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Dean + worrying about Cas

+ Bonus:

I want a scenario where Adrien finds out his scarf was actually from Marinette and not his dad, and for it not to go very well at first.

Because while I’m sure Adrien would understand it was a mix up and still, his friend went out of her way to make him a gift, I can’t imagine him really looking at the scarf for a while and being happy about it, not while knowing his dad didn’t actually get him anything at all. Adrien would have very mixed feelings about it IMO, and I wouldn’t really blame him either.

So, angst time. Adrien wants to confront his dad about it but he’s overseeing a fashion show and he couldn’t ask Nathalie because she went with him, so that leaves Marinette. He pulls her aside after school, and there’s so much anger and resentment for his dad building up, and he really doesn’t want to take it all out on Marinette, but Adrien’s afraid that if he opens his mouth he might say something he’ll come to regret, so instead he pulls his scarf out from his bag and smooths out a corner of it, displaying Marinette’s tiny signature for her to see. 

He can see the panic flash in her eyes while she stares at the scarf, but it doesn’t seem like she can find words, so he asks a question, “Why didn’t you you say something?”

Meanwhile, Marinette really IS panicking. True to what she told Alya all those months ago, Marinette tries to explain that she didn’t want him to be disappointed that the scarf wasn’t actually from his dad, just her, but even as she explains this she can see it’s not making Adrien feel better and honestly, it’s no wonder. 

(“I wish you said something earlier,” Adrien finally says, and he’s rubbing his neck and chuckling and trying to keep the situation light. “I feel like a bit of an idiot.)

Because Marinette let the secret go on for too long, and surely finding out a cherished present wasn’t actually from his dad after all this time believing that it was… it must have hurt. It must have hurt ten times worse than if Marinette would have just told him the truth, though surely that would make her look like an opportunist more than anything. She didn’t want to come off as selfishly wanting his attention. Marinette was stuck, honestly. She didn’t know if there was a right way to have gone about that situation. So she says the only thing she can.

“I’m sorry.”

And offers the only thing she can think of.

“I-I can take the scarf back, if you want.”

Now Adrien feels bad, because he really wants to keep it. He wants to look at the scarf and think, ‘my friend made this for me, she took time and care to knit this with me in mind.’ But instead, all he can see is Gabriel Agreste’s stern face, and all he can think when he sees the baby blue fabric is that his own dad didn’t even bother buying one of those lame pens for his birthday this time. 

Tentatively, he hands the scarf back to her.

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..

  • Larcade: hello my name is larcade
  • Larcade: and today's segment will be "expose these hoes"
  • Larcade: now for this specific segment, my magic will show who didn't do the diddly doo
  • Larcade: *does the magic*
  • Non virgins: *falls*
  • Zeref: Mavis fell limp??
  • Zeref: oh yea nevermind my dick was bomb LOL
  • Nalu: lolz we're innocent
  • Gruvia: SAME
  • Gray: although Ima make her go drip drop later ;)
  • Gajeel: I finna tap that ass after this mess
  • Lucy: yall didnt do anything in the council???
  • Gajeel: almo-
  • Levy: NO

hello, i’m late. nice to meet you, dad... yuu-san seems to have had quite a day playing around with mika



This scene has so much emotion and meaning to it because when Aubrey had a go at beca for changing the set list mid performance beca was looking to chloe for some support and backup but she didnt make eye contact with her.

Aubrey then said ‘’see i told you she wasnt a bella!’’ and chloe interjected saying Aubrey dont..’’  then beca said no its okay your’e allowed to have a say in the group right?’’ you could see chloe's eyes literally well up with emotion she was so taken a back with beca’s comment she knew that she’d messed up but she couldn't do anything whatever chance she thought she had with beca was gone in a flash!

It wasnt awkward or anything

Shane smut please … One shot where you and shane are driving back to camp at night and he pulls the car over and you two make out and one thing leads to another and you know the rest😊

God if there was one thing that everyone missed was sex. It wasn’t the main thing that we missed but it really was something that everyone thought of when they had the chance.

Sitting in the car with Shane you could smell the sexual tension that was going on between us. I felt Shane start to pull over. I looked over at him. He gave me this smirk and leaned over and kissed me on the neck. It felt so good to have someone do it finally.

“Shane?” He moaned as a response. “We should move this to the back.” He moved to the back as soon as he could. I did too, I got on top of him and started to kiss his neck.

All of his muscles relaxed. I gave him a few minutes before I started to unzip his pants. Pulling out everything and stroking his length. He moaned a little louder than I expected.

“Want more?” I said in a sexy tone.

“Yes.” With that being said I started to take off my shirt. He was too, by the time that we were butt naked. Our sex drive was full. “What position are you into?”

