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GLEE MEME: Ten Episodes
4. What The World Needs Now

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you like knb? I just went through your knb tag and you seem to have drawn/even cosplayed for it ! wow! what are your ships? will you be drawing for the movie that came out ?


MAN, like is a very mild word for how big my KnB phase was, and it’s definitely one of those fandoms I always go back to, and MAN was the movie a slap to the face of nostalgia and wonderful memories ;A;. I didn’t produce much content for it back in the day, I didn’t have much time to draw in general back then, but I wanted to try again now that my art’s changed a bit and:

Something like that <3

Yep! I cosplayed a TON of characters from it. Originally I wanted to cosplay Kuroko or a member of GoM, but instead I ended up wanting to match my friends so I cosplayed Takao, Himuro, Momoi, Kagami, and Nijimura >.>;;;; I ended up much fonder of these characters as a result tho LOL


If you thought my Yuuri poly shipping was bad…look at it this way, I mainly ship Yuuri with 4-5 husbands, and why not throw in the rest occasionally, the more the merrier right? This is around the number I tend to ship many of my fandom protags with (which is still a lot oops).

But KUROKO. Kuroko to me is the ultimate harem queen. To me, he has, minimum, EIGHT husbands. GoM + Kagami + Takao + Himuro. But I also ship him with a ton of other charas on the side like Kasamatsu, Nijimura, Hanamiya, Haizaki, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi, Miyaji…man the list is endless. I LEGITMATELY SHIP KUROKO WITH EVERYONE. (and Nash! my mother screams in the background…)

I started out with a strong bias for AoKuro that still remains on occasion, but reading a massive amount of pixiv fics started leaning me heavily towards Takao. So yeah, if I had to pick one, TakaKuro is my fav now. I also really like HiGuro (Himuro x Kuroko). But really, and most sincerely, THE MORE THE MERRIER.

KnB is also awesome bc it has so many wonderful Kuroko-centric combinations. I’m more partial to shipping certain characters when they’re in a set, and man the pixiv names for these are so great :’D. Fav combos include Light Sandwich (Aomine x Kuroko x Kagami), Aibou-gumi/partner squad (Takao, Himuro, Kasamatsu, occasionally Mayuzumi -> Kuroko), Rival sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Kise), Demon King Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Himuro), Hawk ‘n Dragon Sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Himuro), Black-Hearted Sandwich (Hanamiya x Kuroko x Imayoshi), Captain Sandwich (Nijimura x Kuroko x Akashi), Highlighter Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Midorima), Returnee Sandwich (Kagami x Kuroko x Himuro), of course all their respective schools, the combinations are endless…*dreamy sigh*


(other than Kuroko-centric? I didn’t ship him with Seirin (other than Kagami) too much, tho I certainly don’t mind it, and I very lowkey shipped Kiyoshi + Riko + Hyuuga + Izuki as a poly 4some)

Will I be drawing for the new movie? Well it certainly brought all my feels tumbling back ^ ^; But at the same time I can’t really draw for more than one fandom at a time without getting distracted, and in general there is SO MUCH CONTENT I LOVE in KnB that going on Pixiv often satisfies me, unlike the frustration/craving for something that doesn’t exist I get with YOI ^ ^;; But at the same time, now that my art skills have improved a ton, I sorta want to draw one illustration that has all my fav Kuroko husbands just all crammed in…sighhhhh we’ll see ^ ^;;

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Hello Prince Lotor. I was just wondering what your ideal S/O would be? If you don't want to answer that, I understand. Instead, if it's ok, what would your ideal date be? I do hope I'm not intruding, my Lord. *Bows*

“Why don’t I show you?”

“Unfortunately, his affections are for someone else.”


can you imagine..

So here's the thing...

Our favourite characters are people we identify with and so it hurts when people attack them, because you feel like they’re insulting you and the qualities you admire. I get that. So it might be hard as a Dean stan to read metas about the Sam/Dean dynamic at the moment if they’re defending Sam, because you feel like there’s no sympathy for a character you identify with.

But here’s the thing… most of the Dean hate is about how he’s being abusive to Sam by trying to control him, and not allowing him any autonomy. It’s about Dean needing to apologise for violating his brother, and needing Dean to understand why what he did was wrong.

Whereas most of the Sam hate is about him being selfish and being a terrible brother because he wants out and because he wants space and because he’s setting boundaries and because he’s not talking about his problems and he’s not being articulate enough and because he is standing up for himself after he was forcibly penetrated without consent and gaslighted for the following weeks/months by his brother…

I don’t have any problem with you disagreeing with metas, and I certainly don’t have a problem with people defending Dean or getting offended because they identify with him. But there’s a difference between critically examining the unhealthy or even abuse behaviour of an individual and the negative effect it’s having, and hating on a character for demanding autonomy, and bringing up past issues as canon fodder that essentially boil down to ‘he was a drug addict’ and 'he wanted to escape an unhealthy home life’ and 'he respects other people’s agency enough to not bring them back from the dead’.

