i watch these episodes way too much

Okay I watched the newest episodes of Naruto Shippuden.


I mean I read the manga I knew what was gonna happen.


(also yeah dramatic decisive final battle or not, me and my sis laughed way too much after Naruto and Sasuke got exhausted and started falling over by mere attemepts to throw a punch XD )


make me choose ≡ @natailerushman​ asked Clara with short hair or Clara with long hair?


There’s always at least one person whenever I post a G1 joke who doesn’t believe me and thinks I’m making stuff up, or that I’m just taking things out of context to make it strange. To prove that I am not doing that, I decided to draw an entire episode. All of this actually happens, and I didn’t even include Starscream’s amazing skill to create threads out of crunched gold and Rumble’s horrible one-liners.

Sorry for the crappy drawings, I didn’t want to add shadows and lights because I’ve been spending way too much time on this anyway.

This is the G1 Season 2 episode “A Decepticon raider in King Arthur’s Court” and it’s one of the most glorious episodes of anything ever. Go watch it if you don’t believe me.

My boyfriend watched Miraculous Ladybug second episode today
  • Boyfriend:Ok, if I understand, Ladybug and Chatnoir are like Yin and Yang. Chatnoir has destruction (bad luck) power and Ladybug has lucky charm power. Chatnoir is sarcastic, all over the place and flirtatious while Ladybug in contrast is serious, professional and confident. But what is the most interesting is the way they're their own opposite. Marinette is full of life, blunderer and funny while Adrien is self-deprecating, softie and not always sure how to react. They complement each other in every form but they also complement themselves.
  • Me:...
  • Boyfriend:And their love square is complicated because they're attracted by the other which is the most opposite to their dominant side. (Marinette likes Adrien and Chatnoir likes Ladybug) Marinette is the dominant side and Chatnoir is the other (because of Adrien's father who control him in his real life).
  • Me:... What... Did you... Did you watch others episodes without me?
  • Boyfriend:What? No why? I was at work today you know it. Oh and Hawkmoth is Adrien's father. It's obvious. Have you noticed when they use (Hawkmoth and Chatnoir) their special abilities, it's the same black particles which represents their power. Yeah, it's my theory so far. I like this show, can we watch an other episode? I want to see if i'm right.
  • Me:... I'm going to bed

Maybe it’s because I’m an uber nerd and have been watching clips way too much over the hiatus or because I absolutely adore Felicity’s wardrobe and want to steal it, but I noticed a few times that Felicity is wearing the same outfit in different episodes.

AND I LOVE IT! It makes her so human. I hate watching shoes and there’s like 8 seasons and you never see the girl where the same dress twice. Seriously, no one in real life has that many outfits.

Exhibit A:

The Flash 1x08, the red dress

and here in 3x15 of Arrow

Exhibit B:

3x05, the flowery crop top with the blue pencil skirt.

which she wears again in 3x17

Exhibit C:

In 3x13, the pink peplum and pattern pencil skirt

Which she had worn in the Flash 1x08

Exhibit D:

In 3x01, the pattern dress she wore when Oliver asked her out :)

She worn again in the Flash 1x04

And like I said, I love it. It makes her seem normal (if you’re a nerd like me who noticed). I don’t know who’s decision it was, but I really hope they keep it up in season 4.

(Bonus points if she wears something of Oliver’s)


In the last couple of episodes. Teeth and mouths have been referenced too much for it to not be a clue of some sort. Especially around Aria. 

In this scene from last week’s episode “The Melody Lingers On” Aria is walking into a classroom (talking to Andrew) with a folder that has a giant MOUTH print on it. I suggest you watch this scene again. The way Lucy Hale walks into the room holding it at this angle. It’s very obvious she is trying to show the camera the folder’s picture.

In “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” in the stairway Emily says to Spencer (about Leslie) “I can’t.. there are barracudas with duller TEETH”
Then in the very next scene Aria has on a tooth necklace.

Later on in the episode Aria says to Mike, “Because mom thinks that asking students to wipe LIPSTICK off their TEETH will distract me from the trial.” While wearing a top with yet again another giant picture of a MOUTH on it. 

I think this has something to do with the finale. Will we see Big A(ria)’s mouth in a scene giving an order to someone? Is his what Marlene means by we’d be able to guess who Big A is after the finale? I hope so. 

isn’t the whole conversation between sherlock and mycroft where sherlock claims mycroft is lonely (in his backwards way of showing he cares) based upon the subtext information/agreement that john is sherlock’s “goldfish”? they were so casual about it, but mycroft definitely mentions something like “you go for that sort of thing now” meaning people/feelings and sherlock is like “yes. and you’re lonely, so you need someone too”, ‘someone’ in a romantic way, as in mycroft needs a relationship, somehow implying that he… has john? in a non-platonic way? am i seeing too much into this or is the dialogue that vague and insinuating? 

