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part one is here and was definitely a little fluffier! this one is a little more angsty + focuses on how alexander is really feeling. an anon sent in a little prompt about alexander being jealous so i explore that a bit in this part. I decided to make this a little series so there’s more to come! hope you enjoy these!

pt. 2

“Three days.” Angelica told Thomas when they went to bed the first night. She cupped his face and sleepily kissed him. She laid back in the bed almost immediately, tired from today. As much as she loved her sisters and Alexander, she could get a little exhausted–especially as it had just been her and Thomas for so long. 

“Just three days and then we can go back home.” She said softly, crawling under the covers.

He was doing this for Angelica. He reminded himself. He’d kept her from home for so long. The least he could do for her was get through these three days.

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Losing you

Request: Hi! Could you write a one shot where Stefan Salvator thinks the reader (who is the love of his life) has died and can’t believe his eyes when he sees her? Could you add lots of fluff? Thanks! Xx By the way, I love your blog! + Can you write a one shot where Stefan Salvatore is very protective with the reader and where there is lots of fluff? Thanks! Xx
Warning(s): Character death, depression, alcoholism
Word count: 860

He told her not to go, not to put herself in harms way. She was fragile and human and he knew that he could lose her at any moment. But she still went. Damon had yet again managed to talk his way into her head and convince her to go out and help him with his idiotic adventures.

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sinners like us (saeran x reader, part II)

rating: 13+ (707 route + secret 02 end spoilers, idk saeran yells a lot here…)

notes: GOD. i didn’t think it’d take me two damn months to write chapter two. sorry. part of it was me working on other things and part of it was that this fic is a little hard to write because of the setting. i finally, finally ground some things out so hopefully writing won’t take as long. the keyword here is hopefully. 

anyway, i’m a little worried that saeran is a bit spotty here. especially… well, you’ll see. i hope you guys enjoy this update. i’ll try to be more frequent from now on. TT_TT

