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bakamatsu for @nasty00 !! tysm for the request and the message :3!!! i wasn’t really sure what to draw but i think this turned out well…

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Now I wanna see what the protagonist (or protagonists) would look like switched with Hau! Do you think the character's characters would be completly switched aswell (so the protag would be happy all the time, Gladion shy etc)?

these were actually kinda hard! i wasnt really sure what to do to change them, but since canon haus colour palette is kind of dark compared to their canon cps, i decided to darken their overall palette, and also add some flower stuff. in this theyd be siblings so, matching flowers! and poof pant a bit, because haus pants are Very Large.

as for the characters overall character, i think actually.. they wouldnt switch personalities! i feel like thatd be kind of boring to just do that. i just imagine that the same characters are, well, the same, but grow up in the others situation, so that obviously would impact their resulting person alot. like if gladion was put in lillies situation and had to grow up like that, i imagine hes a bit more timid than canon gladion, but probably still has a bit of his.. gladion-ness, if that makes any sense. 

30 day Kitten Space Tag

{Decided to post these a little behind of days but here yah goes. wasnt sure if I was going to post theses but here yah go}

Day 1 - Describe the type of Kitten you are

Personality wise I start off being a shy kitty but when I warm up too someone I’m playful, loving and a bit lazy when it comes to sun bathing. I guess depends on my mood as well as what kind of kitty I ‘am.

When I ‘am little space kitty I’m a white fluffy kitty known as Princess Kittmo Sweet charming and rambunctious curious little kitten

When I’m feeling more boyish (genderfluid boy days) I have my black ears and tail and go by Julie. Rebellious, devious loner but very affectionate when chooses to trust you. Quite most the time but loves adventures

 My petplay kinda intertwines into different aspects of being a sub , I truly relate to being a kitty so it kinda flows into all that I do naturally 

Day 2 - List your Favorite Petnames

Kitten, little kitty, fluffy tail, kitten paws, Princess Kittymo

Day 3 - What gets you into Kitten Space?

Long walks

My favorite ball

Being naked outside soaking up the sun

Homemade kitty bed out of blankets

Focusing me to go potty outside only

Only using kitty bowl on the floor nowhere else

Someone putting on my collar for me

Day 4 - Favorite Kitten Space Activity

The bubble game

Earning treats by doing commands or tasks

Long Walks

Day 5 - A Picture of your Favorite Collar

Oh man oh man that is super-duper hard to pick or imagine. I suppose whatever my owner deems worthy of presenting to me and claiming as their own. Yet my favorite collar I own and have had the longest which I love above all is my simple black leather collar with spikes and a big metal ring on it. The first one I ever bought to represent my kitty side one step into opening up about kitty me accepting that part of myself.

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Its……not being vague if you directly mention the person?

Anyways apparently i gotta address exactly what the fuck happened here. I made the original post 12 hours ago. The drama all started around an hour afterwards. During that hour, I was discussing with three people the course of action.

We werent sure if they understood WHY it was transphobic. 2 suggested tagging them, which I DID NOT want to because I knew the second they reblogged it there would be drama, and the post wasnt meant to cause drama or be a “callout”. The better solution was obviously private messaging. However, I was reluctant to message them because they seem like an angry person a lot. Which is why I waited a while. This ended up me messaging them RIGHT AFTER they saw the post, apparently. We worked it out pretty quickly. I explained why saying biological sex was transphobic, found out it was a misunderstanding, and we’re all good! of course i was unfortunate enough to have to do dishes so when i came back i was welcomed with drama. I wasnt arguing about whether hate-police was intentionally doing such and such shit. Those arguments were me trying to explain how biological sex is transphobic, along with what saying you support it means. I wasnt accusing them of saying vagina=woman, not by that point. I was telling OTHER PEOPLE that saying you support biological sex means that. Which is why it was a misunderstanding. Because. They didnt. Mean that. Thats literally all this drama is. Stop accusing me of going after them this whole drama fest when I was done with them before I started arguing.

i think what’s killing me about this pewdiepie thing / markiplier’s recent video about respect is… pewdiepie made a v v v disrespectful joke. made multiple disrespectful jokes.

pewdiepie faced consequences for his jokes, like he should have.

if you do something bad, youre going to face consequences.

i agree that the media, that people, twist and turn what people say and use it against them,

but what pewdiepie did wasnt okay. it wasnt acceptable.

i watched pewdiepie’s recent video, too, and i really just wanna say. things like this do normalize hatred and this kind of behavior. yall have impressionable wee ones watching your channel, and some of them are gonna pick up on these jokes.

it was a joke that shouldnt have happened,

i know he wanted to “push the boundaries” of how ridiculous that site was, but he could have literally done anything else–why not ask the jesus man or the dancing guys to say something like “blistering douchefuck ass volcano”?

