i wasnt going to do the thing

I went to disney world today and got to meet peter pan!! He is my favorite disney character and i was almost in tears when i met him. You guys have really inspired me to do a lot of things, and i dont think i wouldve had the guts to actually go up to him and take a picture if it wasnt for you guys ♡

— That’s so awesome!!! congrats!! good going you ^u^

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No wonder Genos consider Saitama his family since he basically has no where to go - the old doctor is busy doing science stuff and Genos respects that while his biological family is, well, dead. At the same time Saitama actually seems to care about this lil toaster, is patient with him and is with him most of the time so-- Yeah, he's probably the only one Genos has in this world.

i still wasnt expecting it at all though? like… ‘family’ is SUCH a big thing? i wouldve thought he’d reserve that for the doctor actually, since he’s known him for much longer and he’s done so, so much for him, like i would have guessed genos kinda saw stench sort of stepping in for his father after he lost his family… or maybe,, the doctor is probably a father figure, but the family feeling with saitama then cant help but feel closer to the family you create for yourself, you know? with…,,, a partner,, there’s no way around using the word hahaha;; like i dont know? it didn’t really feel that obvious to me that genos would ever really feel this way and im a bit taken aback? that feels like such a huge jump from genos just respecting saitama and wanting to learn from him…

i dont like how taeyeon is getting all the hate and blame tbh. like we all know taengsic used to be super close before but something happened back in 2010/2011 and they havent been the same again. like for crying out loud jessica’s bussiness wasnt a thing back then so i dont understand why shes getting blamed for this. and have anyone of ya’ll ever stopped and tthought hmmm?? i wonder what happened between them? what did jessica do to make taeyeon distance and act this away around her? because to be it seems like taeyeon has been hurt quite badly and she just shut down and had it enough. and during 2010/2011 was when taeyeon started getting depressed so ask urselves DO U GUYS REALLY KNOW WHATS GOING ON?? OR WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM?? stop blaming taeyeon for everything when we all know there r two sides of each story.

Can you imagine Dex and Nursey being in a setting where theres family and kids and BABIES? Lets say like a nurse family party. And dex is just feeling awkward just being there and nursey keeps like pulling dex to all the moms and their babies and hes just doing it to fuck with dex bc he sees dex is already nervous and dex is like.. Haha can i go get a beer?

but tbh the minute nursey leaves him alone dex finds himself playing with a damn baby in his corner instead of doing the social rounds and hes soooooooo great with the little babe and hes so cute and its like wtf?? Bc he seemed so awkward before but like dex has like siblings and cousins and hes actually great with kids. He just wasnt at ease being present at the event in the first place and the last thing he wanted was like holding some strangers babies and get comments on how hed be a great father and did he want kids and shit while standing next to derek

but babies and kids always go to him bc hes so great with them and nursey wants to make fun of dex spending all this time with the babe and the other kids who came to join them but he cant find it in himself bc dex is finally having fun and smiling instead of like awkwardly standing beside nursey not knowing what to say!!!! Plus hes so cute!!!!!! So its better to just look!!!!!

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i've been thinking that lexa doesn't sleep all that often. not after costia. not since the sky people landed and everything fell to hell. her head is always loud. and her dreams are wretched things. and she self sabotages with constant 'what if's'. hell though how many nights after costia did lexa not even sleep in her bed. pulling down spare linens out of a chest or something and sleeping on the floor or curled up in one of her chairs. going days and days with tiny naps and then crashing hard.

yah i think she maybe even changed rooms or smth if she was allowed to do that bc like. she had a whole little safe life & then it Wasnt there anymore. she couldnt even be in that room let alone sleep in it.

& i think she prolly slept better after she met clarke bc there was just smth soothing abt her. smth abt someone maybe understanding this dark ruthless gentle part of lexa that not even costia ever understood? derrida has a whole thing abt how to dream of a future w someone is to recognize them. (re)cognize. to know again, to know the Self again. & i think maybe thats why clexa is so compelling in general & it prolly helped lexa a lot

but then she had to betray her haha yikes 

she naps a lot tho thats canon lol


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I know we keep saying that nothing is ever gonna convince us because we've seen too much, but damn, this is getting TOO messy, don't you think? Like, the moment they involve legal documents and actual government offices, doesn't that tell us that he at least agrees with how this is going down? He really can't be forced to sign, or pay, and if there was no baby/ it wasnt his I don't understand how on earth they could get a sealed doc with his surname after the baby's name... let alone a signature

I do think he agrees with how it’s going down right now because my belief is that he’s cooperating with NT to end this. It’s so messy what is NT or OT actions though and we can’t know what is or isn’t an intentional mess. And I swear to god those things are so easy to fake (I can do it myself) and from what I’ve gathered (please correct me if I’m wrong) it’s not illegal unless you actually file the documents. 

