i wasn't expecting it to be this short but oh well

Wearing the Spots

(ao3, ff)

Summary:  What’s worse than the love of your life catching you wearing fan merchandise? Oh, right, getting dragged halfway across Paris in said merch while she’s saving your life.

(based on some prompts with @fuckingchatnoir​, hope you like it!!!)

enjoy whatever this is!

Adrien ripped apart the packaging excitedly, with Plagg hovering exasperatedly over one shoulder.

‘It’s here, It’s here, It’s here, It’s here, It’s here!’

'I can’t believe you’re making such a fuss about this.’ Plagg shook his head. 'Scratch that, I can’t believe you actually bought the thing in the first place.’

'Well, I wasn’t exactly going to buy the Chat Noir one, was I?’ Adrien shot back as he attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to pry off a long piece of packaging tape. 'Damn it, you’d think that this thing would actually be accessible?’ He stuffed the package under his arm and raced over to his desk, leaving Plagg to trail lazily behind.

'The mighty superhero Chat Noir, thousands of years old and hero the world over; finally brought to his knees.’ Plagg said, with the most dramatic voice he could manage. 'By sticky tape.’

'Not just sticky tape, Plagg,’ Adrien shot him a dirty look as he rifled through his top drawer. 'Packaging tape. That stuff’s way harder.’

'Because that’s so much better.’

'It is, actually?’ Adrien returned his attention to the drawer, and shortly produced a pair of short handled scissors.

He sighed. 'I feel like it’s cheating.’

'I’m not letting you cataclysm the wrapping.’ Plagg said sternly, then trailing back over as Adrien dashed back over to his bed, where he had originally found the backage.

'I wouldn’t-!’ Adrien exclaimed, but then visibly considered it.

'I said no.’

'Fine, fine,’ He sat back down, and with the care of any of the designers that his father employed, carefully sliced the top of the package open. 'You have to admit that it would be cool.’

'Cool, and excessive. What if you accidentally destroyed what was inside? You’d be stuck drooling at the door for another whole week waiting for a replacement.’

'I wasn’t drooling.’

'Yes you were.’

Adrien stuck his tongue out at the kwami, and pulled forth from the package a sizeable amount of red fabric.

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TITLE Corina


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Upon reaching the palace, Loki had Eir look at her hand and while it was being cleaned up and bandaged, he went to see Frigga. After explaining what happened, he asked if Corina could spend an hour with her while he ventured to the cottage to retrieve her things.

“Of course she can. Will she be alright?”

“I’m sure, but as she was struck in the head, I’d rather she wasn’t alone. She seems fine, but Eir said to keep an eye on her.”

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this is a bit late because these past couple of days have been pretty chaotic, but have some of my thoughts about this last 19 days chapter!! this is unnecessary long and it’s mostly me being very confused and a bit frustrated and asking way too many questions, but i hope it can still be somewhat interesting to read!!

  • as i already said, im a bit disappointed that we didn’t get the continuation of the tianshan scene. even if it was to be expected since this is old xian’s usual m.o., it’s still kinda frustrating to never get a proper conclusion to this kind of moments. i understand that old xian might not want to linger on them and have the two pairs having a proper conversation because it wouldn’t be fast-paced enough and it would make them progress too fast, but slowing things down and giving the characters more introspection would actually be way more satisfying for the readers
  • also i just want to know how the hell did tianshan ended up going from that moment to he tian calling jian yi, like, WHAT. WHY.
  • which reminds me, how did he tian know jian yi was back?? did zheng xi tell him? did jian yi? or did he tian just try to call him and it went well?? i mean, i know this is a meaningless detail and that most of the time we are supposed to feel in the gaps, but not knowing these things frustrates me so much sometimes

(putting the rest under a cut because as i said, this is way too long;;;;)

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anonymous asked:

"You look like shit." "Oh piss off Peter." She snapped venomously, shoving past him as she marched toward the punching bag that hung in the training area. Wasting no time, she flung her hoodie and backpack aside unceremoniously, and began throwing punches. Peter sauntered after the girl, and leant his shoulder against the wall a short distance away, before crossing his arms. He watched her, an amused expression on his face. "That wasn't very polite y/n. We really have to work on those

manners of yours..“ Y/n shot him a glare, “Fight me!” She spat in retort, before continuing to relentlessly strike the bag in front of her with measurable force. A few successive blows later, pulling back her fist, a large hand clamped around her wrist from behind, halting her motion. She gritted her teeth, and felt her eyes flash, “Peter I swear to god-” “Fine.” “What-?” “I’ll fight you.” He shrugged simply. Y/n yanked her wrist from his grasp and spun around to face him, eyebrow

raised. “You’re a hopped up little ball of aggression today for I-don’t-care-what reason. You need tiring out so you’ll at least be semi-tolerable for the rest of us to live with.” Y/n gave a derisive scoff - “Dickhead.” Peter chuckled, “Well the punch bags not going to be able to take much more of it at that rate, and I’d be happy to oblige. God knows you could use the practice anyway..” He trailed off with a smug smile.

“Whatever you say, old man,” she smirked, walking backwards to the edge of the mats, keeping her eyes on his as they narrowed at the insult.

