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I'm not the anon that sent the other messages but seriously, the way you're handling this comes across as pretty insensitive. My niece is a victim of rape & incest and because of that, the whole cousin Ben trope upsets me. If it bothers me so much even when I wasn't a victim of it myself, I can't imagine how upsetting it must be for people who have gone through it themselves. I know that there are ways to avoid it but aware that it's more than a squick for some people.

There’s a difference between rape and consensual sex. Cousin Ben Week will feature consenting adults. I am sorry that happened to your niece. I was sexually assaulted in my early twenties so I have things that I avoid reading.

Here’s the thing, I avoid it. I don’t censor others because I don’t expect the world to revolve around me. It is my job to avoid my triggers, not others to avoid creating content just because it would upset me. If that were the case I wouldn’t have had Reylo tentacle rape come across my dash a few months ago now would I? And from what I recall that little story was applauded while subjects that contain consenting adults and is commonplace in many countries around the world is cried about.

For every one person who is upset about Cousin Ben Week, there’s at least ten who are looking forward to it. Many from countries where marriage between cousins is a regular thing in their culture.

My Gruvia theories: grays feelings progress
  • So when Gray was first getting to know her: he was impressed with her powers. He felt like he was the one in fairytail to know her first so he wanted to give her a kind welcome. He thought they'd become good "friend's"
  • When she showed her affections he just thought she was crazy. He didn't think those feelings were serious at first. Which they weren't so much.
  • Once they got to the island for the sclass exam: He gained high hopes for her. He wanted her to do well. She was the only one who he really cared about succeeding. He just wanted to beat everyone else. Once he learned there were enemies on the island, he became instantly concerned for her. He worried for her. He was very uncomfortable with her not being around. When he saved her life he planned to not tell her or anyone else. Very modest of him.
  • When Lyon stepped in: By then he had become colder towards Juvia...Why?? Let me tell you why. He wanted to protect his heart. He had put a huge guard up because he thought this was protecting her. He thought that if he distances himself, it'll be easier to not be tempted by her. But then Lyon stepping in made Gray angry. Gray believed that Juvia was capable of falling for Lyon. It wasn't because lyon was "taking his guild mate," because...let's face it. if lyon was walking off with cana, Gray wouldn't have given a damn.
  • The grand magic games: Gray had built a strong connection with Juvia in his heart but he didn't want to reveal it. When Juvia performed her spell for him and he flinched, it was because he's not the type to let his love be known in public. Also it actually could of subconsciously been because Gray took the precaution of protecting Juvia really seriously. I believe that Gray believes that if he reveals his feelings for Juvia or if their bond becomes known to the enemies (demons etc)that killed his family, then Juvia would be next in line. So juvia declaring her love for him could have put her life in danger. Gray could have subconsciously been thinking that.
  • Their unison raid: He knew that they had a deep connection and that their love itself could make them win. Thats why Hiro called it "sychonised love attack" All of this about their "teamwork" which was initiated by Gray who used other words disquise his love. That's why Chelia called them "beautiful" (romantic) It was actually a very bold sign that they'd turn canon.
  • Fastforward:
  • when erza confronted Gray about Juvia, it means that she doesn't believe Juvias love is one sided. How can she tell? Because Gray is really on guard around Juvia.
  • Their popular moments:
  • Dying for her: well protecting her was one of his main priorities so it's no surprise at all.
  • When Juvia confronted Gray about his father's death: the reason why he embraced Juvia in such a tender way was because he was so sorry for her pain and his father's death. But it wasn't just that. His guard fell down completely and at that moment, he wished that he had never been dishonest with Juvia. For example, imagine you had a friend who deeply cared for and loved you but you just ignored him/her even though you cared for and loved him/her too. Then you find out later that he/she did something incredible for you, then you break down into tears and you realise how bad you had been to him. I believe that's why he was saying sorry over and over again. Also he had just lost his father. To lose the love of his life right after that would've made him that much more lonely. That moment would've stayed with him forever. Linking Juvias importance to the importance of his father.
  • Fastforward to time skip:
