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written by: yours truly

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anonymous said: I loved guest star!! 😍 I was wondering if you could make a fic about cole how youve been keeping your relationship for months now and fans are suspecting that youre dating because of all the bts and photos of you and his ig and in one interview that youre having together someone questions you guys about it. sorry if this was long 😂 i love your fics 😘❤

a/n: basically this is another guest star part but an interview!

“god i’m so nervous”. you mutter pulling on your fingers as you wait in the green room with your boyfriend cole and co-star kj. we were about to endure a joint interview and it was your first lot of press you’ve done for riverdale.

but it wasn’t that factor that made you nervous, it was that people were becoming more and more aware of your romantic relationship with cole.

you’d been able to keep it under wraps for the whole two years you’ve been dating but now that you were both sharing the small screen people had caught on.

so you had to control yourselves whenever you were out. refraining yourselves from snap chatting each other or posting photos all over your instagrams.

you had to be strictly platonic. you didn’t need any sort of bad press if you two were to break up. so for now you weren’t a couple, you were just a couple of besties.

or atleast that’s what you thought. you thought were pulling it off. but more and more accounts for your ‘ship name’ with cole had popped up on both twitter and instagram and not to mention the constant questions when meeting fans in the flesh.

especially when they caught you out mid-date. when you two had to coyly pretend that you were waiting on other friends to excuse the fact that you were out together without the rest of the cast.

and to be quite frank you were getting sick of all the pretending and running around. sometimes you just wanted kiss your boyfriend or hold his hand whilst you walked down the streets.

not that you really had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down the road, being famous disney stars and all.

“you’ll be fine”, cole whispers walking toward you making sure no one was staring at the two of you. he placed a soft hand on your shoulder, instantly filling you with comfort.

“just breathe okay? if they ask don’t say yes but don’t say no, yeah? that way we aren’t lying or avoiding the question” you nod smiling to the boy as a young women calls you over to the interview room.

the three of you file in, sitting down on a huge plush couch, each boy on either side of you as the interviewer sits in her own seperate lounge chair.

the interviewer starts her intro off strong turning toward the three of you. “kj apa as archie andrews, y/n l/n as c/n c/l/n and cole sprouse as jughead jones on the cw’s riverdale!”

the three of you all smile greeting the interviewer, and the camera crew, as you settle into the interview, talking about the upcoming season and possible plot.

you were too busy worrying to even pay attention to half the stuff that was spewing from the ladies mouth, that you barely noticed her turn to you and begin to engage in conversation until kj smoothly nudged you.

patting down your dress you push your hair off your shoulder as she addressed you directly.

“so how is it for you to go from disney to the darker side of the cw?”

“i mean it’s a lot different to disney i’ll tell you that”. you pause the group laughing to themselves “i didn’t even really think i’d be coming back to acting but i couldn’t resist the role”.

she nods playing with the cards in her palms. “so anything in particular that’s vastly different?”

“well - it’s still directed for the younger generation but i feel like in disney it was more so for the children than the preteens for example…and the content we’re filming is a lot heavier than the stuff we dealt with on y/d/s but it’s also just as fun and exciting as i remember”.

“so you and cole -” you freeze at the mention of him, “both disney kids coming back to acting. kj what was it like to know that you were working with some of the greatest names in disney?”

you breathe a sigh of relief taking a sip from the glass of water on the table as you listen to kj rattle on about how much he adored cole and dylan.

“both of their shows i watched religiously. me and my mates used to love it aye. especially y/d/s with uh y/n we loved her a lot - im pretty sure one of my mates had a poster of her”.

you blush giggling to yourself. “so you had a crush on y/n?” the interviewer laughs, kj turning red at the words. you continue laughing placing a hand around his arm.

“aw kj!!!” you swoon embarrassing him further. cole joined in on the fun, “yeah he was a big fan we kinda had to push him a bit and be like ’hey buddy“.

kj shakes his head furiously to the camera his words rushing out in defence “nah nah nah”. sending you and cole into a laughing fit as the kiwi struggled to cover up his words.

“i mean i was a fan. like who wasn’t aye, but nah it’s a lot of fun filming with them and we all are good friends with the others too. but ugh yeah- it’s hard to go out anywhere because fans notice them from a mile away”

the interviewer laughs “wait people still notice you as your disney characters?” we both nod cole taking the lead.