chapter one | chapter two

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My take on how Riley realizes her feelings for Farkle.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> It takes place after GM Goodbye.<p/><b>Location:</b> The Matthew's Living Room.<p/><b></b> Riley's family and friends are having a party to celebrate the good news. Everyone is dancing. Riley sits on the bench at the kitchen table. She doesn't look happy. She stares at the ground. Morgan goes to her.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Riley, why aren't you celebrating?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (looks up to Morgan) I just don't feel like celebrating at the moment.<p/><b></b> Morgan sits next to her.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Do you want to talk about it?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't want to even think about it, let alone talk about it.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> If you change your mind, I'll be over there. You can always talk to me.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thank you, aunt Morgan.<p/><b></b> Riley gives her a hug. Morgan walks back to the rest of the group. Riley walks to her room. Farkle stops dancing with Smackle and follows Riley.<p/><b>Location:</b> Riley's bedroom.<p/><b></b> Riley is sitting at the bay window. Tears are falling on her cheeks. Farkle walks in.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley, are you ok?<p/><b></b> Riley wipes her face.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Yeah.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to the bay window and sits next to Riley.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Why are you crying?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm just emotional.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> It's more than that. I know you Riley. We don't lie to each other. You can talk to me about anything.<p/><b></b> Farkle puts his arm around her. She rests her head on his shoulder.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I know. But I need to figure it out on my own.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm always here for you. Now and forever.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thank, Farkle. Same goes for me. But I need some time to think about things alone.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Ok.<p/><b></b> They both stand up and hug each other.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I love you Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> And I love you.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to the door. Riley sits down and stares at Farkle as he is leaving. Farkle looks back and smiles at Riley. Riley smiles back. Farkle leaves. Riley starts to have tears falling down. She hears a knock on her door. She wipes her face again.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Come in.<p/><b></b> Morgan walks in.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Farkle sent me to check on you. He's worried about you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I told him I'm fine.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> But obviously you're not. I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You're gonna think I'm a bad person.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> I would never think that about you. You don't have a bad bone in your body.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Well, I think I'm a bad person.<p/><b></b> Morgan hugs Riley.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Just tell me what's wrong.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know where to start.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Just start talking.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Lately I've been confused alot. I've been confused for a while.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Confused about what?<p/><b>Riley:</b> My feelings for Lucas. My feelings for Farkle.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Ok.<p/><b>Riley:</b> When Lucas and I started to date, I was really happy. He's my first love. But it feels like something is missing. A spark or something. I can't explain it. I love him, I do. But there are times when I feel that he doesn't get me. In the past when I was going through things, he wouldn't even noticed or he'll be the last one to find out. I don't think he does it on purpose, but it hurts. Sometimes I feel we are better off as friends than a couple.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> How does Farkle fit in all of this?<p/><b></b> Riley starts walking back and forth.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That's what I'm confused about. Farkle has always been my best friend. He's always just been there. I knew him as the goofy kid who had a crush on me and Maya. He wanted to take over the world. He used to wear turtlenecks. I missed those turtlenecks. He promised me and Maya that he would love us equally. He kept his promise. But there are moments when I see him in a different way and it terrifies me.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Why does it terrify you?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Because I think I could be falling in love with him. I look back on all the memories that we have together and I don't know why I couldn't see it sooner. We have great talks. We can talk for hours. We read each other really well. He puts my happiness above his. We both can tell when the other is lying. Today is the perfect example. He knew I wasn't ok, when I told him I was. There are so many things I wished I seen sooner. If I knew how I felt sooner, I wouldn't be in this mess. I'm in a relationship with Lucas. Farkle's in a relationship with Smackle. I don't want to hurt Lucas or Smackle. Plus, Farkle doesn't feel the same way. I can't let anyone know. I have to keep it to myself.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Can't you tell Maya?<p/><b>Riley:</b> No. I was the one who started the whole triangle dilemma. If I told her about my feelings for Farkle, not only did I take Lucas from her, but also Farkle.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> That's not what happened and you know it. Maya's your best friend. She would understand that your feelings changed. Sometimes what you feel for one person can just change. It's nobody's fault. It just happens. It's how you handle it, that makes you the person you are.<p/><b>Riley:</b> But I'm supposed to stay with Lucas. He's my first love. My mom was my dad's first love and they're still together.<p/><b>Morgan:</b> Riley, I love you but you're acting stupid.<p/><b>Riley:</b> What?<p/><b>Morgan:</b> You're not your parents. Just because they fell in love at a young age, and stay together for the majority of their life, doesn't mean you have to do the same. You are your own person. You had feelings for Lucas since you were 12. You can't expect to have the same exact feelings three years later. I'm not saying he's not the one for you, only you can decide that. But it doesn't have to be now. You're only 15.<p/><b>Riley:</b> What should I do?<p/><b>Morgan:</b> In my opinion, I think you should break up with him, if you have feelings for another guy. It's not fair to him, you or even Farkle if you stay with him. You need to be honest with Lucas.<p/><b>Riley:</b> What if he doesn't want to be my friend anymore?<p/><b>Morgan:</b> It might be awkward at first, but I think eventually you two will go back to being friends. Just think about what I said. It's not right to stay with him when you love Farkle. You're not a bad person. I love you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I love you too.<p/><b></b> Morgan hugs Riley and leaves. Riley sits at the bay window. Lucas walks in.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> There you are.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Hi, Lucas.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Are you ok?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know. But we need to talk.<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Some schmoopy dratchet for optronixes because talking to her always fills me with fic ideas. Can be considered a companion piece to this one.

Title: Long Way from Home
Word Count: 996
Characters: Drift, Ratchet
Pairings: Drift+Ratchet [platonic but can be considered preslash]
Rating: PG for Ratchet’s mouth
Summary: Ratchet’s determined to bring Drift home, no matter what sorry excuses the kid’s cooked up. 

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1k Special - #3 - University

Character: Rin Matsuoka
Series: (belated) 1k Specials
Word Count: 2106 stop me
AU: College/University
Warnings: Nudity, profanity (?)

