i waslost

weed eater-

let you in when i had nothing 
but hope in my hands.
let hope guide me until i was
lost, more lost than i had been
since i was a young child 
still learning the names of the
street signs.
the lost-ness grew inside me
like a garden weed,
and spread to the ends of
my fingertips.
and when it could grow no more
i sprouted wings and flew
high into the night sky,
trying to reach the stars above.
when the air became too thin,
i fell,
i fell for you, and landed
on the ground.
i felt the sting of being alone,
wings broken and fingertips
stained green.
but i lived to tell the tale,
and here i am writing, 
a lost, weed covered, hope filled
with nothing else to give to you.