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mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade

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Hey, I was reading your post about Dean stepping away from Sam when on the phone with Cas and I was wondering if you could clarify what you meant. I wasn't sure what your point was, sorry.

Hi nonny, 

Part of what I love about the Dean / Cas relationship is not what we see on screen but the subtext of what we see off screen and what is held back.

Things like the deleted scene going around my dash today with Cas saying ‘I’ve been told I’m getting funnier’ - well heck if that isn’t a conversation he’s had with Dean.  The fact that Dean took Cas to Hot Topic to buy Claire a grumpy cat plushy. What happened off screen after they went to the brothel in season 5, the fan fiction gap of 9x06, the drive home in 7x23 after Dean told Cas he would choose him and Cas felt partly forgiven, THE DRIVE HOME AFTER 12x12!!

So yeah I enjoy all this stuff a LOT :)

The phone calls tie into this nicely. I wrote a post particularly about phone conversations here:


Essentially, the fact that Dean often moves away from Sam when calling Cas or is completely off screen when speaking to Cas and, when Sam comes in or he comes near Sam, seems to change the subject back to the case at hand (it’s quite clearly often NOT a continuation of the conversation from before). This just upholds more off screen development of their relationship friendship which is canonically referred to on screen through these references.

So, you know when you were a kid and had a crush, you’d want to speak to them, well heck if you’re going to do that around your sibling, especially one who seems to constantly roll his eyes at you anyway….well imagine you’re a 30-something year old man with crap all relationship experience, a shitty childhood, a complicated understanding of your own sexuality and your crush is a celestial wavelength of intent in the body of a sexy yet holy tax accountant who most of the time seems oblivious and you’re not even sure if he is interested in anyone sexually or you as more than a friend, a mission to protect or his charge, even if he clearly cares about you a lot? 

Yeah, its complicated….

So, over the years we rarely see Dean spending time alone with Cas, but we do get snippets of phone calls.

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This is 11x06 by the way, for example, or as I like to call it the expositional episode where Amara canonically said that DEAN REPRESENTS HUMANITY. Only 2 seasons late but you know better late than never ;) So here Dean steps away from Sam to speak to Cas, trying to be supportive but in the end kind of being an unhelpful ass to Cas’s struggle as he doesn’t get it and needs him working to solve the problem at hand (kind of exactly how Cas reacts back to him in 12x02).

And ah, season 12, the season that just keeps on giving….

First we have Dean and Cas’s amazingly open exchange in 12x02 precisely when SAM ISN’T THERE. Dean opens up to Cas like a book, delves into his feelings for Chucks sake…. “It’s all just toooo much”. And yeah, like I say, Cas responds in such a mirrored way to 11x06.

But then? Well Mary is our stand in Sam here, when she is around, Dean’s all business.

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This is part of a running theme and kind of cements the point I’m making within ONE episode. And its a Bucklemming episode… 

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Then the opener at the bunker of 12x13 gives us another, standard case of ‘Dean is talking to Cas on the phone for an unspecified amount of time and when he comes near Sam ends the conversation with a perfunctory statement’

Which, you know I’m not going to make a big deal of, but they make a point of Dean walking in talking to Cas in exactly the same place that he then watches Gavin reunite with the woman he loves surrounded by a glowing light exactly one episode after Cas was all glowy. Just saying.

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Then 12x15 gives us GOLD. 

First of all the intentional double layering of Sam’s “I love you” to Mary and Dean’s closing his conversation with Cas. I loved how intentional this was, it was a clear exposition for me that TPTB are aware of this and playing on it for *reasons* that I hope will eventually come to fruition.

At the end of the episode Cas is in a difficult situation and Dean knows it, the whole “did he sound off you you?” - this is nowhere near the first time. Dean knows Cas but to be fair he also is a master at reading people generally so I take it as a little of one and a little of the other in these situations.

BUT I do love this moment:

Which is exactly the same reaction to the ‘honour bar’ moment in 9x18 - in both Dean looks aside at Sam in a way that insinuates he is holding something back due to Sam’s presence. Which ties into why he usually walks away from Sam or starts the conversation away from Sam where possible when he talks to Cas.

So I hope this answers your question - because basically yes, the phone call thing is just one of the many ways in which Dean holds back from whatever is happening with Cas because of his perception of Sam. Whether he needs to do this is another matter, but he does.

And as this is part of his facade that is being addressed this season I’m interested to see whether we might get more phone conversations with Cas in front of Sam moving forwards to show this alongside what I hope will be Dean being generally more open with his feelings.


“I refuse to let us be the type people who could destroy an entire world, for any reason, this - this isn’t us

hi i rlly liked this scene and i rlly like lup so !!! I wasn’t sure what i liked more, the sketch or the color, but either way ! here she is

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you


Obi leaned back on his heels, his eyes sharp as he watched her move through the marketplace. Everyone else would have made the comment on her hair - the color of finely hewn rubies, but he couldn’t stop looking at her eyes. Her eyes were a bright shade of green, flecked with something darker, like malachite. She was clever, attentive, precise, knowledgeable, and a whole slew of other adjectives that came to the forefront of his thoughts. She was… different. Perhaps a little bit plain, with the exception of her hair, but still… different.

He reached into his pocket and fingered the piece of folded paper, and it felt strangely heavy against his thigh, like a weight that was pressing against more than just his skin. He ran the pad of his thumb along the edges to keep his mind focused on the task and away from her intriguing eyes. She was, after all, just an object, meant to be captured and sold to the person her hired him.