Making his way to a spot directly across from her on the opposite side of the mat, he stopped, his arms hanging loosely at his sides, his stance one of complete relaxation.

After they circled slowly, calculatingly, for a few seconds, they both came to a halt. “Why do you look so ragged? I’m being serious,” Peter asked, his voice genuinely concerned.

“What universe am I in that Peter actually cares about my day?” She sneered. “Careful, Peter. You’re on the verge of something called ‘friendship’. Keep asking those questions, and you’ll be forced to tolerate me on a more regular basis.”

“I am your roommate, a pack member, and for all technical reasons, one of your legal guardians, so cut the crap, Y/N, and talk to me.”

“I’d rather fight, like I said,” she mumbled out bitterly, lowering slightly into a sparring stance.

“Fine. You want to fight? Come on. Come at me. Try.”

She hesitated, not expecting to get the upper hand just yet, and Peter only cocked an eyebrow at her expectantly.

“Well?” He asked after she simply shifted her weight from side to side for what felt like an eternity.

Shaking her head, she finally launched herself at him, throwing blow after blow, only to be blocked by the older wolf.

Catching her wrist out of a block above his head, catching her other as she tried to swipe at him, he wore an evil grin and leaned in slightly closer to her face, his voice low. “I said ‘try’.”

She growled, taking a few steps back as he shoved her away, beginning to circle again. Letting out a war cry, she all but jumped at him, trying to land even one blow, and failing.

“Try!” Peter yelled, growling slightly with the word.

“I am!” She said angrily.

“Then try harder,” he said before sweeping her feet out from under her, and looking down at her with a calculating gaze. “Are you ready to talk?” He asked after a moment, offering his hand to help her up.

Ignoring his outstretched hand, she got to her feet quickly and began her assault again.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he mumbled, swatting away her attempts yet again, before pinning her to the wall by her shoulders, keeping her arms held firmly by her sides, pushing back any ground she managed to make with a roll of his eyes. “Will you just talk to me, please?” His voice was becoming agitated.



“Because there is nothing to talk about!” Her voice echoed across the loft, followed only by their heavy breathing.

“Then… Why…. Wait. What? I’m confused,” Peter’s face was screwed up in concentration as he tried to decipher the meaning.

“I literally just wanted to punch something, and you just happened to be here, and you tend to rub off the wrong way, so sorry, but you just got caught in the crossfire.”

His grip loosened slightly, his face sincere. “So you would tell me if something was really the matter, right?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking!” He hung his head and shook it. “Teenagers!”

“Oh, bite me, old man.”

“Oh, yes, your favorite phrase. How punny it is….” His voice was heavy with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes yet again, his grip loosening yet again.

Taking her chance, she quickly pushed him and dropped him, putting a foot on his chest before he struggled to try and get back up. Pushing down firmly, she looked down at him. “Stay there for just a second, old timer.” He growled, and she cut it short by knocking the wind out of him with a strategically placed push of her foot.

“Look, today is one of my sibling’s birthday, okay?” She looked up and out at a far wall vacantly, her chest heaving after the effort of downing him. “Is. Was. It is their birthday. But if I say ‘is’, I get sad. If I say ‘was’, I get sad. I don’t really know how to handle this….”

Looking back down to him after a moment, she saw his features soften, even growing a little bit sad. Tapping her foot still on his chest gently, he spoke softly. “Mind if I get up now?”

She seemed to think it over. “I don’t know. It was awfully hard to get you down there. I kind of want to relish in it a little while longer.”

“Ha, ha,” he said sarcastically, earning a smile from her, followed soon by her outstretched hand. After she helped him to his feet, Peter looked back down at the floor over his shoulder. “Thank you,” he sighed, rubbing his back. “That floor is unforgiving.”

She chuckled as he turned back to face her, once again holding her shoulders, but this time in a comforting gesture, and she placed her hands on his forearms firmly.

“I’ll tell you exactly how you handle today.” Her smile faded to a tight line, her eyes wide and serious, waiting for his sage advice. “One moment at a time.” She rolled her eyes. “I’m serious! The only way to handle it is to handle it, and you will only know how when it hits you, possibly even knocks you down. You just have to get back up and prepare for the next blow, until it decides to tap out. So just breathe, and brace yourself. You’re strong, I know you can do it.”

Let’s do that 5 sentence meme!

It wasn't an accident

Jason Todd x Reader

Here ya’ go anon, hope you like it. Sorry it took a bit longer to get out.


“Hey.” Jason ran into the apartment slamming the door and frantically looking for something.

“You working tonight?”

“I work every night y/n.” He said finally finding his duffle bag. “Here we go. See ya’ later.” He waved and walked out the door.

“Bye.” I said shaking my head with a smile. When the door closed my smile faded and i got up to go get ready for patrol tonight.


“Son of a-” I was cut off as Killer Croc threw a dumpster at me. I ducked underneath the flying green object and slid in between Crocs legs dropping a bomb in the process. It exploded sending the monster into the air and landing flat on his back, hitting his head on the concrete. I was able to throw a second bomb full of sticky foam. The atrocity was covered in the stuff in seconds. I let out a sigh of relief,thinking it was over. Until Croc busted out of it like i just covered him in bubbles. “You’re kidding.”

