i watch it for the tennis

Rosie sat on the floor, looking up at the scene around her with wide eyes, probably not taking anything in.

Sherlock and Mycroft were yelling at each other. Molly was holding some toys in front of her face to get her distracted from it, but she just watched with rapt attention as the brothers bickered.

John was at his laptop at the desk, ignoring the scene completely - it was one he had seen hundreds of times. It had lost it’s interest after the second.

Rosie opened her mouth and started making noises.

Molly put the toy down and waved John over.

“I think she’s starting to talk.”

“M-” Rosie choked out the M sound. By now both Mycroft and Molly were smiling - Mycroft’s rather bored, like he was doing it only because he thought he had to - and Sherlock looked on like he was watching at tennis match between the three. John nodded his head at her.

“Yeah Rose?”


“Molly? Are you trying to say Molly?” she said to the young girl.


Sherlock laughed as if he knew something the others didn’t. John didn’t have the time to be suspicious as he tried to coax his daughter into saying her first word.


By now John was looking at Sherlock. “You didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t.”

Sherlock smirked. “Oh, but I did.”

Rosie clapped her hands on the floor.



“And even if I never see you again, I needed to come here.
I needed to try. My loudest lady.
There’s something I need to say.”

                                                                        “My not-so-quiet cat. I’m all ears”





No, seriously.

It was something that I noticed when I first watched Phichit’s FS Program (Terra Incognita). But it was only clearly obvious when I watched JJ’s program (boy do i hate that dude but he can skate) and I knew it was better than Yuri’s. In the same way, I knew Yuri’s was better than Yurio’s before the scores were announced.

The thing with sports is that it would have been incredibly easy to just get these skaters to do more and more impossible jumps to showcase why they are getting better and better. It can be like Prince of Tennis until these skaters aren’t even doing actual humane moves.

But figure skating isn’t like most sports. Figure skating’s major component comes from presentation and boy does this series knows that!

The thing is Yuri on Ice is very good at subtly using better editing, dialogues within a person’s mindset, and better animation quality to showcase how a program is going.

It’s how the show subtly telling us Phichit is winning over Chris’s more technically impressive performance. It’s how the show subtly slowly improves Yuri’s Eros performance tidbit by tidbit – it wasn’t just fanservice.


And that’s amazing, because behind the series is clearly a group of animators that know how to really show instead of tell. It is probably why this show has been such a treat in all angles – it is because these people really think about how every single subtle details can play into the perception of a scene.


Motherfucking Antisepticeye Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking glitching bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit Goddamn person who thought of bringing the glitch bitch into our lives goddamn all in our face fucking shit i cant even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Antisepticeye man Motherfucking neon green tennis ball head shit you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking cut his own throat with his bare hands and fucking green hair shit Antisepticeye I’m very tired No man I’ll just talk about the glitch son thing all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the glitch thing fuck dude I just saw it a year and a half ago fuck Antisepticeye man he fucked over his fan base with all these glitches and that video man and shit man or did the theories fuck this guy who thought of the glitching shit I don’t like glitches I cant think of who the fuck thought of the glitches and shit all I can think of is the video where the guy thought of the glitches and shit who the fuck thought of the glitching and shit


{Reaction} Sexily dancing on stage in front of GOT7

Hi can you do a got7 reaction to being an idol and your groups do a sexy dance collab for the mamas please.

Note: This reaction was really fun to write, not going to lie. I really do enjoy writing for GOT7 since I’ve been getting into them a lot more recently, so keep the requests coming! Especially for my bias Mark. I love you all, and thank you so much for all the love recently, I’ve just passed 1,500 followers and I’m over the moon! Thank you all so much! Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff and on with the reaction. Enjoy! Fighting~ Mami x

Disclaimer: As always, I don’t own the gifs/ images used!

Jackson Wang

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Jackson watches you on the stage as you dance, his mouth was agape, his eyes the size of tennis balls as his gaze followed you around the stage. Your hips moved swiftly and seductively, cooperating with your outfit beautifully, it was short, and exposing enough skin to give Jackson a problem in his pants.