A/N: In which Rin gets himself into a rather unfortunate situation. Well, unfortunate for him. Actually, not even unfortunate for him. Look, someone gets naked. Heh. Butt naked. Although I do think I go slightly off-topic in this one. Also, character that speaks quite a bit like me. Like a hamster on coffee. (DID ANYONE GET THAT REFERENCE?!)

Initially, Rin had no plan to head to university after school was done. He figured that the scouts would want him to head into olympic training straight off the bat, get him into the sport as young as possible, and if that had been the case, then he was more than willing. He was only a hairs breadth away from realising his dream now… Or, at least, that’s what he’d told himself.

He didn’t resent having to go to university - Rin had always anticipated it might be something he would enjoy, should it ever come about, but he wasn’t expecting it, to say the least. Reality had hit him hard on the head when he got his final exam results, however. He’d done much better than expected; well enough to put him in a position to make it into a course in sports science at pretty much any university he wished to go to. Many long discussions with both his family and potential sponsor scouts later, he had made a decision.

He was going to university.

People always told him that when you get to university, life changes. Really, Rin couldn’t quite bring himself to believe that. He refused to partake in the excessive drinking that students made a habit of, partially because he wasn’t all that keen on the idea full-stop, partially because it could majorly affect his performance. It was the people that changed.

No more familiar faces, no more swim team… But through his classes and social gatherings, Rin made new friends fairly easily. There were the inevitable ‘bros’ that partied non-stop, but still took their studies seriously, the donor-list airheads who really had no idea what they were doing, the art geeks that pretty much always had bags under their eyes and a coffee in their hand… And you, of course.

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hey, tina, you remember that photographer!au we talked about? yeah…

happy (late) birthday, hon! x

“I need coffee,” Meg yawned, stretching her hands above her head. After she hadn’t gotten response, she purposely yawned again, this time spinning on her chair. “I’m bored.”
“So go get some coffee,” Castiel replied, not looking away from his computer screen.
“Wanna come with me?”
“Not really.”
She was sitting opposite of him, with bunch of notebooks scattered all over her table, doing practically nothing for the last two hour, while Castiel was cursing Photoshop and those who made it, because he was messing with that last photograph for the last two hours and he still couldn’t get the effect he wanted.
He and Meg were one of rare active members of their college magazine, other members being Charlie who worked on design, and Ash who… well, who was pretty much just trying to hack into college computers to try and correct his grades. Jo claimed that if he had spent that time on studying, he would have passed with flying grades. Ash claimed hacking was easier. But not really successful.
Oh, and Jo, of course. She didn’t bring her stories often, but they were interesting every time. Meg’s on the other hand… well, she had had her diamonds, but more often it was gossiping.
And Castiel was the photographer who worked too hard on photographs which were only seen by 8 students, including them. He liked it, though. He liked photographing, and he liked to work on his photographs, and would not be happy until they were perfect.
Meg moaned. “C’mon, I’m gonna die here.”
Castiel just frowned and didn’t respond.
“That cute barista is working now,” Meg said, raising her eyebrows.
“I told you before,” Castiel frowned deeper. “I have no interest in him.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I please have alive hale family sterek and they all tease derek for being all in love with his jail bait bf?



Laura snickers in the background, trying to hold in her laughter. Peter’s eyes glow with happiness like a kid on Christmas morning who sees a mountain of presents with their name on it. Cora isn’t even trying to hold in her laughter.

And Stiles just smiles at everyone nervously from the door, face blotchy and red.

“Well, Derek,” Peter drawls from the doorway, looking back at Derek with delight. “You’re twink boyfriend is here.”

Laura can’t hold back her laughter after that, and Stiles looks at the ground like he wants it to swallow him whole. “How old are you? You look like you’re fifteen,” Laura exclaims.

“Look at his eyes,” Cora says through her laughs. “He looks like he belongs in one of those porn videos where some big man is going to take him apart.”

“He has Bambi eyes,” Laura agrees.

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Prank? Part 1 - Requested (Calum)

Hello, this was requested by Anon a long time ago (Can you write a Calum imagine where he’s this really popular jock at school and you’re really shy and don’t have any friends and nobody at school really knows you and when Calum tries to ask you out bc he’s been admiring you and stuff you think it’s a prank and deny him? I love all of you girls’s writing) ENJOY!!!!

