i wasn't sure about the colors


I decided to sketch what Gene’s wedding dress would look like!!

That day is one of the most important days to her.


ok so. i have horrible time management skills. and i totally forgot about the exchange for a while, until like, 5 days before christmas. i thought i’d be able to finish on time, but alas i was not able to. i’m so sos sososoo sorry for this being so late <3 <3 i hope you like it!! Merry (very) late Christmas <3 <3


Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Day 4 | Love

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”
Lisa Weedn

Bog responded immediately. His hands settled on her hips, long fingers gripping her jeans, while he angled his face to lessen the distance. Marianne kept one hand pressed along the sharp line of his cheekbone while the other wrapped around his neck, playing with his hair and tugging him closer. The rough texture of his stubble was a delicious contrast to soft, full lips that parted and pulled on hers.

The above passage is an excerpt from @dainesanddaffodils‘ Strange Magic Princess and Pauper AU “It Takes Two”.

I just… have so much feelings for this particular chapter and the result is this fanart. Tangy I hope you like it!

Here I am, too lazy to make an ace day card, yet drawing a picture about it. What do you know.

But my icon is a flag with a little ornament on my head and you expect me NOT to draw my ace of spades as a cute flag, too?

I needed this definition years ago. Growing up, I just figured I was a late bloomer or just different with no legit way to describe it. Now I can finally explain to myself how I feel as someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I’m a proud aromantic asexual. An aro ace ;)


↳ prompt: the pursuit of knowledge

there is no nobler cause.

Thanks Jed, now we also have a view from above (and back) of Iain’s head. All hair is accounted for and of acceptable length. Our shaved nightmares belong to the past. 

↳ “I think it’s because we want to live. Is there something wrong about that? We were all given life and raised. If the only thing we can do is eat people…how can we ever live correctly with a body like this? Even ghouls…even I want to live just like you guys!


I just watched The Painting on Netflix today (the French dub, not sure if they have the English dub on netflix) and it was so good! As you can see in the trailer, the film follows a group of painted people who are searching for the artist who never completed their painting. I just loved everything about it from the art (just look at those colors and that character design!) to the story (i seriously teared up) to the music (just ugh go listen to it). If you love art, are an artist yourself, or just love animated movies, you should absolutely watch The Painting!