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Sometimes I feel like I have to overcompensate because I've only been in the Phandom since January 2016. I've watched every video they've ever made, plus crack vids and edits and fan songs, and I constantly write phanfic and view phanart and try to get acquainted with people, and it's honestly exhausting, but I feel I'll never be a "real fan" because I wasn't there from the start, or even from when they started getting popular. I just want to be a proper part of this awesome Phandom! Help please

Uh - what? There’s no… like, criteria or judged level of participation to be considered a part of a phandom, as far as I know. Like, you’re either IN the fandom, just by enjoying the thing, or not. It shouldn’t be exhausting!! It should only be fun. 

That being said I know how you feel - sometimes I feel pressured to draw phanart for a certain thing, or be “first” (especially because sometimes people actually tell me I need to draw certain phanarts and I’m like???), but I’ve tried to ignore that invisible pressure. 

You’re definitely a “real” fan, even if you don’t produce as much content as other people!!! 

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Okay but what level of trash am I because I am still over the moon over the fact that technically, when you get down to it, Yuu and Mika have done the vampire equivalent of having sex and that post you just reblogged brought it back to me and the Yuu - Guren and Mahiru - Mika parallels are s t r o n g. Let's hope that Mika and Yuu get a happier ending.

I know right?

Yeah, I hope at least they get a happy ending…

But I’m sad about Mahiru and Guren, you know? Their story had an awful ending and now Guren has to suffer a lot because of that. Plus, people always mistake Mahiru for Mahiru no yo(the demon). I think that’s very sad… 

I mean, imagine Mika was in her place. He has questionable morals too but, in the end, what she did was worse because she was possessed by 2 demons (one that she took from Shinoa in order to protect her from the fate she had). Most people don’t even try to understand her and don’t even read the novels. It’s okay if you don’t like a character but Mahiru gets hate. Like, real hate. I think she deserves a protection squad too :/

If Guren’s story was the anime and Yuu’s story was the light novel people would hate Mika too because they would judge his actions without actually looking at the whole picture (a lot of people already hate him when they don’t even try to understand the context they’re in).