‘Erm excuse me’ you watch the guy in front of you, but he doesn’t turn around, not even spearing you a glance. 'Hey, erm excuse me could I get to my locker?’ You ask again, forcing your voice a little louder this time. He turns to look at you and rolls his eyes at the girl he was flirting with 'I’m a little busy here’ he glares at you before turning his back to you. 'But I just need to get into my locker’ you try again, 'Shut the fuck up’ the girl looks over the guys shoulder, spitting the words at you.

'HEY! Peters come check this out’ you hear a voice from behind you yell, the guy in front turn too and nods winking at the girl before jogging over to Calum, you only glance for a second but it long enough for Calum to catch your eye and nod to you. He’s been doing it for weeks helping you out without actually talking to you, he always seems to be there, when you dropped your books on Monday he helped pick them up, when you lost your gym shorts he threw you his spare pair, when you forgot your assignment he told the teacher he didn’t have his either although you had seen him reading it over only moments before. But never have you sent a word each other’s way.

You hurry to history class, sitting in your usual seat at the back, and you play on your phone under your desk as Mr Simmons goes on and on Bout the new project. 'So go ahead, pick your partners, and remember it’s gonna take up a couple of weeks so pick someone you don’t mind spending time with’ he finishes, finally catching your attention when someone drops an assignment brief in your desk. You start to read it knowing you will pair up with Kila she’s your best friend but is ill today.

'Do you have a partner?’ You spin your head to see Calum sitting next to you, you haven’t even noticed him. 'Yeah, yeah I do’ you mumble looking back down to the assignment. 'You pairing with Kila?’ He asks and you nod now looking up. 'I’m sure Mr S won’t mind us being a three’ he continues, you look up now, your eyes meeting his brown ones for a moment. 'Why?’ You ask, only coursing him to laughs a little as he looks at the brief in front of you and pulls it over the table a little so he can see it. 'Why not?’ You don’t have an answer and it is left there. Spending the rest of the lesson going over the assignment.

'So are you free to come mine tonight?’ He asks as you shove your things into your bag. 'No’ toy answer is quick and blunt. 'I mean I am but why don’t you come mine?’ You ask and he smirks. 'I wasn’t planning on drugging you’ he jokes 'you never know’ you’re looking down at you bag as you say it stone faced, when you look up he licks his lips as though to try and not smile. 'Okay, I will be at you’re at 6’ he tells you throwing his bag in his back.

'Don’t you need my address?’ You call as he walks towards the door, he turns walking backwards 'Black door, black gates, big drive, number 12’ he laughs a little as you assume you look quit shocked 'I live down the street (Y/N) I’m not completely oblivious of my surroundings’ and then he is gone.


‘So I bought pizza, my mum told me your parents are out of town soo..’ Calum grins when you open the door sending you a wink. ‘Well how can I reject pizza?’ you joke stepping aside so he can come in. ‘That was the plan. But my question is what was your plan’ he asks raising an eyebrow as your eyes narrow confused. ‘Well you don’t want to come to my house but you got me into your empty house, now who seems like they are gonna drug who?’ he asks and you start to laugh. ‘Damn I’m caught I was gonna slip it in your drink’ you tease, you see a smirk grown on his lips as your eyes lock for a second before you walk past him into the living room, plopping down next to the coffee table you look up to Calum nodding for him to sit too. You both get straight to work, after you run upstairs to get your brother laptop for Calum to use seems as he forgot his own. The doorbell rings through the house forty minutes after he arrives and you stop laughing to answer, grabbing your purse from the arm of the sofa you pay for the pizza and go back in to Calum. ‘Pizza?’ he raises an eyebrow and you laugh ‘Yep. I ordered it before you got here’ you tell him, ‘Well great minds think alike’ he nods approving and you laugh as you throw it in the middle of the table ‘Double pizza means double the work’ you wink grabbing a slice, holding it between your teeth as you click onto a new information page on your laptop. You can feel Calum looking at you and slowly look over your laptop screen and he is smirking a little.

