i wasn't even trying to be funny


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

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Thrift store worker here again. I struggle with depression and I try to not let it affect my customer service. The other day this guy was trying to make me laugh. He really wasn't being funny. He even asks me, "What, are you depressed or something?" None of your business, pal. The customer after him, however, comes up to me and whispers, "Or, maybe you're just not being FUNNY," in a hilarious tone of voice. That, however, DID make me laugh. Bless him.

My Coming Out Story
  • Me: Mom, I have something to tell you. It's pretty serious you may want to sit down.
  • Mom: Okay..
  • Me: This isn't easy for me to tell you and I've been meaning to tell you for a little while now..
  • Mom: *Starts crying*
  • Me: Why are you crying? You don't even know what I'm going to say.
  • Me: ...What?
  • Mom: You're going to tell me you knocked some chicky babe up! and i'm not ready to be a Grandma! HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID!
  • Me: Mom! I didn't get a girl pregnant! I'm trying to tell you that I'm Gay!
  • Mom: ...What? ...Well....OH THANK GOD!!!!!! *gives me a hug*
  • She was so relieved that she wasn't going to be a young grandma that she didn't even care I was gay.
Reblog if you too were catfished by Thomas from New Hampshire when you were 9 years old

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ASH BRANDON DAVIS JUST PUT OUT A SUMMARY FOR THE GRIMES FAMILY 2.0 DELETED SCENE. I've been crying since I read it, but I'm so pissed/confused as to why gimple would ever delete such a pivotal scene

Yeahhh… wasn’t the finale ninety minutes? I’m positive there was something they could’ve cut in favor of the Grimes family moment. Like, I dunno, Jadis trying to get a dick appointment with Michonne’s man. Funny as their reactions were, this would’ve been so much better to see. ESPECIALLY BOOKENDED WITH RICK AND CARL FINDING MICHONNE AT THE END. 😩

But you know what? I’m just glad we’re getting it at all, ‘cause it could’ve ended up on the cutting room floor with our sex scenes. 😒But we got a good bit of Richonne this season and we’re getting even more, so it’s fine. 

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I'll give this to D&D, they are pretty blunt when it comes to "shipping" and what's going to happen. Any other show would play games with shippers, and whether a ship would happen or not, and even stoke the flames of fandom ship wars to try and keep viewership up. D&D? Nope. They are flat out blunt about it. They said last year at Comic-Con that Jon/Sansa wasn't going to happen. Now, after S7EP4? They flat out say Jon & Dany have a growing attraction to each other, the end. No games at all.

Hey friend,

I have to agree with you. But you know it’s funny that In one hand D&D can be very subtle with certain things and then in the other they can be almost ridiculously obvious. I think for the most part the development of the connection between Jon and Dany throughout the series has been more subtle than not. Some people picked up on the parallels and such but didn’t really know what it all meant. 

However, by the end of last season, any subtlety with these two went out the window. I thought that The Winds of Winter pretty clearly spelled out that Dany and Jon would marry. I remember being so giddy that they had finally been very obvious about it. To my surprise, people still had a hard time picking up on that, but now they aren’t even trying to hide where their story is going and they really shouldn’t because let’s be honest, season 7 and season 8 are one season. These two seasons mark the final culmination of the series, it’s really just part 1 of and part 2.  Any games the writers would have been playing should have been done seasons before, now there is no time for games. They are trying to wrap this up. 

I think for D&D there is no reason or time to be coy about it. This is clearly an important and inevitable part of the series. We are reaching the end and getting Jon and Dany together is an important centerpiece to that. 


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The funny thing about that video is that Cole wasn't even looking at the woman while talking to her. If you rewatch you'll notice a finger pointing close to his back. And 3 seconds into the video he also told Lili "don't look" - at the scam artist I'm assuming? I love how protective he was!

I’m guessing Cole didn’t want to give the artist the benefit of looking them in the eye while she insulted them. It’s what you learn in dissing class 101: always try to undermine the opponent, preferably using physical gestures and then destroy them with your words 😇.

But honestly, all jokes aside, I wish neither had to deal with that crap. You can tell how uncomfortable Lili was by how she was wringing her hands :/ Shes such a smol bean I hope she didn’t let it affect her too much

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I don't mean to sound rude but you're the reason I'm depressed. Like it wasn't even like you're writing. You just have a cancerous presence on here and I hope you realize that you should stop. Stop trying to be nice because we all know that you aren't, stop trying to be funny because you're not! I'd block you but you're friends are pretty cool so I'd rather not be hit with that hate. But please just leave our happy fandom alone and take your cancerous content elsewhere! thanks <3

oh, ok

I’ll just go, I’m sorry for any pain I caused you, you deserve to be happy


Dex: Emery, I… I think we all need unwind from all that happened lately, and I seem to have a little idea. How about travelling somewhere? I mean, with me and Zoe. We’re going to leave twins with mom and dad.