  • when they lived together Gray would've been happy. However, as a guy who has hormones it seems a little fishy he didn't get at least tempted to sleep with her...right?? Well, Gray knew that falling asleep together, obviously that would've meant they were now in a relationship. But he doesn't want her life to be in danger. The demon that killed his family? I bet he believed that a demon would go after her if they were together. He really did. He wanted to Protect her. Just like hiro's quote for gray said..."to protect those you find important. You need a will of ice."
  • I don't believe he had really thought a relationship with Juvia could really happen for them, until they lived together. Gray just would've believed that because of his tragedies, he can't have love.
  • Living with Juvia, I think Gray realised then that he wanted it to be like that in the future. And he developed more hope for love and believed that it could happen, but first. ..he'd have to defeat END. So he took off for six months (though he though itd be quicker) because he had to train his power so that he could be strong enough to defeat END and then he'd finally be able to have a future. Which would be his future with Juvia.
  • When Natsu called Gray a jerk for abandoning Juvia for six months:
  • the reason why Gray would've stayed silent, is because he believed natsu was right. Gray must've felt really bad being away from Juvia all that time.
  • When he saw Juvia again after six months: I think he was amazed at how she wasn't upset with him. He got shivers when he heard her voice, so I think he was expecting some drama, but instead she smiled lovingly at him, threw her arms around him, and cheered about how much she missed him. Then he felt like the love he was receiving was undeserved. So he felt deeply bad and said sorry then him and Juvia fought the enemy.
  • After the time skip: If you notice closely Gray and Juvia are almost constantly together after that. I think Juvia was also a major force of determination for Gray to defeat END. So that she could be safe. Her being with him all the time was a motivation.
  • I'll give you my answer after the war" balcony scene:
  • I believe Gray had already decided his answer during the one year skip.
  • When he said "you're always by my side" he didn't just mean literally...he also meant "loyalty" She always has faith in him and never takes him for Granted. Her "always being by his side" also meant her always loving him. If he didn't love her back then he WOULDN'T have been grateful. He would've felt sorry for her instead and pity.
  • He said "for now, let me focus" because he wants to defeat END without a thought of distraction.
  • The latest chapters 499-504:
  • just before Juvia "died" Gray told her he could never hurt a "friend" and then quickly said "no! I could never hurt you!" Because she's not his friend. She's his future. He told her he just wanted to protect her and she understood what he meant. Then they both "died" but he woke up, she gave her speech, and then he burst out crying so fast it wasn't funny. This would've been such hell for him. She was one of his main motivations. She loved him unconditionally. He DID love her. He'd decided she was his future. He'd waited and not even got the chance to tell her how he felt before she died. He didn't even get to kiss her. (This is why I think the kiss really happened)
  • Then he kicked invels ass and screamed that he taking away Juvias future was unforgivable. Now let's stop for a moment. Gray Full buster is actually a very forgiving person. He can forgive very quickly. The fact that it's unforgivable proved just how he loved Juvia and how much he thought of her future. He wasn't just meaning "you took away her future" he was also meaning "you took away our future. We were both going to be happy and together!"
  • Then when Gray tries to kick Natsus ass...well let's just say he's so full of hatred for everything at this point, he really just don't give a f*ck about anything. He's just letting the darkness take over him and kill him. After all, defeating END was more essential to him than anything (except Juvia) so yeah ..that's just some of my clever input. Haha.
  • And btw:
  • I have never been wrong with any romance in anime, or with understanding characters. I just happen to always get it right! Haha. Especially shounen. Thanks and please like if you agree with my theories : )

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Hello! I'm crying right now because one of my friends I like told me on skype that he wasn't going to date anyone else and removed me and I'm upset. Could you please cheer me up with a big Woozi fluff like that expect instead of crush it's just your friend and Woozi comforts you? Thank you it would mean a lot! - Woozi Anon

Oh my gosh sweetie I’m so sorry! When I saw this I was ready to fight! I just wanted to hug you and punch that guy in the face! Sweetie if he’s gonna treat you this way you can do so much better. You deserve better. If you ever want to vent (and that goes for all of my readers) I’m here for you. I tried my best to make it as fluffy as possible, I don’t know if I did a very good job. I hope you like it and I hope you feel better. If you don’t like it I can rewrite it for you. I’m so sorry love, I’m sending a big hug your way! - Maya
Pairing: Woozi x (female) reader
Genre: angst, fluff

Originally posted by mountean

“Jin, you’re here!” You exclaimed when your laptop screen displayed the face of your long time friend.