Message to PLL writers

Dear I. Marlene King and the rest of PLL writers,
We the PLL fandom would like for you to make season 7 from A’s point of view in order for us to understand everything very clearly. This season was suppose to be for answers but we all know we’re only going to get them on 6x10 and that is not enough at all. PLL is filled with questions and secrets, there are way too many to be answered and revealed in ONE episode. We are also starting to notice that the ratings are starting to drop and as much as we hate the idea of PLL getting canceled, it will happen if people aren’t satisfied with the show. To avoid that, I and the rest of the fandom believe that a full season from A’s perspective would be the best thing to happen in the show, ever. To be honest, we all watch the show because of the mystery of A and the dark past that the girls and their families have. From the other hand, yes we do enjoy the ships and we do want more of #Haleb, #Ezria, #Emison, #Spoby, but as you mentioned, this show isn’t only about the ships, and those girls have nothing that’s really that interesting in the lives other than the A mystery, so once it’s all done, there will be no point for them. Sure we can have the rest of season 6 about their lives without A, it will be nice to see them have a happy, peaceful life and I think 10 episode are more than enough for that. TIME TO GET SOME REAL ANSWERS FROM A HIMSELF. SPREAD THE WORD PLL FANDOM, SPREAD THE WORD. #WeWantASeasonFromAsPOV


I’m going to try to describe what this moment was like for me when I saw it on Wednesday. It’s difficult to put into words. It was like someone had suddenly wrapped me in a blanket of dread. That music kicked in, and the barbed bracelet circles started flying, and I HAD A REACTION. I had an actual physical reaction to it. I took a sharp breath and it felt like my heart seized up. But it was completely without context. I’m reacting to this and I have no idea why.

Memory is such a strange thing. I remembered so few details about Stars. (I didn’t even know I remembered THIS until there it was.) Yet suddenly there are all these EMOTIONS and you can’t be sure where they’re coming from or going to.

I know me. I would’ve watched this over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I am wailing in agony and my tears are real and everything I am going to be writing about HURTS ME DEEPLY. But they’re all (well, mostly) The Good Hurts, the kind that remind you how much you love these characters, and how much they love each other, and how very very important all that is.



So that music, the sudden chord erupting from the silence and tension of the moment, would have been the signifier that all that pain, that delicious delicious pain, was coming.

Then fast-forward decades later, and the details are gone. The whys and hows have left me. There’s only THIS. This flash of intense emotions that I feel, that are mine, but also NOT mine because I don’t understand them.

I wouldn’t have needed help to feel the things that I did, but it added an interesting dimension to it all, made it a bit more REAL, almost. It was overshadowed so quickly by what happened, but it was such an intense moment for me, I wanted to try to capture it.

It’s amazing, the power that stories have.

gammija  asked:

Okay this is not that important but I just wanted to say that (and sorry I dont remember which episode it was in, but it was season 4) when Derek and Stiles are trying to hold down a werewolf, Stiles says "How about a little werewolf strength" and Derek replies "I'm not the only one with werewolf strength", it always feels to me as if he's saying that stiles has werewolf strength too. So is this another double-meaning or am i just reading way too much into this? (from: what-does-the-kitsune-say)

You’re not alone in that interpretation.

That was actually the first thing that came to my mind when i watched the scene. I actually had to stop and think for a few seconds before i remembered that the guy convulsing on Deaton’s examination table was in fact a werewolf. Remember this is in the beginning of episode 4x06 “Orphaned” and Brett was stabbed in the lacrosse game that happened the previous episode.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be one of those cleverly worded dialogue that Jeff Davis is so fond of. I tend to find many examples of this when rewatching episodes. Derek could’ve easily said “This guy also has werewolf strength” or something along those lines. Instead they’ve deliberately chosen to go with “Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength.” The reference is none-spesific and can easily apply to both Brett and Stiles.

Derek still has a bit of werewolf juice left in him (he still healed but it took longer), but is struggling with holding Brett down

Stiles is doing his best to help, and seems surprised that Derek isn’t using his considerable werewolf strength to pin him down. Hey, Derek, how about a little werewolf strength?

Flustered!derek throws back “Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength.”  But is he flustered just because his power is disappearing or because he’s surprised by stiles? Or both?

Stiles seems torn between concern for Derek who’s clearly not quite himself power-wise and a slight case of “oh shit is he on to me?”

Because Stiles is Something and has many times before proven that he’s stronger than he should be for someone entirely human.

Like holding up a paralyzed werewolf for 2 hours in a pool (a considerably more muscled Derek as well seeing as he was alpha at the time)

He turned his wooden bat into splinters when he hit the combined twins with it. Sure its head was thick, but you have to hit something extremely hard for it to splinter like that

He stopped and held back Malia in hulk!smash mode

Also easily held down a struggling Liam in the shower with Scott

And there are undoubtedly more examples as well, but i feel the point has been made. So yes, this might very well be another instance where Derek notices stuff that indicates that Stiles is something :)

watching catfish on mtv and honestly I have so much respect for Angel Haze (a music artist who is a guest co-host on this episode) so they basically called out this guy who’s getting catfished by this mystery girl (who they discovered could either be a skinnier woman or a slightly heavier one) and he saw a picture of the heavier girl and was just like “no way she’s too different from the picture of the person I thought I was talking to (which was an obv catfish pic lmao) no way I have a problem with that” but when he was shown a picture of the other skinnier girl (who ALSO isn’t the same person in the picture he was talking to) he was just like “yeah I would definitely be with her she’s definitely better than the other girl” and Angel basically just called him out and brought up how superficial he was being and was asking him if he was even after love because even though the skinnier girl could be the one catfishing him and lying to him he would still be with her because she’s skinny and conventionally attractive and that’s so much better than a FAT girl who could be deceiving him. Idk I just am always amazed at how society views body types and how we see people who are heavier set or fat as less of a person while people who are skinny and therefore more attractive by our standards as the ones who get the benefit of the doubt or get away with doing things that are wrong and I think that this needs to brought up so much more in this series than it is now and I’m hella glad Angel was the one to do it