i wasted so much time on these haha


A Happy Family! ~

Thank you Jack, for playing Slime Rancher and basically turned me into a total sucker for this game…
Everything in this game is so cute and squishy, you can’t even be mad…

Did I tell you guys my uncle Phil literally bought my first book JUST so he could count how many pages were in it and tell me how much I was wasting my time?

Seriously, he opened with: “woah, 377 pages, that’s an awful lot of dedication to a little hobby. Hope your GPA was unscathed haha, and I hope your mom is ok with supporting you for the rest of your life.”

And then he asked me to sign his copy and I just hope and pray that he dies before I graduate college because I don’t want to see him there.

Hi all! I’m Cam, and I’m bigender with she/her or they/them pronouns please :) I live in the US, and I’m in South Carolina. I’m at school with Connections Academy, so I don’t get out much and I’m lonely haha rip I play percussion and I love to write, draw, read, and listen to music, as well as waste time on youtube. I’m looking for friends and I’m open to a gf/bf/datemate bc I’m single af haha, I’m cool with long distance or any distance. I’m 15 and I’m in 10th grade. I love everything Marvel, Homestuck, a bunch of books series, and a bunch of kid shows bc I’m lame. I have ADHD, persistent depressive disorder and social anxiety. A lot of my ADHD symptoms overlap with autism so I’m sorry if I’m awkward :/ Oh and I love les mis and everything broadway. I’m also greyromantic/greysexual so hmu lovelies <3 (I’m also meme trash who loves filthy frank rip)

2016.05.23 I actually drew them in full body, but it somehow looks out of focus that i felt like cropping them off (the amount of time I wasted just to make their foot plant right orz…) and also, at first, I wanted to draw both cfvy and sssn  separately, but then i noticed i did not want to draw the other 4 cause…their just… so unknown??? anyways, i ended up putting them together although they don’t have much connection in the main stream haha (and so what is this…CVNS??why it reminds me of cardiovascular system rather then coffee…


(M!Corrin x Soleil)

“Aaaah! It’s so cute, I love it! I love it so much!”

What had happened was that Soleil had been invited to Corrin’s throne room. It was not unusual, the young king loved spending time with his wife. No, the unusual part was what Soleil saw when she had walked in. Instead of Corrin on the throne, it was a pink kitty. Soleil wasted no time in scooping it up and cuddling it.


“Haha! He likes me!”

Corrin smiled. “Sure does!” Then the smile went away. “At least, I think that was a happy meow.”

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i say a lot of characters are my favorite bc it changes every day but then i see that stupid fucking picture of jack as a baby with the hockey stick in his tiny baby hand and i think about how he realized he had feelings for bitty and then fucking wasted no time as he SPRINTED across campus to go kiss him ON ThE MOUTH, and i think about his face when they shoe checked bitty and he made that stupid dad joke like “haha no shirt no shoes no service bittle haha im a comedic genius” and i just. my heart clenches and i remember. thats him. that’s my giant baby boy. i love him. jack zimmermann deserves the world. 

Thank you guys so much for sticking by us through all of the troll bs!

They can try all they want but we will continue to smile and be happy while they waste their time with their unhappy lives. So here’s some preggo SasuSaku for you!! Based on @dymx’s art here. Sorry dymx, for always doing your art! I feel like we are spamming you haha. 

We have a lot of fan art recreations planned but because of recent events we aren’t able to do them right now, so sorry for cellphone quality again! :’) We just wanted to thank you all for everything. Thank you for being patient with us on this blog!

I promise, new, clearer HD content to come soon.


Sasuke’s Facebook || Sakura’s Facebook || Dymx’s Art

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i was here and been playing and whistling that under the fake theme for a while now :D ear worm

Oh shit, for some reason it makes me so happy that someone listens to the songs on my tumblr player haha. I waste so much time putting songs onto it hahaha And yeah Under The Fake can like loop 3000 times and it’s never bothersome.

Anyway, I’m back from Katsucon! Admittedly, I thought it was… just okay? The location was beautiful and I had fun when I was hanging out with friends, but it seemed to have a higher concentration of the most embarrassing anime fans than any other con I’ve been to in a while. Maaaaybe I’m just feeling that because I haven’t been to one since Otakon, but I spent so much time groaning and wishing other people would stop yelling that I just felt like an awful old lady. And I mean, I was getting tired more quickly than usual, so maybe I am just getting too old for these things, haha.

I was too tired/lazy/angry with certain fandoms to wear two of costumes I packed, which also happened to be the hardest costumes to pack. That kind of felt like a waste but honestly I have much more fun in my survival horror based costumes because effects makeup is fun and most horror game fans at cons are pretty chill and fun to talk to. I still think Zenkai is my favorite just because it’s so easy to meet people there and have long conversations? I think it’s the only convention I’ve consistently come back from happy because I always make friends there! And I’m painfully shy and awkward so it’s not really easy for me to do that, haha.

Aaaand…. some guy dressed as Mel Gibson forced me to grope his nipple, so unless something worse than that happens at a con this year it won’t be hard to top this experience. :’)

Two-Week Stay

A/N: I’m really sorry I haven’t been writing as much! I’ve had so much free time this past month and I just wasted all my time on YouTube haha.