Like, if you are a Dean stan and you identify with him, that’s great. I love that. If you identify with him because of his low self esteem and his personality and his protectiveness of his younger sibling etc. that’s awesome. So it makes you feel horrible when people are negative about Dean because you identify with him. I get that.

But that’s not why people are being negative about Dean… If you identify with Dean because you physically assault your sibling whenever you get angry; if you regularly tell your sibling that they’re not good enough or not strong enough and constantly remind them of their past mistakes despite countless apologies; if you try to control them and constantly take decisions away from them; if you deny them bodily autonomy and allow an individual to forcibly penetrate them without their consent, and then lie to them for months afterwards, then yes, you are abusive too.

People identify with Sam because they’re addicts, or because they feel like they’re not good enough, because they’ve been manipulated, and because they’re in a bad place and want out and want to seek out healthy relationships. And these are the things people are attacking Sam forPeople are hating on Sam and saying he should just get over it, after he was effectively raped, because he is finally standing up for himself and because he’s not taking it anymore.

So how do you think it makes someone feel, who identifies with Sam, to be told by the fandom that they don’t deserve a second chance because they were an addict once? Or to be told that they don’t deserve to have such a wonderful sibling - someone who violated them and doesn’t even see it as wrong? How do you think it makes a Sam stan feel when they’re told by the fandom they should just get over it already, because yeah they were raped, but the person who allowed it to happen had good intentions? How do you think it makes them feel to be told they’re being nothing but selfish and bratty because they want to change an unhealthy relationship, and are setting boundaries and struggling through their issues?


[]A Somewhat-Extensive Write-Up on the Pros and Cons of Each Doki, by Χάος Έλλεβορος[]

[]Sayori -


Childhood friend

Precious bean

Perky perky perky


Definitely second cutest

Loves you with all her heart

Will look after you


Not Monika

Kind of dim

Messy messy messy

Always late

Just a tiny bit of dangerously crazy

You’re not allowed to leave her hanging

Seriously don’t[]

[]Yuri -


The smart one

Passionate about stuff and things

Super shy and that’s always nice

Has a knife collection

Super chill on occasion

Would totally be passionate about you

Will literally kill for you


The crazy one

Kind of a literal bloody masochist

Super clingy and that’s not always nice

Has a knife collection

Not Monika

Would rip out your heart and put it in a jar

Will literally die for you[]

[]Natsuki -


Would bake for you

Likes Anime and Manga

Would feel super close

The cutest without any doubt

Good to cuddle

Best hair tbh

Even if she’s a trap she’d be the best trap


Tsundere afffffffff

Would prioritize Manga over you prolly

Good luck getting her to shush

Easily agitated

Fuck I’m running out of flaws

Her dad will undoubtedly hate you

Not fucking Monika mmmmmmmmmmm[]

[]Monika -


Loves you more than anything

Has solid advice on nearly everything

Realer than Iggy Azalea

Genuinely cares about your health

Did nothing wrong from normal standpoint

Voice of an angel

Good at piano

Has a Twitter account (follow lilmonix3!)

The most beautiful thing in the world

Is actually Monika

Super open-minded

Still loves everyone despite their… status

Could verbally kick Hamilton’s ass

Is a vegetarian but won’t force it on you


Biiiiiiiiit obsessive

Not the cutest

Gets jealous easily

Uses the word “turbulent” too much

Would sell your friends for one corn chip

The Nightmare Face

Not very active on Twitter[]

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“You are a long way from home.” Meliorn murmured, barely a greeting to the young woman before pushing forward. “What is this place?” He asked, having not taken much time to observe his surroundings and figure out their purpose before approaching ( behavior that was unfitting of a seelie knight ). “It’s filthy.” He observed, finally taking time to note the various farm animals and the vague smell of manure.

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I think I'm lowkey double biasing jikook ;-; omg I'm struggling

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I love Nick Valentine so much because I remember watching The Maltese Falcon, and not being very happy with it because none of the characters seemed very likable at all; and I was trying really hard to enjoy the film because I like the film noir aesthetic! But no one was likable, even the main character himself, Sam Spade! They were cold, selfish, always stabbing each others backs for the sake of their own gain that it soon just became predictable what may happen, and while all very different in how they carried themselves they shared their hardened hearts and desire for wealth and business. It felt like everyone just doing what they want and need for some dough, no matter the people or the situation. 

But then here comes Nick, a character who was most likely heavily influenced by San Spade plus the film noir genre. While Nick walks and talks with what looks like a cold and serious problem solver, he is shown to be caring to the people of the town, wanting nothing more than to help people, and is someone who while snarky is genuinely kind and compassionate. 

It’s like they took the empty husk I saw of Sam Spade and filled it with metallic robot parts of goodness and used Institute technology to make the wonderful grandpa robot we have in Fallout 4.

I love Nick Valentine he’s fantastic. 

nah what people don’t get is, louis might have received criticism in terms of his voice in the media, but he’s got A LOT of fans and support within the fandom, whereas liam is under appreciated outside and INSIDE the fandom. that’s the difference and that’s why i want for liam to have the recognition, because he’s constantly thrown under the bus, even by his own ‘fans’.