i wasn't sure which look you wanted help

     ❝ M’sorry, what? ❞

     He’s taken aback, though unsure of if it’s his own fault or what was just said. He stands watch at the gate, eyes outside, and despite the intensity of his stare, he’s looking at nothing. And it’s the voice that breaks through the silence, forcing Rick’s eyes to meet the person in question. But, it doesn’t help that he’s looking at them like they had just grown a second head ( knowing they very well could’ve said the most rational thing just now ). But, hell if he’d heard it.

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Logan moved towards the far back corner during the lunch period, brown bag in hand. He always sat there, ever since he started going there. He had few friends, and, as luck would have it, none of them attended the school he did. He took his normal spot and started grabbing his food, freezing as he saw someone approach him. He looked up and saw Lucas, a kid that he shared a few classes with, and furrowed his eyebrows. “Can… Can I help you?”

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((Hamilton)) Alexander was quickly slipping on his shoes, as quiet as he could possibly be. He frowned as he realized one of his socks wasn't on. How had that happened? He shook his head and stood up, making sure the bed didn't creak to much. He didn't want to wake Erin, who had fallen asleep after one of their usual escapades. He'd fallen asleep as well, but only momentarily. He worked on buttoning up his shirt as he searched for his missing sock, which was proving a difficult task in the dark.

Erin blinked and sat up turning on the lamp. “Alex?” Erin checked the time and yawned stretching. “What are you looking for?” Erin raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I can help?”