He hummed and kept his gaze down onto his hands.

“Is everything okay?”

“No, everything is not okay. I thought I told you Y/N. I don’t know why I even put up with you.”

Your fingers tightened around the arm of your computer chair. He didn’t mean those things. He just wasn’t in a good mood. You smiled at him to try to mask the pain that was trying to seep through and show itself through your facial expressions.

“You don’t mean that, Jin. You-”

“No Y/N, I mean it. You just don’t get it do you? I told you I wasn’t going to be with anyone else. Yet here you are still trying to get me to change my mind. I know you still have feelings for me and honestly it’s pathetic. Don’t call me anymore, Y/N.”

With that he ended the call before you could even respond. You tried calling him back, but it said he wasn’t available at the moment. You sat in your chair, unable to believe what happened. He said you were pathetic. He didn’t want to talk to you anymore. You were the only one to blame.

Something wet fell onto the back of your hand. You lifted it up to wipe away the tears, but more clouded your vision. You held your head in your hands and stayed in that position until you heard your phone ringing from the bed. You would’ve let it ring if it was someone else. The familiar ringtone echoing throughout the room.

“Jihoon, what’s up?” You asked clearing your throat.

“I’m coming over.”

“For what? Why? Don’t come over!”

“I was calling to see if you had one of my sweaters, but I can tell something’s wrong. So shut up and deal with it. I’m on my way now.” He explained casually. Before you could deny anything he hung up the phone.

You sighed and laid on your side. Your eyes landing on a small picture of you and Jin. You were a little relieved that he was coming over. You confided in Woozi and he did the same to you. Maybe not as much as you did, but when he needed someone to listen to him you were there. You covered your face with the palms of your hands and turned over. It was your fault Jin ended your friendship. After being friends for so long you went and ruined it by having feelings for him. You didn’t blame him, but he didn’t have to be so harsh.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been in that position when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. You groaned in response and heard it open up.

“Your door was unlocked, that’s really dangerous Y/N. How long have you been like that? You look like death.”

“Jihoon.. What’s wrong with me? Am I really that horrible?”

“Y/N, what happened? Was it that asshole Jin?” Woozi asked sitting next to you.

You buried your face deeper into your pillow. Jihoon has warned you so many times about him. You just didn’t want to listen. You had faith in Jin and hoped maybe things would work out for you and him. Jin just didn’t think the same of you as you did of him. He sighed and sat you up so were leaning on him instead.

“I won’t say I told you so, but I will say I’ll kick his ass. Y/N you deserve someone so much better.”

“What if I never find someone Jihoon?” You asked leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“You’ll find someone Y/N. He’s missing out on someone beautiful and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“Even you?” You asked wrapping your arms around him in a side hug.

“Even me. You don’t need him in your life. Besides you already have a best friend and that’s me!”

“Jin was never my best friend, Woozi. No one could ever take your place.” You giggled.

“It better stay that way too or I’m hitting you with my guitar.” You pulled away and pushed him playfully.

“Lee Jihoon, did you just threaten me?”

He stuck his tongue out and pushed you over on your side.

“So what if I did? What are you gonna-”

His sentence stopped short when a pillow hit his side causing him to fall out of the bed. The pillow falling out of your hands and onto the open space in front of you.

“You’re gonna get it now.”

Jihoon jumped on the bed and his fingers ran up and down your side tickling you. You squirmed underneath him and tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“I’m sorry! Stop! Please, I can’t take it! Jihoon!” Your body shaking with laughter the more he tickled you. 

