff and such, haha

i went back on anti-depressants two weeks ago and it was initially a very rough uptake but i’ve been feeling so much more stable these past few days and today i put in three hours of work on my manuscript and did two loads of laundry and cleaned my whole apartment and made steak with potatoes for dinner and!!! listened to a lot of good music and watched some good tv shows and i just feel more like myself again & i’m happy… anyway talk to your psychiatrist and/or therapist and see if medication is right for you

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So I sent an anon a few days ago about how me and this girl are talking and how much I want to hug her even though she lives so far away. Any tips on long distance relationships/websites to make things easier? p.s. This girl really makes me happy and I found the confidence to talk to her thanks to you all ❤

i’m so happy for you!!! communication is really important when in ldrs. because you’re not around eachother all the time and you can’t always see eachother’s faces and expressions, you need to be open an honest about issues you’re having and stuff like that. facetime/ skype as much as you can and call eachother on the phone too! as far as websites rabb.it is a website where you guys can watch movies or videos together! and the app couple is also really good. it let’s you document important dates, draw together, and lots of other stuff.

So I watched BBC’s Italy’s Invisible Cities a few days ago and there was a particular part of the documentary that explored ancient underwater villas from the Roman times. And just,

Look at that, so beautiful. And I had this idea. Deep sea Roman merpeople.

So here is Livia, Empress of her people and ruler of the deep seas. Ofc should the need arise, she has armour

Granted it may seem more decorative than protective, but her and her people’s scales are tough; it’s her arms and chest that need protecting.

Idk exactly where I’ll go with this, but I like glowy creepy ocean stuff so who knows. Ofc I’d have to do a lot of research in order to correctly portray Roman culture tho it wouldn’t be exactly the same since we’re talking about these merpeople existing in modern times so y’know, cultural development and all that.


So story time

When I was like 13 I had pretty traumatizing shit that shouldn’t be traumatizing happen to me.

(You can just ignore this and admire my husband for all i care)

A lot of years ago, (before mom and dad split) one day I got up early and did my morning routine, played ds, watch anime etc. A few hours past and i don’t hear my mom, because i got so used to her scolding me for being a lazy ass that i actually got worried and I got super anxious and scared that something happened, and all these thoughts in my head,,, so i legit SCOUTED and searched every room in the house, and i shit you not I saw no trace of cars or anything as if my mom and dad abandoned me in the house so like the big baby i was, i cried like a bitch and went to their room to mourn for their deaths and low and behold, my mom was sitting at her desk not saying a thing like a statue, you have no clue how relived i was,,,,, because i swear i looked there,,, that was the first time i ever had a panic attack (this had happened to me countles of times now with my mother i get pissed at her all the time)

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Two days ago, I ended up walking about ten miles. I walked to another town to watch a couple of movies but then got stuck because the buses weren't running. It was 10 pm by that time and around 27 degrees fahrenheit, and I had about $80 of purchases in my backpack. I felt like I was gonna get jumped but I luckily made it back safe. However, it was only in the elevator back to my apartment that I realized I could have taken a cab. Basically, it was the most exciting night of the last few years.

Life is for moments like that, friend :) If you took a taxi, that day wouldn’t be this memorable.
When you can have lot of wonderful moments all by yourself. This story really inspired me. ✨

Sucks not having you here, I know we watch our own shows. You n your Korean babies, and me with anime. Just having you here by my side made me happy. Even though you paid more attention to that than me, I knew how much the show made you laugh. Though I had a long day of work seeing you smile made my day. The text you sent me a few days ago meant a lot to me, you don’t even know.. it made me feel like I was doing right for myself and you which I’ve always wanted. Now I’m here laying alone, trying to forgive myself. I miss you.

If I’m Lucky - Michael Clifford Imagine

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I actually saw State Champs and heard them play this song live not too long ago and it makes me really happy also it played in the car when I was with my crush and it’s how I feel about him so wow okay let’s do this. It’s great to be back!

When you met Michael you knew you were head over heals for him, and you were falling too fast. You met Michael at the worst time, you were leaving for school in a few months and he was starting tour soon after. Both of you weren’t so sure what was going to become of your relationship, but you knew it was going to hurt a lot. The ultimate summer fling, you spent as many days as you could with him. You’d always feel so nervous before you saw him, but once you were with him it was like you did’t have a care in the world. Late night conversations under the stars after watching the sunset, sitting in his car while it poured, and listening to him playing guitar was all you wanted to do. Every time you thought about seeing him you couldn’t help but think about the inevitable end of you relationship. You cared deeply about Michael, but you knew this wouldn’t last. After a while you began to feel yourself pushing him away until eventually you ignored all of his calls. His messages consisted of him begging and pleading for you to answer, asking what he did wrong, and if you were okay. The next message was what hit you….it was Michael saying that he had no other way to get his message across than this. He began strumming a guitar and singing. He explained how he had so much to say and it didn’t matter if you stayed with him or went on your own, he was right there for you. You were both just trying to find who you were supposed to be. He ended the message by asking for you to come over. Before you could even second guess it, you ran out of the door and drove towards Michael’s house. As soon as you saw him you ran in to his arms. “I’m sorry, Michael. I’m just so scared of leaving you” you said, mumbling in to his chest. “I’m not going anywhere” he replied. You knew that even if you were scared, you knew that you wanted to be with Michael no matter how many miles separated you.

