i watch that video a lot


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I should post this a very long time ago, but I forgot so here it is now!!!

There´s a lot old stuffs about TK and CTK from @perfectshadow06 / @quantumtale​ / @ask-ctk and I miss it so I made short video with my favorite song Paradise Fears - Battle Scars

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ENJOY and hope I didn´t messed up with it qwq

Did anyone else get a weird vibe about the Boxmore family dynamic from Villain’s Night In? Just… how clearly terrified Shannon and Darrell were when just thinking about disobeying orders or messing up anything, how they seem so incredibly sheltered, and how Boxman literally makes videos of himself blatantly threatening them and lets them watch only that???

I’ll elaborate more in a post later, but yeah, I really did enjoy the episodes! We learned a lot about the villains (plus we got to see Mikayla again!)

I need a sigil

Ok so I have a mirror in my room and I know there is a lot of stuff about mirrors as doorways.

I watch ghost shows and shit and my mirror is angled so it reflects the videos and movies and I just have bad feelings about it.

So if anyone knows of sigils that I can put on my mirror to protect and seal it so nothing can come through it please send them my way!

ducktales 1987 streaming on kisscartoon (left) vs amazon prime video (right) (feat. my voice and hand) it’s not as obvious here because the video was recorded with a phone but dang, the quality on kisscartoon is a lot worse! 

 in response to this ask:

“ It makes kinda embarrassed to ask this but- do you guys know where to watch the original Ducktales with good quality? I was bingewatching it on Kisscartoon but from the 3rd season the quality of both video and audio is just garbage. And I really wanna enjoy the show:,) ”

as you probably could’ve guessed by the caption, we watched (and rewatch) the episodes using amazon prime, but that’s private and also we had to pay (a lot) for it so that’s not very helpful..

so here’s the thing – would anyone be interested if these higher quality videos were (in a totally very extremely legal way) uploaded somewhere else? and does anyone have any advice for how an extremely and totally law-abiding citizen would go about doing such a thing?


Something.. interesting..

I was watching 8-Bit Ninja’s newest BATIM video and in it he mentioned that theMeatly once said that the instruments in the staircase of CH3 are actually part of a secret (click here to see the part of the video he mentions this.)

While I cannot confirm if this is true or not, my friend who I run this blog with (@mrskathyreis) had the idea that, ..

..maybe it has something to do with this:

Considering that Sammy is the music director of the studio, it would make a lot of sense.

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i'm glad we are not even pretending that much that jk wants to film anything other than jimin because never in my life have i seen a travel video that included so much of one person and not the actual place lol. i just watched someone's travel vlog and the person had their cameraman filming them the whole time but there was still a lot of footage of food and everything like a lot more than what jk put in his video.

yes. like, i’ve seen tons of travel vlogs, and most are scenery or food shots. with the occasional shot of the people. but no, jungkook was just like “okay we’ll start off by showing equal amounts of jimin and japan and then just…. stop …. showing…. japan….. entirely. good. that’s great. now army will definitely know what japan is like.” like a;eifja. 

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I’m kind of a new fan and I was watching a lot of videos of Gillian and David but I was wondering if you know where I can watch the full conversation of dd&ga from 2011 I think it was the IBG con. But I not to sure ?

Hi anon, sadly there’s no way to watch this con anymore. The DVD used to be sold by Sayes on their website but they don’t anymore. They used to do a rebatch for season 10 because a lot of people were interested. I remember that it happened thanks to ISYL (a former famous Gillovny blog here who isn’t here anymore) tweeted the lady who’s in charge of it. I could try to do it too if many people are interested.

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Hi! I literally got into this fandom two hours ago, and i was just wondering one thing. If you have the time, would you mind describing each members personality? What makes them stand out the most & what are their traits?

Hi there! Welcome to the fandom~ I hope you enjoy your stay. :-) 

I will try my very best to answer this, but please keep in mind that I don’t know more about them than what I can see from videos, and interviews and from their interactions with each other (please let me know if anyone things I’m wrong). 


