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You know what? I’m gonna say it.

Y'all fucking yelled and cried about power rangers before it came out but now y'all don’t give a fuck, I doubt those of you who hyped it up didn’t even see it, so go fucking see it, it’s a great movie with great characters and plot, y'all fucking screech about forced hetero relationships and guess what? This movie has NONE, this movies main cast is mostly made up of people of color, one of whom is autistic and they even bring it up in the movie, and another is a confirmed lesbian by the director, tho it’s not brought up well in the movie, it’s still confirmed, and guess what? I wanna watch the rest of the 5 films that they have planned, so PLEASE go watch Power Rangers


Ruth Negga for Irish Tatler (Feb. 2013)

Negga’s a powerful actor, the voice low and layered with bite. Her expression, in neutral, has a sort of stoic hurt to it, making her an ideal tragedian. And it can’t go unmentioned that she’s stunning to look at: half Irish, half Ethiopian, massive eyes, pronounced chin and cheekbones.

alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

okay, but consider with me… Andrew and Neil in a blanket fort

  • they’re both almost always cold, their apartment is covered in blankets and blanket capes are a wardrobe staple
  • Andrew is also making Neil watch every Disney movie because the fact that he hasn’t seen them is, quite frankly, unacceptable, this is possibly the only thing Andrew has ever verbally agreed about with Matt
  • also, Andrew likes watching kids movies bc they’re all just relaxing and safe (when he’s feeling bad he puts them on as background noise, also Aaron likes them too and watching films was pretty much the only thing they did together when they first met, but all this is for another time)
  • so they get hold of a shit tonne of Disney movies and sweets and they’re ready
  • and then construction begins on the fort because on the rare occasion that Andrew actually puts effort into something he doesn’t do it by halves, the final product is a mess, but a very warm and snuggly mess bc they’ve moved their mattress into the living room and gathered every pillow and blanket in their entire house
  • they’re both so tiny that they can sit up under the ‘ceiling’
  • Andrew is eating all the sweets and Neil is still in awe of the fact that he can keep eating, where is it going Andrew??
  • So they sit there and work their way through the stack of movies
  • ‘Lilo and Stitch’ turns Neil into a sobbing wreck (’ohana means family. family meant nobody gets left behind’) Andrew ups the hate percentage as he pretends he isn't stroking Neil’s hair to calm him down
  • they’re also low-key holding hands most of the time, or they have their pinkies linked together 
  • Andrew has now eaten all the ice-cream in probably the entire northern hemisphere, he also gives Neil a spoonful every so often, Neil doesn’t even really like ice cream but he always accepts bc Andrew doesn’t care about a lot of things but ice cream is really up there and sharing it is about as close as Andrew gets to saying ‘i love you’
  • It’s like 2 am when they’re both really tired and they’ve reached that point of no return when you can’t bring yourself to get up and actually go to bed 
  • so they just lie there and turn the volume down and Neil is snuggled against Andrew's side (they’ve been together for so long now that they’re used to sleeping together and don’t try to knock each other out whenever they move) and they fall asleep like that and it’s all soft and warm and safe and lovely

Massive doodle dump [1] [2] [3]

Precious Honey Gogo girlfriends

Honey insisted on Gogo to wear the same pink. ~v~

(also I dig their height difference so much //)

just a heads up that you’ll still be getting all the stucky from me but I hope you guys won’t mind if i reblog a lot of Yondu art for a while because i’m full of love for my beautiful space dad and i need to share it with the world

The Neighbors ( 2/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader


                                            Part 2: Meeting Steve.

  It was a couple days before you see your new neighbors again. You still haven’t met Steve, but you’re kind of relieved about that. Ever since you were little you’ve had a crush on Captain America. You really don’t know how you’ll react when you meet him, but you don’t really want to find out. 

 As you’re walking from the elevator to your door, you see Sam and Bucky’s front door swing open. Please don’t be Steve. For the love of all things Holy, not today. Your scrubs are coated in blood, along with other various bodily fluids; no one should ever have to witness you after a 14 hour shift. Luck doesn’t seem to be on your side this morning. 

  Sam, Bucky, and of course Steve, come waltzing out of their apartment. By now you’re fumbling with your keys trying to open your door before they can start a conversation. You’re almost able to get through the door before Sam calls out to you.

  “Hey Y/n! Come meet Steve!” Yeah, let me just meet my crush while I’m coated in other peoples fluids. Thanks Sam.