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1. I love Negan.
2. I watch a lot of people playing games on Twitch.
3. I started to play Dying Light few days ago and I love it.
4. Once I dreamt that big cow(it was like King Kong!) with bell on its neck wanted to eat me and I tried to escape, lol.
5. I read a lot of fanfics.
6. I live in Poland.
7. I have blog about Negan/Jeffrey -> @justnegan.
8. Milka is my favourite chocolate.
9. Artorias is my favourite Dark Souls’ character. Boss fight with him is my favourite too.
10. I love socks with funny prints.
11. My favourite food is thai soup.

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1 34 and 21?

  • 1: What got you into Hetalia?

well!!! it was one of those things that i had heard about in passing, like i always knew it existed and i sort of understood the basic building blocks of it, but was never actually INTO it until a few years ago (like?? yk how people who don’t watch naruto know everything abt naruto?? like that lmao) BUT LIKE i didn’t Really get into it until i had a huge gay crush on kal who has loved hetalia for longer than me, and i got into it 2 try and impress her and ended up actually enjoying it!!!! lmao

  • 34: What is the one thing about the fandom that irks you the most?

the way that some people trivialize and romanticize a lot of rly serious topics that deserve way more respect than they’ve been given :’)) but it seems like it’s not too much of a common occurrence these days– maybe i just try to stay away from it tho lmao. that, and some ppl that i don’t get along with irk me. lmao

  • 21: What is your favourite Hetaloid song?

AHHHH let me see if i can find it–


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NICKNAME.     sera / dyst
STAR SIGN.     aquarius
HEIGHT.     160cm
CURRENT TIME.     9:04 p.m.
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.   uh. currently, a lot of melanie martinez and blackbear.
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD.    "you should’ve picked mercy” bc it was on the dash & it’s catchy
LAST MOVIE WATCHED.    robin hood: men in tights
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG.    lol a few days ago
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST.     i’m a 100% serious rper 100% of the time
OTHER BLOGS.    recently made one for my inquisitor that i love a lot
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL.     bc i use it on another website for hanzo & it stuck
HOGWARTS HOUSE.     ravenclaw
FAVORITE COLOR.   black & the occasional shades of red / pink
AVG HOURS SLEEP.     it really depends lol
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH?     comforter + sheets unless it’s hot
DREAM JOB.    uh
FOLLOWING.     i’m up to 21 now
FOLLOWERS.     13 yeee

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Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Any kind of blue and dark colours

Pets: None ;;, had lots of fishes and a cat ;;

Last song listened to: A Heavy Heart by Anthony Greninger

Favorite TV show: I don’t think there are any, but currently I’m really keen of Sherlock and Voice (it’s a Korean drama that started airing few days ago)

First Fandom: I think it’s Rebelde, really the first one, but then I was introduced to Kpop and then anime and now here we are..

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to music etc.

Favorite Book: I’d have to say it’s Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion though I only started reading it lmao otherwise I’m going with Chronicles of Narnia

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: Vegetables

Favorite place: Bedroom and under my table where I can hide from the world. It’s like my sanctuary and I even have a small shelf beside and radiator behind so I don’t have to be cold and just.. It’s perfect especially when I’m going through hard times

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Relationship Status: Single af

Lipstick or Chapstick: I always use both… so both ^^

Last Song I Listened To: Solid Ground by Alex Vargas

Last Movie I Watched: I watched Tangled with my little niece a few days ago

Favorite Colour: Dark red or pastel pink

Top Three Shows: Voltron, Sherlock & Haikyuu!!

Top Three Favourite Characters:  Lance, Oikawa Tooru & Ari Mendoza 

Top Three Ships: Klance, Iwaoi & Victuuri

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Lipstick or chapstick? I really like lipstick and I think it looks great, but unfortunately I haven’t found one that really suits me yet. I don’t really use chapstick, thankfully my lips are perfectly fine on most days.
Last song I listened to: Prologue from Into The Woods
Last movie I watched: I’ve had a movie marathon a few days ago and I’m really not sure, but it’s either Spectre or (T)Raumschiff Surprise, which is a German comedy and basically a mashup or Star Wars and Star Trek, but every main character is gay
Top 3 shows: Doctor Who, Merlin, Life on Mars I guess??? I do watch a lot of Shows, but since Doctor Who none of them really gripped me. LoM got close tho. And please don’t even ask me about Sherlock it fucking sux 
Top 3 characters: The Master, Anakin Skywalker, Enjolras
Top 3 ships: Thoschei (The Doctor x The Master), Enjoltaire (Enjolras x Grantaire), Kylux (Kyo Ren x Hux)

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I just watched the craft for the first time. It seemed like something I’d be into so my sister got it for me for Christmas and we had some time to watch it together. I really liked it though and we thought of like 5 other sequels that could’ve happened after.

I also watched beauty and the beast for the first time a few days ago. That was pretty good too, Belle isn’t my favorite princess but she’s a lot better than I had originally thought of her. Even if she does kinda develop a slight Stockholm syndrome for a bit.

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I saw a few of your videos a while ago (sorry I wish I see more but honestly there's so many things on YouTube to watch) and they were really cool. such high quality. very good content. much wow

Lol, trust me, I 100% understand that - there is so much amazing content coming from so awesome people that it’d be impossible to watch everything! Glancing at your blog, it seems like you might watch JSE and Phil?? Jack’s content alone…woooo, so many hours/days/weeks of content!

I do appreciate you checking some of them out though! That really means a lot! <3 Thank you for your kind words about them, as well! It’s feedback like that that absolutely makes my life

Btw, I love your icon! Or…profile pic? lol, whatever we happen to be calling it nowadays!