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Last night I had this strange OFF dream where everything was slightly different… the guardians weren’t the usual ones, they were softer looking, and I think the zones were remakes?

But what I remember most clearly was this other Batter who was some ambiguous-gendered successor even more unstoppable and bloodthirsty than the first one. The Batter I saw appeared identical to the original, except this one wore all white, a short skirt, and was referred to with she/it pronouns:

She took out zone 1, no one knew how to destroy her, and she was very hard to distract, so zone 2′s guardian was desperately trying to figure out how to stop her somehow– then I got woke up, and it looked like the guardian may have been on to something… but you know how things usually go with zone guardians and Batters.

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I was going through your su talk tag and one of the posts mentioned "Connie's abuse" and I wasn't sure what that was referring to?? Do you think you could clarify for me?

pearl’s mentoring bullshit. teaching her that she is nothing, casue pearl was just free to teach all the terrible internalised shit she knew to connie, and got off scot-free even after connie assaulted a kid in school cause that’s what she’d been trained to do by reflex

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Can you do like the Main con Tfa(+Poly jettwins, ratchet) headcanons for raising sparklings with there bot!s/o,if you're okay with those kind of headcanons I saw you doing stuff with sparklings before so I wasn't sure

Sparklings!!!!!!!! x3 x3 x3 x3

(I already did Ratchet so it’s just a copy from a previous post ;3 )

-He may be a scary Decepticon leader, but his sparkling is going to be raised to have a better life
-He teaches his child how to fight, with your blessing of course! This is a partnership and he is not going behind your back
-If his sparkling does anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. He’s going to blame Starscream for it

-He is so proud of himself, he has a sparkling and they’re going to be just as great as he is! (He adds on quietly “maybe even better”)
-He gets a bit critical of the sparkling, like if they draw a picture and it isn’t that good Starscream will tell them so. You have to remind him it’s a baby and needs positive encouragement
-He likes it when the sparkling mocks him because he thinks of it as a compliment that his child wants to be like him

-He’s clumsy and well aware so he lets you carry the sparkling most of the time
-He likes to tell the sparkling many stories about the great leader that is Lord Megatron… and also the stories of how he managed to win your spark
-He lets the sparkling sleep on his chest while he sleeps, but he likes it when you sleep beside him

-Random is the fun dad, Hothead is the protective dad, and Icy is the responsible dad
-Random makes the baby laugh by playing silly games like Peek-A-Boo and Patty Cake, he invites you to join them during their silly dance parties
-He likes to hold the sparkling to him when they sleep, you often catch Icy smiling fondly at his sparking (He wraps an arm around you too and tells you how lucky he is to have you and his sparkling)

-She is very nervous when alone with the sparkling because she doesn’t want them to be scared of her
-If the sparkling cries she quickly hands them off to you and watches you settle them down. She promises next time she’ll do it on her own, she just thinks they like you better
-After a while, when the sparkling can talk and calls her “mommy” she is overjoyed and can’t stop talking about it all day

Jetfire and Jetstorm:
-They switch back and forth between responsible parent and goofy parent. One second Jetfire is cleaning up while Jetstorm sings to the baby, the next Jetfire is playing on the floor with the sparkling while Jetstorm is getting a bottle of oil
-They sometimes argue who’s turn it is to hold the sparkling, then you come in to find Safeguard holding the sparkling
-The two of them always get the sparkling down for recharge at night, then they’ll sandwich you in the middle so if the sparkling cries, one of them will get to it first while the other gets you back to sleep

-He’s grumpy and constantly working, which means you watch the sparkling a lot
-He often shoos you away because he doesn’t want to get distracted and risk the team or his family’s safety in the long term
-When he’s not working, he likes to sit with the sparkling on his lap telling them old war stories
-He holds the sparkling to his chest and rocks it to sleep, then he’ll take a nap with the sparkling
-He likes it when at night and you two lay in the berth with the sparkling between you and just talk

When talking about each of the planets it’s extremely interesting to note that each planet invokes the corresponding feelings in you.

When you write about the sun you are confident and sure. You know how important this planet is in your chart.

The moon makes you feel relaxed. You know that this is the inner working of your being. Just as easy to understand as your sun. Both shine when you write about them. You view both with reverence.

A little hard to write about the way you talk so Mercury is always a fun one. You never hear much about it because it’s such an intrinsic part of who you are. But almost every astrology nut will make sure to mention how important it is. Maybe it was Mercury’s own tricky doing that led to it being placed third in the hierarchy of planets when your natal chart is presented.

Venus makes you giddy with happiness. You are high on all the good things in life. When you talk about how you love you think about all the possibilities of all the people in the world. Or maybe just that special one you can’t help but write about.

Mars makes you feel fired up when you talk about him. He wants you full of energy to carry out his tasks. In fact, he’s going to talk about the things that make him passionate.

Jupiter makes you feel full of hope as you write about him. A similar giddy and self confident feeling to when you talk about Venus.

When you talk about Saturn you take him seriously. You know how important he is and you give his subject material the respect it deserves.

Uranus is kooky and fun. You don’t know where you’ll go when you talk about him. The possibilities are endless.

Neptune makes you hazy and unsure. You think you described him correctly, but are you sure? When you talk about him you have to double check to make sure your thoughts came across correctly.

The all consuming depth of pluto is a force to be reckoned with. You can’t help but become deep when speaking on Pluto’s influences.