He released his grip and laid down next to you. He may not be affectionate and can’t always express how he feels, but he had his moments. He was the first person you called when you were upset. Although it may seem weird to others, it didn’t to you. For some reason his grumpy attitude brightened your day and you wouldn’t want to change that.

“Jin is stupid.” You said while giggling.

“Hell yeah he is!”

“Thanks Woozi.” You said grabbing his hand that was next to you.

“Anything for you Y/N.”

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Can you please write a super angsty scenario about Dazai (when he was in the Mafia) having an s/o (who's also in the Mafia) but one day during a dangerous mission they become comatose. Years later when Dazai joins the ADA he finds out that his s/o finally wakes up only to see them super upset with him leaving the Mafia. I hope this wasn't too detailed I just wanna make it easier for you ;u;

I woke up a giant saltball today so here is some angst drabble for you nonny!

Time is stubborn. It is an infinite uncontrollable monster that stops for nothing. A cruel adjacent fact is that people can stop—sometimes forever and sometimes not. Humans are not capable of controlling much yet they still keep pushing towards unrealistic goals and far off expectancies that mask as a type of structure. In truth humans have zero authority of their lives and if possible, even less over the actions of others. This loophole grinds in the shadows of everyday agendas and because of this fate is undeterminable. Time laughs in the face of money and power; they are meaningless words to the chaotic universe in which humanity resides.

When people are meant to vanish from the earth but land on the sliver of a chance at life they stop existing in reality and wind up suspended in limbo, but only for a short while. At least, that’s what it felt like to you. A blip, a millisecond, a cat nap on Dazai’s couch with his fingers running through your hair—stop.

Your fingers clench the handle of the wooden umbrella as you walk briskly through the crowded streets. Rain drizzles from the thickening clouds and the city is covered in a morning fog rolling in from the sea.  The light turns yellow and people congregate near the dip in the sidewalk waiting to cross. There’s a puddle the color of muddled tea beneath your feet. It reflects your narrowed gaze and sunken look back at you with malice—so you stomp it until the light turns red. The soft taps of rain atop your umbrella come down in a staccato beat nearly identical to a symphony you’d attended with Kouyou on your 14th birthday. Those memories come back in fragments, like pictures from an old blurry film but they remained intact. Chuuya’s temper, Kouyou’s soft features, Dazai’s incessant talking and bandaged eye, Akutagawa’s disciple-like attitude towards Dazai, Dazai’s laugh–stop.

There had been too much to think about when the world wavered into view. You remembered the feeling of bricks and the taste of metal pooling in the back of your throat. The sound of bones crunching and someone screaming, how the world sort of shimmered as it faded away. A few seconds of your life turned into three years left in a hospital room like a ghost without a way home. Kouyou had demanded it despite the chances of your survival being less than ideal, let alone any residual damage if you ever actually awoke. Had Kouyou been there she would have waved her painted nail at the doctor and grinned with an “I told you so” look.

Other than the translucency of your skin from years gaining nutrients through tubes and IVs there was nothing keeping you from returning to everyday life after a few months. Muscles atrophied and your teeth needed to be replaced from the initial blow, but that was nothing. That’s how Kouyou saw it and for once Chuuya had nothing snarky to say. However his ability to remain stunningly handsome while crying made you feel even more grotesque when someone finally handed you a mirror.

It took four days for Chuuya to finally answer your question about Dazai.

It took three weeks for you to stop crying.

No note, no goodbye, nothing. Time had taken everything from you without your consent. Left you stranded on an island in the back of your own mind for three goddamn years. For what?

Not a damn thing.

The door to the bar is grimy and the handle is smudged with dirt. There’s only three people scattered inside the expansive bar, its thin but its long and several booths line the wall near the back. Your stomach contorts as you slide over the hardened plastic and balance your chin in your palm. Raindrops chase each other down the window as people scuttle for cover beneath buildings. The city looks like it’s falling to ashes with the wind and thick smoke-like fog encompassing the streets. Water drips from the ends of your hair as you tug your hoodie over your ears and sigh into the window. Why had you even agreed to this? What was the point?

