i wasn't meant to be around people

It wasn't big and it wasn't clever, but it was kind of satisfying

I recently had a nasty injury playing football. I had this big protective boot strapped around my leg and I was on crutches. For a few weeks I wasn’t really able to leave the house, but as things improved I was able to go back to work, which meant taking the train. Even on busy commuter trains people were generally really considerate when they saw me on the crutches. They would offer a seat, make sure I had plenty of space, give me time to get on/off at my own pace etc.

Not everyone though. One day I was getting off a busy train, the passengers about to get on were giving me time to get off. But there was one guy who didn’t have the patience and so charged forward to push me out the way. As I half fell to the side I just grabbed his arm to stop him getting on.

(Fake concerned voice) “Oh no I seem to be falling, let me grab your arm. Oh no I still need your arm in case I might fall. Oh no those people are getting on now instead of you. Oh no the doors are closing. Oh no the train is leaving. Oh no you’ve missed your train.”

He missed his train and I went off with a spring in my step for the first time in weeks!

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I was at this camping trip a while back with my class, it was to teach us to survive in the woods. So everyone was in this big ass tent. It was meant for 15 people so everyone fit even thought there wasn't a lot of room. So everyone was taking turns dancing around this pole that was in the middle and I danced, then gave a guy a lap dance. I then had sex with 2 guys, 1 guy and 2 girls fingered me and I gave this one guy a blow job. The teacher still don't know what happened in that tent

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For the prompt list, I'd love to see #20 "things you said that I wasn't meant to hear"! :D

From THIS prompt list. Thank you for the prompt!!!! sorry it took a bit to get around to.I have a few others to fill from this prompt list and they’ll actually be sort of tied together in a mini multi-chapter ficlet, this being the first part. Basically, I wanted to flesh out some ideas on Cassian and Jyn getting married and how Cassian probably had to have a ton of reassurance to actually get up the nerve to ask her (plus had a few people asking to expand on it from this other prompt fill :P) Words: 714

Cassian approaches Kaytoo first, like always when faced with a difficult decision. If anyone could make sense of the odds, Kaytoo could.

He finds him alone in the hangar bay – thankfully –analyzing code they’d brought back from Tatooine, attempting to scrounge any data from the holodisk in their contacts’ cache.

So when Kaytoo hears Cassian ask about her and not the holo contents first, well, it’s reasonable to understand why the droid is thrown for a bit of a loop.

“You’re asking for my opinion on what, Cassian?”

“I don’t know, is it … stupid?”

“No, it is not,” he looked up from the holo and flicked it off, “but I have noticed a decline in your usually sound decision making.”

“So, you do think it’s stupid?”

“No, I am speaking in general. It seems this decision must be taken care of if you are to deal with any others appropriately, to do your job with some percentage of success.”

At that, Cassian nods and exits the hangar, fingers running furiously through his hair as he goes.

When Cassian finds him the next morning, and the morning after that, asking the same question each and every time that week, he decides it’s time to elicit some back-up.

Bodhi is busy with the undercarriage of a U-Wing, but Kaytoo knows it’s him by the Imperial jumpsuit; the one he’s still refused to replace six months post-Scarif.

“Bodhi, I must ask you something.”

“Hey Kay,” he slides out from under the ship to answer, “What is it?”

“It’s about Cassian.”

“Oh? Everything alright?”

“Yes, statistically speaking. However, it seems he may need some — emotional assistance.”

“Oh?” he sat up, pushing his goggles onto his forehead. “Like how?”

All too quickly, he blurts out, ‘He wants to ask Jyn to marry him, but he seems incapable of doing so.”

Bodhi’s eyes go wide, with shock or pure amazement that he’s privy to such a secret. They relax soon after, into a face of understanding, one that continues to perplex Kaytoo.

“If it is a simple question, why hasn’t he asked?”

“Because,” Bodhi said, laughing underneath his breath, “it’s … not that simple of a question.”

“It is one that requires a yes or no answer, is that not the definition of a simple question?”

Bodhi places a hand to Kaytoo’s arm, patting it lightly as he walks past him out of the hangar. Almost near the door, he calls back to him, “Just— uh, don’t worry Kaytoo. I’ll take care of it.”

As Jyn rounds the corner towards the armory, crate of rusty blasters in tow, she’s met with a sight that still manages to tug at her heart: Chirrut, Baze and Bodhi, – her friends --, sharing a meal together on their makeshift table of ammunition crates. They used to eat in the mess hall, but found most on base would stare, so they found eating outside in the hangar bay more suitable.

She’s hit with the urge to say hi but something is … off, like she’s not meant to intrude. Their backs are towards her, uninviting, and they seem to be speaking into their fists, low and hushed.