“i mean it’s very flattering but as you can see im not the same kid with the blonde shaggy bowl cut so sometimes i question how they’d recognise me- especially from friends”.

you smile the interviewer looking to you for input “what about you?”

you nod leaning back slightly into the couch feeling coles arm against the top of the couch.

“they do yes, i go anywhere and they all yell ”c/n“ and sometimes i just forget and then they’re running and i’m running and then they’re screaming and i’m screaming”.

the room started to laugh.

“it’s a very weird situation” you giggle the interviewer cutting in.

“and you looking nothin like that girl anymore- you look amazing!”

you place a hand over your heart in awe “thank god for that” you joke poking fun at yourself. “i grew up and hit puberty and sometimes when i hear someone say ’hey you look like that girl off y/d/s? i’m like damn i must be having a rough day”.

the interviewer giggles “oh don’t be so hard on yourself- doesn’t she look hot now boys?” she slaps kj’s leg and they both nod.

“god yeah she’s come along way from disney-even though i still had a crush on c/n”, cole comments a smile growing on your face at the compliment.

“so are you all single?”

your heart plummets at the question. the dreaded question for anyone in the industry is asked whenever they are in one or aren’t. no one wants to be asked this question ever.

cole answers first surprising you “i’m not no”.

“i am” kj chirps taking a long drink from his water.

“i’m not either” you clear your throat smiling, refusing to make eye contact with cole.

the interviewer smirks knowing she got the answer you wanted “oh so you two are off the market”. she pretends to act surprised “well who are they”.

cole replies cutely “for us to know and you to never find out- all you need to know is she’s beautiful and one of a kind”.

you fight off the blush tinting on your cheeks as the interviewer wraps up the interview.

“one last question before you guys leave- serpent jughead? yes or no?”

“yes yes yes” you stammer feeling confident. “have you seen jughead in a leather jacket? serpent jughead is the best thing to come out of riverdale”.

cole blushes and the interview is officially over. cole’s manager walking over to escort us back to our green room.

“i think you might have just outed us” he teases walking dangerously close to you, his hot breathe on your neck.

“what can i say- serpent juggie just does some indescribable things to me”.

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SPN Tag Meme

I was tagged by @audaciousdean , thanks!

1. what season did you start watching supernatural? - When it first aired I’d catch a few episodes here and there, but it was on at the same time as another show my dad and I watched, so we never really got into it religiously. Then during the hiatus right before s11 I ended up binge watching all 10 seasons, and watched s11 live for the first time.

2. who was the first character you fell in love with? - Sam, actually. At first, I was really irritated with Dean. Saw myself in him, I guess. Once I got through the show and really thought about it though, I realized I couldn’t choose between them, and now adore both equally.

3. who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? - I can’t really think of one. I mean, I guess the Harvelles - I didn’t really hate them, they were just not really on my radar and I found episodes with them a little boring. I didn’t really hate any characters that I later liked (though I definitely liked some characters that I grew to hate.)

4. which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? - Long term? I’d Sam or Dean but that doesn’t really bode well for me considering most of their relationships span a year or two at most. Jody, I think. She’s intelligent and funny, and she has a relatively stable life with the occasional adventure of hunting.

5. if you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose? - One date would have to be Sam or Dean - I think I’d have a hard time choosing between them. Can it be one each?

6. what would you do on the date? - Something relaxing. Hunting fucking sucks so I’d wanna make sure the date was about as far away from hunting as I could. A casual, low-key dinner (but nicer than a roadside diner), a movie maybe, a walk in a park.

7. which character would you most want to be like? - I feel like being like Bobby or Sam would be the best. Smart, sassy, and just the right amount of caring.

8. which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead? - Bobby. Crowley. Rowena. John. Benny… There are so fucking many. As of right now, since I’m so sore about it, I’d have to say… I’m gonna miss Rowena so fucking much and would love to see her back.

9. which character would you most like to punch? - Lucifer or Ruby. 

10. who is your absolute favorite character? - Sam and Dean. There’s no picking between them. Don’t try to make me. Outside of those two (because duh) it’d probably be Crowley.

11. which “big bad” do you think was the worst? - Worst like scariest? If that’s the meaning - Azazel or Abaddon - they were both such bad ass villains. If you mean worst like lamest - Dick Roman or Amara. Both had potential to be really fucking scary and it just fell flat.

