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The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

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C: I like to see Alfonso d'Este, who has waited so long to be your husband, wait a little longer.


happy valentine’s day!

i wanna be the one you steal
i wanna be the one you shield
i wanna be the one that your love can heal

Inktober - Day 3: Poison

Character: Shiozaki Ibara, Class 1-B

Art by Kumi. Words by Red. Read it on AO3!
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Ibara was nervous as she stood with the rest of the students from class 1-B as they all gathered outside the dorms of 1-A. They had got special permission from the principal to have a small get-together and celebrate Halloween - everything under the watchful eye of their teachers, Eraserhead and Blood King.

She felt extremely self-conscious and didn’t want to take off her long coat. She was thankful for the light autumn breeze that had picked up already, even though the sun hadn’t even fully set yet, because it had given her an excuse to cover up for a bit longer. She couldn’t stop thinking, now that she was actually looking at everyone else’s costumes, that… maybe she had gone a little overboard?

She sighed as Eraser Head opened the door to the dorms and let them in, Blood King immediately engaging in conversation with him - probably about their students - and sitting at a small table not too far from the kitchen to “oversee” the celebration, which was supposed to consist of junk food, karaoke and maybe a movie.

She felt her own hair tense behind her body, a literal barrier keeping away any prying eyes off her, well, exposed body as she took off her coat and put it over the back of the first chair she found. She turned to face the others, the vines that made up her hair twitching to wrap around her own figure and protect it, to keep it hidden from view.

“What?” Ibara mumbled. “I really like Poison Ivy, okay?”

She got a few nods from the guys and compliments from the girls, and soon everyone seemed to drift towards the karaoke clipboard to write down their names.

She felt her anxiety start to ease up until she felt one particular pair of eyes on her. However, before the shortest boy from 1-A could say or do anything, the girl with the Earphone Jacks in her ears stabbed him so hard on the neck that he had to run to the bathroom to check over the wound.

The girl just nodded at her before she went to sit down next to her other classmates.

Ibara sighed in relief. She definitely felt safe around these people.

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell


Best Friend Series; Wonwoo

- you met wonwoo in high school
- you’re class president and you’re always making sure your classmates are studying hard and doing their work
- like you make sure no one’s fooling around or breaking the rules, and some of your classmates joke about how you’re much scarier than the teacher
- but they all know you mean well and are only looking after them
- you don’t tell the teacher, you just tell them “oh that’s due for third period, try to finish it up during lunch!!” or “you seem like you’re struggling in math, i know a really good tutor if you need one!!”
- there’s one boy though who you’re always so amazed by though…..
- and it’s your classmate jeon wonwoo
- you never really talked to him before….. but that’s because he always has a textbook in front of his face
- he’s not messing around with everyone else during breaks, he’s just always reading his notes and everything
- he’s a really studious person you think, and he’s always following the rules so you never have anything to say to him
- but one day, you decide to go up to wonwoo to ask if everything’s all right because he looked really amazed last english class
- you see him reading a textbook as always, but when you get to his desk…. you see a COMIC BOOK hidden behind it
- that’s when you realize….. this WHOLE time, he wasn’t studying, he was reading his comic book
- wonwoo senses you staring at him, and when he turns his head, his eyes go wide and he says “…..i….. i’m sorry”
- you’re about to scold him over it, but instead you start LAUGHING because seriously??? he fooled you good
- instead, you take the seat next to him and say “all this time??” and he kind of blushes while shamefully nodding his head
- with a smile still on your face, you point at the comic book in his hand and say “i love that comic book. are you up to date??”
- you and wonwoo start excitedly talking about the last chapter, the characters, the cliffhangers, and you eventually realize….. he’s the only person whom you allowed to get away with breaking the rules
- and ever since that day, you’ve become BEST FRIENDS
- wonwoo looks like he wants to rip people to shreds in broad daylight but then when he smiles his nose scrunches up and you’re always like “wonwoo you’re so CUTE”
- and he gets really embarrassed hearing that, he like covers his face and his ears turn bright red
- wonwoo speaks mores with his actions than with his words
- so sometimes when he sees that you’re sad, he’ll pull you in for a hug to let you know that everything’s going to be all right
- or when he’s proud of you, he’ll ruffle your hair
- or when you’re over-thinking, he’ll flick your forehead like stop, you’ll be fine
- little things that hold big meanings
- you give each other book recommendations
- on lazy days, you both like to sit together under a tree at the park while reading a book
- we all know wonwoo makes the best jokes ever
- some days, he’s on a roll and he just makes puns and jokes all day long
- at first, you were like ashfsfjkd SHUT UP WONWOO but now you add onto his jokes and he’s so PROUD
- he’s scared of dogs and one time you had a job as a dog-walker
- you showed up at his door with five dogs and you’ve never heard someone look so terrified in your entire life
- he didn’t talk to you for like three days and you had to go to his house and apologize
- “if it makes you feel any better, i nicknamed the shiba inu shiba wonu”
- “how is naming my biggest fear after me supposed to make me feel better, (name)”
- he passes by the bakery in the morning to get you both a little extra breakfast before morning classes
- he can tell right away when you’re annoyed or angry, and all he needs to say is “who did it and what did they do” before you start ranting nonstop
- he’s the type who just listens while you rant and then waits until you’ve calmed down to give realistic advice
- wonwoo just wants you to learn from your mistakes and grow from them
- you pick him up after class because he always ends like thirty mins or an hour after you and sometimes a comic book falls out of his textbook
- and when this happens, it takes you back to your high school days
- suddenly, you’re class president again scolding your best friend for not paying attention in class
- you like looking back at high school pictures with wonwoo because it’s so nice to see how much you’ve grown together
- it’s nice remembering all those times you got him out of trouble, those times he bought you lunch to repay you, and those days you spent hanging out together whether it’s in the sun, rain or snow
- you’ve been best friends for a few years already and you know….. that you’re going to be together for so many more
- nothing makes you happier than that
- “i’ll always be by your side, (name). no matter what, so don’t think for a second—”
- “what if one day i turned into a dog??”
- “ok maybe not always….”
- (he’s kidding, he loves you too much)

