i watch it religiously

Listen I watch Agents of SHEILD almost religiously but I don’t really talk about it much but ANYWAY i just wandered into the tags and I want to say: critical reading of media amongst people on this site is extremely poor? Why do you think that this PROVES that Ward is Daisy’s ~true love~ when it’s the same world that Jemma is dead, Coulson teaches hate propaganda to high schools and Melinda May is a god damn COMIC BOOK NAZI? Like, sorry, but no - the framework is clearly pretty fucked up? My theory is that removing people’s regrets removes consequences and a certain level of morality so people have less issues with doing bad things OR POSSIBLY that book just makes everything bad. ANYWAY those are my thoughts. Everyone shut up at watch the actual show.

My #HeartsForSean entry. I just got home from work so I look a mess haha

My favorite thing about Sean has always been his beaming positivity and how easily exited he gets. It is honestly the cutest thing to watch him play. I feel like I can really connect with him and the game he’s playing, especially since he really treats us like we’re there. That’s the other thing I love. A few others try to do that, but Sean has always felt the most sincere. It always makes me so happy.

I found jacksepticeye through Mark, I think. I can’t exactly remember. Back then I was religiously watching Cry and Pewds, so I decided to branch out. Mark was fun, but there was something about the loud Irish guy that kept me coming back. I don’t remember the game I watched first. But, it was always nice to see someone so excitable. It was different from the others. It’s my favorite thing.

I havent really met anyone because of this fandom, but I have had a lot of fun reading what others say and see all the art. I love this fandom so much!

Thank you, Sean for being that beacon of light, not only for me, but for everyone in this community! You really are the best and I am so thankful for you! 💚💚💚💚

god that reminds me of this like 8 year old kid on youtube who i used to watch religiously years ago. i dont remember his name but he made slenderman videos, like he did a little kid marblehornets type thing, and he uploaded like at least one video every day and it was SO good i loved it so much. anyway i guess his parents loved kiss or something because his house was FILLED with kiss merchandise

I’ve been on Tumblr for about a year now and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything regarding Sesame Street.

 So, I figured I would shed a little light on it for all of you.

I watched this show religiously as a kid, and I’ve been looking into it again recently (a lot) just out of the sake of curiosity. There’s a lot of great stuff going on with this show.

To start, eight of its ten regular human cast members are people of color.

There’s Susan and Gordon, played by Dr. Loretta Long and Roscoe Orman…

Maria and Luis, played by Sonia Manzano and Emilio Delgado…

Alan, played by Alan Muraoka…

Chris played by Christopher Knowings…

Leela, played by Nitya Vidyasagar…

Finally, Mando, played by Ismael Cruz Cordova.

The show also has a single mom named Gina (played by Allison Bartlett-O’Reilly) who adopted a child named Marco from Guatemala and is raising him on her own.

There’s also a bilingual Muppet named Rosita, played by Mexican-born puppeteer Carmen Osbahr.

The diversity on the show has allowed storylines like Leela celebrating the Indian holiday of Rakhi…

and Rosita having to deal with Mexican stereotypes in one of her story books.

The show also introduced a Muppet named Segi (named after the adopted daughter of the show’s head writer) who was introduced to sing a song about loving her natural hair.

Segi also had to deal with a story book saying that a teddy bear in a toy store is “too brown,” and therefore not good enough. This leads to a great song sung to her by Leela, Chris, and Mando.

The show also touches on subjects normally not covered on children’s television, like when Big Bird was being bullied for being too big and too yellow.

The show also has special outreach material specifically made for children of difficult situations, called “Little Children, Big Challenges.” These stories can cover everything from divorce to poverty to having an incarcerated parent. They also cover topics for children of the military, such as Rosita having to deal with her father becoming a wheelchair user after getting wounded in battle.

So, in short, this is a show that does more than any other children’s show I know, so I figured I would draw your attention to it so it can be properly appreciated.