Then Cassian appears, walking towards them, hands dug deep into his pockets and head hug low. He’s nervous, more so than usual, and she thinks she sees the muscles of his jaw twitching. He sits down next to Bodhi, who shifts his gaze side to side, and starts to speak.

She can’t make it out, whatever Bodhi’s saying, but Cassian wrings his hands tightly as he listens. The line of his shoulders have risen to his ears, and when Bodhi finally quiets, Cassian draws a deep breath.

She slides in step with a rebel pilot, hiding herself before crouching behind an R2 unit, tucked closer to the group so she can hear.

“—I think I want to marry her—“

It’s him, his voice, she’s sure of it. But she can’t process it.

He wants to marry her? Of all people?


She thinks she hears Chirrut laugh, followed by Baze, but she’s too busy trying to force her heart to stop thrashing in her chest to be sure.

“—-you don’t think it’s too soon?”

It’s then that she turns on her heel, breath uneven and quick, and decides she’s visiting the armory later.

Much later.


my job right now isn’t all that interesting! hahaha.

for the sake of anonymity, I won’t say exactly what it is. but I can give you the general idea of what I do?

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Heroes aren’t born, they’re made.

Mini rant?

It makes me laugh when people say Solangelo happened too fast. It was 6 months! They are 15! I get that a lot of you are a lot younger than me but I can assure you that most people do impulsive things at that age. They are 15, they don’t need to think about the relationship before they start going out!

Gods, I’m 18 this year and I have had friends who have started dating after DAYS.

Their entire relationship probably consist of holding hands and just generally being there for each other.

And to the people who say they are ‘too young to be dating’, d'you remember when everyone was dying to see Percy and Annabeth finally get together in TBOTL and TLO. Guess how old they were then? Oh, thats right 15!

Honestly, Nico is finally getting better and returning to his happy old self, why do people hate it so much? He’s made so many more friends and become so much more confident.

And its so amazing to have LGBT representation in a 'kids’ book! This stuff really breaks down barriers at a young age, and challenges kids perceptions on societies norms. I know I never had anything like that growing up.

Lastly, abusive relationship? I mean fuck off. You have no right to just throw that term around.

Fanfiction! In Time.

Sooo, this happened when I was waiting for my train. And I told myself I wasn’t gonna write more FF hehe but I guess we all can use a little fluff and comforting thoughts.

1246 words
English is not my 1st language. Go easy ;)

In time.