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Your art of crop top Yuuri actually gave me the last push to actually buy a crop top, which, I've always wanted for a long time. I was on vacation with some friends when crop top Yuuri exploded through my dashboard, and when we went shopping the next day I just grabbed the nearest crop top and willed myself to try it, discovering that it actually looked good on me and buys it, so, thankyou ❤ (This must be v boring to read, sorry, I just wanna share this with you)

!!!! ahhh that makes me so happy??? thank you so much for telling me!!
I bet you do look amazing, slay with the crop top <3

Avatar Korra - something from my sketchbook.

My tablet is derping a lot recenetly (I should probably start saving up for a new one) so I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a bit more frequently. You’ll probably start seeing my sketchbook more often now that I finally got the courage to show it to you. Hopefully you like this drawing of this fandom I haven’t showed enough appreciation towards^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost without permission.

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Will you ever post your stream of Monkey Island? I wasn't able to sit through all of it but I kinda wanted to see more ^^ No rush or pressure or anything, just curious if you'll start a series for that game!

Nah, sorry, I’m not gonna post that as a series, for one I think the game audio came out way too low for my standardS econdly it was my first affiliate-stream with a lot of notifications and focus on chat, which wouldn’t make any sense without the chat, so I wouldn’t be happy with it as a video.

But the VODs are always kept on Twitch for 14 days, of every stream, so if you still really want to catch up, you could always just watch that back :P


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I realized something... Remember when Star said "I've lost Glossaryck" at the end of BBTBC and Marco made that surprised face at first? I think it wasn't because he felt that Star lost something more that he doesn't know (such as... himself), but because before saving Star he was chasing Ludo and the book, so he may have felt guilty for Glossaryck because he could have saved him too.

Lots of emotions going on there.
Marco probably was surprised because he’s never seen her crying like that, especially considering that at least 80% of Star to him is this happy-go-lucky princess with flaming rainbows that one morning crushed into his life like the force of nature she is.

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I seen one person on Facebook that wasn't too happy with the Forces of Destiny Kylo doll. They said they made him look to much like a prince instead of a villain lmao!

Lol… that poor soul. That is the point 🤣

just like, everyone in black butler’s second season is terrible written which is why they can’t really shine, even Claude could be really interesting if the anime team just, decided, with, a, characterization. But they didn’t which is why second season sucks. But look at Hannah. 

Hannah is a powerful demon who protects a sacred sword and has three other demons to serve her, and she… got her perception of reality fucking destroyed for, a child. And she endures all kind of abuses from another child just because she has the feelings of the first child inside of her. And along the way she starts to truly feel it. 

she loves Alois. She loves Alois because Luka loves Alois, she loves Alois because Alois hurts her and hates her and she doesn’t want that and she wants that and she accepts that, because a demon’s only path to joy is through suffering. 

She wants joy with them.

and then, then she makes everything possible so that they all die, the four of them, together. Claude there too because that was Alois’ wish, she did everything possible for their Happy Ending, theirs and only theirs, because beings like them couldn’t have it any other way.

just… Hannah is fucking awesome y’all.