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#kdramawomensweek: day 8 // age of youth love-fest | happy international women’s day!

So I pretty much put together some of my favorite scenes from Age of Youth. They’re all scenes that really hit me hard emotionally or just personally resonated with me. When Jin Myung, whose feelings have slowly been bubbling underneath the surface, finally overflows with emotion, full of rage and agony. She finally demands the apology she’s been silently asking for. When she fell to the floor in sobs, I cried with her. I felt that grief. When Yi Na realizes she’s been holding herself back and finally lets herself go. Dammit, that scene just hit me. When Eun Jae blows up and just begs for the housemates to be nice to her I could personally relate to her pain and just how nervous she must have felt to finally let that out and tell these almost strangers how alienated they made her feel and how much it had hurt her. That’s not easy.

As you can see, most of my favorite scenes include the girls all together. The relationship that developed between these girls, different in pretty much every way, from being strangers just living in a house together to sisters that loved and protected each other in any way they could was really the main strength of the show. Even that hilarious scene when the girls beat up Eun Jae’s boyfriend because they think he’s some stranger out to hurt her shows just how willing they are to protect each other. I mean, they burst out of the house the second they heard Eun Jae scream. The girls immediately went to comfort Ye Eun when she finally broke up with a boyfriend she loved so much. And when Eun Jae finally comes home after being out all night, the girls just hug her, saying that everything is okay because she’s here and she’s safe. I’m tearing up just thinking of the scene. That love for each other that made them one of the best friendships of 2016 and just in general.

What I love about the girls individual stories is the journey they went through during the drama and where they ended up. They don’t end the drama suddenly complete and whole, but you know they’ve set themselves on that track. They learn to start forgiving and loving themselves. The ghosts they’ve lived with are never completely gone but they’re not held back and tortured by them anymore.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I love these girls so so so so so much. There’s really nothing I can say that can convey the amount of love I have for this drama and the Belle Epoque girls. It warms my heart when I think of them and I’m just so happy there’s going to be a season 2.

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Just gonna say this real quick, Melissa has the broadest shoulders

I’ve already explained this here, but her shoulders aren’t actually broad. It’s just the little coat she wears. It has wide shoulders.

Here’s Melissa with her coat on:

And here she is without:

Her shoulders look broad, but they’re actually not. Her little coat sort of has padding, like shoulder pads in some suits women wear. Boy characters often don’t have shoulders (or you know, anything that would make them stand out like padding on a uniform), so because Meli is always hanging out with Milo and Zack, and not around other girls, it’s easy to say she has the broadest shoulders. 

Sometimes the animators will follow the character constructions to a tee and make sure to show the difference between Meli with the coat and Meli without, and sometimes they won’t get it right. But humans aren’t perfect, and whether her shoulders show as broad or not when wearing the coat is not a pressing matter lol. Not unless the show was focused on her shoulders XP

tl;dr: Compared to other boys, Melissa has the broadest shoulders. But she has shoulders as wide as any other girl on the show her age; the coat she wears is deceiving XD

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

vorkosigan saga + wolfpupy tweets, part one

Cordelia: instead of saying what you are all thinking i say what everyone would be thinking if they were as cerebrally intelligent as me

Aral: a good captain goes down with the ship, i personally don’t need a professional obligation to sink to the bottom of the ocean, i just do it

Simon: looks like things are always happening once again

Kou: tired of trying to figure out how to solve problems? try simply ignoring them forever instead

Bothari: some men just want to let the bodies hit the floor

Ges: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful

Serg: if someone betrays me i will turn on them with revenge in a second, sometimes even before that, its just the way it goes in this drama life

Ezar: sometimes the only real friend you have is your countless enemies

Piotr: just want to remind anyone planning to betray me of the cool knife i have, you won’t get to borrow it or watch me flip it around with style

Drou: regardless of how anyone feels about it, things continue to happen

Kareen: “just when i thought things couldn’t get worse” that was your first mistake, things always get worse regardless of thinking

Vordarian: if history has taught us anything i dont plan to learn it

Alys: is there something that is a step up from a rhetorical question where i don’t want any response at all

How to write a fan fic by allwaswell16 in 23 easy steps

Step 1: Drive around and hear a random song on the radio and think–this is a fic!

Step 2: Leave voice recordings of yourself rambling on and on about your fic idea to @taggiecb and call it brainstorming.

Step 3: Write down 2k of “notes” about the characters and their jobs and how old they are and the plot and random bits of dialogue and a scene or two that pop into your head.

Step 4: Write the beginning.

Step 5: Realize you have no outline and don’t know where to go from here.

