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Could you please do a reaction to where the companions comfort the Inquisitor when they're feeling insecure or something if they were...let's say, chubby?😶

Cassandra: She’s quick to reassure them. “You are fine the way you are,” she reassures, “if you are happy with yourself. The Maker chose you for a reason, and weight probably was not one of them. You needn’t worry.”

Blackwall: He chuckles a little to try to lighten the mood. “Hey, it’s no big deal.” He pokes his own belly. “It’s just extra cushioning, eh? Some love it.”

Iron Bull: “Hey, don’t worry about that, Boss!” he says cheerfully. “It’s all just extra love, alright?” He slaps his own belly with that statement.

Sera: She honestly doesn’t get why it bothers the Herald. “Who friggin’ cares if you’ve got a lil’ chub? It’s cute! Anyone who says otherwise can piss right off.”

Cole: “Anxious, worried whispers, you’re okay the way you are.” Cole says, scaring the life out of the Herald as he pops up behind them. “It’s not too much. You’re fine.”

Varric: He grins at them. “Oh, don’t be worried about that. There’s an undead magister who wants to be a god walking around, and no one minds if you’re not exactly skinny.”

Solas: “It is hardly of any concern.” he says dryly. “If you are fine with how you are, that’s good enough.”

Vivienne: She smiles. “Darling, don’t fret so much! Plenty of the nobility are at or above your weight. You’re fine.”

Dorian: He shrugs. “Are you happy with yourself? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Then don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You look fantastic.”

Josephine: She smiles gently. “Oh, do not worry. Everyone thinks you are beautiful as you are. Myself included.”

Leliana: “You needn’t worry. You are fine. And I will handle anyone who says otherwise.” No one dares to say anything rude or unkind. Not while her agents are around.

Cullen: He scoffs. “There are a million things wrong with the world. Your body is not one of them. Try not to let anyone disparage you for it.”


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i wasn’t sure if you meant farewell adrian or stolen adrian so i did both because she’s wonderful and double the adrian is double the fun


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Askrosetto bought you a Valentines Gift from the Event!

notes from Rosetto: buying Flowers because he already has enough sweets and chocolate back home

Awww! Thank you so much, @askrosetto! ❤ I will definitely keep this one right with the rose I got for my birthday and take good care of it too! Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!  ❤ ❤

After the boys finished up at the orphanage, Ashley looked at the girls activity on social media and noticed things were a little too happy for her liking. In order for her to get payback on these girls, she needed to ruin every aspect of their lives without them knowing it was her. Luckily for her she had a way of ruining lives without people detecting it. She was indeed an expert in this particular field so she came up with yet another plan to fuck up their lives on one of the most important events for NJK; the Sweetheart block party. “This shall be fun” She smirked devilishly and sent the mass text/note out to all of the players, and New Jersey Queens from Samuel’s phone.

“The press loved what you all did at St. Peter’s today. Good job, everyone. Let’s keep this up this weekend. Tomorrow is the Sweetheart block party by the Metlife Stadium and we’re going to do something special to spice things up. The players will choose two women to be their ‘Sweethearts’ a.k.a arm candy for the night and those ladies will enter an indoor modeling contest later on that night. Whichever girls look the best will win a special prize for their team. The theme for the modeling contest is candy land so get to picking your girls (you cannot choose your spouse) tonight, tell them what you think they should wear, and get ready for tomorrow”















Happy Birthday Leigh Bowery…..The first time I saw you was in ID magazine approx 1984….and I cut your picture out and taped it to my wall….it was during your Blue phase and I remembered your Boyfriend Trojan was red….so when I saw you both walking up 6th avenue one day in manhattan….I was too shy to introduce myself but I followed you like a stalker  for 5 blocks. The sight of you both…one red, one blue , shining loudly  in the broad daylite of NYC … forever etched in my memory ..and  why I moved to New York…. One of the highlights of my touring with Deee-lite was to see you in the front row when we played Brixton .You wore an orange crinoline puff ball …..and had to drink with a straw as your lips were hidden somewhere in there.  This is one of the memories that keeps me warm on cold  nights . Life’s too short to be a bore . Shine and sparkle plenty .You died too young but live forever !