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That’s me in the corner

That’s me in the spotlight

Todoroki: canon confirmed emo kid and loner 👏👏👏👏🙏

Why am I in love with you?

Why am I in love with you? This question seems so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever gotten. So where do I begin? I’m in love with the way your eyes sparkle when a super hero movie comes on the T.V. I’m in love with the way you’d scrunch your nose as you laugh at your friends’ hysterical yet cringy comment. I’m in love with the way you’d crack stupid jokes in class that only I would find absolutely hilarious and adorable. I’m in love with the way your eyes focus intensely at the board when you’re intrigued in a lesson taught by the teacher. I love how you seem like the most popular guy at school but deep down inside you’re a dork. You’re in love with the complicated tales of the ancient Greeks. And with your love of history, I find myself falling deeper in love with you and your quirks. I love the sound of your charming voice when it calls out for my name. I love the way your lips curve themselves when you see me. I love the way you’d immediately pay extra attention to the conversation when my name is mentioned. I love the way you fidget when I’m near you because I make you nervous. I love the way you’d constantly lock your eyes with mine. I love how your eyes search for mine even when there are hundreds of other eyes around you. I love how oblivious you can be at times, especially when we’re merely a few desks apart and I catch you staring at me from the corners of my eyes. There are endless reasons why I am in love with you but that would take me forever to tell you. So for now, I’ll just keep it short and simple and say, the reason why I am in love with you is that you, are you. And that’s why I am in love with you. 

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do you guys have any new stories where yoongi is a ceo or just really rich? or any new tattoo!au or florist!au? + could you recommend me your favourite college fic please? sorry for being so demanding haha and thanks in advance! I visit this site basically three times a day. love & appreciate your hard work!!

new ceo/rich yoongi: 

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new florist au’s:

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college fics:

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STVTFOE Spider-Man Homecoming AU Drabble
  • *Marco as Spiderman, and Janna as Black Cat looking at the groaning bank robbers who were currently hanging upside down and stuck together by webbing*
  • Marco: Well that will teach you for not withdrawing money the legal way. Thanks for the help Cat.
  • Black Cat: *Slowly backs away carrying the bag of money as Marco back is turned from her* Yep,after our last talk I decided to take you up on your word about being a hero.
  • Marco: Then you wouldn't mind leaving the money would you?
  • Janna: *Groans loudly as she drop the bag of money* Come on, is it really stealing if the thing I'm stealing is something that someone else stole?
  • Marco: Yes! There's literally no difference!
  • Janna: *Walks closer to Marco and put on a flirty smile as she scratch his chin* Come on, can't I take just a smidge? I'll treat you to dinner?
  • Marco: *Pushes Janna hand away* You don't need to steal Cat. You can probably make as much money capturing wanted criminals?
  • Janna: *Rolls eye* Yeah, but where the fun in that? Though just because I'm in a good mood tonight and you are acting cuter then usual, I'll leave the money. This time. *Blows Marco a kiss before leaping away*
  • One of the tied up Goon: *After a beat of silence when Cat leave* What's the matter Spiderman? Lady troubles? Hahahahahahaha!
  • Marco: *As the goon keep on laughing, Marco eventually shut him up by shooting webbing to cover his mouth*

*ahem* *cough*
(announcer voice)

ARRRREEEE YOU READY TO ROLEPLAY? ‘cause IF SO, in THIS CORNER, we’ve got one JUNIOR HERO, ready to meet all your needs. I can imagine you guys are tired of Sora blogs, but I’ve been writing this little goofball since EARLY 2013, and I’ve been DYING to bring him back. so if you’re interested in writing with me, please like/reblog this post!

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What if the axis's s/os somehow severely injured themselves and needed help moving around, bathing, getting to doctors' appoints, etc. for the next six months?

I being stupid didn’t see the word axis in the ask, so you guy get Allies too

All would drop eveything and be there to help their s/o! Of course they can’t do that for long, so they will do paperwork at home to be with s/o, and take s/o to meetings.

America: Don’t worry s/o, I’ll be your hero! :D

England: Oh dear, I’m sorry you are in this mess, but I will do my very best to help you.

France: Mon amour, I will take care of you.

Russia: I will do anything you need s/o. ^J^

China: Here, take this medicine. It will help.

Canada: Don’t worry s/o, Kuma and I will take good care of you!

Italy: Aww bella/o! You look so bad! I’ll help you!

Germany: As your lover, it is my duty to take care of you. This will be a duty I will be delighted to do.

Japan: I’ve asked China for some medicine of his. Hopefully it will ease the pain. I’ll do anything you need done.

Romano: I know I’m probably not good enough, but I will do my best to take care of you.

Prussia: Kessess don’t worry! I’m so awesome I’ll take care of my awesome lover.

Austria: I will help you. Just ask for anything you need. For the meantime, here, listen to some music. It will make you feel better.



So, the thing is i came across this blessed post from @saisai-chan and i just felt so inspired???? so i did this quick thing, it was funnier in my head but yeah here you have it.