i wasn't expecting such scene


“When you said you were going to Tokyo,” Haruka finally broke the silence, and Makoto was happy to find he had been wrong about the power of the human voice. “I was confused… I just thought we’d stay together after graduation. No other alternative was a possibility. Then in Australia, I realized why the thought of you leaving terrified me.” Makoto closed his eyes and pulled in closer to Haruka. “And where did all that stuff about smothering come from? You never smothered me. Sometimes, I stayed in the bath too long… because I knew you’d come and pull me out.” [x]

that deleted scene of trini tearing off kimberly’s graffitied locker and then running off with her down the hall as Kim stares at her in bi panic? why wasn’t that in the movie, it was so gay, we were ROBBED

Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


Before Season 2 finale: Oh I wonder what camp Max is signed up for. Maybe it’s escape-camp, since he was scheming about getting out of the camp so much in Season 1!

After Season 2 finale: FUCK


Legends of Tomorrow | 1.13

Mick in the Captain’s chair. @sassmasterradagast

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I don't think Jon making sarcastic or perhaps insensitive remarks to Sansa is nearly as ooc as people have made it out to be, and hardly makes him an ass. They both have different views that can lead to bouts of frustration that goes back to season 6. At least they try and understand and listen to each other.

I didn’t find it ooc either. The “how am I supposed to be smarter? by listening to you?” was rough, but Jon absolutely has this occasional sharp/surly edge to his words, it’s one of his peculiar traits, and I wouldn’t want him to restrain himself or treat Sansa like a porcelain doll.

it’s a positive sign that they had this conversation after their disagreement in the great hall. It could have easily ended on an icy note, but they went on a walk together and discussed it privately and neither seemed to be holding a grudge—especially not Sansa, who might have been since she lost the argument. They also seem to be more comfortable around each other. This is probably something they do on a regular basis, walking back together to their rooms, to the godswood or something, and talking and joking. I like that it transpires from their interactions.


What now? Feel free to give up, if you wish.

One more connecticon post–I don’t think this Guts has a tumblr but he had a really fun photo idea (even if it required a lot of balance on my part)…thanks to @bythe-outsider for taking the pictures!!


Arishok’s Vitaar – According to stories out of Kirkwall, the military leader of the Qunari spent a number of years marooned in the Free Marches city of Kirkwall – without once receiving supplies from his people or calling for help. Why he did so, and how the Qunari got along without an Arishok, is unkown. The Qunari in Kirkwall did, however, have to trade considerable supplies from their sunken ship… including the Arishok’s personal face paint, created from a rare and venomous snake in Par Vollen known to kill a person in seconds.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meme: 1 of 7 quotes.

Willow: Buffy’s like my best friend, she’s really special, and there’s this whole bunch of us, and-and we sort of have this group thing that revolves around the slaying and-and I really want you to meet them, but I-I just kinda like having something that’s just, you know, mine. And I-I usually don’t use so many words to say stuff that little, but, do you get it at all? 
Tara: I do.
Willow: I should check in with Giles, get a situation update.
Tara: I am, you know.
Willow: What?
Tara: Yours.

  • ._. so i had a dream about the upcoming hour event
  • and...
  • Pearl: We'll do anything to get Steven back, even if means fighting you!
  • Blue Diamond: Toothbrushes....
  • Garnet: what.
  • Blue Diamond: I want toothbrushes...
  • Amethyst: ._.
  • Yellow Diamond: Make that two tooth brushes...
  • Amethyst: are you fucking kidding me
  • Garnet: well i wasn't expecting this
  • scene shifts to a local grocery store
  • Me: *Buys entire tooth brush aisle*
  • Dad: what are you doing

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The worst thing about reading chapter 9 was that I thought I was ready for the angst but I wasn't expecting the banquet scene with Christophe and it fucking broke me, and Viktor falling apart in an empty hallway after realizing Yuuri was gone killed. And omfg the parallel of Yuuri crying with Vicchan and Viktor crying with Makka was too much for my poor fragile heart. Thank you so much for being such an amazing writer and being able to pull so much emotion out of me 💖💖💖

Honestly, much as I feel bad for Yuuri and Viktor and what they’re both going through, hurting Chris hurt me so much, even if it was indirectly. All he wanted was to win gold and finally beat his two biggest rivals. And while he got one part of that, it was in a way that made it seem like a very hollow victory