  • He’s very mature and calm
  • He’s very strong minded 
  • But a softie, when it comes to the others
  • He thinks a lot about stuff
  • He cares a lot about the members
  • He has a really great voice 
  • He was pretty bad at dancing, but worked hard and now look at where he is
  • Singing is really important to him
  • He likes watching movies


  • He’s very quiet 
  • I think he’s probably shy
  • He seems like a very very sweet and nice person
  • He’s a softie
  • He just kinda follow the others when it comes like jokes and stuff like that
  • He is one of the main dancers (and most CHOICE choose him as the visual) 
  • He’s the 4D member


  • He’s very calm
  • He tries to be funny, but according to the members he isn’t
  • I don’t know why, but he kinda gives me the feeling of a perfectionist
  • He’s the perfect leader
  • He can act (please let him act @BEAT) 
  • He really gives off the whole ‘idol feel’ (again, according to the members)
  • He kinda acts like an old man at times
  • He likes playing games (like on the computer)


  • He’s really active and energetic all the time
  • He likes to talk
  • He’s really open and fun in front of the camera
  • I think he’s a really fun person to be around
  • He’s like the ‘everyone thinks he’s super cool, but in reality he’s not’ type
  • He has a soft spot for Seyoon 
  • He does a lot for the members not to be awkward in videos 
  • He’s really an all around package too (he can dance, sing, rap, talk…) 
  • He plays games with Jun


  • He’s very excited and cute
  • He watches movies with Donghun, because he doesn’t want him to watch them alone
  • He’s a really nice and outgoing person
  • He tries his best to make friends (look at The Unit) 
  • He’s from Jeju-do so he doesn’t know Seoul all that well
  • He’s really fun 
  • He has the voice of an angel
  • He is an actual angel

I hope this was enough for you to get like a small understanding of what they’re like. I’d recommend you to go watch some of the videos with them, because they’re really all cute and amazing people!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask any second~ 

I will always recommend you take a neuroscience course if you have the opportunity because it’s fascinating and will give you a lot of insight into cognition but also because last night just after I turned off the lights I turned them back on because I absolutely HAD to watch a video on the MgGurk effect and I want you to also have that life experience.

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help me, I watch a video jikook vs vkook and I see a lot of people say in comment that jingkook likes jimin ect that he is jealous and shy? can you give me reason I think my heart will let go

First of all DON’T watch those kind of videos, why would you even? To watch others “prove” that jikook or taekook or vmin are real/fake? Content like that just increases the amount of hate between shippers and shows how people like to blindly shove their ships in other people’s faces.
If you’re army long enough you should remember time when people used to say that “Jm wants Jk to notice his “affection” towards him, but Jk pays attention to Tae more” it was basically everywhere - tumblr, vine, youtube was full of this bullcrap.
Same is going on now. Ship wars are so senseless, but their amount still increases. It’s just because people don’t want to accept others’ ship choices and want to convince that their ship is one true and real deal.
Let’s be honest, if you wouldn’t ship taekook, would you still purposely pay attention to their interactions or search for those on pics, videos, etc? - probably not. That’s what every shipper sees, for example if vmin are sitting next to each other and Jk turns his head to this side for one second taekookers will say he looked at Tae, jikookers - that he looked at Jm, even if Jk actually looked at Jin who’s standing behind vmin.
The choice of interpretation is only yours, don’t let others convince you to choose what to like

Jse community thing :)

1. Name, Age, Country? Lucy, 15, England 
2. Appearance? (Underneath)
3. Hobbies? Drawing, watching jack, horse riding, watching jack
4. What is your dream job? Councillor or social worker 
5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag? Chewing gum or/and loose change ( like 1ps) 
6. How would you describe your personality? Hmmm, kind, helpful and funny… sometimes 
7. When did you find Jack’s channel? Start of this year and I’m obsessed 
8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!




