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Um...uh...if ur still doing icon thingies, do you think you can do one for Rung? Pretty please with an energon sundae?

Rung happily accepts your energon sundae and offers you some rust sticks!

The last of the bimonthly batch! Check back in two weeks or so for the newest set of icons! It’s been a blast!

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Hi, I'm planning to do a gerudo dress link from breath of the wild and I'm stuck on what fabric to use. I was thinking a cotton sateen because of the nice jewel tones, but wasn't sure if it would be too stiff to get the flowy desert feel of the costume. Do you have any ideas/recommendations? Thank you very much!!

Hello there!

For this, I’d recommend something with a soft hand that is semi-sheer rather than a cotton staeen. If you go with natural fibers and are willing to do some dyeing yourself, you can get the rich jewel tones without having to worry about what colors the fabric is actually manufactured in. If you line the top, you won’t have to worry about anything showing through while still getting the look of the soft material.

My first pick would be gauze or something in that family. Here’s a cotton gauze and here’s a rayon gauze; both would have to be dyed, which I would recommend fiber reactive dyes for. Another option would be this gorgeous silk/rayon blend, which would be dyed with a combination of acid and fiber reactive dyes, or with a ‘universal’ dye like Rit or iDye, and is more opaque than my other recommendations here. Cotton lawn or harem cloth might be good if you want a slightly more homespun look. For a much more sheer look (this is what I used for my pants for Harle), a silk organza would be lovely, but getting a bit far from the reference.

Other fabric types to look for: georgette (I’d recommend silk or rayon to keep yourself cool), silk chiffon in a higher mm (so that it’s more opaque and heavier than a more sheer poly or nylon chiffon), or if you can find a linen with a soft hand. A lightweight crepe could be another option, as could a jersey knit (which seems out of step with the world of the game but it would be a good look and is easily accessible, as a lot of these fabric types can’t exactly be found at Joann’s and have to be ordered online).

For this project, you want something that is soft and flowy and doesn’t have a whole lot of structure so that you can get the billowy look. I’m also sticking to mostly natural fibers because of the desert environment, but if you don’t mind polyester versions of these trapping heat (except the organza, which tends to be too stiff when in polyester form), then those might be easier to find. Keep in mind your method for adding the designs, as well – if you embroider, bead, or applique, fabric type can be pretty much anything, but if you want to paint or stencil, it may be better to go with something with a smooth surface rather than twisted yarns (like a crepe or georgette) so that you can get crisper lines.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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SKAM 1:09

“What is this bullshit about what kind of person I am? Maybe I am someone who gives up! I don’t know! Why would you know what kind of person I am? Everyone is like: ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ What a fucking cliche.”


The Drake brothers holding their enemies hostage.

Today I made the decision to make a decision. Today you made a choice to make a choice. Today was then first day of tomorrow. And yesterday was the beginning of the past. I’m not sure what I believe in but I won’t lie. Oh no. I won’t lie. Today I am alive. I’m alive. All I can think of is the color blue. All I can think of is you. Only you.
—  Quoted from a story I wrote you long ago that you’ll never read

Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Day 4 | Love

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”
Lisa Weedn


“I refuse to let us be the type people who could destroy an entire world, for any reason, this - this isn’t us

hi i rlly liked this scene and i rlly like lup so !!! I wasn’t sure what i liked more, the sketch or the color, but either way ! here she is

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So I’ve been thinking about Fox and Bunny a lot lately (I even had a cool dream about them last night >w<), and while driving I would listen to “Try, Try Again” from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which sounded very Underswap to me. It made me want to draw them in “Underswap form,” so here they are!

Try, Try Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN78i0nfqE8

@phaunicier and @bun-bunmuse I hope the two of you like it and I hope you’re both doing well. 


Guess who did their training in a hospital and can’t draw anything but medicine related stuff since then

Haikyuu!! Hospital AU     -pt.1-

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i'm sort of confused. I thought harry said in the RS interview that pink was the true rock and roll color, but in the interview yesterday it didn't seem like he didn't know or wasn't sure about that. idk if harry's just playing smart and not wanting to say anything particular or the rs interview was a bit of fabrication at some moments

RS wasn’t fabrication lol. Like, wtf. But the interviewer fired off 5 questions to him in one question, in a fairly aggressive way. (Not a good tactic if you want your interview object to actually tell you the truth and provide you with the answers you want….) He was like “Why is it pink? Why the water? Why your back? Why? It’s beautiful but why is it pink?” like, fucking chill….. Which is why I think Harry was just like “I don’t know man”. ‘cause when you formulate your questions about something so personal in that manner, you just feel a lil like *sigh*, you know, haha. Which is why Harry left it sort of un-unanswered and made sure to say “I think the cool thing about stuff like photography and art is you can just leave it, you don’t have to explain it.” But the picture obviously means something to Harry, like he said. Also, if he hadn’t interrupted Harry when he was about to actually answer the question more in detail, then maybe he’d gotten what he wanted. 

Bog responded immediately. His hands settled on her hips, long fingers gripping her jeans, while he angled his face to lessen the distance. Marianne kept one hand pressed along the sharp line of his cheekbone while the other wrapped around his neck, playing with his hair and tugging him closer. The rough texture of his stubble was a delicious contrast to soft, full lips that parted and pulled on hers.

The above passage is an excerpt from @dainesanddaffodils‘ Strange Magic Princess and Pauper AU “It Takes Two”.

I just… have so much feelings for this particular chapter and the result is this fanart. Tangy I hope you like it!

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aesthetic: hakyeon surrounded by flowers as beautiful as he is (i didnt know he made candles as a hobby, thats so cool!)

he really is something, isn’t he… :) #happynday


ok so. i have horrible time management skills. and i totally forgot about the exchange for a while, until like, 5 days before christmas. i thought i’d be able to finish on time, but alas i was not able to. i’m so sos sososoo sorry for this being so late <3 <3 i hope you like it!! Merry (very) late Christmas <3 <3

So THAT’S why Natasha’s hair looks brown in a lot of shots. I remember the first time I watched Season Two of Carmilla there was a shot where her hair appeared extremely brown in the light:

Ever since then it made me wonder if perhaps Natasha had dyed her hair lighter for the second season, or if it was a trick of the lighting/editing, or perhaps her natural hair color wasn’t black- just extremely dark.

I forgot about this until I started re-watching some Season Three episodes and, again, her hair gave off a brown tint in certain scenes due to the lighting. So I finally decided to look it up and voila, there’s the answer.

19.05 Happy Birthday @dorkishdorkish1905

Stee’s playlist of Medieval AU still puts me on an emotional ride~ 

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For the color palette thing maybe Erejean number 9?? Uh

I think I got carried away