Because he was everything before it all vanished. He was the reason you stayed, the reason you forced yourself to complete mission after mission no matter how much you loathed the role you ended up with in this city. Because of the way he kissed you, the way whispered your name in the middle of the night with his lips on your throat, the way he grabbed at your skin like he would die without it—stop!

The world keeps spinning even if you’re frozen. It’s cruel and unfair, but it does and it did and now you’re stuck with one hand on the door and the other gripped behind you by the boy you’d loved for five years. His coat, once black like the night sky, was now beige and nearly as long as he was. That mop of chocolate brown hair remained unkempt and windblown from the raging storm outside. Blood pumps through your ears and his heart is beating so hard you can feel it through the pad of his finger resting on your wrist. He steps closer and closer until he’s taking the air straight from your lungs.

I love you.”

A whisper of three words stops everything.

Don’t stop

Just for a moment.

I love you too.”

The bell above the door chimes as you walk through the doorway back into the falling rain. Dazai’s lip quivers but he holds his form tight as Kunikida’s voice belts across the bar in vehemence. Its three in the afternoon on a Tuesday—he found out you woke up at midnight on a Tuesday.  He’d lost you at eleven-forty-three in the morning on a Sunday—he couldn’t remember what time he left his mission and finally deflected from the Mafia. From that point on time was nothing but something to run from.

He could never bring himself to enter your hospital room, so he kept running and running until time caught up with him. Reuniting as strangers, as enemies, was better than never reuniting at all. At least, this is what Dazai tells himself as grinds his teeth to stop himself from screaming your name.  

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i remember growing up and hating my dark skin, i was in a predominately white school and i used to look at the white girls and wonder why doesn't my hair look like that and crap, i always hated my skin and i used to be so upset my skin wasn't lighter. now i'm starting my sophomore year in high school and i love love love my skin and my hair :))) couldn't be happier with myself. it takes time to expect yourself and honestly black girls are magic ✨


“one is a royal, and the other has no clue” au [ao3]

because i’m about to reach 300 followers and i’m excited

also to dampen the angst some may be feeling after the finale


It takes her four years, three glaring hints and a first-hand meeting until she finally pieces it together.

Looking back, the signs were there from the start – the very first moment she met him, she knew there was something different about him, the way his back was always so straight, his words ever so proper, how his manners were far too polite. But she’d never actually befriended a Brit, much less actually been there, so buying into media stereotypes, she’d guessed they just raised their kids differently over the pond.

They become fast friends, and for the first time it’s her that makes the first move, asking him if he wanted to grab some drinks after work. She finds that for such a proper man, he can surely drink a lot. And Emma’s never quite been a rum girl, but when he picks it as his poison, she can’t help but call for one for herself as well.

That night, she finds out two things: one, he curses when he’s drunk; and two, even in a drunken state, he’s a perfect gentleman.

The first clue comes a year later, when they’ve become good friends who spend much free time together (platonically, might she add). So when he says he’s got to go back home for his cousin’s wedding for the week, she can’t help but feel slightly lonely for the next seven days. And in an attempt to show that she’s not totally reliant on him and that she does have other friends, she and Ruby plan a girl’s night, which ends up being them binge watching whatever’s on Netflix.

When he comes back, he’s in a chipper mood, telling her all about his cousin that about time got married to his wife, when he’d already called from the beginning that she’d be the one for him.

“Big party?” she asks, sitting on his desk with her legs crossed as he reclines in his chair.

He grins at her, eyes crinkling, and wow, she’s never seen him so happy, so she figures it just has to do with seeing his family after over year of separation, “You have no idea.”

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I'm kind of upset that there isn't an official kataang week like this. Why don't you run that as well? A lot of people would probably join in and then all the shippers would feel happy and included.

Nah, that ship is honestly repulsive to me. 

I mean, you guys have canon. Isn’t that enough?

EDIT: apparently there is a Kataang Week! I think I read it’s happening in July.