Aaron sat at the bar, disheartened after another failed deal for the scrapyard. Ever since he’d lost Robert all other things seemed to have gone awry. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t stay focused on work and even he and Adam had fallen out on a numerous of occasions. And he couldn’t tell him why. Outing someone was not something he would do. He knew first hand what that could do to a person.
He’d come close to telling Paddy, backing out in the last second, coming up with some faux story of some first date that didn’t last long.
He’d snarled at his mother enough times for her to know that there was no point in bringing the subject to surface again.
So he sat, at the bar, pint in his hand, licking his wounds in his lonesome. There was just one other person who would understand and he wasn’t around anymore.
He had chosen her.
It had been three months but the thought still made his heart wrench. And he damned himself for getting so wrapped up in someone he knew he could never have. Why had he let himself fall so hard? He had known, and Robert had made it perfectly clear, that nothing could come from their affair. Still, he had hoped. Yeah Robert could be a real ass sometimes, dropping her name into conversations, not realizing how much it hurt him.
But then there was the sweet side to him that he hadn’t seen him display to anyone else: the hugs, the comforting tone of his voice, the arm around his waist during the few nights they had spent together.
“Another one?” Diane’s voice interrupted his thoughts. She nodded at his almost empty glass.
“Nah, you’re alright” he said, swirling the glass but making no attempt of drinking. He just kept staring at the liquid, as if he needed something, anything, to focus on to keep him steady. To keep him from falling.
“I hate seeing you so sad” She nodded her head over at Chas who was on the other side of the bar. “She’s worried about you, you know”
Aaron glanced quickly in his mother’s direction. “Well you can tell her to stop, I’m fine” he said, voice deep and determined.
Diane smiled vaguely at him, knowing there was nothing more she could say before turning her head to another customer.
Aaron threw back the last of his beer. Why couldn’t everyone just leave him alone!? He slammed the glass down hard, receiving an annoyed look from his mother.
“Oy, take it easy” Chas reprimanded.
“Whatever” he stood up and was just about to head for the backroom when he felt a hand on his arm. Robert. “What do you want?” he asked somewhat angrily, because if he stayed in a sulky mood he’d be able to control himself. He’d be able to restrain himself from being the lovesick little boy that he always was around him. And he hated himself for it.
“Can we talk?” Robert asked quietly.
“Didn’t think we had anything to talk about” he was now looking intently at Robert, who, to his surprise, looked smaller than usual, who seemed to suddenly lack all his sway and cockiness. Who, looked afraid?
“Please Aaron, can we just go in the back?” his tone was almost desperate.
Aaron kept his gaze, trying to figure out what he wanted from him. What it could possibly be after all this time. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He’d hurt enough and he wasn’t going to be hurt again. “No” he said shortly and turned around, making his way behind the bar.
Robert’s head sank, his gaze fell to the floor and his thumb and finger rubbed the potential tears out of his eyes. He had to do something. Anything. He looked up, and saw Aaron nearly head out of the room. It was now or never.
“I love you too!” he yelled, loud and clear for the whole pub to hear. Chas and Diane both stopped in their tracks and they were now looking back and forth between them, filled with shock.
Aaron froze at the words. Did he hear them right? Was Robert really saying what he’d given up all hope of ever hearing? He was afraid to turn around and discover it was all a joke, that Chrissie had walked in and the words were really meant for her. He could hear his heart palpitating deep in his chest and each thud became harder as he slowly turned around and was met by several people looking at him, Chas, Diane, few of the regulars, Cain and Moira in the back of the pub. It was completely silent. And on his left side, there he was, Robert, looking as serious as he’d ever seen him and he now took a few steps forward, closing their distance even further.
It wasn’t a joke.
“I love you too” Robert’s words were quieter now, more fragile. On step closer. “I’ve been an idiot.” His eyes were shining. “I’m so sorry”
Aaron was glued to his spot, afraid that if he moved some sort of spell would be broken and all of this would be a dream.
“Say something then” Robert pleaded. It was still so quiet around them. He took another step closer to Aaron, approaching carefully as if to not scare him away.
“I..” Aaron started, but his voice and words failed him. A single tear made its way out of the corner of his right eye and he quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand. He wasn’t prepared to show himself so vulnerable again. He couldn’t go through this again. He gnawed on his lower lip. There was a long pause. “Don’t mess me around” he finally said, his voice small and his eyes scared.
“I’m not messing you around” Robert’s answer came quickly and with utter earnest. “I’ve left Chrissie and I’ve been a fool and I can’t stop thinking about you and I am so so..”
He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before Aaron had closed the gap between them and planted his lips on his. And they were as sweet and soft as he could remember and how he ever had managed to live without them was beyond him, without the intoxicating smell that was Aaron’s and all the softness and hardness in just the right places. And he didn’t really care who was in the pub or what they would say. He’d heard most comments about him anyway. For the first time in his life, he was in the right place and he never wanted to let go.
“Fish and chips, table..” Victoria’s voice broke the silence of the pub before she dropped the plates on the floor as well as her jaw. “Oh my goood” she stared at her brother and friend.
Diane quickly bend down to help Victoria with the food on the floor. “When did all this happen?” Victoria whispered not so quietly to Diane.
“Your guess is as good as mine pet. It would certainly explain why Robert’s been in a worse mood than usual lately. ”
It was Aaron who broke their embrace first, remembering where they were. His eyes were beaming and he had to chew on the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from grinning like an idiot. He shot a quick glance around the room. “Should we go somewhere else?”
Robert smiled and reached for Aaron’s hand. “Lead the way”

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Hey there! Hope that you're doing well! I love the drawings you did a while back, each day a drawing. You drew such different people and "personalities" in a way and it's amazing how you captured them. Of course - as people do - I was looking for someone I could relate to on a "looks" basis and there wasn't really anyone like that. No round-faced-glass-wearing girl with a hijab. Would you mind drawing someone wth a hijab?

Hey anon, thank you so much! Representation sure is important so here’s girl with a hijab just for you.

Though I wasn’t sure if you meant that you don’t see much of round-faced-glasses-wearing girl with a hijab drawing around or you don’t want any round-faced-glasses-wearing girl with a hijab. But anyways, hopefully this is something at you could relate to, in some way or another. :)


This is Anansi, the Spider.

My son named Anansi when he found the spider living in the closet where he sleeps. (“Anansi, the Spider” is one of his favorite books.)

My wife asked me to go see the spider and help my son deal with it. I asked my son if we should put it outside, but he said no. He said we need to take care of Anansi because it’s missing two legs. I told him I thought that seemed like the nice thing to do.

After tucking him in, I told my son that maybe Anansi would build a web tonight that would catch any nightmares that come around. He laughed and said those would have to be pretty small nightmares.

