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rain, huh… doesn’t this situation make you think of manga? rain. school… no one else in the school building. two people trapped inside by the rain…
          [ th- they get to talking and grow closer… or something like that? ]
… after that, no one ever saw them again.
          [ a ghost story?! ]

for the monthly YouMari day (°◡°♡)  my fav guilty ship after diariko adfasfasfafsdfd


Barbara got weighed today!!!
She was a very good snooter tooter, she sat still enough that I was able to get a consistent weight without even putting her in a container!!
I’m so proud of my snaughter for clearing 500 grams!

Yesterday The Creaturehub finally ended. It broke my heart tbh. So I wanted to share a little memory I had..

I remember being twelve and wanting so badly to play my uncles game, Fear 3. I asked him if I could and he told me it might be too scary so maybe I shouldn’t. Of course, I said I wouldn’t be scared and began to play.. I got a few jump scares and decided it was best to maybe look up where the other scary scenes were…

I went onto YouTube and searched for fear 3 videos and found a really good one by the youtuber, SSoHPKC. It was the first gaming video I watched on YouTube ever. I started watching him more and more; his videos on fallout and Mario..

and then one day, a year later I decided to venture off into other YouTube gamers. I found PewDiePie and Uberhaxornova. I liked PewDiePie, but distinctly remember waiting daily for James to make a new video, which I had never done for anyone else..

I then followed my sidebar of recommendations to a channel called The Creatures. I watched them religiously every week since 2012-2016… I watched as Max left, Eddie and Aleks came; I watched treetopia and payday, road trips and holiday specials.. I was obsessed.

I got the notification in 2016 that James, Aleks, Aaron and Joe were leaving and I remember crying. I cried because I knew that was it for the creatures and I knew I’d never watch their videos weekly again because my two main reasons were gone, James and Seamus. (I even remember seeing Jameshub and being like, “oh shit” lol)

I became a full on Cow Chop fan and checked in on the hub monthly just to be disappointed.. I stopped watching them completely and was devastated about it.

Finally.. I’m 18. And after 5 creature shirts, 4 years (besides Seamus and James years), dozens of live streams, and a trillion cat jokes… The Creaturehub is finally gone.

I wish the guys the best of luck in the future and thank them greatly for the memories I have.

Goodbye Creatures..

spideypool sketch for @jofrez

okay so Im an intern at a real life police department and for the most part I’m the work dog for the department’s 2 CSIs and let me just say that those two poor women already have SO MUCH work to handle and push through and the crime rate in this town (outside the college campus at least, which has it’s own department) is pretty low. Like, they already rely on I think at least a dozen Technical Investigators (cops with some CSI training) to handle most scenes and one of them has told me she’s repeatedly suggested hiring someone to another CSI position (which they have an empty office for that’s being used as a store room) just to mostly handle the management stuff like writing up their monthly reports.

So now, watching the Flash, I can’t help but wonder what kind of hell Barry was going through, being the only(? I think we see one other who’s never spoken of beyond being pointed out in season 2) CSI in CCPD and how infuriating the Captain’s impatience would be because seriously he’s trying his best; and how much of a relief his powers must have been in that first year (paperworkpaperworkpaperworkfilesfilesfiles). And then the grudge against Julian probably started the second he showed up because Barry couldn’t get away with using his powers to work anymore. 

And then Julian seems to be a hella efficient CSI, too. I just saw a gif of that shot of an evidence bag being placed in his file in-box thing which is empty and I keeping thinking of my intern-boss’s to-do folder full of stuff like dang does this man sleep? So with all that effort that Julian puts in and Barry’s apparent idgaf attitude about his CSI job no wonder Julian couldn’t stand Barry either

I’m just saying, lack of personal skills on both of their parts or no, it actually makes a LOT of sense that they couldn’t stand each other

i’m surprised there aren’t more lotr references that don’t bleed into my writing considering all i fckin’ listen to when writing is the soundtrack. I have a smol problem.


2014 Favourites: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

High school student Chiyo Sakura has a crush on schoolmate Umetarou Nozaki,
but when she confesses her love to him,
he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph.


Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai (Kashima ver.)

I’m seriously fighting the temptation to buy Cat People on the criterion collection to watch it by October when I do my monthly horror movie binge. Truth be told I’ll probably rent it, i need to save money and I don’t even know if I’ll like the film, but I just love collecting horror movies. I only gave The Sender a 7/10 yet I still love having it on my shelf. I love people being able to see me as a dude who extensively collects obscure horror films of all kinds.

who spies who now, zim?? dib’s gotta look good to buy his monthly magazine, Paranormal~!!

actually, I was watching some k-pop videos and I wanted to draw someone with their clothes.. like and reblog if you like it  ヽ(o´∀`)ノ♪♬

One of the reversed cards I got for my monthly spread told me to watch my eating habits right now I’m like wow….. even the heavens thinks I’ve gained to much weight, thanks sis.