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When in Doubt: Do the Exact Opposite of What Mikael would Do. A parenting guide by Klaus Mikaelson. 

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Where did this idea that our ancestors ate low carb and meat heavy come from? I mean even if I wasn't already aware of all the science debunking that idea, if I used just a little common sense and what little I know of history and the world it's pretty clear that some form of bread was important to many cultures all over the world! And how is it even possible that they would have had access to the large amounts of meat that paleos love...when and how did this nonsense gain popularity?

Life flourished in the bread baskets of the world.  Atkins and his fellow scammers based a bunch of lies created by a total psychopath who tried to convince people the Arctic was a great and hospitable place to hang out & ended up getting a bunch of people killed, but not more people than that Atkins diet.  https://freetheanimal.com/2014/10/damned-inuit-diet.html

It is often assumed that since the traditional Inuit diet was highly carnivorous, the Inuit people must have been in chronic ketosis—a metabolic state that is typically obtained either through fasting or eating a very high fat diet while restricting protein and carbohydrates. However, those who subscribe to this conclusion apparently never bothered to read much of the published scientific literature on the Inuit. In fact, most proponents of that theory rarely cite works beyond those of Vilhjalmur Stefansson, a controversial explorer who made embellished claims and abandoned his ship and crew of the Karluk during the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918. Stefansson’s controversies and sensationalist claims were revealed in the documentary, Arctic Dreamer — The lonely quest of Vilhjalmur Stefansson. It is well worth watching. However, the documentary will make you wonder why anyone would ever choose to rely on Stefansson’s observations to support the performance or safety of a ketogenic diet.

It should be made abundantly clear that no researcher has ever found evidence of ketosis from the traditional diet of the Inuit. Furthermore, the published scientific literature clearly shows that the Inuit could not have been in ketosis due to the high levels of protein consumed and their conservation of fat for lighting and heating.

There isn’t a word low enough to describe these idiots and the blunder they have created on the health of the world.  Stefansson’s own son of the inuit woman who kept him alive on his journeys died at 56 of a heart attack.

Inner Circle Meeting: Employee of the Month
  • Rhysand: Okay everyone, before we start I'd like to announce the employee of the month-
  • Mor: *rolls eyes* Seriously Rhys? This again?
  • Cassian: This is completely unnecessary Rhys. We all know who it's going to be.
  • Feyre: ...There's a selected employee of the month?...I wasn't aware this was a thing.
  • Azriel: It is and it's Ridiculous.
  • Rhysand: -MOVING ON. The employee of the month, holding their winning streak...is me.
  • Mor: *heavy sarcasm* Oh wow, I'm shocked.
  • Feyre: ...Should've seen that coming.
  • Amren: Alright Bastard, let's get on to stuff that actually matters.
  • Rhysand: Fine, but I'm just putting it out there that if any of you tried a little harder you could possibly be employee of the month next time.
  • Feyre: I doubt that.
  • Rhysand: *smirks*

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Can you possibly make a ao3 account for your fics? For some reason tumblr won't allow me to read them. Maybe a separate link? :/

Sure no problemo amigo 

Here’s the link (haha) to the latest story. All the Fanfic Requests so far have been added to my Ao3 [X]

Sorry Tumblr’s being a butt, Thank you for letting me know Nonny xxx

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Do you think it's possible that Steve wasn't born color blind? That we don't really hear a lot about it is because it was caused by severe trauma to the head from a bout with a really strong bully or injury and he was just so ashamed/embarrassed he didn't talk about it? Perhaps it was caused later in life and that's why it didn't seem to phase him the slightest. Does this seem at all possible? Or am I completely wrong?

It actually is possible that he wasn’t born color blind. According to Colour Blind Awareness, there are a few things which can cause color vision defects, including certain illnesses, accidents, medications, contact with certain types of chemicals, and age. The site doesn’t say anything specifically about severe head trauma, but if Steve was hit hard enough, I think it’s possible that he could have lost some of his color vision.

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Do you actually think he's arrogant selfish and full of himself or do you think that that is his work persona?

No, I’ve never thought that Cristiano’s selfish or arrogant. The description is meant to be ironic.

As Gary Neville once said  “It is a fine line between arrogance and self confidence and what he has is incredible confidence and self belief.”

I think Cristiano’s someone who’s completely aware of their own values, and capabilites. Many thinks he’s arrogant because he doesn’t act humble and say “Oh, no, I’m not that good.”. He says what he thinks -and what the numbers actually show- that he indeed already wrote his name into the history book of football. The stats prove he’s one of the best so it isn’t arrogance when he says that himself.

On a personal level, I also don’t think that he’d be arrogant. Whenever someone meets him -even people who admittedly disliked him because they believed the non stop lies and hate campaigns of the media- they say he’s a very kindhearted, down to Earth guy, someone with a very friendly, and great personality. The way he treats his fans (just look up the videos on YT, or follow up the story how he asked the court not to send that boy back to his home country, who ran to the pitch in Miami just to meet him) is admirable, and to be respected.