‘What? Do I have something on my face?’ you sass making him laugh a little ‘I was just trying to figure you out’ he tells you, making you frown a little ‘I’m simple Calum, not much to figure out’ you laugh but he shakes his head. ‘No, no, because your quite at school, like the shy girl that sits at the back doing her work, people assume you’re a nerd, a book worm but I notice you, silently getting pissed off with people, playing on your phone at the back of the class, handing work in late, you’re not what people think and then I get to your house and we talk like we have known each other our whole lives, you’re so easy, and I am wondering why you’re not like this at school?’ he finishes, you can feel your heart pounding, had he really been watching you so closely.

‘I like to keep myself to myself, but when people make time for me, I make time for them.’ You explain ‘So if someone doesn’t speak to you first you won’t give them the time of day, doesn’t seem very fair’ he judges and you hear it in his voice, coursing offend, you like how you are, no one ever makes you feel bad about yourself but Calum in only an hour had made you care about what he thinks. ‘I never said that, don’t fucking judge me Calum, you don’t know anything about me. You know I have tried with people in school, in our first year I was never like that. You people pushed me out and so I made myself happy..’ he stops you shaking his head. ‘Wait, us people, us people who?’ he seems angry now.

‘You, you and the rest of the judging arshole at that school, you all walk around thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, half of you don’t actually like the people you call friends.’ You are almost shouting as he shakes his head you let out a sigh. ‘I think you should go’ you whisper ‘Yeah, I’m going’ he stands leaving quickly and you flip the box of pizza in anger.


‘(Y/N), (Y/N) wait up, hey’ you can hear Calum calling you but you carry on walking, turning the music in your ears louder so you can’t hear him, until one is tugged from you, you sling your head in his direction. ‘What do you want?’ you ask your voice harsh and he shakes his head. ‘I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t mean to upset you..’ his voice is kinda soft and you can hear that he means what he is saying but you cut him off anyway ‘Whatever Calum, its fine, I’m gonna finish the project with someone else’ you tell him trying to walk a little quicker. But he grabbed your hand pulling you back a little, ‘Wait, come on we work well, plus I wanted to ask you something’ he tells you, making you stop to turn to him. ‘What Calum?’ you sigh.

‘Come on a date with me, just one and if you hate it then that’s it’ his words shock you and you find yourself scoffing, ‘I knew it, I fucking knew there was a reason you were being nice to me, is this a prank, am I some kind of joke between you and the footballers?’ she sneer, but his eyebrows knit together and he shakes his head, but you turn again walking off pissed.

‘I don’t understand why you assume I’m a dick, you don’t actually know me, you don’t know my friends, you said we judge but that’s ridicules because look at you, you can’t even see when someone actually likes you because your judgement is clouding what’s right in front of you. This isn’t a prank, I like you, your pretty, you’re really fucking hot in this like hidden way and your interesting, different.’

You take a moment to look at him, his eyes soft as they lock with yours, a small smirk tugging his lips as he realises the longer you take to answer the more likely you are today yes. You roll your eyes and nod a little ‘Fine, fine okay yeah, just one though’ you remind him as you rush ahead leaving him behind. 

Part 2

Part 3

From Cheslea

anonymous asked:

But, we're getting an entire ova devoted to aomine and kuroko's first meeting? The anime didnt want to have fill the episode with flashbacks? We still have to Yosen match to get to and Haizaki and Alex to introduce? We'll get out Aokuro moments after this match ends when they fistbump and Aomine teaches Kuorko how to shoot a ball. They can't cut that part out because he does it during Yosen match. So Aokuro wasn't so prominent in this ep in particular. I feel like they are just pacing the anime.

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anonymous asked:

FIC REQUEST: marcus asks clarke permission to propose to abby and then proposing to abby!

There had been a time, not so long ago, when Marcus’s presence had made Clarke wary. Their interactions had lacked the cool and thinly veiled hostility that had punctuated much of her mother’s interaction with the Chief Security Officer, but after he’d locked her in solitary Clarke could never quite bring herself to trust him.  

