i wasn't going to eat that

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b


“I will always wish for that…”

Jack and Parse doing impressions of each other.

Parse just lowers his voice and uses a monotone like

Parse: It was a tough game but… full credit to the boys… and hockey… was the winner on the day


Parse: What’s a twitter?

Parse: I hate you, Kent

Parse: I’m going to eat yet another pie that I just pulled out of my freezer

Jack’s method of impersonating Parse is to put on shutter shades

Jack: *starts singing off-key Adele to a poster of himself, mascara-tears running down his face*

Parse: How are you doing that? You weren’t even wearing mascara-

Jack: At least- *sobs* -I still h-have my- *sobs* -my cat

This is random but last year my dad got kind of shitty about Jake going to their house for our “family” Christmas like just with me and my parents and my brother. But my mom was like, “No, I’m making an entire turkey, Jake needs to come and help us eat it.”

My mom just texted me and said dad wanted to make sure I knew that Jake is invited to their house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year :)

  • Mahiru: If you could be doing anything, what would you be doing?
  • Kuro: Eating ramen.
  • Mahiru: If you didn't have ramen?
  • Kuro: Go and get some ramen.
  • Mahiru: If you ran out of ramen?
  • Kuro: Send you off to buy ramen.
  • Mahiru:
  • Mahiru: If ramen didn't exist!?
  • Kuro: Invent ramen.

omfg i woke up from a nap and i had the weirdest goddamn dream about Kings of Con

i was going to be at a con and i got an email from their staff asking if i was available to do a small role and i was like “??? sure why not!”

the role was literally just “reluctant assistant to rob benedict” and we did several scenes but the only one i remember was

i had just been “hired” and it was us awkwardly in a hotel room watching shitty daytime television while eating ice cream and it was like it was supposed to be a job interview and we had this conversation:

but his character was actually just lonely and wanted someone to hang out with

keep doing you, brain

Alec is staring, but he doesn’t care.

It’s one of those downworlder meetings they are actually invited to. Not because they are acquaintances with Magnus, but because the nephilim were actually required to go.

Simon is hanging with the vampires, Izzy is hanging by Meliorn’s arm, Clary and Jace are talking by the food table, although it doesn’t look like they are eating anything from it. Magnus assured them nothing was going to be poisonous or dangerous, but no one is taking chances tonight. After all, even if this is the after party, doesn’t mean it’s really a party, right?

Alec is standing at the entrance, arms crossed over his chest. Magnus is at the opposite site of the room, discussing with Luke and other werewolves about God knows what.

And Alec is staring at him. At his perfect stance, his cat-like movements when talking and gesturing; the little swinging of his shoulders, and his chin up, showing that way his power and confidence, demanding respect in silence. His cat eyes are showing and aside from Luke, everybody seems to be charmed by him.

Alec smiles a little. It’s so fun to watch Magnus on his element. To see him working politics from afar.

Then one of the werewolves starts talking, gesturing wildly in a friendly manner. Magnus’ cat eyes shot up and now he’s staring at Alec too over this werewolf’s shoulder. And he doesn’t even move his lips, but he knows. I’m so bored.

The shadowhunter can’t help but scoff, how can Magnus say that he’s bored? He was just enjoying himself a second ago. Alec shots him a look. Serves you right.

He can see Magnus struggling to hold his own laughter before looking at him directly in the eye again. I want to go home. Alec looks around the room, reminding him that this is important and that they couldn’t just go around this. Magnus rolls his eyes and the werewolf laughs, maybe thinking that Magnus’ reaction was from something he said. You’re not having fun anyways. The meeting is over.

Alec shots him a glare through his half closed eyes. Suddenly Magnus’ eyes turn to brown and he counterattacks Alec with a honey-like look. Please, babe.

Thirty seconds into a staring contest, Alec blinks and Magnus smiles triumphantly, sipping at the last of his wine, making his rings shine under the room lights. Alec sighs and accepts his defeat, gesturing to Izzy and turning around to leave.

Seconds later, Magnus is by his side, beaming with excitement. Alec glares. “You used the puppy eyes. That’s not fair.”