“testing the boundaries” for the sake of humor should never be something like that.

and when literal nazis are praising you, no matter how many times you say “I don’t condone that behavior”, you should know that you seriously fucked up.

hopefully he learns from this and moves on. im not gonna be viewing to find out if he does, though.

there are other things tag were said in mark’s “respect” video that bug me; im a victim of abuse. im never going to respect my abusers. im only going to run and avoid them. there are people in this world that i could never respect, people like donald trump and mike pence. if that makes me a bad person, then yikes.


Smoaking Canary Carmilla AU

“Why are you so damned obsessed with this?”
“I hate mysteries, they bug me.”
“Get over yourself, Carmen Smoak Diego. The sooner you learn to stop running playing hero, the better off you’ll be. Some things are what they are, cupcake.     
"I don’t accept that, and you shouldn’t either.”

Felicity Smoak is thrilled to be out of Vegas and away from her overbearing mother, and Silas U—wonky internet aside—is great! That is, until her best friend and roommate Iris West goes missing. To honor her friend’s journalism major (and her own relentless thirst for knowledge), Felicity investigates the disappearance and faces danger at every turn.

And then there’s her mysterious new roommate. Sara Lance, who seems to enjoy making her life a living hell. Together with her floor don Caitlin Snow and Caitlin’s best friend Sin, Felicity will uncover a dark and ancient conspiracy, race against the clock to find Iris, and—if she’s really lucky—pass her classes.


for the anon who asked me about a week ago to pleease post a tutorial on my art! here u go!!!

i wasn’t really sure how to do this but? i hope this is fine! i’m gonna explain each step a little under the cut, if you’re wondering what’s really happening in the gif!

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HEY EVERYONE [get ready for some rambling!]

hi. i am shrew. and my blog url is taekmetoeat. except now it’s taek-or-treat because HALLOWEEN! but that’s besides the point. anyway. i revamped this mess into a kpop blog earlier this year (im not really sure when) and im actually surprised i have followers! i mean, half the time i forget to tag things for organization because im too caught up in tag rambling! thank you for keeping up with my mess of a multifandom blog! (it was supposed to be an even amount of beast, vixx, and btob, but look what happened /shot) throughout my time on here (im saying it like ive been here for years LOL)…i’ve met many nice people…became deeper kpop trash…and passed follower goals i set…and irl i’m a really socially awkward person and i wasnt sure about how i’d do with a blog…because online social interaction !! but i needed somewhere to fit in as someone who’s into kpop/kdramas & i’ve talked to so many really great people on here and everyone makes me so happy so i decided to make this because i feel extra thankful today ❤ ❤ thank you to both my followers and follo…wees? people i follow for making life fun-er :^^^)

anyway, i was trying to make some kind of birthday edit for ilhoon….but then i got really stressed out and gave up so i just made a really simple, crappy ilhoon follow forever YEAHHHH !!! (my sincere apologies to ilhoon)

italics=favorite blogs

bolded=my v cool mutuals

(if i’m missing someone my already bad reading skills have failed me even more :p)

((how do i alphabetize this the struggle is real))

(((yeah im not alphabetizing this im sorry ill just do it in order of follow :333)))

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that’s right. everyone’s blog is my favorite and i am ur biggest fan. if anyone says otherwisE FITE ME :^) i f i forgot anyone excuse m e im a sinner. awesome. a lot of urls are halloween ones. this can be the halloween edition ff because halloween has already started !!!

and shoutout to everyone i’ve talked to on here!

and shoutout to all the fy blogs i follow because YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL

i should stop talking now. okay.

thank you and bye ~!