And no, he can’t be forced to sign anything or pay (there’s nothing to pay for anyway), but he hasn’t signed anything that official. The certificate of live birth is a draft for the actual birth certificate and that’s what requires a DNA test (again: correct me if I’m wrong). And from what we know: he hasn’t taken one. 

We just need to watch TMZ and trust that Louis and Co know what they’re doing. He’s absolutely brilliant and I know that they have a plan for this mess.

With Irving, nothing makes sense until everything does.

Ok so I’m just going to be clear on something. Please DO NOT trace or not credit someone’s art when you use it as a “””””reference”””””.

I’m pretty sure this won’t do a dang thing when I say this but when this happens it’s awkward and uncomfortable. One thing is to LEARN from an artist, try to UNDERSTAND HOW THEY WORK AND LEARN FROM IT another thing is using a piece, sketch, whatever, trace it and not crediting the original artwork.

I won’t say anything more. If you want to be a better artist please first respect other artist’s work.

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just got done watching rebels... I have one thing to say... Kanan's ass is grass.. and Cham is going to mow it when he finds this out!.. even if it wasnt his fault.. k anan is still gonna get blamed i KNOW how daddies think.. I KNOW what mine would do to my fiance if i got hurt! Kanan is going to get his ass HANDED TO HIM!!

That’s why the next episode is Zeb’s episode.

So that the evidences that Hera experienced some harm had hopefully faded away enough ;D

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he broke it off bc im still a virgin and he didnt feel comfortable with that.i moved on and didnt see him for over a month (yes thats a lot for me).i saw him on the weekend at a party and he didnt even ignore me? i told him i wasnt angry at him but he asked three times to make sure, initiated a conversation and kissed me on the forehead. does he want this thing we had back?i think id do it, but i want him to treat me with respect and not to think he could do what he wants. or wouldnt it be smart

He doesn’t want a relationship with you. He knows he’s going to fuck you and leave. This is why you being a virgin was a problem.  His conscience won’t allow him to take someone’s virginity and then leave. Had he really been into you–the virginity wouldn’t be a problem. Why? Because he would of known he was going to treat you correctly. Fact is he’s an asshole. But he’s not a big enough asshole to take someone’s virginity and leave. You should be happy, he spared you and your virginity. 

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The Iron Bull had seen alot of things in his time.
Weird things, like demons and giant spiders and
an unsettlingly large number of bears.

And, well…at the very least, the Qunari could say
with authority that this was none of those particular
horrible things. He just wasn’t sure what it was.

                  Do dragons breed with humans? 
                                       Why doesn’t Bull know this??

“…uhh. Hmm. Well, you’re almost as tall as me, anyway….”

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true blood anon: ohhkay,thanks for the info about the finale and such, i also felt like it was going a bit downhill after the first two seasons so i'm not gonna waste my time watching the rest of it lol. but it really was promising at the beginning, so different from a loads of things that were out at the time!

i know!!!! i mean it’s worth a watch but it just got sort of ridiculous at the end

Anonymous said:How many times Louis can go to a supermarket with Danielle 😂

Anonymous said:So Louis was once again grocery shopping with Danielle last night LMAO hahahah

Do you guys scroll down at all or naw?

Anonymous said:That picture was taken in the same day we saw him shoeless. Danielle wasnt in LA at the time. Seriously, people create the drama themselves smh, just even if its danielle, fuck it, ignore it, dont give a fuck. Why are you troubling yourself ?

the subway day! 

