i wasn't prepared for this

OMG guys! something incredible happened to this tiny potato aka me XD 

Em, yeah you heard it right Em is following me ahhhh.Nope I’m not sobbing nor crying. Some ninjas has just been throwing onions at me T-T.(I don’t want to tag her again because I don’t want to appear as a creepy person even though I’m basically a stalker) I’m so happy I want to speak Shakespearean English haha (that idea just popped up) 

Ummm… So I’m watching “Norway’s got talent” and this teenage girl comes on stage. She’s super adorable; a little shy, wearing jeans and a plain black shirt, glasses and pigtails, and she has the biggest smile on her face. Like, you can’t help but love her immediately. Turns out her dad’s deaf, and she’s learned sign language to communicate with him. So she tells the judges that for her performance she’s going to do sign language to the lyrics of a pop song. And before she’s even started everyone’s already tearing up, but at the same time it’s like “sign language… what?” Then the song starts up, and she sort of dances and signs along to the song with these really big, but at the same time sharp, precise movements, all the time smiling so wide. Turns out, she’s not only super adorable, it’s also super impressive, like some sort of mesmerizing dance routine. After 30 seconds the entire audience is standing up, two of the judges are crying, I’m crying, the dad’s crying backstage. And after she’s done and everyone’s all “whoaaaa, what the hell was that?!“ one of the judges just slams the button that gives her a golden ticket to the finals, and this adorable girl starts crying and she’s hugging her dad and signing with him, and I’m crying and smiling all over the place. Fuck DT and the world falling apart, this 14 year old girl signing just made my entire night, week, month and 2017. What a ride that was from start to finish 💕