Anyway, this was meant to just be a one-shot, but since it was going to be long (I’m talking maybe 20-30k words max) I decided to cut it up into chapters to prevent eye strain and lawsuits. 

Summary: Since they’re on winter break, Kotori’s mom has rented a cabin for a few weeks so they can relax and enjoy a vacation. But everyone is so gay (and proud) the vacation ends up… the complete opposite.

Pairings: NicoMaki, NozoEli, KotoUmi, slight RinPana, slight TsubaHono.

Fanfiction Link

Chapter One: On Our Way

“Everything packed?” Kotori’s mother asked, watching as Kotori was busy tying her scarf around her shoulders. The silence she received as an answer made her sigh before she strode up to the silent girl. Her hands made contact with stiff shoulders, and she laughed upon hearing Kotori’s loud sound of discomfort. “Now, now, you’ll be going with all your friends! What’s the fuss?”

“You wouldn’t understand, mom…” Kotori sighed and patted down her coat, hoping she wasn’t forgetting anything before being led out the door.

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the pots project

yes hello!! i am here to tell you guys that the hiatus i went under was not a total waste of time hahaha i used that time to make prints!! (and also try to make some money haha)

one set includes 10 pieces of 4″ x 6″ prints and each print is chanbaek in a different au lol:

(my theme was smthn like “10 lives, 100 lives, a thousand lives. i will spend them all with you” so yeah AUs)

these previews are alternate universes that you know so well from me, there are still seven more that i used from my au treasure chest lol

(yes, new aus much exciting)

this is what the print would basically look like (without the gray lines and the words “sample on it” lol):

(cheesy love quotes for everybody!!)

one set would cost about 1,450 php (that’s roughly about 31.75 usd) sans shipping. i’ll be making 20 of these bad boys and there are only 18 slots left for reservation and stuff

if you are interested, my email account is [pots0506@hotmail.com] just pls tell me what country you’re from, your address and your postal code # (◕‿◕✿)

i will tell you the total cost of the shipment (bcos the shipping fee depends on where you’re from ;;)



if you reserve now you will be getting free stickers!! hahahaha

[i might not be able to reply right away. right now i just want to know if anyone is interested. i will notify you once i’ve already packed and have it shipped ♥]

Last night I dreamt that I stood in line for hours to do a photo-op with Moffat and when it was finally my turn I sidled up next to him with a huge fangirl smile. My voice was syrupy sweet and he smiled magnanimously down at me as I gushed.

“I’m so happy I finally get to meet you! I’ve wanted to tell you, for quite some time now, that you’re awful. Really awful. Please stay away from the Doctor’s love life.”

And then I turned to the camera and grinned.

I was given a photo of myself and a ferret.


Hi everyone! ^ ▽^

Another year almost through. This year has been quite a rollercoaster for me, and that’s why I haven’t been so active since the beginning of summer. I even totally forgot that my blog turned four a month ago :D that’s a long time wasted on this site. There isn’t any real reason for doing this follow forever besides wanting to wish you all Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah and even though I’m pretty early for some of those, I wanted to do this now anyways.

There’s some people on this list that I have been following since the beginning of times, and some that I only recently started following, but my dash is pretty awesome so all of you really deserve to be here. It was difficult to try narrowing down the list and I just wanted to have everyone I follow on this, and that’s almost what happened in the end anyways lmao…… And some of you aren’t even active anymore but that does not mean you don’t deserve to be in here. While going through the blogs I follow I also noticed that so many of my old bandom mutuals are still mutuals even after the complete change of my blog style and that makes me emotional ;; you guys are the true champs. Thank you so much for sticking with me and sorry !

Yeah okay I will just go on and on if I don’t stop here. All I really want to say anymore is: Thank you all for yet another nice year!! I hope you’ll have great time over the holidays and that next year will be kind to you <3

blogroll // the list under the cut!

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No Other Will Do (3/3)

Summary: An unexpected fire leaves Michael and Gavin the only survivors, trapped out in the wastes together. Michael knows how to survive, but Gavin’s fresh out of the Vault. The nearest town is miles away. Michael didn’t ask for this - but now he’s gotta get the idiot across the wasteland alive. (Fallout AU)

(Prompt: 5 times Michael defended Gavin and 1 time Gavin protected Michael.)

Part 1  Part 2  AO3


“Okay, you said this place was shit,” Gavin says, staring around. “But it is really shit Michael, what the fuck.”

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ATTENTION :) (I didn’t proof read the pictures above so haha)
I want to host this 30 day twilight challenge. I’m still really new on here. I’ve only been on here for 2 months (feels like years tbh) and I want to get to know who I follow and who follows me. The downside to this is it won’t be easy because not many people will participate…sooo if you feel like participating PLEASE TELL ME! I hope at least someone does so I don’t feel like I wasted all my time making these haha . Please spread this around and try to get people to do it :) if you do it I’ll be so happy lol
STARTING SEPTEMBER 10th !!! much love xoxoxo - twilight-af ❤️