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kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na

Thinking Out Loud
  • Bucky: 🎶Darlin' I will be lovin' you 'til we're one-oh-three🎶
  • Steve: The lyric's "seventy"
  • Bucky: Is it?
  • Steve: Yeah
  • [pause]
  • Bucky: Well
  • Bucky: We had a good run
  • Steve: ???
  • Bucky: I'm divorcing you
  • Steve: [wallops him with a pillow]


Paul “Jesus” Monroe Rovia 

We’re on the same side — the living side
[ the walking dead 6.11 ]

Do you think they’re laughing at us? […] If they could… I know they would be. They’re always out there… Lurking around every corner, just waiting to kill us and eat us. So what do we do? We kill each other. We’re making it easier for them 
[ the walking dead #119 ]


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Ok for people saying that LGBT+ people didn’t exist at the turn of the century, you are sorely mistaken. In places like Germany Gay Right movements were actually happening!! I came across this information when researching the prosecution of LGBT+ people during the Holocaust for a paper I have to write for school. But, even if those movements weren’t happening that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. People who were gay, trans, bi, etc. had to hide that fact due to the immense homophobia at the time. Most of them ignored it and never acted upon it, many hated themselves for it too. Yes, they were not open about it, but that was literally because they couldn’t be or they could be thrown in jail or even killed. So, please don’t say that they didn’t exist before the 1970s.

The god Dionysos died first while screaming and fighting.
He raged and fought like war was His.
A piece of Him was saved, just the heart. Given to His father
by His sister.
What expression must She have borne? How must She have felt
carrying the heart of one who fought so well
and died in such agony? She who was birthed whole,
who never was a godling and vulnerable the way a child is.
Even young He fought. He raged.

Zeus, mighty thunderer, high king of the deathless ones
couldn’t bear His son to stay dead.
Did He hear the cries as Zagreus changed forms?
Did He feel the limbs being ripped from His son’s body?
Did He weep where none could see
for the mightiest of His children?
Did He curse the throne His son sat upon? The throne His son was dragged off
before being torn to pieces.

The god Dionysos was born second as His mother died.
Zagreus cried out as he was rent to pieces,
and Semele also screamed as flames overtook her.
Zeus once again held only a small piece of His son.
The body was small, but Zeus knew He could save the soul and the blood inside.

The god Dionysos was born last in secret.
He was raised in the likeness of a girl,
fostered in nature with the hope that He might not again
feel Hera’s wrath.
Still, He was found.
He suffered another kind of death. The loss of self,
the death of his mind. But death has always failed
in keeping Dionysos bound.

And so I pray to the maddened Dionysos,
to Dionysos of a lost childhood,
to Dionysos of rebirth,
to Dionysos who tells us to rage against death,
to Dionysos who would bid me fight before fading,
to Dionysos of violent change,
to Dionysos of mindless journeys,
and I pray to Dionysos who would find reason for joy
in every scream of agony.



In that post about cringy interests, I mentioned twilight in the tags and I just want to be clear that I’m well aware of how problematic it is. I’ve been aware since I was 16 and was obsessed with it.

And you know what?

Twilight gave me book ideas so I wrote my own romances. I improved upon what I saw as flaws in Twilight.

Thanks to Twilight, I have about ten published books because it inspired me to write about werewolves and vampires.

Thanks to Twilight, I was briefly rich (for being an unemployed teenager) due to book sales.

So, by all means, critique twilight. It deserves it.

But I’ll never regret loving it because it inspired me to write.

notes: just a drabble i was struck with the inspiration to write when i should’ve been working on my project. au where orihime’s ill and kazui aspires to become a doctor

disclaimer: disclaimed

“Okay, now I need to check your heartbeat.” 

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DeLiteful rain

(the file name for this was “rooni dazlib btw)

anonymous asked:

I mean the absynthe guard in general!

okie dokie:

- the most chill guard ever i swear

- i mean bitchy blue is the leader do i need to say more

- ez is a responsible boss but he’s also the pun king and a prankster

- so you can imagine the amount of bullshit the members of his guard have to put up with on a regular basis save them

- seriously who let this loser become guard leader

- anyways, usually the members of this guard are v interested in nature in all forms so they study herbs, plants, familiars etc

- their missions are very ‘light’, they usually investigate strange phenomenons (like in ep 12) so they’re never as risky as the other guards’s

- that doesn’t mean that the members of this guard can’t kick ass though

‘Retaliation went against the code of the river, and there could be only one punishment. Exile. His whole world falling apart around him, the boy watched helplessly as the barques of his folk sailed away without him, leaving him with nothing, alone for the first time in his life.’

Did I mention I love TF’s new lore? I really love TF’s new lore.

Pucks Vs Pastries

Jack loved his job as one of Samwell High school’s history teachers. He loved working with the kids. They all seemed to really love him as well, even if he was notoriously known as one of the strictest and most difficult teachers in the whole school. Most of the students viewed him as tough, but fair, and they all knew he would drop anything to help a student who asked politely even though he looked terribly intense 90% of the time. The fact that Samwell’s hockey team had been ranked number one in the nation every year since he started coaching was just an added bonus.

He sat in the teacher’s lounge during his lunch break, thinking of some questions for the test he was going to give on Tuesday. He needed to be able to get the kids thinking about history and it’s importance, while also weeding out the students who cared from the students who didn’t. He bit into his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking while he chewed.

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A/N: OKAY. So this right here is a little gift fic for Elena (aka @theysangastheyslew). Why you ask? Because 1) ItotallyhadsomethingplannedforherbirthdayforeveragoandthenlifehappenedandsuddenlyIhadtoomanythingsIwantedtowriteforherandcouldn’tmakeupmymindI’msorryI’mhorrible and 2) Because she totally deserves all the writing for her wonderful art *-* 

So this piece is based off of this incredible picture she submitted for Royai Week 2015. I hope you enjoy it, Elena~! AndsorryI’mhorribleIjustcouldn’tmakeupmymind.

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