12. which character are you most like? - Definitely Dean. 

13. what death hit you the hardest? - I sobbed like a child when Bobby died and still refuse to rewatch that episode even though it’s amazing. And recently, Crowley’s. It hit me after I had some time to process it and I’m sure it was a mix of Crowley and Rowena all dying.

14. what season finale hit you the hardest? - I feel like it’s a cop-out to say Swan Song like, that hit everyone hard. I think No Rest for the Wicked - season three. I might actually cry harder over that episode than Swan Song.

15. what are your ten all-time favorite episodes? - No particular order because I just can’t:

  • Wendigo
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • On the Head of a Pin
  • The End
  • Swan Song
  • Sacrifice
  • Black
  • Red Meat
  • Don’t Call Me Shurley
  • Regarding Dean

16. what’s been your favorite season? - Season 1 or Season 3

17. who is your favorite angel? - Gadreel or Gabriel.

18. who’s your favorite demon? - Crowley or Alastair.

19. who’s your favorite evil character? - Azazel or Abaddon.

20. do you have any supernatural ships? - … That’s a dangerous question. Wincest, obviously. Wincestiel, Drowley, Abaddean, Dean/Ketch, Mick/Sam, Sam/Jess, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Victor, Dean/Benny, Sam/Rowena, Destiel, Sam/Max, Banechester, Dean/Cain – I’ll stop here because this list is long.

21. who’s your favorite supporting actor? - Supporting actor probably Mark Sheppard or Kim Rhodes.

22. what’s your favorite quote from the show? - “Decide to be fine til the end of the week. Make yourself smile because… you’re alive and that’s your job. And do it again the next week.”

23. if you could cast one famous actor in an episode of spn, who would you chose? - Tom Ellis or Jim Parsons

24. if you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included? - Man, I wish I was answering this just a few days from now. There’s a monster I created for my SPN Casefic Bang that I’d love to see the boys face down in the show. But since I’m not allowed to talk about it - I’d probably add in more of the Egyptian Gods - We’ve really only ever seen Osiris.

25. who’s your favorite girl that dean’s hooked up with? - Huh… That’s a different question. Cassie, probably? Just because the only other person on the list that has more than a basic name and general face is Lisa and I can’t stand her.

26. who’s your favorite girl that sam’s hooked up with? - If we can’t include Jess - I’d say Madison. I don’t think it was ‘love’ but they were cute.

27. what are some of your favorite convention moments? - Times that they’re just honest. Whether it’s an unpopular opinion or not - when they don’t feel like they have to cater to the fans it makes me really happy. That and when they’re laughing so hard they can’t speak.

28. if you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on spn, how would you want your character described? - I’d probably be like the ‘first death’ in the cold open - let’s be real. I’m one of those idiots that runs into danger to try and keep my friends out of it. I wouldn’t even make it to see either brother.

29. what do you hope to see in the next season? - God, tough question. Not. I want vintage SPN. I want brother banter, MotW episodes, and an emphasis on family. I know it’s not gonna happen, but a guy can dream.

30.-40. if you had to choose…
bobby or john? Bobby
bela or ruby? Bela
jess or madison? Jess
jo or lisa? Jo
charlie or kevin? Kevin
balthazar or ash? Balthazar
cas or crowley? Crowley
ben or claire? Ben
jody or donna? Unfair. I can’t pick. Ugh. Jody I guess.
sam or dean? I plead the fifth. Fuck that. Samndean. There you go.

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What YouTubers do you like to watch ?

Tbh I don’t watch a lot of YouTubers… or maybe even any? I watch Untucked and Fashion Photo Ruview religiously, does that count? 


Dan and Phil x Harry Potter x Life is Strange Crossover

[Part 2 here]

A Concept: You play as Daniel Howell, a young half-blood wizard who mysteriously receives time-rewinding powers at the beginning of his first year at Hogwarts. He realizes his powers do not adhere to the same spatiotemporal constraints as time turners: they do not obey the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle, and can only rewind up to five minutes at a time.  Unbeknownst to Dan, his powers are finite - the rate of depletion is available only to you, the player, in a meter on the right of the screen. For the first half of his time at Hogwarts, you use Dan’s powers to remake decisions to make life easier for him and his Muggle-born best friend Phil. Then, in his fourth year, Harry Freakin’ Potter returns from the maze with a dead body and life for Dan gets really dark really quickly. You realize too late you should probably have conserved your powers for the war.