“Need some help?” A particularly irritating voice said.

“I got this.”

“It doesn’t look like you do.” At that Croc screamed and fell to the ground. Behind him was the Red Hood holding a taser. “Your welcome.” He said, i could practically hear him smirking under that goddamn helmet.

“I had that.”

“Yeah, like Croc was about to have you for a midnight snack.” He snorted.

“Don’t you have something better to do?”

“Believe it or not, I do. Sorry sweet-cheeks, but i cant be around to save your ass all day.”

“Really, cuz i dont remember it being like that last night.” I smiled a bit at the memory of me having to drag his sorry ass out of a warehouse after a mission went south.

“Okay, so you helped me last night. But what about all the other times that i had to-”

“But into something that wasn’t your business.” I retorted. “Like i’ve been saying i can handle myself, so back off Hood.”

“Oh, well excuuuuse me princess.” He said imitating Link from the old Zelda cartoon’s.

That set me off. I ran at him and we started fighting, much like we did every night. For as much as i hated to admit it, he was really good. Although i suppose you should expect nothing less of someone who’s been trained by Batman himself.

Red Hood was definitely stronger than me, but i was more agile and faster. I reached into my boot and pulled out a knife, Hood already had a few cuts on me but i was able to get him good, slashing through his armor i got a cut on his right hip. He gave a small growl of pain, but we continued to fight. That is until the cops showed up. Once we heard the sirens going off we both made a run for it.


I made it back to the apartment in record time. A quick glance at the clock suggested that Jason would be home soon. I was able to change, mend my wounds, and had myself seated on the couch with a bowl of popcorn looking normal by the time the door opened. “Hey Jay, how was work?” I asked. He grumbled in response, i gave a short laugh before turning around to offer him popcorn. “Oh my god. Jason!” I got up once i took in his appearance, he was bleeding and holding onto his side. “Jay what the hell happened?” I asked leading him to the bathroom.

“Don’t worry about it.” He waved me off.

“Bullshit i’m not going to worry about it. Who the fuck did this to you?” I demanded, as i helped him get his shirt off.

“Eh, just some girl.”

“Oh, so a girl beat up the great Jason Todd.” I smirked a bit.

“In my defense, she was a badass girl.” He said. I pulled his hand away from his side, seeing a fairly deep cut in his right hip. I blinked for a minute, the cut looked about as deep as i had cut the Red Hood. Now that i was thinking about it he seemed like the same height, and same build as the Hood.

“She must have been to get you this deep.” I sighed, thinking while i cleaned the wound. “So tell me about her?”


“Tell me about the girl who did this to you.”

“Y/n, i really don’t think this is someone you’d be able to take on.”

“Try me.” I told him. “Besides, talking will distract you from what i’m gonna do.”

“Fine.” He reluctantly agreed. “She’s this girl that i’ve been seeing these past few months at work. We get into a lot of fights.”

“And she pulled a knife on you?”

“It was an accident.” He shrugged. His head now looking up towards the ceiling and he let out a sigh. “Eh, i’d forgive her anyways.”


“I mean, granted i have been kinda an asshole to her. Still though, i just wish she’d give me a fucking chance.”

“A chance at what? Exactly.”

“I don’t know, to talk, get to know each other instead of fighting all the time. I actually really like her, she seems like she could actually keep up with me and my stupid shit.”

“Like her as in like like her or…”

“Yeah.” He closed his eyes.

My hands moved away from the wound. “It… It wasn’t an accident.”


“It wasn’t an accident that she cut you.”

“How the hell do you-”

“But it might have been an accident if you told me that YOU were the Red Hood you dork.” I said lightly smacking his leg with the towel.


“Why the hell didn’t you tell me.”

“Wait… are you…” He asked, stopping himself as he now looked at me standing up in front of him. Seeing the resemblance in the way we both looked, stood, talked, even how we both mocked him. “Your sh/n”

“Yes.” Jason sat there for a minute trying to process this. “You ass if you told me and we both could have just said we liked each other months ago and-” Jason had already pulled me into his lap and brought my face in for a kiss. I let myself relax into it and he held me tighter, bringing me in closer. When we separated a silence fell between us, a comfortable silence. Jason tried to kiss me again but i put my hand on his bare chest. “Hold on. You’re still bleeding. Let’s take care of this then we can continue.” You leaned back down to start tending the wound once more. “So you really think i’m a badass?”

I feel like Sadie probably leaves Brooklyn House for a few years once she graduates. She travels the world and enjoys life for a while, figuring out who she is and stuff. Then she goes back to Brooklyn House for a bit and works with Carter before eventually becoming a like magician ambassador.

Sadie traveling the world.

  • she backpacks through Europe, making friends with all sorts of people
  • she meets a TON of magicians
  • they get into a lot of trouble together (she loves it)

Sadie strikes me as a person who is fascinated by cultures, so she definitely spends a lot of time (respectfully) learning cultures. She’s not great with languages, but she can get by in a conversation

All of this comes in handy when she gets back to Brooklyn House and Carter mentions he doesn’t really like traveling to visit other nomes, but he has to pretty frequently and so Sadie’s like “let me go”.