“I will repay you once we’re back, dearest.” And with a wink, Magnus opens a portal.

(Or in which Malec can communicate by just staring at each other’s eyes).

Exo Discusses Their Next Comeback Concept
  • Suho: So what concept should we do for our next comeback?
  • Chanyeol: Me
  • D.O.: That's not a concept
  • Baekhyun: I think it's a great concept
  • Suho: ...
  • Kai: What about food? We could just like eat... & stuff
  • Xiumin: Whatever we do, I'm not dressing like a fucking child
  • Chen: But that's your appeal. The sexy man-baby.
  • D.O.: What about me? They always dress me like a child too...
  • Chanyeol: That's because you're scary as fuck.
  • Baekhyun: Yeah, they're trying to make you seem approachable.
  • D.O.: I'm approachable...
  • Chen: Whatever you say.
  • Suho: Can we get back to the concept, please?
  • Xiumin: We could actually do something with our superpowers.
  • Kai: F-food?
  • Chanyeol: I still say me.
  • D.O.: That is not a fucking concept.
  • Baekhyun: I still think it's a great concept
  • Chen: That's because you agree with everything he says.
  • Baekhyun: I do not.
  • Chanyeol: You kind of do.
  • Baekhyun: You're right.
  • Chen: Are you two gonna make out now, or?
  • Sehun: Don't encourage them
  • Suho: Guys. Please.
  • Kai: We could just sit on stage & eat. It'll be great.
  • Kai: I'm hungry.
  • Lay: What if we go simple, just not do anything but sing really meaningful songs to the fans because we love them & then we could go around giving all of them hugs because love
  • Sehun: that's boring as fuck wow good job
  • Suho: Leave Yixing alone.
  • Kai: So hungry...
  • Xiumin: I want to be shirtless for the next comeback.
  • Luhan: I think that's a great idea.
  • Chen: Where the fuck did you come from?
  • Luhan: ...
  • Luhan: China

I was test streaming and did a sketch really quick but then people came so I one layered it with this pic


Guys….I think the back cover of the second manga is what happens right before “Road to Hero” XDD That, or this is their spot where they go to eat together, ‘cause I’m pretty sure it’s the same building.

((I was looking at that cover and I couldn’t figure out why Genos would be walking straight up to the roof of a building that clearly isn’t their apartment or some HQ for the HA…and then I remembered this ^^;))

I knew there was a reason I hated cheese

EDIT: I AM FINE.  Let’s preface this with that. 8)

I made tacos for dinner.  Went to the fridge to find that my cheese was moldy.  I’m like, I don’t even really LIKE cheese.  I’ll just eat my tacos without it.

Then I’m like, But I do like cheese on tacos…  And the store is five minutes up the road…  So I turn everything off and go get my coat and almost leave wihtout my phone but I remember it this time.  

Drive to the grocery store, buy cheese, leave grocery store.  Head home with my cheese.  Dude hits me trying to pass on the left on a two lane road.  

I call the police, because I’m a lone woman on a dark road with a driver who HIT ME and tried to drive off.  Police come, take reports, wish us well, leaves.

My car won’t start.  I got so flustered I forgot to turn off the headlights and the battery is dead.

I call AAA, who tells me that despite the fact that it is 35 degrees out and I was just in an accident and I’m a single female sitting in a car beside a road, they’re looking at 90 minutes.  Minimum.

By this point, I am sobbing hysterically, because honestly, I am done.  I am so done.  The cops come back, call a local office for a tow, I get a jump start and an 90 dollar bill that AAA MIGHT reimburse me for, and I get to go home.

With my cheese.  And three hours of my life gone on an asshole who tried to pass me into oncoming traffic.

Stupid. Goddamn.  CHEESE.

  • Winter Schnee: *cold and hostile*
  • Me: Ah, yes, another "must live up to big sister's expectations" plot, another "sister who doesn't care at all about anything but perfection" character. I'd really hoped they were going to do something different, but -
  • Winter Schnee: NO, YOU BOOB. Are you eating well?! Have you taken up any new hobbies?
  • Me: Winter is my favorite time of the year