Step 6: Reread your notes.

Step 7: Pretend your haphazard notes are an outline and try to write again.

Step 8: Realize your notes are NOT an outline.

Step 9: Drive around some more thinking about your fic and letting it “simmer” like how you always talk about with @myownsparknow Try not to let other songs make you think of new fic ideas. If they do, try to mentally beat them with a stick.

Step 10: Find a title so you can have a tag for it like @tvshows-addict taught you to do for inspiration.

Step 11: Spend 84 years figuring out a title for an unwritten fic and then filling the tag with things you think inspire you about it.

Step 12: Forget to ever check the tag for inspiration.

Step 13: Actually write an outline. Determine an estimated word count based on the outline.

Step 14: Write 5k on the first point of the outline. Realize you don’t know how to estimate word counts.

Step 15: Cry.

Step 16: Check tumblr randomly. Not for inspiration or for your fic tag because you forgot about that.

Step 17: Try to forget @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee taught you how to look at your ao3 statistics.

Step 18: Look at your ao3 statistics and wonder why some of your fics are popular and some aren’t. Desperately wonder if you’re writing one that people will read or not.

Step 19: Cry.

Step 20: Write during all your free time and leave your house a mess so you can have time to write just one more scene. Keep writing. Complain to your friends, but keep writing.

Step 21: When finished have, one or two or three or four betas and a Brit picker(if necessary) read it for you (depends on how nervous you are). Rewrite stuff. 

Step 22: Remember you have an inspiration tag just in time to make your fic post.

Step 23: Publish your fic! 

This was such a cute idea, I just had to sketch it out. I probably should have given him a more annoyed expression. She’s standing on tip toes by the way.


i had a student in Japan that had some social anxiety issues and had problems with eye contact and talking to others, and this kid was allowed to have a little stuffed pokemon in class. they would use the marill to talk for them, holding it up and saying ‘marill says…” or just straight up speaking for marill in a small voice like ‘class was fun today thank you.’ 

and all the other students understood the need for this kid to have this toy. I had 8 or 9 kids at once trying to introduce me to the stuffed toy because it was crucial to them that i treated this child and their pokemon with respect. It helped the kid speak english in class too. one day, the child even volunteered to answer a ‘what food do you like?” and they stood up and said ‘I like pizza. Marill like apples.” And the child was so proud because speaking was so hard for them in a situation like this, but having this toy was like a good method of stress relief when it came to speaking. 

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why aren't you accepting their apologies? isn't that immature... people deserve a second change

what apologies

I’m really, really unsure why anyone thinks the Thordak fight was “too easy.”

- They literally spent forty episodes preparing for it. The characters leveled up 2-3 times during the course of those episodes, and got a lot of really wicked spells and feats in the process.

- Thordak had over 1200 hit points. That is, I believe, twice as many as any other foe they’ve ever faced, or close to. His fire breath was bad enough to KO several of them in one shot, if they hadn’t had fire resistance.

- THEY PREPARED. The hero’s feast, making sure everyone DID have fire resistance, getting all the Vestiges so that they had extra protection and/or firepower.

- If the argument is “other fights were worse” - well, that’s because they DIDN’T PREPARE PROPERLY for them. Kevdak was a terrible idea from start to finish, and wouldn’t have ended well if it hadn’t been for Scanlan’s hold spell and Travis’s amazingly timed natural 20. Umbrasyl went about as well as could be expected. Vorugal should have been a terrible idea, but they managed it because once again, Scanlan came through in the clutch. Those weren’t near-disasters because of their objective difficulty, they were near-disasters because VOX MACHINA HAS TERRIBLE PLANNING SKILLS.

- BUT THEY PLANNED FOR THORDAK. They brought allies. They had four very powerful allies on the field with them, plus armies and other allies holding back Thordak’s allies. 

- A lot of credit goes to Liam and Laura for “jaegering” Pike so well. Honestly, I think they did it better than Ashley might have herself, mostly because Ashley is out of practice by necessity, while Liam and Laura live D&D every week. They knew exactly what kind of spells were needed to keep them all alive, and deployed them at just the right times. 

- They spent FORTY EPISODES planning for this. Three of them died during that time. One of them was forced to pledge himself to a goddess. They dealt with a soul-stealing sword and a mad scientist and a deceitful dragon and a power-hungry goliath chieftan and a mad archfey and a raskshasa and  two other ancient chromatic dragons and a whole mess of other things along the way. The whole point of all of that was to GET TO THIS FIGHT AND LIVE. Which they did. They SUCCEEDED. And it was by their own skills, not because Matt dumbed anything down for them.