Jackson: “Seriously? Aish, why is she like this.” *Puts his hand over his face to conceal his blush away from you, his band members and the cameras that could catch him in this state at any moment.*

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Mark was having a hard time trying to pretend that your dance wasn’t affecting him at all. Cameras were everywhere, and his manager had told him very sternly before that any sign of Mark showing attraction to you in front of the public eye would lead to serious consequences, but how could he keep behind the line when your ass was shaking? And your thighs were exploiting his heart rate.

Mark: “I can’t believe that’s my Jagi. My Jagi that walked into a door yesterday, and laughed so hard milk came out of her nose.”


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Bambam blushed heavily as he watched you moving along the stage. His heart thumped erratically in his chest as his mind wandered to dark places. He clapped a hand over his lips abruptly after squeaking in response as you flashed very dangerously up your top in front of the camera while winking. The other members laughed at him as he hid his head in his hands.

Bambam: “Ah this is so embarrassing~ I’ll get my revenge in our next stage, see how she likes it.” *Peaks through the gaps of his fingers to see you running a hand up your thigh and covered his eyes again.”


Originally posted by igot7-love

From the seating area, JB had a very nice perspective of your body, looking up, underneath your skirt was teasing him, only just concealed from his dark, lusting eyes. He watched you dancing, each body roll and twirl that had your skirt flying. He nibbled at his lip and the inside of his cheeks while his fists clenched.

JB: *whispering* “Just wait until we get home Jagi, just you wait.”


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Jinyoung watched you practicing in the practice room at the company for the show, his eyes hungrily trailing over your body as you presented the dance for him. Once the song stopped, your eyes landed on him, you smirked, knowing his he felt simply by the way he was eyeing you up. You walked over and put yourself on his knee, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as his gripped your hips.

Jinyoung: “Is this part of the dance routine?”

{y/n}: “No, just my enjoyment purposes, are you complaining?”

Jinyoung: “No, of course not Jagi.”

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom would pretend like he isn’t really bothered by the dance (even though he’s dying to take you home on the inside), he smacks the other members as they tease him, saying how sexy you looked, and even though he wouldn’t admit it; he thought that you looked sexy too.

Yugyeom: “If you say my Jagiya is hot one more time, I’m going to kick you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Choi Youngjae

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At first, Youngjae would be impressed by your dancing skills, but as the song foes on, he would soon realise how erotic the dance routine is, and how sexy the concept is. He’d lean back in his seat, unable to take his eyes off you as your hips rolled and moved majestically.

Youngjae: *In his thoughts - “How the hell did she learn to dance like that? She looks so amazing, is that a boner- oh shit.”*


Theo x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One

Warnings: Theo attacks, Violent Theo, Possessive Theo

“McCall!” You huffed as he jogged up to you and pinched your side laughing as you tried to wriggle out of his reach.


“Hey look I’m sorry about the other day, the whole thing you know, I didn’t mean to ditch you.” He grinned and slung an arm over your shoulder as you made your way to meet the pack in the library, missing Theo stood glowering at you as he headed to his truck.


“It’s cool, you wanted to see Kira, besides I hung out with the brain team and tried to help figure stuff out.” You rolled your eyes dramatically and nodded towards Lydia and Stiles who were deep in a discussion that had Liam and Malia looking back and forth like they were watching a tennis game.

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The Guy They Told You Not to Worry About

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader,  appearances by Bucky and Natasha

Summary: The reader grows increasingly frustrated by Steve’s rude behavior towards her. But everyone keeps insisting that it’s nothing she has to worry about.

Genres: fluff, Jealous Steve

Word count: ~1k

A/N: Loosely inspired by the “you vs. the guy they tell you not to worry about” meme. LOL.

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pros n cons of nintendogs + cats

• better graphics
• having cats and dogs at the same time
• more breeds
• walks are significantly better in ways of places you can visit
• throw strength is weak and i can no longer throw a tennis ball at supersonic speed in my home and watch it bounce off the walls like a stray bullet while my dogs cry in terror

Expressing Purpose Using に

に is a busy, busy particle! Lets look at another way to use it! 