“Doggie?” I smirked and got into the position. I felt his hands on my hips. I felt his length enter inside of me. I actually forgot how good it felt. As soon as it entered it gave me so much pleasure. I felt his hand smack my ass, making me more horny.

The more that he trusted the more moans that slipped our mouths. At points I would arch my back so that it I would have more pleasure. Right as the orgasm started to take over me I felt Shane’s hand on my clit.

“Whats my name?”

“Shane.” I said in a moan.

“I cant hear you.” He said with a huge thrust, making me grab onto the seat.


“That’s right.” His thrusts started to get more sloppy.

When we were finished we sat there naked. It wasn’t awkward or anything, it was just two people that just had sex sitting there. I didnt dare be the one to break the silence. He looked over at me.

“We gotta go, get dressed.” He said getting into the front seat and finished up getting dressed.

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why have you missed so much school?(ps I love how iron infidel plays on your blog, it makes it seem holy-y if thats a saying lol)

[ because im mentally ill[my moods are explosive and my personality is unstable whats good ] and i get sick easily, but im also afraid to go to doctors when i become sick. my therapist kinda helps me get excuses and so does my mental health doctor [ i dont know what yall call them ] but yeah. and last year i missed a couple of school days, but it wasnt a lot. im basically the family punching bag so theres that too. i dont know if ill have to go to summer school or not, but its hard for me to do anything, honestly. and i missed my time to take my pills yesterday, and if i take them in the morning i become sick as FUCK so im not. risking that. it also makes me sleepy so id probably pass out in study hall or some shit, you dig ? im not risking going to school either, because id probably. start a fight or end up trying to fight a teacher because of whats happening to my moods already lmao. 

and thanks :-) ]

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He did not release This Town because people were talking. He released it because it was ready to go, he had a deal with Capitol, and he had a great opportunity to release it. They were able to take advantage of awards shows, Jingle balls, etc to promote This Town without much effort. It was really a genius move, and had nothing to do with "people talking".

no i think that anon meant that he wanted to release something so ppl wouldnt think he wasnt doing anything/not working (which is what hes said many times) not that he did it bc ppl were talking shit. and it was a good move, but also im not sure it was entirely planned out, like he mentioned they were totally gonna go the soundcloud route at first and then decided to make it a thing. 

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Your faves going to jail. Unstan.

I dont ask for much, but i wish people would be nice for once, especially to fans that stan problematic artists or in this case, fans of Iron.

To make things clear before u misunderstand and attack me im just gonna say no, i dont stan him anymore.

Nobody asked, but its okay, i will still slowly explain to you how i feel.

Theres a reason ive not been active anymore on this blog and ive been distancing myself from Iron or anything related to him. Ever since the Roll controversy i was honestly confused and disappointed, but it was really hard for me to take it in and let go. No, i wasnt trying to tell and convince myself that hes still an okay guy, i just… needed time.

But it was really tough to get over him. Everyone here should know how big of a fan i was, i basically spent most of my time caught up with him.


When i tell you it was hard for me, then im seriously saying that its hard. I was too attached, life was always about stanning Iron, but i had to learn to live without it. Therefore it takes time, so please, give time to people like me for the reasons i say above. Please dont be mean and poke fun and annoy me youre only making it harder. Say things nicely.

Thankfully though after not coming here for Iron im well over him, so even with this latest news come out i was able to take it in better, but sadly it still hurts sometimes when anyone talk to me like this.. I dont even talk to my friends about this because i know theyll only say mean stuff about it which doesnt help /at all/. Its not my fault Iron turned out this way. I just really hope none of my friends bring up Iron, not because i want to avoid the issue but mainly because i seriously feel hurt betrayed and annoyed thinking about him. I know he doesnt owe me anything but yeah….

I use this blog to read fanfics sometimes and maybe soon ill deactivate, if any of you needs to talk to someone, im here :)

Edit: ofc, be nice to those fans that are trying to understand and get over him and not those that are blindly defending…well you know what i mean.

