i watch this special very often

I think the thing that makes Philip and Lukas so engaging to watch is the fact that they’re so gentle and tender with each other. Like every interaction is marked with soft touches, or forehead kisses, or just general willingness to understand where the other is coming from. And that’s so!!!! Oh man that is so special and sweet because you don’t see those kinds of interactions in media very often. I mean, in straight media, the guy/girl dynamics are always so end-goal oriented so every kiss/touch/etc. leads to sex, like. Maybe its just the TV I’m watching but I never see guys initiating touch/touching their female love interests just to touch them and feel their skin with no sex involved afterward. (I could go into a toxic masculinity rant but I’m not gonna). And then with LGBTQ media, um tbh, everyone dies two seconds into it, gets killed off or is sad all the time. Like? What the heck? But anyway I say all that to say that Eyewitness should stay on air for that reason alone like please give people more soft, intimate, affectionate boyfriends (@ USA network I’m lookin at you). And you know what, I don’t watch Skam but shout out to Norway for making the blond boys happy and soft, and for the character development between all the people/relationships involved like keep up the good work tbh

So I saw Doctor Strange yesterday.

I was waffling on seeing it at all because racial bullshit, but a bunch of friends were going and I don’t get to see them often enough as it is, so.

My overall review: eh. It was a very pretty movie. Someone said elsewhere that it was like watching a movie inside a kaleidoscope, and it really was very much like that in places. The special effects were fantastic. Bumblydink Carrotpants’ acting was good, though I still find him entirely unattractive (the beard helped, actually, but not enough and I will never entirely forgive Marvel for not casting Oded Fehr). Tilda Swinton was… okay, I guess, but I honestly don’t know why they couldn’t have hired an actor of Tibetan descent for the role. The funny bits were funny; the action-y bits were exciting. The romantic subplot was frankly unnecessary and I was a little offended when it came back around. But it didn’t take up too much space, either, so it was easily forgettable.

But really, the thing that kept distracting the fuck out of me was, every time the showed Strange shaving (and they showed that weirdly a lot) was 


Important Blog Update

Hey guys! I know I don’t post often and I apologize for that, but I’ve been watching the activity feed of my blogs recently and I just wanted to say that I’m very thankful for how kind and supportive my followers are. Despite not being here often, some of you still continue to follow me and occasionally, I get a compliment that ultimately brightens my day.

Like I’ve stated before, Hetalia isn’t my main interest anymore. Although it will always hold a special place in my heart, Hetalia just isn’t what it used to be. I’ve had some strange encounters, but overall, the Hetalia fandom was a wonderful place that I loved being in.

I don’t regret a moment of my time spent here, even with the bad times. I’ve been in this fandom roughly four years but made ask blogs around two or three years ago. From the very beginning, you all have been a very supportive community to me and it’s people like you guys that have really helped me in my daily life. You all have encouraged me that there are people that actually like the stuff I create. So I just wanted to say thanks!

I plan on making a webcomic soon called Paradigm. It’s about a futuristic utopian society and I’m really excited about it. If you guys could support me in this webcomic, I’d greatly appreciate it!

However, if you’re only here for the Hetalia, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be as frequent with APH updates. I’ll still continue using these blogs probably because I love my muses dearly! If you only like my APH art, that’s totally okay and thank you for liking it! But, I cannot draw Hetalia for the life of me at the moment so it will take a while.

Regardless of whether you guys continue to support me in my other pursuits or would just like to support me in my Hetalia works, I’m thankful for you guys. Thanks for sticking by me all these years and let’s hope to a better and hopefully more active future together!

Shadowhunters 2x07 rant

OK … so first of all, why do people have to complain about anything and everything all the time?! Yeah the episode wasn´t what I thought it would be but I still enjoyed it. Very much actually. Now I´m watching it for the third time and finding new things I like. 

So special shout out to: 

  • Magnus & Alec 
    • Magnus Bane is my king (can´t explain in words how much I enjoy Harry´s acting)
    • no need to comment the kissing scenes ;)
    • Alec giving Magnus the gift - OMG!!!! - the best part <3 
  • Simon 
    • his rambling is my life 
  • Izzy 
    • someone HELP HER!  

