i wasn't at all fond

Text- Maya
  • Maya: good. i’d have to kick some ass if she were to come back.
  • Maya: well.. what happened? i mean.. i’m the one who left, you know? zosia had ever right to be made at /me/ not the other way around. honestly i’m just lucky she doesn’t hate me
  • Tammy: You would not. I wouldn't let you kick her ass. Nope.
  • Tammy: I mean, it was back in Hawaii. We got in some trouble and I got kicked out of the foster home I was in. Moved to a different Island and after getting in more trouble they limited things I could do and things ended because we knew the other deserved better and then the contact just stopped..I did snail mail. It was all I had because the new foster family wasn't fond of me from the start.