I binged all of oxenfree and I LOVE it so I wanted to make some jack fanart of it~
I don’t know if Jack will ever see it but if he ever does I just want to say thank you for being so awesome. My dad died at the end of November 2015 and I spend all year hiding in my room. I stopped drawing, i stopped wanting to socialize, and i didnt let anyone come over to see me ever. It was so hard getting out of bed everyday and go to work but i had to y'know. The entire time I watched @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye RELIGIOUSLY and I just sat there watching them grow and be so passionate about their job and what they do and seeing them so happy everyday made me start feeling happy. I’d laugh along with them and smile and eventually I decided to pick up my pencil and sketchbook again. At first it was little doodles but something turned on in my head and I got serious again. I just put in music and draw all day and I’m legitimately happy again. I know jack and mark aren’t physically here but watching those silly videos made me feel like I wasn’t alone through the whole thing and I was like I really was spending time with friends. I hope this all makes sense and doesn’t just sound like nonsense.
So I guess this whole rant thing I’m going on about is to just try to express how happy I am to have found jack and mark and to say thank you for being there for me.. ❤
- Monica

Day 13: Magnus + BAMF

The institute was surprisingly empty when he portalled in. Not like Magnus cared. He had yet another meeting with whichever Clave representative had been sent to once again try and get him to change his mind and he was not looking forward to that encounter.

Especially because his answer would always be a ‘no’.

He smirked at the thought. At the stupidity of the Clave thinking that they could out-wait him. Idiots the whole lot of them. He was four hundred years old. He’d perfected the waiting game.

He was just about to head straight down the hall to the meeting room when he thought a detour might be in order. Who knew? He just might catch Alec training topless again.

He grinned and was still grinning when he stepped into the training area, eyes scanning the room looking for Alec.

But Alec wasn’t in the room, and the Shadowhunters who were present all froze and stared at him. Some with suspicion, some with disinterest and a few with derision.

He was just about to turn back around when movement from the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He drifted towards the ring in the corner, eyes taking in the two Shadowhunters sparring.

They were both evenly matched, throwing out jabs and kicks and circling around each other, trying to land hits. But the bigger one was slightly behind the smaller one and Magnus spoke without thinking. “Your form is wrong.”

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Pretty much all su theory videos are just…..idk….mostly grasping for straws at this point. Like who cares the writers probably didn’t think it through that hard buddy

I need

More people to watch The OA.

I need discussion on religious symbolism.

I need actual talk about parallel universes.

I need psychological discussion on each of the characters.

I need analysis of themes.

Also, there’s a lot of the color purple; what’s up with that?

Give it to me, I’m worth it.

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you mentioned the mama video being sketchy in one of your tags, why? would you mind sharing your thoughts? it's perfectly fine if you prefer not to though!!

Well, it’s another one of those videos that I watch religiously so..

Just a disclaimer, everything I personally find sketchy is things I see at face value and things that everyone sees so it probably not that interesting. I don’t really squint at the background and be like “OMG THERE’S A WRAPPER. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. CONDOM.”, because that just takes so much effort and idk how some of you guys do it XD

Anyways, I just keep watching this because it’s cute it just makes me think things lol. First of all, JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK ARE ACTUALLY IN A HOTEL ROOM TOGETHER *gasp* irrefutable evidence this time, js. And it’s just the two of them no one else ^^ 

And then I started asking questions like: why is jimin’s voice like that? why are they in the washroom ‘practicing’? were they practicing that hard? what were they practicing? WHERE DID JUNGKOOK’S SHIRT GO (AND WHY)? why did they even start filming in there? who was at the door? why was it cut? why is just the two of them in the first place?

and why. why did he have to look at him like that:

too soft for my cold heart plz

anyways, when they both ran to the big window window and jungkook was being all cute and shiet and they were like “Wow, the Hong Kong view is so nice…” “…yeah” and then Jungkook just sat down on the bed seeming quite pleased with himself and idk it just felt like something I would write in my fanfics and it just felt so warm and intimate ^///o///^

tl;dr jimin and jungkook are in a hotel room together. that’s it. that’s the sketchy. lol

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I'd like to thank you because you recommended the Ashfur Drive By video and that was a religious expierence and I've been unable to watch anything since it's so amazing.

I KNOW ASHFUR DRIVE BY IS SO GOOD I REALLY REALLY HOPE THEY FINISH IT honestly probably my fave warriors video and its just an animatic im

I remember when I wasn’t really a big fan of Mark. I was just a casual fan, but I pretty much watched everything. Just not as ‘religiously’ as I do now.

He uploaded that video about Chica getting surgery. And I remember thinking “who the fuck cares”

but now it’s like “OMG CHICA??? THAT PUPPER! PRECIOUS. PROTECT AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!” and it’s like who was that person. who am i