“You can’t go out like that” Luke said sternly looking at your attire. Your jeans hugged your hips and thighs in just the right way and the rips in them went all the way up your thighs. Your shirt fell loosely over your shoulders and your hair was curled and full of volume.
“What do you mean?” You asked. You’re outfit wasnt anything past PG but Luke was over there flaunting his good looks looking like a true masterpiece. “If I can’t go out like this then you can’t go out like THAT” you gestured to his whole 6'4" self. He suddenly got very serious.
“What was that?” He questioned. His dominance making itself very prominent in his tone.
“I-I said … If I can’t go out like this then you can’t go out like that” you stuttered, caught off guard by how close Luke had gotten to you.
“Baby girl,” he cooed running a hand through his slicked back hair. “You know I make the rules.” He cupped your chin in his hand and angled your face up to his. You sucked in a breath when his other hand grabbed your ass and he pulled you against him even further. Your hands ran up his arms and onto his shoulders. He smirked at you but swatted your hands away from him.
“No touching, princess” he murmured, “don’t want you to wrinkle this white shirt” you stared at his collar and the skin peeking out from beneath. You suddenly became very aware of how wound up you were getting. You swallowed hard at the devious smile creeping onto Luke’s face.
“What’s wrong, baby? Is it getting a little hard to breathe?” He kissed your jaw and down your neck, sucking on your sweet sport making you grip his bicep. His stubble sent shivers through you. He chuckled darkly before pulling away.
“Luke” you whined as he stepped away from you.
“Now ,now. If you be a good girl for me and go change I might reward you later” he leant down once again and his hot breath against your skin made you feel like hyperventilating.
“Shit” you cursed but stood frozen.
“Better get going… We don’t want to be late,” he kissed you softly before heading out to the car, leaving you breathless.

im kinda writing this to sort  my thoughts through iron fist 1st season right, right

so, before y’all go ‘the sjws are so whinny cant they enjoy anything’ i need to say i didnt hate iron fist. it just lacked of something for me. and it wasnt all of it because of the race thing (although im still bitter about it but okay) but mostly because the main cast kind of lacked of dept? and the story wasnt actually that clear? it was mostly the writers making it up as they go and throwing asian and Buddhist references like fortune cookies that didnt make any sense coming from white boy rand???

all of the rand enterprises and meachum family felt a bit empty to me. i kinda didnt feel that attached or interested about the family drama, maybe because im not a white high class multimillionaire or something between the lines idk. i just didnt give a fuck about them, sorry

and the fight scenes. gods the fight scenes. i felt them surreal, actually, and the first half felt like a mortal combat movie. then it got darker and i actually enjoyed a bit of the fighting, but mostly colleens and her fraction of the hand. what i love about marvel in netflix, is how realistic the are. they are raw, mature and dark. this season felt (a bit) childish? in how the characters reacted to things and thought about situations but nvm.

i actually loved jessica henwick acting and character development. colleen is one of my favorite marvel characters and her stoic beliefs and soft strength always where amazing to see (also the fight scenes, especially with the katanas and weaponry were beautiful) (also she was secretly dating claire temple dont tell me otherwise)

anyways, finn jones acting wasnt that great? i felt he was playing the character of himself, and i kinda lost danny rand from the 616 universe (i know they are different personalities/variations of the character but still)

i still wait a lot from the defenders and its probably gonna be my favorite season of the whole netflix universe (well, season 2 of daredevil though am i right) and im looking forward for his and luke’s friendship because its one of my favorite relationships in the 616 universe

i recognize internalized aphobia is a thing but that’s not what’s going on here. what i said wasnt aphobic either.
not sure of your stance on anything, but im gonna explain what i meant more in depth.

long answer:
when i thought i was both cis and het (im neither), i didnt consider myself lgbt despite being ace. why? because i didnt identify as trans or gay/bi/etc.
being cishet (y'know, both cis and het at the same time) doesnt make you lgbt, everyone knows that. that’s why cishet aces arent considered lgbt.

basically, you can be lgbt and cis, lgbt and het, as there are gay cis people and trans straight people, but you cant be lgbt and cishet. being asexual doesnt automatically change that.

short answer:
cishets arent lgbt for obvious reasons and i dont understand why people are saying otherwise nowadays. it makes no sense.

Making fun of stupid people doing stupid things! Like one time when i was watching this freshman try to get on a computer that needed a password….he typed in the password……..and waited. The retard didnt press enter or anything. He just waited. Then he started cussing at the computer saying it was screwed up. Then the freshman went and got a teacher and the fucking teacher could not figure out why it wasnt going anywhere!!! JESUS!! Personaly i think they should be shot.’’

- Eric Harris (from REB’s Wisdom)

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god i feel so gay im alays thinking about my crush not even always sexual just like, i think about holding her hand and making her laugh and all the different ways to make her smile like i hate it i just wanna be a huge dork with her i hate it i crave that kinda relationship with her more than anything i just wish i wasnt afraid to ask her out

dfjghjfkd you sound adorable i feel everything you said, honestly if she flirts back wt you go for it!!


I put the finishing touches on my NYE dress last night. I really never wear anything “soft” or “pretty” Im always much more focused on looking scary and bold but I wanted to start the New Year feeling like a bag of money so I decided to go with something out of my element and make this silk dressing gown style wrap dress.

The dress was originally a floor length gown when I designed and finished constructing it but it wasnt thotty enough for me at all so I had to chop it up to nearly my bottom ass cheek lmfao this feels more “me” now ;*