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The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

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happy valentine’s day!

i wanna be the one you steal
i wanna be the one you shield
i wanna be the one that your love can heal

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

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Will you ever post your stream of Monkey Island? I wasn't able to sit through all of it but I kinda wanted to see more ^^ No rush or pressure or anything, just curious if you'll start a series for that game!

Nah, sorry, I’m not gonna post that as a series, for one I think the game audio came out way too low for my standardS econdly it was my first affiliate-stream with a lot of notifications and focus on chat, which wouldn’t make any sense without the chat, so I wouldn’t be happy with it as a video.

But the VODs are always kept on Twitch for 14 days, of every stream, so if you still really want to catch up, you could always just watch that back :P


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Your art of crop top Yuuri actually gave me the last push to actually buy a crop top, which, I've always wanted for a long time. I was on vacation with some friends when crop top Yuuri exploded through my dashboard, and when we went shopping the next day I just grabbed the nearest crop top and willed myself to try it, discovering that it actually looked good on me and buys it, so, thankyou ❤ (This must be v boring to read, sorry, I just wanna share this with you)

!!!! ahhh that makes me so happy??? thank you so much for telling me!!
I bet you do look amazing, slay with the crop top <3


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I realized something... Remember when Star said "I've lost Glossaryck" at the end of BBTBC and Marco made that surprised face at first? I think it wasn't because he felt that Star lost something more that he doesn't know (such as... himself), but because before saving Star he was chasing Ludo and the book, so he may have felt guilty for Glossaryck because he could have saved him too.

Lots of emotions going on there.
Marco probably was surprised because he’s never seen her crying like that, especially considering that at least 80% of Star to him is this happy-go-lucky princess with flaming rainbows that one morning crushed into his life like the force of nature she is.

However colorless he may seem to us, however much the contemporary chronicles fail to make him a fully three-dimensional figure, the one thing always comes through is his unfailing competence. In temperament he appears to have been more like a modern coporate executive of remarkably high caliber–coolly savvy, demanding but amiable enough, a good judge of risk and reward– than some swashbuckling medieval warrior-king. He always had himself fully under control, and he seems always to have been somewhat inscrutable.

He took the one great chance that fate offered him, pulled it off, and devoted the rest of his life to the careful consolidation of his winnings. He was disdainful of military glory, and though he sought and won the respect of the continent’s ruling families, he displayed no wish to cut a particularly great figure among them.

You know, I would have killed to have something like Clexacon when I was younger: a safe and supportive space for fans, artists, actresses, writers, directors, journalists, etc. to gather, discuss, and celebrate LGBT+ media.

What really impresses me the most is that this convention was born from the ashes of one of the most intensely painful wlw deaths on television. I have so much respect and admiration for the Clexa fans who banded together and organized such a positive and unifying event, ultimately bringing in wlw fandoms from across the board (including two of my faves of all time: WayHaught & Shoot).

I expect Clexacon will only continue to grow and flourish in the coming years. And I hope one day my family and I will be able to attend!

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have you ever gotten hassled over the whole "get johnny boy to kill himself" thing in w2h? since suicide is of course a delicate subject, id imagine at least someone out there wasn't too happy about it

I’ve never personally gotten hassled, no, but I do remember a couple years ago there were one or two posts in the W2H tags calling it problematic or whatever, and I’m pretty sure the fandom’s response was to make a post acknowledging that now the fandom has expanded enough to get a little bit of hate, and telling each other that if they saw anything in the tags, to just ignore it, so no one gets dragged into any drama or arguments, and it just goes away.  Everyone was super mature about it and just let it be, and sure enough, that’s as far as it ever got!  I kind of vaguely recall making a post addressing it/thanking everyone for handling it so well, but I can’t find it.  

Like… the fact that I made a cutesy comedy film about something as serious as suicide is definitely not lost on me, and if people are put off by it, that’s completely understandable.  I’ve been fortunate enough that most people pick up on the vibe and understand that I didn’t set out to make a cartoon that trivializes it.  I’ve actually gotten way more comments from people telling me how much it’s helped them…and on the flipside, acting like I set out to make it for some altruistic reason would be disingenuous too but that’s like… one of the highest compliments I could ever imagine! 

It’s something I was a little concerned about from the get-go, but I’m really glad it’s been so well-received!

@des-zimbits tagged me for the fic authors self-rec!! 

