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why does jimin look so angry in all these photos from the interview(s) today? he must really need a hamburger xD

ahaha does he? idk i don’t think he’s actually angry but who can blame him when he’s surrounded by all those painfully cringey interviewers? i tried to watch the interview but i barely handled watching the first 30 seconds lmao

things tyler and josh do in interviews

things tyler does in interviews

takes his wedding ring off his finger and plays with it

picks at his nails intensely

sits with his head on his hand and stares into space

pulls at his hair

sits on his hands

wears sunglasses indoors

makes a lot of hand gestures

stares deadpan into the camera like he’s on the office

avoids the question and goes off on a tangent

refuses to name any other bands as inspirations

insists his dream band is the dixie chicks and celine dion’s backing band

says he wants to get a baby cow tattooed on his calf

says ‘see you on another time’ at the end

stares at josh

things josh does in interviews

spaces out while tyler talks

says ‘um’ at the start of every sentence

says ‘yeah’ after anything tyler says

takes years to get to his point

chuckles at tyler’s dumb jokes for moral support

gives advice from his grandpa

puts his arm on the back of the chair/sofa

wears hats

nods gently along to tyler’s speeches

mentions their physique a lot

talks about cereal

retells his most tattooed guy at the record store story in a slightly different way each time

stares at tyler

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Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 2011

I watched this interview this morning, and it’s full of wonderful moments. Honest moments. Hilarious moments. Memories and history and so many trials. Sadness and joy and two wonderful women who have lived such full lives in the public eye. 

A wonderful moment, after discussing growing up with starlet parents, where Debbie says that it works out because ‘now I’m the mother of Princess Leia.’ There’s just a lovely, quiet pride there.

And they duet! For, I think, the first time on camera.

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.


“Oh so you’re a fan of The Voice?”

“I do like The Voice, yeah. I do.”


First of all, no. I watched an interview of his once, and Uncle Rick explained that his characters are like his classroom. (He used to be a teacher) There is no one type of student, and therefore, no one type of character. There are all kinds of different people. They exist, and it’s very upsetting that their existence is cast aside when it comes to representation in novels. Uncle Rick is addressing the truth in the world, because LGBT+ people EXIST. And, for the record, it makes sense that Apollo isn’t straight. In fact, I highly doubt any of the gods are. Why would a divine being care about something like gender?

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guys i know how i get when i am about to join a fandom and let me just say that i have now read basically all the eyewitness fics on AO3 and there are some good ones but there is just not quite what i want which means im going to obsess over this for a while and then if it doesnt pop up soon enough im going to end up writing it myself and this is a disaster cause i am supposed to be writing nano and im already so behind and i just dont have time to sit and think about phillip shea and his mother and lukas for hours and hours and–

look, what im trying to say is if everyone could please watch eyewitness and then write fic for it,  i would be grateful. i know myself. things are gonna go south here real fast otherwise.

(guys, i tried to search ff.net. FANFICTION.NET. thats the level of thirst over here.) 


 ".. [talking about Spock’s conflict in star trek beyond]…we know that it’s his responsibility to extent the vulcan race (after what happened to vulcan) and maybe Uhura may not be the person he should be with.. but what if she is and that’s ok?  So I hope they are able to.. I hope that their journey isn’t over.“ 


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Five

↳ Favourite Friendship: David Tennant & Billie Piper

“Fortunately we get along. We all get along, and we need to,                           really, because it’s long months and it’s quite intense and we’re shooting 13-hour days. You’re thrown together all the time.I feel like I’ve made a friend for life.” –Billie Piper on David Tennant

“I properly love Billie, she’s a great friend, and a fantastic actress. She’s got that magical thing that you can’t quite bottle, and before I was on the show she was a huge reason of why it worked.” –David Tennant on Billie Piper

“After the final, let’s end this.”
Viktor breathed in sharply. “End what?” He was almost afraid of the answer.
“I saw you watching the other skaters. I know how you feel and I understand. You want to return to skating and I’m okay with that.”
Viktor furrowed his eyebrows. When had he ever given the impression that that was what he wanted? He placed his hands on Yuuri’s shoulders, looking him in the eye.
“When I’m coaching you I feel like I’m making a real difference in your life and I’m happy. When I was skating I felt detached. No, it was different than that; I felt tied down. I love coaching you, Yuuri. I wouldn’t trade it for all the competitions in the world.”
“Then why did you-?”
“Because I was finally able to focus on something other than myself at the finals. I could watch all of the skaters perform without being held up by interviews. It was fun seeing them, especially Yurio. I’m proud of him.”
Yuuri smiled, casually (well, as casually as possible) drying the tears that threatened to fall. He smiled, pulling Viktor into a hug.
“Don’t forget the promise we made each other,” Viktor whispered in Yuuri’s ear. “You’re going to marry me after the final.”
“But you said-”
“I was just being confident in your abilities, so don’t make me a liar at the free skate tomorrow.”
Yuuri pressed a kiss into his fiancé’s temple. “I won’t.”