Emery: Thirdwheeling with you? What a great perspective.

Dex: No-no, of course not! You can bring Forest along… and we might try to persuade Leila. Not like it’s going to happen in nearest future… maybe when everything is settled. We haven’t even chosen the place yet.

Emery: I’ll think about that.

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125 wasn't even all that sexy or lewd it was more awkward and precious. Ken can't unhook her bra. Touka has problems disrobing. Nether is comfortable with their bodies. Both are super dorky. Like ffs let these 2 love each other.

i know, it was awkward and super sweet and it was just two big dorks trying to take their relationship to the next step ,,,, like it was sweet like kaneki feeling self conscious about his arms and hands touka noticed it and took off her shirt like it wasn’t lewd at all it was big moment for both kaneki and touka

funny or borderline stupid discourse/discussions with touka/touken haters

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I had been following an incorrect Star Wars quotes blog until that blog got some anon complaining that Reylo blogs were reblogging one of the quotes and the blog said that the quote wasn't meant to imply Reylo... So Reylos aren't even allowed to find incorrect quotes funny and reblog them?? Okay...

Oh yeah, I unfollowed them after that, too. It’s kind of mind-boggling just how seriously some people take shipping.

I recently saw someone observing that the reason the SW fandom is such a shit-show right now is because of that vocal anti contingent that joined the fandom “for all the wrong reasons” and is basically trying to run roughshod over it, and that kind of hit the nail on the head for me. It’s a twisted kind of moral purity gatekeeping, and I’m just not here for it. Fanboys don’t own Star Wars, shippers don’t own Star Wars, anti-shippers don’t own Star Wars. None of this is real, and we’re all allowed to play here. Period.

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I had a dream you were my teacher (even though I'm 23, and you teach 8th grade) and you hated me as soon as I walked in your class. You were strict with dress code, and hated ripped jeans. I wore ripped jeans. You gave me detention for it. If people were talking next to me you said I was part of it when I wasn't. Then I started to try and figure out what you liked so I could get you a gift so you would like me.

It’s funny cuz my students wear uniforms and I have a reputation for being one of the only teachers who never enforces the dress code 🤷🏼‍♂️

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You: *implies they don't like drama* also you: *deliberately starts drama*

you: *for some sad reason decided to take the time out of your day to send this and didn’t even have the guts to come off of anon* 


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can you do jealous niles headcanons? before and after confessing please ^-^

Before Confessing

  • He really doesn’t get jealous until he realizes he just wants your attention just for the sake of your attention
  • He gets jealous easily but tends to bottle it up- he knows he’s just a bunch of jagged sharp edges that hurts those around only dressed a bit prettier since serving Leo and once in love isn’t sure he’s the best for you
  • Bottled up emotions tend to overflow but Niles is good at covering up his intentions and anxiety so it’s hard to tell if it’s jealousy

After Confessing

  • He tries to be more open about his jealousy, at least after he’s in private with you
  • Even when being upfront plays it off as smoothly as he can, even trying to ‘remind you’ why you chose him
  • Really just wants some cuddles and tender loving care

Had an interesting conversation this weekend. And by interesting, I don’t mean interesting at all, but rather, I was clenching my fists and trying not to punch someone.
There were basically a whole lot of biphobic comments that made me very angry. The funny thing is, I’m not even bisexual, but I got super defensive and had a difficult time keeping calm. I’m not even all that mad at the person - I’m mad at myself because I didn’t get a chance to explain why they were so incredibly wrong. (The whole argument of “half-gay, half-straight, could change their mind at any time”. I hate that. I can’t even… Yeah, I have to stop talking about this.)

And, you know, there’s a reason why I don’t tell people that I’m demisexual, even though I’m pretty sure that’s what I am. Because when I explain what that means, someone, without doubt, will say, “That’s normal.” I… I can’t even… That’s just… You weren’t… You weren’t listen-… I… I have to stop before I start screaming.

Anyway, in other news, it’s Hermione Granger’s birthday - happy birthday Hermione! (She’s thirty-eight now? Right?) And it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, so I can be found talking to myself in the most drunken voice I can imitate. (I will not be drinking. Except water. Water’s good.)
Sorry about the ramble. I’ll delete it later.

  • Aries: The "I just said something borderline offensive, so I'm just going to laugh to ease the tension" laugh.
  • Taurus: The "I'm really enjoying our conversation and I'm glad that I have the honor of being around your crazy antics" laugh.
  • Gemini: The "I just told the most amazing joke, good job me." laugh.
  • Cancer: The "That really wasn't that funny, but I really need some money so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" laugh.
  • Leo: The "HAHWHSHNDHFKDODNDNSKODBWBMGMTNEJDJSNDBDJJ (that wasn't even that funny, but I just have to obnoxiously laugh)" laugh
  • Virgo: The "This embarrassing gossip about Jessica from Middle School is hard to believe, but it's so amazing" laugh.
  • Libra: The "Low-key trying to make you find me more attractive because of my adorable laugh" laugh.
  • Scorpio: The "I may have had too much to drink or I'm just super tired, but for some reason I find every other word you say hilarious" laugh.
  • Sagittarius: The "I have no idea what you just said, but I'm too awkward to ask you to repeat what you said" laugh.
  • Capricorn: The "I can't believe you just said that, so the only appropriate response is strange laughter" laugh.
  • Aquarius: The "I really just blew that joke, but maybe if I laugh other people will too" laugh.
  • Pisces: The "Oops! I just laughed during Aunt Becky's sad story to lighten up the mood again" laugh.