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

Here, in no particular order, and also I annotated them!! 

1) The NHLau where Bitty picked up hockey instead of figure skating and gets drafted by the Providence Falconers. Here I wanted to explore an au where even though Bitty didn’t get bullied often since he played a “manly sport,” he’s still constantly in fear of one day becoming the person that his fellow athletes push into the closet. 

2) IRL, a Homestuck fic where I wrote a spinoff of another Homestuck fic. Writing and plotwise this isn’t actually one of my five favorites, but it deserves a place here because I think this is the only multichaptered fic that I finished. 

3) The Duan Family where Lardo gets pregnant and has tender bro moments with her friends. I wanted to write a fic where Lardo is torn about her situation in different ways: if she’s able to raise a child vs her wanting to raise a child vs what about her career vs pressure she feels from what she knows of Shitty’s desires. I think it ended up being pretty well balanced, and the choice Lardo made was completely her own. 

“A moment of softness when the whole world shifts.Lardo told Shitty. Shitty told Jack. Jack told Bitty and turns around to remind Lardo that she doesn’t have to do this alone.” 

4) Sail Into Our Hearth This is the first part of the climb aboard the minivan express series I wrote with @des-zimbits, where Jack and Bitty are both single dads. Everyone was talking about how the frogs are Bitty’s children, so I was like, well what if they are Bitty’s children? I used to be really into Hetalia, where family aus are everywhere, but apparently that’s not very common most of the time, loll. This was really easy to write, but not too easy to name. I decided on a theme of families melding together, so the title is kind of like Bitty’s invitation for various characters to join in his happy family. 

“Bitty must admit, he had doubts at first about this Mr. B.S Knight that Jack introduced as Kent’s primary babysitter. But now he was sure that Jack couldn’t have chosen a better person to make sure that Kent was safe and happy when Jack couldn’t take care of him.” 

5) ReaderXGeorgia Martin because I have such a crush on her. It’s second person, and about you as Georgia Martin’s wife <3 This is the shortest out of all five but also the one that makes me sweat the most (in a good way <3) 

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Some screenshots from @waylightrefuge‘s Gala last night.  I had an absolutely wonderful evening, met some amazing people and the show was spectacular, kudos to the performers, you guys were incredible.  I’m sorry I missed the very last performance because the dog needed something and it was over by the time I got back, sadness.

The show started  just in time and everyone came inside as it started raining in the courtyard, it gave everything out the doors a really nice effect.

I’m really shocked there wasn’t a single griefer there trying to disrupt the RP or the show, everyone stayed seated, no one ran out onto the stage or spammed toys, it was overall a lovely evening.

Thank you so much for hosting this event, I had a blast! I really wish I could have stayed for the whole thing, I had to leave after the performance as it was starting to push midnight but I’m so happy I was able to make it for half of the event!

just like, everyone in black butler’s second season is terrible written which is why they can’t really shine, even Claude could be really interesting if the anime team just, decided, with, a, characterization. But they didn’t which is why second season sucks. But look at Hannah. 

Hannah is a powerful demon who protects a sacred sword and has three other demons to serve her, and she… got her perception of reality fucking destroyed for, a child. And she endures all kind of abuses from another child just because she has the feelings of the first child inside of her. And along the way she starts to truly feel it. 

she loves Alois. She loves Alois because Luka loves Alois, she loves Alois because Alois hurts her and hates her and she doesn’t want that and she wants that and she accepts that, because a demon’s only path to joy is through suffering. 

She wants joy with them.

and then, then she makes everything possible so that they all die, the four of them, together. Claude there too because that was Alois’ wish, she did everything possible for their Happy Ending, theirs and only theirs, because beings like them couldn’t have it any other way.

just… Hannah is fucking awesome y’all. 

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I kinda wanna know what Mae's mom's reaction was after learning Mae was finally pregnant. She seemed pretty excited in game when she assumed Mae was pregnant when she (Mae) really wasn't.

I know omgg that was one of the funniest parts in the game (and I mean adorable too). 

Mae’s mom was super happy to find out… It took her dinner that night that the feeling finally sunk in that she was going to be a grandmom and she literally flipped her tacos. 

Funny enough, when Mae went into labor with bby Casey, Mae’s mom had actually called Aunt Molly so she can drive in front of them so they can reach the hospital in time for Mae to have Casey there… Go grandma! (owo)9′’

Lol but thank you for stopping by Anon~!!