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Request: Happy telling you he doesn’t have feelings for you when you tell him how you feel about him, but you get kidnapped and he loses it and when they rescue you he tells you how he really feels 😍
I’m gonna break this into two or three parts. 💕


The rumble of Happys motorcycle echoed through your house as he pulled into your drive and you leapt out of your seat and skipped to the doorway.
Nerves wrapped around your stomach, butterflies floating through your whole damned body.
Today you would tell him how you felt.
You’d been hanging out with him for a few months now, sleeping together, getting drunk at the clubhouse.
You’d fallen for him, hard, without even realising until you were left breathless every time you looked at him. You might have seen it coming, if you hadn’t been too busy spending time with him to notice the change in your heart. He became your best friend, someone you missed instantly whenever he was gone on a run. You’d be a grumpy bitch the whole time he was gone, your mood only lifting once he returned. His little quirks, the toothpicks, the 90s rap he’d blast through the house, became your favourite things. His dark eyes pierced your soul and suddenly you weren’t afraid of the dark anymore, you found comfort in it, reminding you of him. His laughter haunted your mind, running through it late at night, keeping you up, dreaming of his touch.
You weren’t exclusive, but he spent most nights at your house, your bodies intertwined. Tonight, you’d tell him.

You took a deep breath and opened the door, smiling widely as he looked you up and down, twirling his damned toothpick in his mouth.
“Hey Hap.”
You leant against the door, wearing only your panties and one of his Samcro tshirts.
He growled as he lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder, making you squeal.
“Happy!” You laughed as he carried you to your bedroom and lay you down on the bed.
He pressed his lips against yours hungrily as he hovered over you, his hands reaching under your shirt.
His lips left yours and he kissed along your jaw and down your neck.
You moaned as his hands grabbed your breasts, massaging them as he sucked your neck.
“God I love you.” You purred.
He froze at your words and your eyes widened. This wasnt the way you were supposed to tell him.
He leapt away from you like youd slapped him and you leant on your elbows.
“What?” He asked you as he sat on the edge of the bed, his back facing you.
You sat up and knelt behind him, caressing his shoulders.
“I love you, Hap.” You said softly.
He stood suddenly and paced around the room, clenching his fists.
Tears filled your eyes as you looked at him. This was definitely not how you wanted him to react.
“This is over.” He said coldly, still pacing infront of you.
Your heart dropped and you stared at him.
“Wh-what do you mean?” You asked, shakily.
“We are done. I don’t love you.” He stopped infront of you and tears streamed down your cheeks.
“Happy I-”
“I don’t love you, (y/n). I’ve never loved you, I never will.” His voice was cold.
You stared at him, mouth opening and closing, trying to find words.
He turned and leaned infront of you, his head close to yours.
You could feel his breath on your face.
“You are just another pussy for me to fuck. Do you understand me, (y/n)? Your just another nameless pussy. Your nothing to me.” He turned and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him as sobs ripped through your body.

Happy slammed a shot down his throat, then poured another.
Gemma watched him from across the room before approaching.
She sat down next to him and raised an eyebrow as he slammed another shot.
“What’s going on sweetheart?”
“I’m okay momma.” Happy said as he poured another shot.
Gemma just stared at him with that damned ‘Gemma Teller-Morrow’ stare that seemed to break everyone.
Happy sighed before slamming the shot back and turning towards her.
“I broke things off with (y/n)” he told her.
Gemma nodded slowly, pursing her lips.
“You tryna protect her, push her away?”
Happy nodded, looking at his hands.
“Look sweetheart. (Y/n) is a great girl. I know why your doing it, we’ve all been there. But that girl loves you. And I don’t think your gonna find another old lady that’s gonna love you like that. She already loves the club sweetheart, she’ll learn to love the life.”
Happy nodded slowly, a sad smile on his face.
Gemma stood and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Don’t wait too long baby.” She said as she walked off, leaving Happy to question whether he’d done the right thing.
He loved you, of course he loved you. But this life was dangerous and the thought of you getting hurt because of him kept him up at night.
Gemma’s words played on his mind but he felt he’d done the right thing. He’d saved you from this life of mayhem.
He downed another shot before he grabbed the croweater that resembled you least and pulled her to his dorm.

You had cried yourself to sleep, wrapped in Happys Samcro shirt, mascara stains on your cheeks.
You had opened your heart to him, and he had ripped it into a million pieces and left you sobbing on the bed.
You were exhausted, mentally and physically, and sleep welcomed you quickly.
You were so fast asleep that you didn’t hear the glass break downstairs.
You didn’t hear the sound of a dozen boots walking around your house. You didn’t hear your bedroom door open, no.
No, you only woke, when you felt a cold hand press against your mouth and a blindfold being wrapped around your head tightly.


That’s how we do it in the Nine-Nine. Catch bad guys and look good doing it.

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