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You should write the robot au. Please.

i’m just saying that scott likes to fix things. he has an etsy profile: send him your computer, your phone, your mini-droid, and he will fix it and send it back. he even cleans them. he’s never had an unhappy customer.

these particular robots, the ST1 line, they’re unsettlingly realistic. their flesh is synthetic, but it functions like real skin; so when he finds this thing, it’s bruised, bleeding, and shut down in the alley between apartments. scott thinks he’s just a person at first, and rushes to him to see if he’s ok. face lolling between scott’s palms, it says, unnaturally slow, “battery… low.” so scott scoops it up and hefts it home.

his roommate’s not pleased. he’s like, “we don’t have enough room for this. you’d better keep it in your room.”

so scott ignores him, of course; he pays just as much rent as derek does, and he’s not gonna take no orders. it takes a couple days to track down a charger for the thing - the latest version is the ST1-LE8, and those have the nutrients-from-organic-food and solar capabilities - so in the meantime he does keep it in the storage room because it looks like a corpse and it’s super creepy. but he does find a cord adapter at a radio shack going-out-of-business sale. he drags the unit into the living room to plug it in, because all the plugs in his room are taken or behind furniture. the first thing the ST1 says when it starts back up is a very expressive, “ow.”

scott’s worked with these robots before. they’re not very popular, not next to the ones out by hp and apple, which have cleaner lines - they’re clearly not human, so they don’t creep you the fuck out - but he has still worked with an ST1 before. they’re not like that. they just look human; they don’t act it. in fact, they’re usually pretty buggy and weird. they’re basically like the cricket flip phone of the robot world. he thinks this one’s been tampered with. still, scott’s a sweet guy in general and he instinctively responds as if it were a person. “you ok?”

the thing grimaces, shakes its head, as if to dispel grogginess. “what day is it.”

“tuesday,” scott answers, “march 7th.” the thing nods slowly. “did someone try to fuck you?” people do that. try to fuck their robots. if they’re not designed for it, it’ll fuck up all their innards, and you have to open them up and clean them out. it’s super gross, but scott’s done it before.

“god, i wish,” the unit tells him. scott snorts unexpectedly. “ummm, my arm doesn’t work.”

“yeah, i got you,” says scott. “you want me to shut you down while i fix it or are you good?”

the thing looks at him, a little puzzled, a little intrigued. “i’m good,” it says. it glances over scott’s shoulder; scott twists around to see what he’s looking at. it’s his roommate, derek. “are you just eating dry granola?” the unit asks incredulously.

“do you have some diet questioning app installed?” derek returns aridly.

“you’re not even gonna throw some milk on there? a strawberry? nothin’?” derek doesn’t reply; he just takes a bite of granola. “humans are so… stupid,” the thing mutters, watching scott start to dismantle his arm. “no offense,” it adds.

scott smirks at him. he’s got bright brown eyes, dark circles under them. “none taken,” scott says.

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i personally found ch2 of obs&bh angstier than ch3, i think it's because victor was so hopeful in ch2, whereas in ch3, despite having a pretty bleak outlook, victor wasn't really expecting much else from yuuri, so his actions hurt less. i suppose in a way, it is similar to the second meeting in the bathroom as it served to solidify the view victor sort of already had of yuuri. i guess it'll hurt even more when/if victor gets his hopes up again only for yuuri to unwittingly crush them haha

Viktor’s expectations definitely get lower and lower and his optimism does get crushed a lot but his hopefulness is something that nothing will ever be able to drive away completely!   

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James is going to be quickly over his angst

for a new angst

An angst about FEET

FEET in his face

feet acting like hands

like somehow…sirius is turning into a horse. A creature that doesn’t have arms. Only legs. And feet. Or hooves. Same thing.

     “It’s the next step in human evolution. There’s no escaping it. Resistance is pointless, and you’ll only wear yourself out.”

    “Instead of you running and me catching you, I have a proposal;”

    “Join us, Potter.”

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Sam wasn't even trying to get Dean not to kill him at the point he pulled out the pictures. He was giving them to Dean to help him in the future and hope that one day he can get back to being good. Sam was already expecting to be dead at that point! How do people twist that into Sam manipulating him into not killing him when that wasn't even what Sam was saying or trying to do. Even after that, Sam nodded at Dean and gave him a small smile, like he was telling Dean he FORGAVE him.


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I've seen people accusing TJLCers of not liking the episode just because Johnlock didn't happen. Today I was at uni and started asking about last night's episode. What they said: "Fine but not what I expected. Seemed off a bit" It wasn't just us...

Hi Lovely <3

Yeah, I’ve seen casuals and even antis really confused about this episode as well. So it’s not just us.