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@moonlitkeek asked: Tom Keen on the boat [in 2A] or Tom Keen as teacher

C’mon now, to be fair, I have cred.

Oh yeah. Says the man carrying a lunch box. 

GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, March 12, 2017, marks two years since the world lost Sir Terry Pratchett. I remember it well. I had only recently discovered his works, and I blazed through them laughing all the way. I wanted to meet him, even if I wasn’t sure what I would say. The news that I would never get a chance, the news that the worlds he had created were forever stilled, was painful in the extreme. I was already struggling to deal with what I can only hope to be the worst period of my life, and I was not in a place to deal with the loss for well over a year. Last summer, I had the chance to sit down and re-read all his Discworld novels (as well as a few other novels of his I’m particularly fond of). After putting down the last one at five in the morning, I spent the next hour writing this. It’s hardly an original idea, but I felt compelled to do so. Enjoy.

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Idk if you watch MasterChef, but there was this 19 year old who worked at Chipotle to support his family and had no formal training. He was rocking the competition and made it to 7/20 and when he was leaving Ramsey told him he would be personally paying to put him through Culinary school, and make sure his parents were taken care of. Hold me I'm crying, I still wasn't over him paying 6 months to give this couple a nice apartment on hotel hell x.x

omg yes i watch masterchef!! fav is junior of course :3 and I always love how kind he is to people who actually deserve it, and on pretty much any program he is just a soft big-hearted angel who hides behind a lot of cursing and people always look over that but I’m here clutching my heart and getting emotional because Gordon Ramsay Made Me Cry Again™
(i rant too much abt him if youve ever seen ‘my soulmate’ tag, you know :’)) god he is the best

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I love 5,000 miles of Space!!!! It’s so good!! And I love the POV of the beetle: refreshing and neat. You’re an amazing writer. Please don’t stop writing

I just read your newest story, and I quite like it. Describing what happens from the POV of a beetle is interesting, and sets it apart from other break-up fics. :)

Oh god the 5000 miles story was lovely! The beetles perspective made it so emotional. Thank you so much for sharing!

Y’all are too kind to me oh my goodness. I was soooo worried the beetle perspective would seem too weird and almost didn’t post it. So thank you so much for sending your thoughts in on it!! It’s nice to get feedback on a piece, bc now I won’t be so nervous if my writing is…. less conventional in the future.

You guys are lovely, thanks for reading my works :) And I plan on writing and posting on here until people get sick of me and yell me off lol. Until then, I’ll be writing

- M

ok but when i told seb the bookmark i made was of the romanian flag, he kind of went slack in shock and his eyes grew even wider and his jaw dropped and that’s when he reached for me and pulled me in for a hug. i swear on my life his voice was shaking when he said “this is awesome, thank you, thank you so much!” right in my ear, sincere and genuine. i’m so emotional he’s such a sweetheart


shit got real real quick… 

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i dont know if you suffer from any mental illnesses but i do, and your response to the person claiming that the murder wasn't influenced by the patriarchy but mental illness was really spot on. and like almost made me emotional by how good of a response it was. thank you.

You’re welcome. I personally don’t have any mental illnesses, but many people very close to me do. (My boyfriend, my brother, many, many friends.) So, though that kind of ableism towards people with mental illnesses doesn’t personally affect me, it still feels very personal. I don’t take well to people fucking with my loved ones.

And I just can’t deal with the “oh, well, OBVIOUSLY this killer had a mental illness. What other explanation could there be?! It’s not like well people could ever shoot someone?!?!” line of thinking. It is horrific, asinine, and harmful to people with mental illnesses and works to mask the REAL issues behind these acts of violence.