“I went home to eat.” Is an example of expressing purpose in English. To do this in Japanese simply: Add に(ni) to the conjunctive form of the verb. 

conjunctive form: The verb minus -ます (masu) 

                                -食べます(tabemasu) -> 食べ(tabe)

                                -勉強します(benkyoushimasu) -> 勉強し(benkyoushi)

                                -見ます(mimasu) ->見 (mi)

1.)日本語を勉強しに日本へ来ました。(nihongo o benkyoushi ni nihon e kimashita) -> I came to Japan to study Japanese. 

2.)昼ごはんを食べに家に帰ります.(hirugohan o tabe ni uchi ni kaerimasu.) -> I go home o eat lunch. 

3.) テニスをしに大学へ行きます.(tenisu o shi ni daigaku e ikimasu.) -> I go to the University to play tennis. 

4.)映画を見に銀座へ行きました.(eiga o mi ni  Ginza e ikimashita.) -> I went to Ginza to watch a movie. 

*each of the sentences above can be flipped so that location comes first! The reverse is still accurate. * 

ex: 日本へ日本語を勉強しに来ました。(nihon e nihongo wo benkyoushi n kimashita) -> I went to Japan to study Japanese. 

5.)鈴木さんは英語を勉強しにアメリカへ来ました。(suzuki san wa eigo o benkyoushi ni amerika e kimashita.) -> Mr./ Ms. Suzuki came to America to study English.

6.)東京に仕事を探しに行きました。(Tookyoo ni shigoto o sagashi ni ikimashita.) -> I went to Tokyo to look for work.

7.)弟はコンピューターを買いに秋葉原へ行きました。(otoutou wa konpyuutaa o kai ni akihabara e ikimashita.) -> My little brother went to Akiabara  to buy a new computer. 

8.)テレビを見に家に帰ります。(terebi o mi ni uchi ni kaerimasu.) -> I go home to watch T.V.

Big thanks to @red-velvet–cupcake  for catching my mistake! and thank you so much for following!  どうもありがとうございます!一緒に日本語を勉強しますつづきましょうね。

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Something I love about legion (tbh theres a lot that i love) is that you can rewatch the episodes multiple times and catch something new like the third time watching
Like in the first episode they already showed that David can read minds, the second episode (I think) shows Kerry going into Cary, episode three you learn The Eye’s name is Walter for the first time (I noticed this is something a lot of people seemed to miss???), in episode six apparently Kerry and Cary are playing the table tennis and at one point there isn’t a ball but there’s the sound of one, and in the same episode, when Amy is saying that mean stuff to David a bug crawls over her hand, like I love these kinds of shows
And for the most part i think this isn’t stuff that’s hiding in the background, they throw it right in your face and you can still miss it
It’s like when you read those sentences that have a word missing or something but you still read the word as if it’s there and only notice its not once it’s pointed out

Me watching any sports anime ever
  • Volleyball anime
  • Me: I'm gonna be a motherfuckin volleyball player
  • Baseball anime
  • Me: I'm gonna be a motherfuckin baseball player
  • Swimming anime
  • Me: I'm gonna be a motherfuckin
  • swimmer
  • Tennis anime:
  • Me: I'm gonna be a motherfuckin tennis player
  • Ice skating anime
  • Me: I'm gonna be a motherfuckin ice skater
On RobotXLaserbeam

Me: Okay, I don’t even like golf, why am I interested in this?!?

My brain: Pfft… Yah. You didn’t even like Basketball.

Or Volleyball.

Also, Swimming.

Or Ice Skating.

Not to mention Biking.

And Running.

And didn’t you just say you’re gonna start binge-watching that Baseball anime today?

Oh, and remember, you even watched that Boxing, Football and Tennis anime when you were a lot younger?

Don’t even get me started when you -

Me: Okay, okay, I get it… I f*cking let you out for 5 seconds and this happens.