LOL yup 

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for webcomics- do you have any tips for editing out the unnecessary/ dumb stuff? i feel like i have a lot of stuff in my plot that's either just really lame or could use a ton of refining. How do you get to a point where it's acceptable to move on to the next steps?

idk anything about ‘steps’ but the plot wasnt the first thing i hashed out. the most important thing are the characters. honestly your plot can be super dumb but if the characters are rock solid and wonderful than people are still going to care about what they do. and the story is where the fun is. the plot should be simple and the story can branch out and go nuts.

also when it comes to editing- if it’s not entertaining, or drives the story, or develops a character then trash it. like if its not worth making than its not worth reading. also never include pleasantries like “hello how are you doing?” “i am fine how are you doing?” “i am also fine” like SNORRRE get to the meat nobody even likes doing that in real life much less READING it. 

and the most important thing is to never hold on too strongly to a certain idea. you gotta be able to let go to make bigger and better changes. 

hit J to scroll past longass emotional post i dont usually make on here

spent some time reminiscing bout the past going thru my wip and art tags really fast for my artwork showcase

its so weird to think that a year ago, i didnt even think about portal, i wasnt friends w/ @gabberforth, and i still played league??? which ive tried to do again and its just. such a toxic environment i dont even wanna try it stresses me out to no end haha

i feel lots better overall since meeting awesome people in the portal/HL/general Valve fandoms, reconnecting with old things I used to like and all that. makes me almost a bit nostalgic for the time when i first got my xbox and played portal 2 and everything was just 


i remember how i got into portal too, its all kinda clear to me?? like i was in hospital bc of my leg and i got the game - through not so legal means mind you - and it really helped me get through those long days where all i could do was lie in bed all damn day

ill remember that and i guess it is why i feel so at home in that fandom too. ive never really felt at home in any fandom before, not even my first - which may have everything to do with the fact i had no idea what a fandom was nor access to the net at that time, too but I digress. 

2012 were simpler times, man, even if i was still in school. i want that feeling back, if just for a moment. i wish i could borrow my past’s happiness and obliviousness to things for only a day, almost. life was good then. really easy. i also wish i spent more time connecting with people like i do nowadays, but then again, i was barely what, 18? 19?? and ive grow a lot since then anyway. so. maybe it is good that things are like they are right now and that they werent like that back then

maybe it is not and ill regret it 

but i dont think i can change anything thats meant to happen and i might as well enjoy every moment i have and can for now. that really is all i can do. make the best out of things and look forward to the good things coming (I might see gabby irl!! in the flesh!! relatively soon!! wow!). 

maybe im seeing everything through rose glasses here, but it really feels like after i got really struck with depression, and then whatever personality fuckup is going on right now with my brain and my identity, things got just a lil. greyer. a bit more drab.


i dunno i cant sleep, its 1 am and i was supposed to go to sleep 2 hours ago and i just. nov/december/jan were good months so far and i hope i get to keep the good feeling around for the rest of the year i guess. as i said make the best of things. keep my head up and make sure even if i am gone, people will remember me fondly as someone who made a change to their lives.

stay positive, even if its hard and stuff 

i got this

cant do a readmore im on mobile lol
i was going to go out hiking with some pals today but my mom did her whole “youre not going unless im coming along :^)” thing and like. mmwhat the fuck mom? obv i wasnt going to do any drugs like i cant it obliterates my mental health but the two of them were, and if my fucking mom muscled her way into the trip they couldnt, so i dont know its just super immature of her .. i’m not going now because i dont want to . yknow. ruin the whole point of why my friends are going AND look like a five year old??? who brings their fuvking mother??? jesus. and like ? she hasnt prevented anything??? my friends are still going to go do whatever stoner shit theyre gonna do?? and im just gonna sit around at home now because she cant stay out of my fucking business. and i dont really care about going im just fucking irritated that she still treats me like a 12 yr old … like i dont even do drugs mom im p much a babysitter and emergency dd for these jockstraps just fuck off for 6 hours blease

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Can you explain the story behind Brent Wilson

Anonymous said: same anon from before also wondering why everyone hates him

hoo boy so brent in brendon’s guitar class at their high school and he used to go to ryan and spencer’s school and i think? he was in the band (pet salamander) and told brendon to try out for a guitarist bc they needed a new one. so brendon auditioned, ebcame a part of th eband, became lead singer, etc. and then while recording fever brent was? terrible he didn’t do jack shit for recording (i heard that brendon actually played the bass on afycso and i think thats true) and during touring he was lazy and never showed up and he wasnt even that good of a bassist so ry spence and bren kicked him out and replaced him with jon

ppl hate him mostly as a joke? i think but also bc he is kinda an ass to p!atd (he sold the things issued to him from fever going double platinum) but also its kinda funny