So Sadie starts traveling to other nomes on official business and she’s amazing at it. She doesn’t really care for the politics, but the other magicians like her a lot, because she knows a bit about their culture (and is really respectful of it) and she can (usually) hold a short conversation in their native languages, so they’re more inclined to do what she wants (or at least not openly oppose her). And this way she can see her magician friends too.

Oh and Sadie going to countries right after they’ve been hit with a natural disaster to help out.

  • she the first person the magician in charge calls because she gets shit done
  • she gets things organized among the magicians. Donation efforts and collections, medical treatment, housing.
  • she works so hard to help people in need and she doesn’t expect a single thing in return (which is why she’s always called first and is another reason leaders of other nomes like her so much)
  • Zia tags along sometimes

Sadie Kane becomes well known and respected in the magician community and she has a bunch of little girls looking up to her.

Worse Than Werewolves: Matchmaking Teachers...

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader ft. Finstock and others
Warnings: Meddling teachers…and slight angst before the happiness…
Writer:  imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits
This popped into my head: Coach Finstock ships you and Stiles with a passion…he will do anything to get you two together…

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A Lover in Law - Chapter 13

Jimin started trusting Hoseok more after that, admitting that he only asked because he had been wondering about it for a while and never felt he had the chance until then. It certainly made them closer than before and they became much more comfortable together. Jimin always seemed a little reserved whenever they would be alone together, but it certainly changed after that night. They also spent more time with the gang too, and Jimin got extremely close to Seokjin and Yoongi over time. The couple adored him and soon he became all they talked about when Hoseok would speak to them alone. Occasionally, they would talk about one of the other members, but Seokjin admitted that they think of both together rather than apart anymore. They would always tease him about how he and Jimin were meant for each other and tell him to just go for it and date him already. Hoseok would always deny them, even if Jimin would smile if he heard Yoongi call them ‘boyfriends’ or ‘husbands’ or even ‘hopelessly in love with each other.’ He knows that Yoongi and Seokjin have been referring to each other as ‘my husband’ recently and that they love referring Hoseok and Jimin as the other married couple in the gang. It’s not that he didn’t want to date Jimin, it’s just that he was still scared to. He doesn’t want Jimin to get hurt. Not like he was a couple of weeks back when Dog attacked them. (Even though no one has heard from Dog or his gang for almost a month, Hoseok had to assume that Taehyung stayed true to his word when he said that he would kill him if he did so much as touch Jimin.)

However, a day came that the truth just couldn’t be hidden any longer.

“So, Taehyung came to visit the office today.” Jimin said while he got into the car, sounding annoyed and pissed off. He didn’t even greet Hoseok like he normally does, and that means that whatever Taehyung did when he visited completely pissed his dongsaeng off. He threw his briefcase into the back without care and started taking off his tie and divesting of his tight clothes. “I didn’t think anything of it, y’know, I like him so I was sure they’d just hang out. They did too, at least for a while.”

“Okay.” Hoseok leaned back and watched Jimin with a look of surprise on his face, but saying nothing to stop him. He threw the tie into the backseat and soon his suit jacket was off too. He had to hide the fact that he was enjoying watching Jimin strip like this and wanted to know just how much Jimin was going to take off. He couldn’t help but wonder what Taehyung did to piss him off so much. “But what happened? You don’t sound too happy…”

Jimin’s fingers nimbly undid the top buttons of his shirt and he started to pull it out of being tucked into his pants. “I walked in on them making out. I walked in on them fuckin’ making out while I was trying to fuckin’ work.” Jimin then started undoing his belt and threw it in the backseat too. “Tae was sitting on his desk and was kissing him and Jungkook had hickeys all over his neck! We have a case that we have to present on Thursday!”

Hoseok looked him over while Jimin was rolling up his sleeves and smiled to mask his infatuation with his body. “That’s really unprofessional. ‘Hope Kookie has concealer to cover those up.” He said while Jimin finally sat comfortably. “You comfortable now?” Jimin nodded and stared forward, looking completely done with life.

“Yeah. I’m just annoyed and pissed off they had to fuckin’ do that during work. He had a meeting with our boss after Taehyung left and I heard him get yelled at.” Jimin ran his hand through his hair and looked over at Hoseok. “Who knows what else they were doing in there. Taehyung had that look on his face, you know the one. I fucking hate it. It’s his fault for getting Jungkook in trouble.”

“Who knows.” Hoseok reached over and ran his hand through Jimin’s soft hair too. “Well, is there anything you want to do? You’re getting off early today and I still have money to waste from my paycheck last week.”

“Take me away from here.” Jimin sighed and stared forward, towards the traffic that passed them without a care in the world. “I want to do anything but think of Taehyung and Jungkook.”

“Okay. I have a lil’ place I like to go when I feel this way. I think you’ll like it.” Hoseok said as he finally got ready to start driving. Jimin put on his seatbelt and stared out the window. He looked worn out and Hoseok made it his goal for tonight to make him feel good again.