There are four fixed events in the game: Befriending Phil, Cedric’s death, Dumbledore’s death, and Dan’s powers running out sometime during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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You mentioned in a post that fiction ≠ reality, but to kids it's not, fiction shapes how they see the world. Fiction is supposed to show them what's right and what's wrong. Adults who support adult/minor relationships make it had for children to distinguish that line if they haven't dealt with discourse (in the actual sense of the word) on serious subjects before. I can't make you stop shipping adult/minor ships, but I hope you consider what you're posting and the consequences that they have.

Is it fiction that shapes their perception or context?

I will agree that what we see in the media can influence us to some extent; a tragic movie can bring us to tears, just like a drama can educate us on matters across the globe, and propaganda has been used - even in modern day - to try and change the opinions of the masses to suit a greater power.

That being said, those things all rely on context: our tears spring from empathy, the education relies on a desire to be educated, and propaganda usually is on the back of a society willing to believe or being fed specific information from other sources. It’s like in children’s shows. We see Bart Simpson being strangled by his father, or Keith name-calling Lance, but children usually know these things are completely wrong.

They know not to imitate ‘Tom and Jerry’, because they have parents and teachers there to say: “it is wrong to hurt someone else”. They get time-outs on the naughty step, or a spanking in certain cultures, or just a long lecture … they usually have some trusted figure there to discipline and/or explain, so that everything they watch is through that same filter of understanding.

It’s why we need to supervise the media our children consume.

I think you are right: if this is the only discourse a child sees, it can have detrimental affects, but - massive ‘but’ here - where are the parents/guardians? Why are strangers on the Internet meant to parent the children of other people, whom they have not agreed to legally raise?

See, when we grew up, this was a constant discussion. We were taught basics of reproduction as soon as we asked questions. We were taught about ‘naughty places’ and ‘private places’. We were taught never to let an adult touch there. These discussions evolved over time, so - as a young teenager - we were taught about statutory rape, that even if we ‘want’ it that it’s still wrong, and so forth and so forth … 

We need to put the responsibility for raising a child on the parents.

Tumblr is 18+ on the app, 13+ on the website, I believe? While AO3 allows all content and explicitly states this, while having a tagging and rating system for you to make an informed choice about what you see. This means we have to lay responsibility upon the parents for not supervising or limiting the Internet activity of the child, instead of trying to infringe upon the rights of adults and remove their safe spaces to produce/consume art as they wish.

It’s basically a case of there being safe spaces for children, too, where they can discuss/consume art freely without coming across such materials, but that falls upon the parent to make sure that they are on the right websites … example, if I do not like porn then I avoid porn sites. If I don’t want to see shipping, I don’t go onto Tumblr or AO3.

What I’m advocating is personal responsibility. 

We need parents/guardians to stop the children from seeing these things, or for them (and schools) to provide a context to what they see … if a child knows that it’s fiction, just like child abuse in ‘The Simpsons’ or glorified violence in ‘Tom and Jerry’ is just fiction, they won’t normalise it and seek to emulate it. The answer isn’t to ban or censor such cartoons; no one would ever say ‘ban cartoons’, because they’re a part of life, but I think providing context to cartoons is absolutely key to these things.

One last example … 

I was around eight when “South Park” first came out; we watched it religiously as children, even with videos cassettes of it, because parents assumed that it was safe as all cartoons were for kids (that was their mistake and their fault as parents, because - like with shipping - the content isn’t the problem, but that it’s made accessible by parents unwilling to supervise their own children). 

In our case, we had massive context for what we saw (luckily, our parents were good on that score, which is part of why I always advocate teaching children, especially if you aren’t willing to supervise them). We never copied the bad language (some people I know today never swear; even I say ‘shoot’ or ‘darn’ as a general rule). No one I know copied the violence (I don’t have a single friend from that group who ever tried to kick a baby, for example). 

It was just entertainment. We laughed and enjoyed it, but we never copied it or held it up to a standard of normality … it was just a cartoon; we knew that, because our parents taught us that, as well as teaching us the behaviour in such cartoons was inappropriate in real life. This is why education is key.

