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So I was going to hold off on posting this, but...

…we seem to be in desperate need of some Fitzsimmons lately, so here’s some minor angst that becomes like ridiculous fluff. 

AND LET ME JUST SAY THIS NOW: I know trauma doesn’t just disappear or heal in matter of days (and honestly, it probably doesn’t even here, it’s just swept under the rug a bit), but let’s be real, this show has never been great at acknowledging trauma. This is really just a way I’d like to possibly see the season end (not that I think we’ll actually be this lucky, like ever), so I’m writing it their way, skimming over the aftermath to get back to the action, as it were. 

Okay, with that all out of the way, here’s some major Fitzsimmons post-Framework fluff. Enjoy!


He was exactly where she’d thought he’d be, exactly as she’d feared; one step into their bunk, and Jemma sighed softly at the sight of Fitz curled up on the far edge of their bed, his shoulders hunched and his back to her. The weight he unfairly carried on his shoulders seemed to weigh on him physically, dragging him down and making him utterly miserable, and Jemma fought back the surge of anger that flared hotly in her chest – anger at the cause of all of this, no matter how just, was not what he needed just then.

With that in mind, Jemma softly closed the door behind her, crossing the small space to perch on the end of the bed. “Fitz?” she prompted gently.

His shoulders rose and fell on a heavy sigh, and Jemma’s heart ached at the brokenness clear in the single sound. She scooted across the bed until she was right behind him and carefully laid a hand on his shoulder. He tensed slightly at the touch, but didn’t shrug it off or pull away, and taking that as a good sign, she cautiously leaned forward to rest her cheek against his back, between his shoulder blades.

As her arms looped around his midsection to hold him to her, she whispered soothingly, “It’ll be alright, Fitz, we’ll make it alright.”

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Young Avengers (2013)

haven’t been able to draw for myself much, but here’s a color study ft. soft stucky for @softstuckyweek 💖 [x]

((Sudden inspiration while watching videos. Tyvan, anyone?))

“Future googling man, am I ever going to get married?”

A joke. It was just a joke. Evan didn’t know what he was saying. He didn’t know what kind of heartache he was putting him through by asking such a simple question. After all, Evan was from the past; he didn’t have the knowledge that he had, or the memories he was plagued with as this Evan had yet to make them.

This wasn’t his Evan, and he needed to accept that. This Evan was meant for the Tyler of this timeline; a Tyler neither of them had yet to meet, and a Tyler he couldn’t personally know without breaking the space time continuum. Evan couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen to him, or the sad reality that the answer to his silly question was. He was merely making a joke; a dumb light hearted joke that was never meant to hit him like a knife to the chest, paired with an easy smile that only twisted it. He was just trying to tease him.

But it hurt, it hurt so very much. It hurt to know that this Evan was so blissfully unaware of the horror that he was going to put him through. It hurt to know that in a few short weeks after Tyler had long returned to the future, Evan was going to meet the him from this timeline in a crowded bar, and fall hopelessly in love.

It hurt to know that they were going to share their first kiss against the passenger seat door of his car outside Evan’s apartment building, and it hurt to know that he would invite him to move in with him but a few months later. It pained him to remember the long nights spent playing video games and laughing over pointless inside jokes; the nights when they drunkenly stumbled home from their dates hand in hand as they were much too tipsy to drive; the nights spent stealing kisses beneath the covers as fingers traced over ribs and toes brushed against shins.

This Evan had never experienced that, not yet. This Evan never gave him his heart in the form of a shiny silver ring and a promise to love him until death did them part. This wasn’t the Evan he was engaged to. This wasn’t the Evan that he fell so deeply in love with.

This wasn’t the Evan that he left for dead.

His Evan was long gone, and long devoured by undead that had yet to rise from the soil they were buried in. His Evan had screamed for help and called out his name so desperately, even after it was clear that Tyler wasn’t going to return for him and was choosing to save his own life instead. He had lost his Evan all because he was selfish, and now this Evan, this sweet innocent Evan with bright eyes and a hope for the future, was going to suffer the same fate.

He wanted to warn him but he couldn’t. He wanted to hunt down the Tyler from this timeline and warn him of the mistake they would regret for years to come if he chose to be selfish, but he couldn’t. If he influenced the past, then he’d mess up the future, and as he much as he wanted to alter the course of time and try to bring his own Evan back, he couldn’t. The only reason the apocalypse happened to begin with was because he fucked with time travel, and now he couldn’t fuck with it further out of fear of making things even worse. He missed his Evan, and he wanted to protect this one from himself, but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. He was already playing a dangerous game just by talking to him, and he couldn’t risk making things even worse.

