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so it’s been about two weeks since i officially finished revamping my blog. i’m amazed at how many of you followed me over to my new blog. i have about a fourth of the followers i had on the other, but it makes me secure in the knowledge that all of you are still actively interested in having me on your dashboards. i’m floored by all of you, so here’s a little shoutout to all of you who have taken the time to talk to me, to write with me, or what have you! none of it goes unnoticed, and i thank you all so much. whether you’re a new follower or you’ve been following me since i first made this blog, it’s an honor to have you by my side as brienne continues to develop. –––– i look forward to another wonderful year with all of you! ** this is in alphabetical order and is not meant to upset anyone.

this is my best friend.

my actual, irl best friend who i enabled to make a podrick payne account way back in like. february or sometime. she ended up doing it, and then everything just kinda fell apart from there. it’s been a good 8 years of knowing you or whatever. here’s to another 50 more!

@podstye / @serhunt / @wclfinthenorth / @kingpounce / whatever your blogs. i forgive you for ruining my entire life. thanks for getting me out of the house. i love you. ♥♥♥

and then there’s these morons with her.

this people have been with me for a long, long time lmao. honestly, i can’t even imagine my blog at a time before i started talking to you regularly. it’s been so many months i can’t even remember anymore, but thanks for sticking with me. and making brienne’s life a living hell, you know.

@scarredhound@thesellsword / @yxtes@aloneinmycage

please marry me tbh.

a few of the best of the best who talk to me every single day and make me smile lmao. i love all of you and thank you for writing with me and talking to me and making me smile omg. thank you!

@astormsend / @garlance@aureatehand / @exmaester / @seawaite@cerseilionesslannister@praisenamed@reignoftheflorentine / @ofgiantsbane@rosereigned@swannknight@sxlo@troutofriverrun

to those who are my closest allies and best friends.

these are the people who talk to me on skype / various platforms every day or write with frequently and make my life the best. some of you have even gone so far as to follow me across multiple blogs. have no fear: brienne is my end goal. much love to you!

@agirlingrey@arcusignis@chersyeux@criedhard@crownedmagnificent@crownedvaliant@davosshorthand@deepseadriver@deepseahound / @hinnbeinlausi / whatever omg ⌑ @dxrkforce@ensuespurity / @darkestdeals / @ammoneo / i forgot your blogs lmfao love you ⌑ @flamesofesmeralda@forsakingonevow / all your blogs ⌑ @georgerrrmartin@goldenngore@handofhonor@hisxandorxhers@iindomitvs@lcnnister@leomatrem@magnificofiore@manichaeisms@paternall@reignoftheflorentine / @ofgiantsbane@rosethornknight / @shxgggy / all your blogs ⌑ @southerncomfortoutlaw@starkmatriarch@txghut@upyriism / @stealsforherself@wcrg / @ofthevale@xaedificare@zaldrizotala

to those who stick by my side.

these are the people who i certainly haven’t spoken with / written with enough, or at all. that’s something i definitely would love to change –––– i’d like to write with all of you more please please please. xox thank you for following me over to this blog. i love all of you.(:

@adangerouspsychopath@akingslayerx@alfodir@almodir@animakerma@anironborn@artfulprecision@axgonianmage@benjenstcrk@bloodiedwolf@boltxnbastard@bruinblccd / @armoredlion@chasteflames@childishlioness@civilburden@coldhonovr@crownedgentle@danysoldbear@deamazed@deexitibus@dontbelong@dracaesanguinem@dragcnfiire@dxlac@eandearg@eldestshebear@ferociousforce@gentlestag@giftedneedle@girlonadyinghorse@gloryblazed / all your blogs ⌑ @grishildr@halfagod@herunfailingkindness@iarainn@ironhostaged@kenobic@kinflayer@kingslcigh@lionofevenfall / @ladyxstark@littlefiinger@littlelannisterlion@littlestsnakelet@loketratan / @vredknekt@lostiisms@luthoritative@malleableking@maskedterror@mcgnarofthenn@meleabra@mischixvous@mithraiic@motherliberty@motherofwolvcs@mxncipium@mxrmontx@nogcd@ofjcnquil@ofsomnium@onceporcelain@orothrimism@pearledpriincess@princeviserys@pureironking@queenxcersei@qxeenofthorns@raidstombs@revixiism@rhacgal@rhaegc@robinsend@rosehaired@royalsadist@sarkisms@shieldarmed@showmaxter@silkssongsandchivalry@silverheartsilverskin@southronprincess@springvigor@stcnequeen@steindrott@sunworn@survivaliist / all your blogs oops ⌑ @swordgiven@swordriven@sxnwolf@symboltothenation@tarthed@techsided@theblackcraven@thegreatestevil@thekingrenly@theladyrohanne@thelatin / @motherofasgard@theusurper@thornedbloom@thuashdore@timpazolka@titanborn@twogoldenchains@unseenmockingjay@vengefulhonor@warriorrhaenys@watchdeserter@wclfguardian@wiingedwolf@wildmoored@wintercrowned@withalisp@worshipsonlydeath@wrxckage@wyllaofthesea@zabrakmaul@ziinariya

a few of the personal blogs i love who hopefully don’t know i exist.

to all of you: hi there. i’m also @ gwendoline and i just want to let you know i love your blogs in the only way i know how.(:


It was on my dash again…

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I’ve got a pig! I’ve got a pig! *talking to the pig* Are you alright?
Joe in the animal hour of the #24HourJoe


Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)


We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills.

Winston Churchill, 4 June 1940 [x]


10 days of dodie (1/10)
↳ favorite dodie song(s)


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I thought Anna might have come down for her dinner



bunny smile!!!


Mother! giving Post-Mockingjay realness


- when we’re done here, when all this is over… i’d like us to live there. together.
- guess you’ve got everything planned out.
- you don’t like it?
- i like it. a lot.