Their drive to the corner store closest to Hoseok’s apartment was nearly silent. After the silence got too much, Jimin put on the radio and sang along to some songs. Hoseok wanted to, too, but Jimin sounded so angelic that he didn’t want to ruin the songs. He parked in front of the corner store and got out of his side “What?” Jimin asked when Hoseok opened his door and undid his seatbelt for him. It may have just been an excuse to get close to his face, but Jimin didn’t seem to mind.

“Let’s get some snacks and stuff. Let’s be out as long as possible tonight.” Hoseok said with a wide smile. He pulled Jimin out of the car and closed the door behind him. Jimin laughed happily while Hoseok dragged him into the store. He didn’t pull his hand away like Hoseok had expected, and it made him happy.

“I thought you were gonna take me to a bar or a club or something.” Jimin said while they walked through short aisles, and Hoseok smiled at him. Jimin stopped when Hoseok stood in front of stacks upon stacks of candy, and looked up at him with innocence in his eyes. It’s always so cute to see him look innocent when he knows from their many conversations that Jimin is really not as innocent as he seems.

“I don’t think you need alcohol tonight, dollface. It’s the middle of the week. Let’s wait until Friday to even think about that stuff.” He poked Jimin’s nose and winked at him. Jimin giggled and squeezed his hand. They started looking through what was there rather than talking about alcohol, though Hoseok could tell that’s what Jimin wanted.

The worker behind the counter seemed annoyed that two people came into the shop, but Hoseok didn’t care because his mission was to make Jimin happy again. “So, where’re we going if it’s not a bar? Why are we here then?” Jimin asked as they parted their hands and started looking around for things.

“Just choose what you want, our next stop is my house.” Hoseok said with a smile before grabbing sodas from the coolers in the back. He watched Jimin as he looked through chips and candy, feeling happy that Jimin was finally feeling a bit better.

They played around and threw things to each other over the shelves and giggled when the worker would yell at them to “stop playing around and act like adults.” They (Hoseok mostly, and Jimin joined in when he saw how fun it was to piss this guy off) obviously didn’t and finished their shopping after their second warning. They got chips and lots of different types of candy and a couple of drinks before they made their way back to Hoseok’s car.

Jimin was eating gummy worms when he got into the passenger’s side and sat down. The bags of their stuff were in his lap and he looked at Hoseok with wide eyes as he got into the driver’s side. “So, where to next?” He asked with a cute voice from his full mouth.

“My house.” Hoseok said matter-of-factly while putting on his seat belt, despite his apartment being just down the street. “I can’t have you going out in that! It costs a lot to dry clean that stuff, I’m sure.”

“Oh. Okay. It doesn’t cost that much but whatever.” Jimin put on his seatbelt and nodded. He offered some of the gummy worms to Hoseok and he gladly took them. He immediately started to eat them as Jimin fed him. “Your clothes are still at my house, but I washed them.”

“That’s good.” Hoseok said with a full mouth. They started to go down the road again and the trip was much shorter. He parked in his usual space before Jimin had time to attach his phone to the radio again. “Leave the bags and stuff in the car, we’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” Jimin said with a smile on his face. They got out of the car and started heading into the building. Jimin was obviously happier after their little shopping trip and it made Hoseok feel better now that he was getting to feel better too. They made small talk on the way to Hoseok’s apartment and Hoseok told him what he had to do during work today. He told him about a visiting girl group tried to hit on him, but what surprised him the most is that when he told Jimin that girls hitting on him, it seemed to annoy him.

“What do you want me to wear?” Jimin asked as they immediately headed for the bedroom. Jimin looked around, but didn’t waste time coming to his favorite part of Hoseok’s apartment.

“Something comfortable, but I need to see if I have pants big enough for you and your fabulous ass.” Hoseok opened the door for Jimin and started going through his drawers to see if he had any pants big enough for Jimin. The younger giggled when Hoseok said it, and he seemed really pleased that Hoseok complimented him like that. He didn’t pay attention to Jimin after the younger didn’t even try to help him find clothes for him. They continued to talk about a couple of things while he searched, mainly the rest of Jimin’s day when he didn’t have to deal with their two youngest friends. He found a pair of pants that were loose on him and turned around to give it to Jimin when he nearly dropped them out of surprise. Jimin was sitting on his bed, like he had expected, but he wasn’t wearing any pants and his shirt was haphazardly on his chest and body, revealing his small shoulders and collar bones. Hoseok heard himself squeak in surprise and it surprised Jimin.

“What?” He looked down at himself and his cheeks flushed when he realized what he looked like to Hoseok. He lifted his legs up to try to cover himself and he laughed awkwardly. “I guess it looks weird, huh? Sorry.”

Hoseok walked over and couldn’t help himself from touching Jimin’s leg before he looked up at the man with a smile. “Nah, I think you look really cute like this. You’re too cute, dollface. No one comes close to how nice you look right now.” Hoseok ruffled his hair after seeing Jimin blush again and handed him the pants. “These might fit you.”