If a child has parents that accidentally let them see Keith/Shiro, they should at least have the education and context to know that behaviour is inappropriate and should not be copied … it’s not up to shippers to stop creating such works, because the places we’re in are designed for adults or for all age-groups with explicit rules allowing such art. Now, if I went onto a children’s forum and posted such things -? Bad. On Tumblr -? Not so bad.

Sorry for the long essay back. 

We just need to realise that art/fanfiction isn’t the problem; the problem comes from parents/guardians not contextualising what children see, or preventing them from seeing it in the first place. We also need more safe spaces just for children, both moderated and supervised by responsible adults, so they have places to go that - well - aren’t Tumblr or AO3.  

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What performance is that with Taemin in the black and the fire?

!! It’s from SMtown 2015 he (and minho/key) performed TVXQ’s Mirotic with Changmin.





taemin dances it sooo well it’s an experience. Also their voices sound cool singing this song definitely check it out

Pretty much all su theory videos are just…..idk….mostly grasping for straws at this point. Like who cares the writers probably didn’t think it through that hard buddy

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hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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Jen singing is what you hear when you enter heaven and nobody can convince me otherwise (x)

I remember when I wasn’t really a big fan of Mark. I was just a casual fan, but I pretty much watched everything. Just not as ‘religiously’ as I do now.

He uploaded that video about Chica getting surgery. And I remember thinking “who the fuck cares”

but now it’s like “OMG CHICA??? THAT PUPPER! PRECIOUS. PROTECT AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!” and it’s like who was that person. who am i

Hello world! Today I met The doctor. For those of you who dont know I am a huge fan of doctor who, infact I would say that The doctor is my hero. Doctor Who to me is more than just a tv show, its a way of life. It a show that I have religiously watched for years and has helped me through the good, the bad and the ugly. The show itself teaches so many valuable lessons of growth, learning, and most importantly being a compassionate and helpful person. My favourite things about The doctor is that even though he is flawed and has a dark past he never stops helping others and keeping together the universe (with the help of his extrodinary companions). Doctor Who makes the weirdos and the outcasts feel important. I’m really lucky that I randomly got the chance to run into Peter Capaldi. You are awesome and thank you for letting me take a picture with you even though I was freaking out.  #doctorwho #geekingout #omg #amazing #vancouver #petercapaldi #freakingout


(From when he still was in Canada. Beautiful picture.)

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you mentioned the mama video being sketchy in one of your tags, why? would you mind sharing your thoughts? it's perfectly fine if you prefer not to though!!

Well, it’s another one of those videos that I watch religiously so..

Just a disclaimer, everything I personally find sketchy is things I see at face value and things that everyone sees so it probably not that interesting. I don’t really squint at the background and be like “OMG THERE’S A WRAPPER. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. CONDOM.”, because that just takes so much effort and idk how some of you guys do it XD

Anyways, I just keep watching this because it’s cute it just makes me think things lol. First of all, JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK ARE ACTUALLY IN A HOTEL ROOM TOGETHER *gasp* irrefutable evidence this time, js. And it’s just the two of them no one else ^^ 

And then I started asking questions like: why is jimin’s voice like that? why are they in the washroom ‘practicing’? were they practicing that hard? what were they practicing? WHERE DID JUNGKOOK’S SHIRT GO (AND WHY)? why did they even start filming in there? who was at the door? why was it cut? why is just the two of them in the first place?

and why. why did he have to look at him like that:

too soft for my cold heart plz

anyways, when they both ran to the big window window and jungkook was being all cute and shiet and they were like “Wow, the Hong Kong view is so nice…” “…yeah” and then Jungkook just sat down on the bed seeming quite pleased with himself and idk it just felt like something I would write in my fanfics and it just felt so warm and intimate ^///o///^

tl;dr jimin and jungkook are in a hotel room together. that’s it. that’s the sketchy. lol

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Who puts milk in before their cereal... JEON APPARENTLY. Also, Brenda I just want a train to run over me whenever Jeon does that shitty little smirk IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME TO BEAR :( yelling anon shouldn't have re-watched the Rainism performance...

jungkook is so fucking attractive but then you remember what a loser he is bc he does shit like pour milk before his cereal….. he’s perfect :///