His Evan was gone and he needed to accept that. Karma had ripped his Evan away and he didn’t deserve to miss him, but he felt a hollow ache in his chest regardless, and regret ate away at his insides as he silently wished this Evan had asked him something else. He didn’t need the reminder that he could have married him, if only he had tried to save him. He thought about that enough as it was.

Playing with the silver band tightly wrapped around his ring finger, Tyler finally gave him an answer. “No, you’re going to die alone,” he said bluntly, and Evan laughed, mistaking it for a joke, and the sound echoed and rattled around in the empty hole inside his chest.


(Step by step, together; you wouldn’t have it any other way.)

word count: 2,793

genre: plotless fluff / originally meant to be a “mini-scenario” or drabble

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Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

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Fickyfuck kid here. That's my best sentence I've ever written in my life and I used to write stories. (Writers block is a bitch and I have no where to write so it's just like I give my life to learning Russian... HOLD UP IDEA MAN y'all could do a reaction of the RFA to MC that just starts randomly talking in Russian not even realizing it. Holy fuck I wasn't planning this to happen, y'all don't need to write it (I totally get if you don't want to)) ~Your local fickyfuck

A/N: fickyfuck is still on my list of all time favourite sayings iloveyou  AAAAAAAAA I ONLY KNOW A FEW DIFFERENT (and very…very random) PHRASES IN RUSSIAN SO I HOPE I SPELT THEM RIGHT AND YA KNOW DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING REALLY RUDE OR WEIRD WITHOUT KNOWING IT (tho let’s be honest here, this is ME we’re talking about….) ^^;;;;; ~Admin 404



           -He came home early from class one day and found you playing video games!

           -Though, he wasn’t sure what game because???? He kept hearing another language?

           -Wait that…sounds like your voice

           -Maybe you’re speaking along to the game? Some made up language?

           -He walked into the room behind you and looked at the screen but there weren’t any characters talking

           -You were just running around, fighting whatever monsters popped up, but he still heard this muttering? Where in the world could this be coming from???

           -“Возьми это! Ты тупой монстр … Я истинный рыцарь этого мира … Ешь мой меч !!”

           -“Um.. MC? What was that?”

           -HE SCARED THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! -which, incidentally, scared him too- and you had to have him explain what he was hearing. Maybe he was just hearing things??

           -After describing what he heard you realized that you were mumbling in Russian, and had to explain to him that you were the one talking. You were just trash talking the monsters in the game! He was really impressed that you knew Russian, and can’t believe he never knew!!! Completely amazed every time you switch to it, no matter how often he’s heard it


           -It was after a performance from his, and you were star struck!!

           -It was the best show you’ve seen in your life!

           -His singing!!!! It’s amazing at home but seeing it oN STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOLE DIFFERENT THING!!

           -You ran up to him once he was off stage and your mind was running so fast that you didn’t even realize you switched to Russian when congratulating him

           -“Это было удивительно! Так хорошо! Я так горжусь тобой!”

           -He was happy to see you! You look so cute when you’re that excited!

           -Though he had NO idea what you were saying, he kind of went along with it

           -Full of smiles, nods, and “Yeah!”

           -Until you finally realized he had no idea what you were saying and said the whole thing again so he could understand you

           -He loves when you switch to Russian because that means you’re really excited!!! And really excited MC is a really cute MC!! Also really appreciates that you’ll say everything again just so he can understand what you’re so excited about! literally sprints to the other room when he hears any sort of russian because??? what if he misses his MC looking cute


           -When working for Jumin, one must know a few different languages

           -Well, at least have some sort of understanding of them

           -So when you switched to Russian while telling her what kind of coffee you wanted, it took her a little bit to realize you had switched

           -The only reason she knew you switched is because you started to say some uncommon words that she didn’t understand

           -She knows the basics such as “hello”, “how are you”, you know, smaller phrases!

           -Not…whatever you had told her

           -“Я хочу, чтобы этот кофе … это своего рода вкус … поджаренный зефир!”

           -“I’m… I’m sorry, MC, what is it that you want?”

           -???? OH SORRY BAEHEE

           -It was really no problem for her, but seeing how embarrassed you tended to get when you switch languages made her wish you did it more often!! She thinks its adorable! Also, secretly studies more Russian to understand you!


           -He’s done business with other people who speak Russian as well

           -So, of course, he’s taught himself Russian!

           - among other languages as well

           -What he didn’t know, though, is that you know Russian as well??

           -When he came home one day to hear someone speaking Russian, he was extremely confused

           - who the fuck got past my guards

           -Until he recognized your lovely voice! What made him smile was the fact that you were complimenting Elizabeth, and showing her your love

           -“Вы очаровательны! Так мило! Я люблю тебя!”