“Okay.” Jimin took the pants and disappeared into the bathroom. Hoseok watched him as he left and felt himself get a furious blush when he realized what he did. He needs to keep his crush under control! He needs to have a good time with Jimin tonight if this relationship is going to stay the way it is! He calmed himself down and Jimin soon came out of the bathroom in his pants. His shirt was still barely on, but the pants looked tight on his legs, especially on his thighs and his butt when he had turned around to show them off. “These seem to fit fine. Do they look good?” Hoseok nodded while entranced with his body. Jimin’s smile came back and motioned to Hoseok’s clothes again. “Can I wear one of your shirts too?”

“Yeah, pick what’cha like.” Hoseok watched him lift his shirt over his head and he ran his hand through his hair. His body was toned and he had faint abs, all sorts of soft edges all over. He looked like he could easily lift Hoseok and it made him wonder how he had never known this before. “Whoa…” Hoseok’s gasp distracted Jimin and both blushed.

Jimin covered up his body with his hands and smiled bashfully. “Wah, you’ve never seen my body before, huh?” Hoseok shook his head and Jimin moved his hands and put them behind his back. He didn’t seem nearly as embarrassed about his bare body than he did when he was covered up. “I used to go work out every morning, but I’ve gotten kinda lazy recently. I’ve really let myself go.” He laughed and shrugged before looking for a shirt again. “I need to start losing weight again…”

“God, I’m learnin’ new things about you every day! I think you look beautiful no matter what. You don’t need to lose weight.” Hoseok said with a laugh, now being the one to sit on the bed and wait for Jimin to finish changing. Jimin didn’t say anything when he said that, instead focused on trying something to cover himself up. He watched with anticipation how Jimin’s muscles worked beneath his skin and had to keep himself on the bed so he wouldn’t touch his back or anything else he wants to touch. Jimin found a tattered t-shirt at the bottom of one of the drawers and slipped it over his head and the outfit was complete. “You look so cute. You almost look cuter like this than when you’re in one of your suits, Mr. Lawyer-Man.”

“Thank you. I really try to look good no matter what I’m wearing.” Jimin spun around to show off his new outfit and smiled happily. “This outfit smells like you, so I’m good.”

“You like my cologne?” Hoseok asked with a raised eyebrow, receiving a sheepish grin from Jimin while he held the shirt in front of his face. Hoseok smirked and stood up to face him, trying his best to seem confident when in reality he wanted to scream into his bed about how cute Jimin was being. “’Guess I gotta wear it more often if this is how you’ll be when I do.” He put his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and pulled him close to his body. “So, you ready for the night of your life?”

“What are we gonna do?” Jimin asked, looking up at him with a smile full of anticipation on his face. Hoseok had a hard time ignoring the fact that Jimin fit perfectly in his arms to keep his crush a secret. Who knows what might come out tonight, maybe his crush won’t be a secret for too much longer. He can’t let that happen, not yet, it’s not the right time.“What could be so fun that we don’t need to get drunk in the middle of the week?”

“I dunno. I didn’t actually think about it, think about it, y’know? I just wanted to take you to the park and hang out and look at the stars. It’s what I do when I’m really stressed, so I thought you’d like it.” Jimin giggled and wrapped an arm around his waist, stopping their movement right before they made it to the door. “What?” Hoseok tried to sound annoyed, but he knew that Jimin could see right through it.

“Gosh, you’re so cute. What did I do to get the cutest hyung in the world?” Jimin said, hugging Hoseok tightly around his waist. He put his head in the crook of Hoseok’s neck and they stayed there for what felt like a long time. “Hyung, you’re the best.” Jimin whispered before he pulled away enough for them to look each other in the eyes. If Hoseok wasn’t scared, he could take him right then and there. He would kiss him and put him back on the bed to really treat him to the best night of his life. But, Hoseok is terrified of the idea that Jimin doesn’t like him like that. This entire time he could have been thinking their relationship was completely platonic while Hoseok has been falling in love with him more and more the longer he’s been with him. He doesn’t want to ruin everything. He’s spent too long to let one mistake ruin it all for him. Hoseok knows his cowardice will never get him anywhere in life, but this time he has a valid reason to be scared. Jimin is too important to him to let him do this. “You know… I’ve kinda kept a secret from you, hyung.”

“What secret would that be, Jiminnie?” Hoseok asked, pushing Jimin’s hair from his face so he could trace every little thing with his eyes in the pale-yellow light of the table lamp next to his bed. He tilted his head to the side and gave him a loving smile to make him continue speaking. “It’s not too important, is it?”

“It’s a really big secret, so I don’t want you to freak out hyung.” Jimin was purposely putting it off. Hoseok wanted to know, he really wanted to know if Jimin’s going to keep it from him like this. “Promise me you won’t hate me forever when I tell you.”

“You know I’d never hate you forever, Jimin. I don’t think I can hate you at all. You’re my favorite dongsaeng in the world and there’s nothing that can change that. Now stop being a silly butt and just tell me already.” Hoseok poked his nose, and Jimin grabbed his hand before he could put it back around his shoulders and made him pinky promise that he would never hate him, no matter what it is.

