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Hello! Congrats on opening your HC blog! How would Ut!Paps, UT!Asgore, Ut!Toriel, and UF!Sans react to being taken to visit a petting zoo with baby animals on the surface? :D (goats, baby chicks you name it, it's there hahaha!) - this is @sesrins-symphony lmao tumblr wasn't cooperating with letting me ask from my account x'D

Hi there! Thank you very much! c:

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- Wowie!!! So many creatures!!! And some of them even look like monsters!!! Okay, so he’s a bit…. taken aback by all the little bunnies. He can tell that there’s a difference between the ones in Snowdin and the ones on the surface, but still! The fact that they look so much like the townsfolk and yet so different kinda hits that uncanny valley for him.

- On the bright side, though, he quite enjoys the goats! After seeing that the male ones like to butt heads, it’s become a favorite pasttime of his to summon a long bone, hold into it like handlebars, and use it to “HELP THEM DEVELOP THEIR HEADBUTTING SKILLS!” He never actually strikes the goats, of course– just lets them bonk their horns into the bone and shoves back if need be. He thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever and might even consider having one or two as pets…. if not for their terrible chewing habit, of course.

- Please help this man. He is so incredibly massive and yet so unbelievably gentle. When his boulder-like form shuffles awkwardly into the little pen, he has no idea what to do with himself. He’s worried he might step on someone, or that his horns might get caught on something, and a lot of the animals even start to retreat because to him, he is one of them, but FREAKING HUGE.

- Someone with a bit of animal expertise, however, can salvage this experience for him. If he learns the proper body language to use around animals, and gets a bit of food into his hands, each and every last creature will fall in love with his gentle demeanor.

- His favorites are the horses, especially ones that are taller. To him, they look… so magestic! So regal! So beautiful!

- Someone get Disney on the phone, ‘cause they’ve got their next princess right here! Or queen… ex-queen….. whatever. Point is, she love the farm animals and they love her. Seriously, she could spend hours feeding carrots to the donkey, or cuddling a little bunny, or knitting sweaters for all the chickens! Would you expect anything less from a woman who bakes you pie and shoots her ex with a fireball to protect you?

- She truly loves spending time with the animals, but if she had one complaint, it would probably be the goats. Yes, they are very lovely, and cute, but can they just stop biting and tugging the edge of her robe for two seconds, please? Honestly, where are their manners! She has to remind herself sometimes that they don’t have the same sort of intelligence that humans and monsters do, and therefore don’t know any better. Still, though, it can be a bit bothersome.

- He has to get all the way out of bed and into the car so he can go walk into a crowded pen with a bunch of dirty stinky animals in it? Uggghhhh, fine, but only because he likes you and it’ll make you happy. (The irony of this situation is not lost on him.)

- Not very enthusiastic at first. A few little critters scattered about, kids running around trying to pet ‘em, a pile of poo here, an excited bray there, whatever, so what?

- Then one thing leads to another, and he now has a baby chick in his hands. It’s so small, so timid, so fragile….. his hands tremble and he cups it carefully, as if it were still an egg. Never before could anyone see him handle anything so gingerly, but something about this little guy…… He presses his thin, boney fingers together as best he can, to make sure it doesn’t fall through the spaces between. Each slip of its miniscule, dainty foot through the gaps is another tug at his brittle, world-weary soul.

- He stops complaining about outings for a short while after that.

hihi psa i understand lots of people especially young fans often want to date their idols and there’s nothing wrong with that, but also please understand for your own sake that realistically there is a very small chance of that and don’t hurt your self by believing it will happen and instead use that energy and love of your idols to understand what you value in a relationship !!

i love rocky ?? what does that say about what i value ?? i admire people with passion, people that are meticulous about what they are doing, nice smiles, people with good pure hearts, people who are responsible and reliable, someone who is both mentally mature but also a kid at heart, not afraid to be absolutely ridiculous, and people that are wise and reassuring.

set simple yet high standards, not complicated ones

simple yet high standard: someone I can rely on wholeheartedly

complicated standard: has to be park minhyuk 

pls don’t cause yourself more pain than necessary i want u all happy

actual conversation i had today
  • Person: Harriet Tubman can't be on the 20 dollar bill! She wasn't a president, only presidents can be on money!
  • Me: Benjamin Franklin
  • Person: But he was a president?
  • Me: *looks directly at the camera like im in the office*
in honor of hannigram day: how i came to ship it
  • me: well yeah i mean i don't really pay attention but i'd bet my life people on tumblr ship it.
  • friend: yeah it's two guy best friends, tumblr would be all over that.
  • me: i mean, i can kinda see it? i mean *i* don't really ship it but i could see why they would.
  • friend: i can see that too.
  • me: they've kind of got this dynamic of like... a divorced couple who despise each other but are still have a lot of sexual attraction.
  • friend: lol yea
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • friend: u ok
  • me: ... shit
  • friend: oh my god, did you just start to ship it
  • me: I THINK SO?!
  • friend: AFTER ONE SENTENCE?????
  • friend: JESUS CHRIST
  • me: I KNOW
  • me: I'M WEAK