He’s such a kind, sweet little guy. I hope he always stays this gentle.

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(in response to your hickey post) ok so embarrasing story here, but I decided to see if I could lick my own neck (don't ask why). So I did. and gave myself a hickey out of curiosity (it wasn't nice at all and looked ugly as hell & kinda hurt. Why do people like them?). No problem right? well...I forgot about it and went down to dinner with my very conservative christian mother and she SHRIEKED at me and demands who I've been 'fooling' around with. She won't believe me that I gave it to myself I

how the fuck long are your lips that you can suck yr own NECK like okay maybe you meant your shoulder but the image is burned into my skull are you a snake

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Re: TMZ being reticent with oneD sometimes. I'd heard it's because Harvey Levin has ties to Scooter Braun and the Azoffs. In fact, I'd hoped that TMZ not reporting on this meant that there were two teams at work, and TMZ wasn't supporting old team's BS narrative. Sadly, looks like that is not the case with the meeting-the-baby mama-mama article now. Hugs.

I would believe the Scooter Braun thing- let’s remember that after the Justin Bieber racist video leaked, TMZ publicly admitted that they’d had the video for 5 years and had chosen not to public it - I’m willing to be that ‘decision’ was leveraged into a lot of exclusives around the Biebs. 

Add to that the fact that Harvey won’t allow his staff to out people, or even hint around at or allude to someone’s sexuality (he has actually addressed this on-camera to his staff during TMZ live) and I feel like Harvey might just not want to talk about 1D and Harry and Louis until he can REALLY talk about Harry and Louis 

Basically I want to buy him a not-fat protein smoothie and demand that he tell me everything he knows, because that dude is hella well connected and I bet he knows exactly what’s going on. 

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Why did the SU fandom believe Peridot would land in canada?

People made that assumption based on the trajectory of her escape pod, which is headed toward Canada

Personally I never thought she was going to be in Canada (how random would that be), but it was a logical estimation and I can see why people thought that. Although I think, for the most part, people were just kidding around because they thought the idea was funny, rather than genuinely believing she was going to be in Canada

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May I have Akashi getting slightly bothered or jealous because it's Valentine's Day and his crush has been giving everyone on his team and their friends some chocolate except for him? The truth is that the crush had a box of chocolates to give him but they saw him get swarmed by people giving him chocolates and got discouraged and shy from giving it to him. I hope that wasn't confusing. Thank you!

Yaaaas I’m all about this Valentines Day angst thoooooo. Thanks for the request!

 “Oh wow, thanks, _____!”

“_____! These chocolates are so good!”

“Guys look, _____ gave me chocolate!”

Akashi was quite simply and utterly annoyed at everyone speaking about how they got chocolates from his crush. He thought to himself that it was nothing, and honestly, it sort of was. He wasn’t really one to care too much about Valentines Day, it just meant he had to haul around chocolates from his classmates all day. However, his interest was peaked when he saw his crush with chocolates to hand out.

But no. Of course he didn’t get any from her. At practice, his annoyance was at an all time high, when she was handing out chocolate to everyone on the team.

“Hi, Hayama! Yours has cherry filling!” She smiled, and the blonde grinned, taking the box. “Thanks, ____-nee!”

Nebuya had received a large box, and was ecstatic with it. Mayuzumi had also received some.

“Reo! Yours are special!” She smiled, and the boy smiled happily, accepting the slick black box, a neat pink bow on the top. He laughed and hugged her, and Akashi was sick of it.

“Hey! Get back to practice! All of you!” He demanded, glaring at everyone. Mibuchi’s eyes narrowed, and even Hayama’s smile fell. “What did I just say? Get to practicing!”

“… I’m sorry, guys… I didn’t mean to get you in trouble…” The girl bowed away from Mibuchi, a frown set on her lips.

“Hey, no, ____-chan, don’t say that…” Mibuchi said gently.

“Yeah! Akashi’s just jealous because he didn’t get any from you!” Hayama grinned.

She froze, and looked up to Akashi quickly. She bit her lip and handed another box to Mibuchi, whispering something to him before she scurried out of the gym. His eyes shifted to Akashi, and he walked over to hand him the box.

“She had a box for you all day, she was just afraid to give them to you because of all the other girls who surrounded you.” He offered a smile. “These are special. She made you chocolate mochi all by herself because she knows you like it.”

The red-headed player blushed, and took the box in his hands. He felt his chest warm, and a goofy smile spread across his lips. “Alright… It’s an open gym practice today, gentlemen…”

The team cheered happily for Akashi’s easy practice plan, and Akashi sat and held the box in his hands on the bench, smiling like an idiot the entire time.