“I think I’m in love with you, Hoseok.”

anonymous asked:

hey! so I just read the latest chapter of gaf au and I saw that Lexa was Iranian and just seeing that made me so happy!! I'm Iranian too and it's not often that I see someone make a character Iranian by choice. I was wondering, since Nowruz (Iranian New Year) wasn't too long ago, could you possibly write a short drabble of Lexa celebrating? Maybe with Clarke?

she talks with her parents and her little brother for close to an hour—it’s already morning in tehran, very early morning but it is, and they are going to visit lexa’s grandparents and then make their way around to the rest of their family and friends so they have to get an early start. 

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Skinny Dippin’

Written because I was looking for one gif and found another that I knew would work for a story…I decided to throw in the prompt for @one-shots-supernatural‘s hiatus challenge. ““This is ten times worse than that.” 

Thank you @amazeballzz and @tankcupcakes for reading it before I posted :)

Quick Info A beautiful place to swim, Dean Winchester, and no swimsuits…
Word Count 1691
Warnings Oral Sex, fingering, language

This is the first story with anything sexual I’ve posted in years…be kind LOL

Master List

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Skinny Dippin’

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notes: just a drabble i was struck with the inspiration to write when i should’ve been working on my project. au where orihime’s ill and kazui aspires to become a doctor

disclaimer: disclaimed

“Okay, now I need to check your heartbeat.” 

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Prompt: Ian and Mickey at the supermarket

// thanks, nice prompt! Don’t know where this will take itself…let’s do this! //

Ian consulted the list. ‘So Lana wants green tea and shower gel,’ he said. The shopping list was a scrap of paper that sat on the kitchen counter all week, people adding to it as they pleased. 'Mick?’

Mickey was consulting the diapers. 'Got coupons for any of these?’ Ian shook his head. 'Shouldn’t be so expensive. Hey, bring Debbie next time, yeah?’

Ian rolled his eyes. The one time they had bought Debbie grocery shopping, they’d ended up buying huge amounts of crap nobody needed just because she had coupons for the products. 'I’m going to find Lana’s tea, you get the shower gel,’ he said.

Liam and Yev giggled as he spun them around in the trolley. 'Oh, don’t get the 'Russian-style tea’. She goes nuts. Says it’s insulting or something. Fuck knows,’ Mickey called after him. 'Get American tea.’

'You realise they don’t actually grow tea here, right?’

'I don’t give a shit, I don’t drink tea.’ Ian smiled after him.

'Mom’s tea,’ Yev repeated goofily as they turned the corner.

'Yes,’ Ian confirmed, grinning at him. He peered at the prices. 'Here. Only a buck fifty,’ he said, tossing Liam the little box. His brother promptly threw it over his shoulder into the trolley. Then Mickey came back, arms laden with items. 'How’d you have time to get all that?’

He dropped the groceries into the cart. 'Coconut? You know Lana’s allergic,’ Ian said, gesturing to the bottle of flavored shower gel Mickey had picked out.

'Relax, I got her the lime one she likes. Coconut’s for you.’

Ian frowned. 'I still have some back home though?’

'Yeah but…this one smells good.’

Ian smiled. 'Ah I see how it is. You like a little Hawaiian punch?’

'Shut the fuck up,’ he said, but he was smiling right back. 'I got your kale and tofu and the shit you like,’ Mickey told Ian. It wasn’t so much that he liked it, it was more that the doctor had recommended he eat more plant based foods. No hormones in broccoli.

'Thank you,’ he kissed Mickey briefly. They didn’t kiss much in public and Ian knew Mickey was still nervous about it. Luckily nothing happened, aside from a couple of girls giggling as they passed.

'Yeah, well. Whatever you need,’ he told him. Ian just smiled. A short while ago, Mickey would never have said something like that. And here he was, standing by Ian through all of this. Making sure he took his meds, making sure he ate right. Making sure he stayed out of the bad places as much as possible. He was broken out of this train of thought by the sound of the boys behind him. Liam had grabbed the bananas and had started eating one.

'Hey buddy, not until we’ve paid,’ Mickey hurried to take the bunch off him.

'That’s daddy’s food,’ Yev said.

Mickey paused and looked at his son. 'What’s that?’

'Bananas. Are for daddy,’ he said, pointing at Ian. Then his little face filled with worry. 'Did I do wrong?’

Ian looked to Mickey, not knowing how he’d react.

'No, Yev. You’re not wrong. He’s your daddy too.’ Mickey told him gently.

Ian couldn’t help it, his face broke out into the biggest grin he’d had in months. 'I am?’

'If you want to, I mean,’ Mickey added hastily, eyes concerned.

Ian nodded. 'I do. I do want to.’ He hugged Mickey tight.

'Shit, are you crying?’ Mickey asked, his own voice a little thick.

'I didn’t think you saw me like that. To be in Yev’s life in that way. To be in your life in that way.’

'I’m serious as hell about you. I want you with me for - a long time,’ Mickey told him.

Ian wanted to kiss him so badly. But of course, they couldn’t do that here. So instead he went to ruffle Yev’s hair and kiss his rosy cheeks. The boy grinned up at him and reached up to clutch Ian’s face, one little fist nestled in his fiery hair and the other resting below. 'I have two daddies,’ Yev said delightedly, laughing. Ian had never known the feeling of loving a child like this. He had younger siblings, sure. But Yev was different. He loved Yev like he was his own. Which he guessed he was, now. And Ian just wrapped him in a cuddle, not wanting to let go of how he felt right now.