  You slowly slide yourself back out into the hallway, forcing a smile on your face. You’re standing in front of all three of them, Sam’s giving you a big smile, Bucky is giving you a curious look while looking at your spattered scrubs, and Steve’s blushing while rubbing the back of his neck shyly.Oh  my God, wait is he blushing? This man is going to kill me and he hasn’t even spoken to me yet. His muscles are so big, I wonder what he looks like-

  “Hi ma'am, I’m Steve Rogers. It’s nice to finally meet you. These two haven’t left me alone about meeting you, Y/n.” He sticks his hand out and you go to shake it. I wonder what they said to him, I’ll have to find out one day.

“Hey Steve, it’s really nice to meet you too.” Your smile is genuine now. Steves eyes are blue like Bucky’s, but his aren’t as gray. They are more ocean blue, and really compliment his smile.  Neither of you seem to realize you’re still shaking hands and smiling at each other, until Bucky clears his throat, letting out a laugh.

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  “Steve, you can stop shaking her hand now, you’re going to rip the poor girls arm off.” Steve shifted his gaze from you to his friends, a brighter blush made its way to his cheeks.

“Oh, right. Whoops.“ He pulls his hand away, returning to rubbing the back of his neck. Must be a nervous habit.

  You smile, letting a giggle nervously slip through your lips.

"Well guys, I’m going to head in. I gotta get outta these scrubs.” You play with the bottom of your scrub top, ready to make your way into your home.

 "Need any help with that sweetheart?“ Your blush deepens, you manage to laugh and wave Bucky off. You see Steve send him an annoyed glare, while Sam shoves his elbow in his ribs. "What? I’m just offering a little help in return for all the hard work she does at the hospital. It’s called being a gentleman.” You let out a loud laugh, turning your attention to Bucky.

 "Buck, has anyone offered you any help in return for all you’ve done for the country yet?“ Your voice sounds flirty, which never happens. You’re usually are shy and quiet, but for some reason you’ve stepped out of your bubble.

  A large smirk lays on his face, and Sam and Steve just look shocked. They probably didn’t expect that response from you. Bucky walks closer to you until he’s so close you have to lean back to look up at him.

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 "No doll, I can’t say anyone’s given me a proper thank you yet.” Oh God, if I didn’t have my eyes on Steve since I was 5, I’d be pouncing on you in a heartbeat. Damn.

  You smile, and trail your fingers up his chest, “Well then Sergeant, you should probably find someone to do that for you.” You wink and flick his nose, making the other two men break into a fit of laughter. Buckys smirk drops, but one makes its way to your face.

“Don’t worry  Doll, I’ll get a thank you from you one day.”

“Keep on dreamin’, Barnes. Bye guys, I’ll see you around!” You’re about to shut your door when Sam stops you again.

  “Hey Y/n, we’re actually probably going to order pizza and watch a movie tonight, wanna join?” YES. I only have two nights off this week, this sounds perfect and relaxing.

“Yeah, that sounds great! I’ll come by around 8?”

“Perfect! See you then! Oh, and wear your PJ’s! It’s going to be a PJ party!” You hear the two super soldiers groan at the announcement, making your chuckle. They all turn to leave as you do, but you turn around one last time to sneak a peek at them. When you do, you find a pair of ocean blue eyes already back on you.

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Jitter Bug

This is a thing based off a lil blurby blurb I did a while back and honestly, I just fell in love with it and yeah so. Here is a fic about that. This is?? The first fic I’ve ever written about Sami (aside from occasional blurbs) and I’m really excited and I hope y’all like it. Short and sweet, the way I like it. 

Warnings: fluff, nerves, and awkward bread sticks. Hold onto your seats folks, this is gonna get mushy.

Anyways, this may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever written and I WAS BLUSHING THE ENTIRE TIME WRITING AND GIGGLING LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL okay it was bad.

Aight, tag list: @llowkeys @hardcorewwetrash @newjapan @imaginingwwesuperstars @helluvawriter @alexahood21 @alyneve @balorclubbabe @superrezzy00 @poisonarrow24 @imagineall-the-fandoms @laigy2213 @tryingtofindaplaceinthisworld @styles-clash1 @gypsophil-a @anna-ik-e @foreverwwefan @thebutterflygirl16 @pandoorii @lilaviolet and yeah I?? Think that’s it lmao 

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See Me

Summary: Modern AU Professor Tom creates a worry-free evening for his elementary school teacher wife after a long week at work.

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating/Warning: M - Possibly me being overly cautious.  Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.  Contains use of “Daddy” and things of that nature.  Non-explicit shenanigans.  You have been warned.  

Author’s Notes:  This is for @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow so blame her.  <3

He met her at the door.

It had been such a difficult week.

A week of assessments and stress and suits in state offices deciding what “standards” meant.

A week of runny noses and tears and little hands that always needed something.

A week of never ending reports and meetings and late nights.

But now she was home.

Now she was in his arms.

Now she could rest.

Now she could cry.

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