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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts based on this awesome pose sheet! Got some good tablet practice in, and took my first serious crack at drawing TFA characters. I’m totally going to keep going with the prompts, but I’m very slow so don’t wait up. 

Halloween is coming and autumn is the best season so here are your Foxes Halloween/general-autumn-goodness hcs from me and @aristptle !!

  • fall is in the air at Palmetto State and the foxes are Hyped™ for Halloween
  • Nicky eventually convinces Matt and Neil to go costume shopping with him and everyone else just tags along
    • Nicky is a vampire
      • Nicky: I could suck your blood,,, or your-
      • Andrew: no
    • Nicky forces Neil to be a prince
      • Neil: why
      • Nicky: because I need to see you in a crown at least once, Neil,, I have to
    • Andrew comes but refuses to buy a costume, Neil has to make sure he doesn’t strangle Nicky multiple times
    • Renee gets an angel costume (let’s be real here) and Allison gets a devil costume (couple costumes are my weakness)
    • Kevin gets blackmailed into buying a queen costume, complete with crown and cape
    • Dan and Matt get cop and robber costumes (Dan’s the cop, Matt is the robber)
    • Aaron is something lame, like a doctor bc he is Boring and could just take the scrubs from his work experience
  • Nicky’s ridiculously invested in all things autumn tbh, like pumpkin spiced lattes are one of his seven wonders of the world
    • he refuses to eat anything that’s not pumpkin spiced for the entire week leading up to Halloween and Kevin is Pissed™ about it
      • Kevin: are you fucking serious?
      • Nicky: you’re just jealous *sips his latte*
      • *later that day*
      • Kevin: can you pls just eat a vegetable???
      • Nicky: Pumpkins ARE vegetables Kevin!!
  • They carve pumpkins together at Dan’s insistence that it is “team bonding”
    • Renee turns out to be some kind of pumpkin artist, like this girl has all the knife skills and she carves this rose design into the pumpkin and it’s Gorgeous
    • Andrew could have probably achieved something similar but he doesn’t care enough so he shoves a knife in it, pronounces it done and goes to mock Neil in his attempts at carving a fox paw into his pumpkin (junkie)
    • Dan carves the feminist symbol into hers and writes “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL” on the back
    • Matt does as well bc my boy is a feminist and in love
    • Alison tries So Hard to carve an angel for Renee but it doesn’t exactly work out?? It looks more like a blob
    • Nicky carves his with a kissy face
    • Aaron carves a cat bc they’re Katelyn’s favourite animal and she is hanging around when they’re doing it
    • Kevin carves a clumsy version of the Trojans’ symbol and jeremy’s number bc he’s a massive fanboy
      • Pics are immediately uploaded to twitter and added to the growing pile of evidence that Kevin has a crush
  • Halloween finally comes and! trick-or-treating foxes!!
    • Andrew acts like he doesn’t want to come, but Neil knows he would never pass down an opportunity to get free candy
    • Andrew wears Aaron’s jersey as a costume and Neil is the prince of Nicky’s dreams
    • Renee buys them all those little pumpkin shaped bucket things that kids have to collect candy in
    • Nicky carefully plans their whole trick or treating route down to the millimeter, so that they can maximise the amount of candy they can get
    • He also tells ridiculous Halloween puns at every door they knock on and all the foxes and their neighbours are Done™ with him
    • Andrew is the kind of trick-or-treater who counts every single fucking piece of candy
      • Nicky makes the mistake of stealing his Reese’s,, he barely survives the encounter
  • Neil ends up giving most of his sweets to Andrew bc he’s not really fussed for them and he’s an excellent boyfriend
    • Kevin is Pissed about the amount of sugar Andrew eats but that’s news to no one
  • Andrew is pretty much always cold as soon as October comes around so he takes to stealing Neils clothes to stay warmer bc the fact that Neil is three inches taller means he has longer arms so Andrew can curl his hands up inside the sleeves
    • Neil starts bringing a blanket up to the roof when he notices this and they sit and huddle under it while they smoke

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Don’t Recall - KARD

Youth Hurts/Blue Blossom - VIXX

Embarrassed/Blanket Kick - BTS

Oh My God - TaeTiSeo

BeBe - Seo In Guk

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KrisHo Parents Comic part 8

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Usually I would put my comment in the tags, but I just wanted to say here I’m sorry for kind of a boring update! I promise it’s relevant to plot and also to how Yifan interacts with Sehun and Joonmyun in the future :) Bear with me for a little bit and KrisHo will go back to bein all cute and domestic really really soon <3 

Seventeen things in the News Ade video

  • Woozi’s “Aow”
  • “Okay. Let’s go”
  • Seungkwan creating tension while choosing a card
  • Vernon laughing his head off and refusing to participate
  • Hoshi creating a choreography (performance leader everyone)
  • The8′s subtle beatboxing skillz
  • SoonSeok harmony
  • Jeonghan looking longingly at Joshua
  • Joshua looking longingly at Woozi’s guitar

I don’t think you guys realize how much your tags and messages mean to me.

When these things happen, it tells me that someone out there likes what I do so much that they will go out of their way and tell me.

It’s motivational, it keeps me happy, it keeps me going. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

So please, don’t ever hesitate to tell your fellow artist that you love their art, because I guarantee that every single one of them will appreciate your warm words.

Better Late Than Never

Summary: Dan has loved Phil for 6 years, since the sacred 2009. Phil, on the other hand, couldn’t give less of a shit. When Dan gets so jealous of Phil’s girlfriend that he considers moving out, Phil finally realizes what he might be losing.

Genre: Angst, fluff, reality!phan

4 years. They’ve lived together for 4 years.

6 years. Dan has felt this way for 6 years.

And he can’t take one more second of it.

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All right, I know everyone’s said their piece about that scene from last night’s AoS, but I’m throwing my opinion out there as well.

Since she got back, Jemma’s guilt has been building and building until last night she couldn’t take it any more. She was gone for months and she not only gave up hope, but she gave up hope on Fitz, the person who has been by her side for so many years. She allowed herself to love Will (I don’t believe she’s in love with him) and that’s terrible enough.

Then she comes back to Fitz. Darling, precious Fitz who never gave up hope and who put everything on the line to bring her back. All that does is make her feel even worse. He’s so good and he’s willing to do whatever he can to make her happy, even if that means bringing the man she loves/loved back as well. She doesn’t feel like she deserves him. 

Last week, she as good as told Fitz she was in love with him and he brushed it aside and Jemma’s not having it. She needs to see Fitz being selfish. He’s been selfess for so long and he’s suffered so much and that breaks Jemma’s heart because if he’s so undeserving of all that pain. So she does the only thing she can: she provokes him, pushing him to become selfish. He finally lets out all that anger, but his self-doubt kicks in and Jemma can’t take it. He’s her hero, literally, and she can’t stand to see him putting himself down like that, so she has to remind him of what he’s done, because she literally wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for him.

Then we get to the kisses and they’re both so different. The first is Fitz finally channelling his anger and his love for Jemma into a passionate kiss. The second is gentle, it’s Jemma wanting him to show him that she loves him because he hasn’t been listening to her words.

please remember this before you rip into dirk over his relationship with jake. he knows he was shitty so please give the kid a break.