As they headed for the checkout, Ian turned to Mickey. 'I didn’t think I’d have this. A kid. Not right now, maybe not ever. But somehow I do,’ he whispered in stunned disbelief.

Mickey nodded, looking at him meaningfully. 'I know. I never thought I’d ever have this, I…I never thought I’d have love. Just didn’t think it would happen. I didn’t think I could let it happen.’ They started unloading items onto the belt. 'Then you came along, firecrotch,’ he grinned. Ian laughed.

'What’s firecrotch?’ Liam asked loudly, making everyone around them stare.

'It’s daddy!’ Yev shouted gleefully.

'No…no,’ Ian started, but he and Mickey were laughing too much to care.

// sooo this went in a direction I wasn’t expecting but yeah I hope it was ok. PLEASE prompt me, I really want to do this fic-a-day-for-may thing! //

16. something there that wasn't there before

Prompt: Beauty and the Beast, ala SasuSaku - requested by fiamontague

The curtains rustled, the candles flickered, and the shadows danced – this, Haruno Sakura convinced herself, was what she was seeing. Nothing supernatural, God forbid. She refused to even consider the possibility. There was a draft, just that – a draft.  Also, the dark and hollow atmosphere of the gargantuan gothic castle was just getting to her; that was all. Anyone would be paranoid if they were in her unenviable position as the villagers’ assigned ‘sacrifice’, curse them all. Yep, if she lost her wits today, then she certainly couldn’t be blamed.

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Ours- Hernst Au

Ernst wasn't particularly sure how to describe his feelings towards Hanschen Rilow. Now that he was a college student, it felt almost silly to describe his feelings as a “crush”, but there was a lack of better words for the situation. For that matter, there was a lack of words to describe Hanschen. He was gorgeous beyond the telling of it, his silky blonde hair and stunning blue eyes made Ernst swoon. He was brilliant; he often had the highest marks in every class he took (Ernst had heard this from his friends because, unfortunately, he didn’t have any classes with Hanschen).

But above all of that, Hanschen was mysterious. Ernst’s dorm room was only three doors down from Hanschen’s, so any interaction between the two took place in the halls. Not like they were exactly strangers, they had stopped and talked before, but not very much. This is where Ernst noticed his crush’s off-puting behavior. Hanschen rarely ever left his dorm room. It was rare to see him leave any time other than when he had a class. Even so, he’d rush back from class as if in a hurry and quickly slam the door shut behind him. But Ernst figured it’d be best for him to stay out of it, as it wasn’t his place to make remarks towards a boy he wasn’t close with.

It wasn’t until one day, when Ernst had passed by Hanschen’s dorm room and heard a commotion, that he decided to get involved.

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I’ve seen a lot of gsnk fics that address a possible first kiss for Nozakura as him trying to practice as reference for the manga, which could work that’s totally fine, but I sort of wanted to take that idea and maybe try and make it a bit different?  Sorry if it sucks.

1,931 words.  Fluff.  First kiss.  Nozakura.  Nozaki x Sakura. Rated K+.

Though her heart beat hard in her chest and her stomach danced until she thought she might be sick, her thoughts were much more rational.

“Eh, you…you want to what?"  Sakura asked, her grip on the pen began to shake.

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The Impunity of Immunity

Fandom: Tales of Zestiria

Pairing: SorMik

Summary: The Shepherd can power through hellions, plague, war, and strife, yet his most daunting challenge lies with the common cold (and occasionally his own mind).

(This fic brought to you by a skype conversation between @moonwhing and I about how Sorey probably has, like, practically no functional immune system considering he grew up away from humans and all their germs and ew. Someone vaccinate this poor boy.)

In retrospect, Mikleo realizes that they really should have expected this, and he’s rather surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. They grew up on top of a mountain with fresh air, isolation, competent healers and, quite notably, no other humans. Gramps had told them when they were children that Sorey’s immune system wasn’t the best—something about when he was born that they hadn’t understood. They hadn’t quite acknowledged it, of course, still going out to explore in any weather because the Elysian seraphim would heal any of their hurts; regardless, they knew it as fact.

That doesn’t make the distant sound of Sorey being sick in the creek any easier to listen to, however. Mikleo winces with each wet cough. He exchanges a glance with Lailah, worry settling itself in the lines around her crinkled brows.

“Can’t blame this one on undercooked prickleboar meat, can we?” he says, grimacing at the groan coming from what Rose has dubbed the Corner of Misery.

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Voice Cracks and Sneak Attacks (Kai/Jinora)

Title: Voice Cracks and Sneak Attacks
Summary: In which everybody gives Kai a hard time, but Jinora is guiltier than most. / Kai&Jinora, oneshot.
A/N: Based on this headcanon by airbenders
A/N2: So I listened to like 8 minutes’ worth of people’s voices cracking while writing this…and I think it’s safe to say that my soul has officially been stolen by this ship.

[Read and review here] or continue under the cut.


It starts on a Sunday.

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