Amazing, how quickly and completely life on the ground had changed things. 

Now, as they sat next to each other in the dirt near the fire, Clarke was pleased to admit that Marcus’s presence was reassuring. She liked the man and, what was more, she trusted him. Marcus had supported her even when Abby had not, or been unable to; his obvious devotion to her mom was just another mark in his favor as far as Clarke was concerned.

They’d come a long way from their days in space; they all had. 

Clarke raised her eyes to the night sky. “Do you ever miss it?”

Marcus glanced over at her and then followed her gaze up to the stars. “No.”

“I do.”

“Of course you do. You were happy up there, Clarke. You had your family, and your friends, and the promise of a life of relative safety.”

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A rainy night, dreary and bleak, and Niall is just getting home from a long shift at the pub. His jeans are soaked to the knee, his shoes squishing as he trots up the steps to his door while shaking out his umbrella. He digs around in his pocket for his keys, humming to himself as he goes to put the key in the slot, and then he sees the note. 

His fist clenches around his keys, body going rigid. Niall has to physically stop himself from screaming in frustration. His breathing picks up, shoulders rising and falling with the movement, his eyes closing briefly. 

In one swift move, he yanks the taped note off his door and stalks back down the stairs, wrinkling the paper. He doesn’t bother with his umbrella this time, his emotions getting the better of him. 

He’s gonna kill him, he thinks. Niall is going to wring his pretty, long neck and not feel one ounce of shame. He lets his anger fuel his twelve block walk in the freezing rain, clothes sticking to every part of his body. When he gets to the flat, he wastes no time in pounding on the door, his fist aching from how harshly he hits, but he doesn’t care because this has got to stop. 

“Open your fucking door!” Niall ends up yelling. 

It does, a moment later, revealing a disheveled, more tired and run down version of the person he used to know. He’s still got the same long, curly hair, still has those startling green eyes, the same full lips. But he looks empty. 

“Niall?” Harry says, eyebrows furrowing. “What are you doing here?" 

 "Don’t play dumb, Harry,” Niall scoffs, pushing his way in without being invited. “You know exactly why I’m here." 

Harry sighs, his shoulders dropping in defeat and his face falling, making himself look much older than he is. "Niall…" 

"What the hell is this?” Niall hisses, throwing the crumpled paper at Harry, who doesn’t even try to catch it.

Harry’s gaze drops to his feet. “I thought you should know.”

Niall laughs without humor. “Are you fucking kidding me? After all this time–after you left me and made me feel like it was something I did, after letting me believe I wasn’t worth shit for six months–you thought I should know you were falling in love with me? That’s your excuse?”

“I was scared,” Harry whispers, weak and broken. “Niall, you have to understand, I didn’t mean to hurt you–”

“Yeah, well, you did!” Niall yells. “You did hurt me.”

“And I’m sorry, okay? I swear I never intended for you to feel that way, I just needed to figure out some things. I hadn’t ever felt that way about someone before, I never had those kind of–feelings! It was new, and scary, and I freaked out. I’m not saying it was my best moment, disappearing like that, but I’m trying to make it up to you. If you’d let me.”

Harry’s chest is heaving at the end of his speech, eyes burning with something Niall hasn’t seen in six months, making his heart beat faster in his chest.


“You left me,” Niall says again, his voice cracking.

“I’m sorry,” Harry repeats, stepping into Niall’s space and cupping his cheeks. “I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Niall closes his eyes, fighting back every tear and emotion threatening to spill out of him. His mind is telling him to not be an idiot, to not blindly trust Harry after what he did to him. But his heart yearns to have Harry back in his life, begs him to please forgive him so they can be happy again.

Niall swallows, taking a shaky breath. “I was falling in love with you too, you know.”

Harry’s thumbs brush across Niall’s cheeks, foreheads pressed together. “I know,” he murmurs. “We can try, one more time. I promise I’ll be better.”

Niall opens his eyes, heart pounding, blood rushing in his veins. “Okay,” he whispers.

The smile he gets is worth every heartbroken moment.