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What is really funny is I have never played Overwatch before but I know so much of it because of how much people reblog and talk about it.  I’ve even had dreams about this game and the characters haha.  

  • Favorite character: Mercy.  I love her design and all the different skins, and if I played the game I would probably be her.  I really like Pharah too she looks awesome and fun to play as.
  • Second favorite character: Maybe Widowmaker, or Soldier 76, Reaper is great too!
  • Least favorite character: I don’t know if I can even pick a least favourite, they’re all pretty cool.  
  • The character I’m most like: I honestly have no idea for this one sorry.
  • Favorite pairing: I have no clue, but from random followers I have seen a lot of Genji/Mercy which the art was pretty for at least. :3
  • Least favorite pairing: any Hanzo/Genji just creeps me out
  • Favorite moment: I like watching videos of people’s play of the game does that count?
  • Rating out of 10: I’ll give it a 8/10 purely based on the characters and their designs, I like that there is a really diverse group of characters.  Hopefully I can play some day and ha give a better rating? 
  • Aaron: I thought you weren't ready for a "serious commitment"?
  • Robert: That was me trying to be funny.
  • Aaron: Well, it wasn't.
  • Robert: I know. "Robert puts his foot in it". Shocker. And it was definitely a yes. I've got witnesses.
  • Aaron: Ah, I was on tons of morphine.
  • Robert: So, you're turning me down?
  • Aaron: Well, you have only just got divorced.
  • Robert: I know what I want now.
  • Aaron: Do you? I mean, this is a big deal. You still haven't even got your head round stuff.
  • Robert: I've nearly lost you twice now. I can't do it again. And I would've stayed with you, you know, whatever happened.
  • Aaron: Don't.
  • Robert: You think I want other people? But I promise you, I won't. You're enough. I'm sure, and I love you. So what are we waiting for?
  • Aaron: I'm not exactly easy to love.
  • Robert: Neither am I.
  • Aaron: So how do we not mess this up, then? When it's forever.
  • Robert: I don't want easy. I want messed up. With you. Forever.
  • Aaron: Robert... will you marry me?
  • Robert: Let me think about it. Yes. I will. Course I will.
  • (KISS and hair ruffle)

Another thing

It’s funny to me how many of the most vocal “Sonic should be an aro/ace character” believers also happen to be massive SonAmy fans…at the same time.

Don’t even try to deny it.

Usually, when somebody mentions that they support an MxM relationship involving Sonic…or really, any relationship other than SonAmy, one of them will launch into “discourse” about how Sonic cannot be restrained by a relationship or that having him fall in love with that other character would be uncharacteristic for one or both parties.

And yet, when it comes to SonAmy, those same fans will leap to its defense, calling out Sega itself for going out of its way to derail the relationship with deliberately poor translation and special mandates (which I’m pretty sure are nothing more than conspiracy theories), twisting their perception of Sonic’s character to fit their headcanons, and sometimes even condescending to or threatening fans for not seeing it their way.

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Dean struggling in the checkout line to keep a hold of his young daughter and the basket because Cas ran back to get something. And the line keeps moving and his daughter keeps grabbing at things. And he’s constantly going ‘no hon.’ 'Put that back’ 'no candy’ all the while scanning for Cas. And by now the people in line around him think its adorable and he totally has an audience.

And then Cas calls to ask about a certain percent of milk and Dean has to manage the phone the basket and their daughter. And now all anybody can hear is his side of the conversation and people are totally listening.

'Cas get whatever you want. No I don’t care. Are you sure there’s a difference? Okay okay no there’s a difference. Get whatever you think is best. Listen are you almost back up here? No yeah I have the bank card. Babe. I need you up here on monster control. Ha ha that wasn’t funny the last time you said it either. Babe. There are three people in front of me. I know you do this all the time. I’m just not as good as you. Babe. Cas.“

And everybody is listening and the couple ahead of him thinks the whole thing is adorable. They keep looking back at him.

And Cas doesn’t make it back and now his daughter is trying to grab everything out of his wallet as he tries to pay one handed. The people behind him aren’t even mad. He’s muttering under his breath to the tune of 'I am going to kill your father’ as she giggles away.

And when Dean finally looks up, bags delicately gripped, he finds Cas standing there with a smile on his face.