(They’re very close)

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? Oh goddd! So; happy room, turmoil, slime rancher, rock of ages, any VR or horror games and a lot more but my minds dead
10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community? Definitely active 😂
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others? Theories, chatting and love reading ideas. Everyone’s so lovely I love u!!! ughhh


Only Syn could jump a pretraining fence from a near standstill and still be super casual about it 🙄
I miss him a lot today (ok when do I not) so I’m watching videos and obsessing over how well the two of us know each other 💖 my whole hearrrrt

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I actually like TVTropes, Game/Film Theory, and CinemaSins feel free to fight me but that shit is genuinely enjoyable, especially watching CinemaSins videos about movies you hate, and a lot of MatPat’s theories are actually really funny y’all only ever post about the “edgy” ones, and TVTropes literally isn’t even inherently critical of stuff it’s literally just a way of categorizing and putting things into words? Like can y’all please fuck off with this new Tumblr Phase™ of hating on people who enjoy this shit. It’s literally harmless.

Here’s what I got for the meet the community thing for @no-strings-puppet!I hope you guys like it!

1. My name is Maggie, I’m 14 and from the US! (I know I’m young.) 

2. I don’t got time to draw something, and I don’t want to show my face, but I have curly brown hair. I like to wear sweatshirts and jeans. I have some bracelets and armbands, and my ears are pierced. 

3.Playing video games (I think most of you already know, but I like to play Sonic, Crash, Overwatch, and lots of retro games. I own about 13 consoles all together!), drawing, and watching YouTube.

4. To become an artist, storyboarder, or animator for video games. If all else fails, I’ll become a YouTuber!

5. Notebooks. Lots and lots of notebooks, along with my DS (if it still worked properly).

6. Loud, kind, energetic, excitable. I can get angry really easily and I tend to talk too much. I also lack some common sense and tend to forget things.

7. I can’t remember really. I just remember in 6th grade my friend really liked him, and I watched one of his videos and subscribed. I can’t remember anymore!

8. Hmmm…probably Anti, Magic Marvin, and Shawn Flynn. I love them all though!

9. HAAAAPPY WHEELS!!!! But also I really liked Night In The Woods, Overwatch, and Cuphead! (You can beat the Devil Jack!) 

10. I say I’m pretty active! I like to make art and talk to everyone else! 

(adding some stuff cuz I just thought of other things haha sorry)

11. I have never been to PAX, VidCon, or ComicCon (PAX COME TO THE NORTH PLEASE)

12. I saw Jack in person though at the “How Did We Get Here” show. That was also where I met @silverwolffangirl! Best night of my life! I cried :’)

13. I got into some games because Jack played them! Those games are Night In The Woods, Crash, and Cuphead! Thanks Jack!!

14. Jack has inspired me to draw more and get out there and do something amazing, and he’s awesome for that. He’s like a close friend to me. 



Watched (half) a video about “foreshortening” to make pictures more lively and add depth, and I think it’s absolutely awesome! (Though I still have to practice a lot with it)
Also some face drawn without reference, and legs/pelvis practice

lmaoo so i have a lot of recordings of me saying weird thoughts while stoned. i just watched some old videos of me talking and at one point i went on a rant about how 3-dimensional space isn’t real, then said nothing for 20 seconds and concluded by “totally forgot where i was trying to take that point, but what i said really vibes with me, and i think i’m right” 

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Does Vertigo have extra toes? I watched the belly rub video and it looked like he did

He does! He’s polydactyl and has extra ‘thumbs’ on his front paws and extra dewclaws on his back paws :)

The extra claws on the back paws are a lot harder to get photos of. They’re very small and under developed, and he has A LOT of fur… XD

Your two complicated sons



It’s amazingly eerie 😍 Tree hit by lightening causing it to be hollow inside and it’s still alive! 🌲"it’s a door to a whole new world" ⚡