The other reason why people might think that he’s arrogant is his looks. But honestly as Harry Redknapp said a few weeks ago, “He can’t help being 6ft 1 inch with a physique like you’ve never seen…” Of course he enjoys his beauty, why wouldn’t he? If it’s arrogance to look after yourself, even if you’re a God given beauty, so be it.

He was the assist king of La Liga two years in a row. All of his teammates says he’s a great man, helps his team any way he can, someone who’s also there for the young players. They all say he’s an incredible support for them, someone who takes the time to help them to improve.  (Chicarito, Renato Sanches etc.)

Selfish in his private life? Cristiano? The man who alone looks after his family, and close friends? The man who doesn’t wear tattoos so he can donate blood as many times as possible? The man who supports his home country in every way he can? One of the most charitable athlete on the planet? No, no, he is anything but selfish.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s worked through his entire life to be where he is now, and so he deserves to be *proud* of himself, he deserves to be *proud* of what he’s achieved as a football player, as a family man, as someone who gives so many kids and even adults hope that reaching the impossible is actually possible. His nature, his wonderful heart can not be questioned if you’re aware of how much he gives back to everyone, his family, his friends, his country, his fans. 

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I wasn't aware your pronouns and sexualities are something you can claim 'currently' since its the new fad to be as queer as possible. Fucking pick something and stick with it.

I say I currently use they/them because that is how I feel comfortable currently during my transition. Why the fuck do you care what I call myself? Why are you attempting to take up space in my life or mind when I don’t know you or give a fuck about you? Why do you care what I do?
- danielle

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Ok but there's this deleted scene from rotj where Han thanks Luke for coming back for him at Jabba's and they shake hands before Luke leaves for Dagobah and then Luke starts walking away but they DONT LET GO OF EACH OTHERS HANDS!! Like Luke must've taken 4 or 5 steps and they just didn't let go and then when they did Luke kept his arm out as if he wasn't expecting Han to let go until he absolutely had to them Han goes on the ship and Luke looks back to see him i needed to share this with someone

ok not trying to be an asshole but,

if you’re asking me,

the gay han solo themselves,

if they are aware of the most iconic gay moment in the entire trilogy,

possibly in film history in general, 

then i don’t know what to tell you

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"My, you look just like me! I wasn't aware I had a twin."

The Countess stared at the other in shock, having first simply glanced before realizing she was looking at someone who looked exactly like her. Ciella shook her head in confusion. “I-I do not have siblings, much less a twin…” she said slowly, unsure if she was dreaming or not. “How is this possible?”


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To the responsible one, I wasn't aware you were autistic with aspergers. That gives me hope of maybe being successful since I am too. I bring this up in hopes you have some relatableness to this question and possible experience (I am well aware I might be coming across as wanting to be a special snowflake. That is almost the opposite of what I am trying to do.) What would be somethings to consider or look at/for when first time job hunting with the given circumstances? I'm pretty much at a lost.

You should pay attention more, I talk about my AS all the damn time here.

Things for Autistic Spectrum individuals to consider when job hunting:

  • Is this job a good fit for you?
  • In what kind of environment will you be working?
  • Will you be required to have a lot of direct human contact? How much is too much for you?
  • How far out of your comfort zone will this job take you?
  • Is it something you’re interested in? In my experience, we are extremely dedicated to the things we like…but we will do jack shit about something we dislike.
  • What aspects of your autism will affect your job performance? What should the employer know upfront? E.g. your inability to arrive anywhere on time; your inability to pick up on social cues.
  • What hours are you able to work? Many autistic individuals cannot work a regular 40-hour 9-5 job because it is either too many hours or too strict a schedule. However, Aspies are sometimes an exception to this and thrive on a set schedule, especially if it involves daily routines.
  • Do you feel comfortable in that environment? (This comes more during the interview, of course.)
  • Consider your strengths! Don’t focus so much on all the things that get in your way, focus on how fucking awesome you are and how your ASD gives you an advantage over other candidates! Some skills you might have: detail oriented, precise language, ability to see issues others don’t observe, problem solver, intense focus, technology proficient, rarely fazed.

Additional Resources:

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I'm shaking so hard mum I don't feel comfortable anywhere, I wish I wasn't a lesbian and I wish my girlfriend was safe too, I can't believe this I've thrown up 4 times today I am not safe anywhere not even my own skin -r

i don’t blame you for being afraid, you have every right to be afraid. but like i’ve said, please don’t let that fear consume you. in times like these, it’s important to shine brighter than you ever have and spread as much love and support as you possibly can. stay strong, stay hopeful, stay proud, stay safe, and stay aware.