Sure there are things I wasn´t thrilled about but GUESS WHAT??!! Life isn´t fair and we often don´t get exactly what we want. So stop complaining about every little detail and try to enjoy it!  Yeah the “think positive” thing might be hackneyed cliché but at the end of the day it´s good and it works.

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Hi, you are very special to me, I might not appear very often on your blog, but I am always here watching you produce awesome content, I hope you continue being the way you are. Thank you very much c:

;w; oh my gosh thank you, ik i havent been posting a lot very recently bu t honestly thank you so muc h, it mea ns a lot to knwo that people actually enjoy?? the things i post??? like, yo u can follw any blog out there, ones that have better art & content anf actually update stuff, but you’re here sendi ng this ask, so really, th ank you

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Why do you like jacksepticeye?

Before I had any Internet friends, I only had Youtubers. They were my very first friends. And it was Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. Jacksepticeye was my getaway from depression. He..he means so much to me. When he laughs or smiles..I do the same. And his videos make me giggle and laugh sometimes. Often it makes me smile or grin. I am very happy and grateful that I found him. And yet I still watch him today..And I never EVER regret that. Watching Jacksepticeye must be the best thing that has ever happened to me. He was the only friend that was ALWAYS there when no one else was.. He was always there. He made not only me but other people from the JSE community feel welcomed and feel like they are apart of something special and amazing. He does so many great and amazing things that involved us. And..that made me feel happy. He made us feel loved and special. I love Jack so much. When he cried, laughed, giggled, smiled or just look at his camera (or at us.), I do the same. And..when it comes to bad times for Jack, we’re always there to support him. No matter what. He taught us to stay positive and to believe in ourselves and also believe in each other. I am very glad that I found him. I don’t care how many times I say it, I am very glad and grateful I did. If I never found him, I would’ve been a better student with better grades and doesn’t stay up late. But..will also be sad and depressed. Thanks to him, I am still alive today. Thank you, Jack. He is hilarious, cute, adorable, inspiring, helpful, thoughtful and extraordinary person. The world honestly wouldn’t be the same without Jacksepticeye. 💚

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DWTS is a hit abc show for the past decade and it's pro dancers have a large fan base. Some anons who only watched season 18 don't seem to understand pro dancers hade years of seasons with different partners and fans. Why would Peta and Maks being engaged not having their wedding yet make any difference, seriously 2017 its very common that's just the silliest reason. They were on cover of people mag for engagement.

I think most people that are not full time DWTS fans are fully aware of the talent that is required to be on the show.  Point is, Maks seems to be the one that is on the show often; the others, only on special occasions representing the show, not personal.


Someone pointed out to me that the writers did something very special with Castiel, and the mythology surrounding him. So here you have it:

Castiel is known as the angel of solitude, tears, and temperance. He is the angel that is known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. In mythology that is.

But in Supernatural, Castiel, Angel of the Lord could not be more different.

Castiel is the angel of solitude, that no longer wants solitude. Because he learned from humanity that solitude often leads to despair, that solitude was not the answer, even though he too tends to push people away. That family doesn’t end in blood and it doesn’t begin that way either, he is different because he longs for a home as much as his home longs for him. 

Castiel is the angel of tears, who sheds them more often than any celestial being should. He was the angel who would comfort YOU when in tears, not need to be comforted himself, but that all changed the moment he got too close to his charge(s).

Castiel is the angel of temperance, who despite everything drank an entire liquor store to attempt and forget his woes and his loss of faith. An angel who drank to forget his holy father wasn’t around if only for a few hours time. 

Castiel is among the few angels who does not intervene in the events of the cosmos, but by following one mission, to save a Righteous Man, Castiel began to intervene more than any other angel. He tore up the script, he fell countless times to protect what he believed in, who he believed in. He took the word of God, heaven’s orders, and all divine purpose and threw it away because of two boys. 

Castiel, is different and that is good. He has too much heart, limited people skills, and a love for humanity that is only matched with his love for the Winchesters.


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I don’t share GG animateds very often, unless they’re something very special, and this animated is definitely that.  Enjoy this animated and abridged version of buntd,’s path to victory!