           -So, of course, he walks into the room and compliments her in Russian as well! It may have startled you a little bit, but you quickly got over it!

           -He usually has to point out when you’re speaking Russian to others, and enjoys seeing how flustered you get when you apologize. When the two of you are at home, however, he doesn’t mind if you accidently switch to Russian because??? He understands it, why would it be a bother? He just responds normally to whatever you say!


           -He had to learn a BUNCH of different languages when he was an agent!

           -So…. of course he knows Russian!

           -But the real question here is….

           -When did YOU learn Russian??

           -He didn’t see anywhere on your record that you spoke Russian!!!!

           -So when you randomly switched to Russian while mid-conversation with him, he didn’t even blink an eye

           -“Есть что-нибудь вы хотите на обед, кроме чипсов?”

           -When you asked him if he wanted anything for lunch besides chips, he responded right back in Russian!

           -It doesn’t faze him at all! Never hesitates to respond back to you, and doesn’t care if you do it in public, in fact, he makes a game out of it. “How many people can we confuse?: Park edition”

           -Sucks for the people around you who can’t speak Russian! ESPECIALLY if you do it in the group chat! Refuses to translate for everyone else! Also loves messing with everyone by telling you inappropriate things in Russian in front of everyone else but refuses if Jumin’s there because he knows he can speak it as well


           -It actually really surprised him!!

           -He’s picked up a few phrases here and there from travelling, but WOW

           -You knew the whole language!!!

           -He asked you to describe what you felt when you looked at a photograph he just took

           -But did not expect you to respond back in RUSSIAN??

           -“Это заставляет меня чувствовать себя сухо и комфортно!”

           -“I’m…I’m sorry sweetheart, what was that? I only know a few basic words in Russian…”


           -IMMEDIATELY TAKES A PICTURE. Also vows to take a picture of you each time you realize you’re speaking in Russian. He wants to make a whole photo album about it!!

           -Honestly loves when you’re speaking Russian!! He’s starting to actually pick up on a few words here and there because of you! Believes if he listens to you mumble to yourself enough, he’ll learn the whole language too!


           -What the hell did you just say to me

           -Honestly has no idea what you’re saying

           -Isn’t even sure what language it was??? MC??? Explain??

           -He was just innocently sitting on the couch, watching some TV when you walked behind him and spouted off what he thought was nonsense

           -“Эй, что новое шоу вы хотите смотреть приходит на несколько минут.”

           -“What the fuck does that meAN”

           -Took you longer than you wanted to admit to realize you told him in Russian

           -After you translated for him, he pouts

           -He’ll go out later that day and buy a ton of books to learn Russian


Before I go to sleep and the 14th ends (in my time zone) happy 2 years to my 7 incredible guys, who have been through so much before and after debut, I hope they never feel disappointed in themselves, I hope they can always feel all of our monbebe love, especially when they’re feeling down, and I hope that they continue to grow as individuals and as a team. I’m so incredibly proud of all their accomplishments small and large, I’m so lucky to have found them and I’ve never had an unhappy day as a monbebe (except for when I’ve felt that my guys r getting played) I could never thank them enough for always thinking of us and showing us love! I wish them all the luck in the future.
Happy 2 years with Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M!
Happy #2YearsWithMonstaX

Quotes from Diamond Authority cosplay this evening:

“That’s electrifying.”
“We get it Yellow.”
“I can’t believe you’ve done this.”
“I claim rule over memes.”
“Just dab it off.”
“Dab with your pole arm.”
“We all know your g/t trash.”
“What a meme.”
“I Sentence you to (the fitness gram pacer test is a multi-).”

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What was Kenny's answer for the gang hanging out with Cartman even thigh they hate him? I gotta know!

((this is the ask anon is referring to!: http://askthemountaintown.tumblr.com/post/130485427509/if-you-guys-hate-cartman-then-why-even-bother#tumblr_notes ))

okay so i really love dino hands. They are very important

  • wasn't planning on saying anything considering my blog isn't the place, but fuck it. I just saw that there's another 4chan raid happening?? this is ridiculous. the stuff personally doesn't affect me, I'm not easily triggered even though I've been suicidal and self harmed in the past, but there are people who are triggered by the shit they post. it's disgusting. so a) if you see me posting something triggering, it's not me, but considering how insignificant my blog is I think we're safe from hackers. b) if any of you are easily triggered, PLEASE stay out of popular tags and turn off anon submissions. i know that i'm just here to make jokes and stuff but it honestly blows my mind that over 6 thousand people are following me and it would kill me if any of you were hurt because of what these dumb fucks are doing. stay safe guys, my dms are also always open if anyone needs something.