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Hey, Red. I’m the anon that broke up with the stupid manipulative boyfriend. I showed my mom your reply about that whole mess and she was like “Yes, I like this Red lady. She’s a good influence.” So congrats! My mother approves! Stupid ex actually tried some *extra* back handed junk last night but I’m not gonna get into that because I’ve taken your advise and banished the guy from my life permanently.

Fuck yeah, ghost him so hard he needs a Ouija board to attempt to contact you. You don’t need that kind of garbage dude in your life, you can find much better, there’s a zillion dudes out there. You fucking turn a rock and 20 of ‘em spring out wanting to date you. And even then, you don’t need them. If you want ‘em you can have ‘em. You’re gonna be fine <3

Say hi to your mum from me. I send hugs and kisses and wish you both well. Stay safe and awesome. Love ya.


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Crushing anon from last night, I'm sorry if it came across as if I was pursuing you. I respect you and your s/o's relationship, it was just a means to move on from the feelings. So sorry for the misunderstanding...

Oh no, it’s all fine! It didn’t come off that way at all, I was just being humorously modest with my answer. As for my s/o, I was just making a joke at how possessive they are. It’s adorable - Mod Kødd

To my anon about Milah

I’ve had a good night, I saw Justice League and now I’m in bed and the last thing I want to do is explain myself for the 500th time why I don’t like her or Millian.

So this is all you’re getting:

I don’t down play Killian’s love for her, ever, or the importance she has on his backstory. So, you can throw that bullshit out the window.

No, me hating Millian has nothing to do with not wanting to see Killian with someone else, sorry to burst your bubble. I hated her the first time I saw her on screen and that was before we even knew she was with Killian, so there’s that.

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She’s a piece of shit, and she will always be a piece of shit to me.

When it comes to her and her son, I really can’t figure out who I hate more, they are two peas in a pod and I’m glad they are gone.

i just remembered that i dreamt last night that an anon leaked sufjan’s cell phone number to me and i was like Fuck What Do I Do so i eventually decided to text the number something like “hey i’m really sorry, but if this is sufjan stevens, this is just a heads-up that you should change your number asap because someone online is giving it out to randos” and he texted back, verbatim, “Don’t give me unsolicited advice.”

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Hey it's the anon from last night who doesn't completely get nonbinary!! Do you mind explaining it to me? I'm a little nervous about asking my friend + I've been thinking about writing about a nonbinary character!! Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day!!

sso imagine this is the gender binary here

some nonbinary people are in the middle

some are to one side or the other 

some are a range

some are multiple values

some arent on the binary at all

and then theres me 

 i think it’s apparent i need to rethink my lifea little bit. What’s my problem? First of all, I’m a rat, which means life is hard. And second, I have a highly developed sense of taste and smell.And second, I have a highly developed sense of taste and smell.   Flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla bean…   Oh! Small twist of lemon.


24/30 dailies

Toshinori: Aizawa, when was the last time you combed your hair?

Aizawa: What’s a comb?

Prompt: omg,,if you’re doing prompts and your erasermight is A+…Maybe Toshinori sitting behind Aizawa, carefully trying to pull up his hair while Aizawa reads? tysm! 

Thank you anon!!! I super gotta sleep oh man, I’m sorry this is a sketchy one, I need to catch up with one tommorrow, too! RIP, night guys :’D

I’m still open for prompts, but I do have a lot that I wanna do already, so bear it in mind :)

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I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3

There’s My Girl (Tom Holland Imagine)

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request: “Would you mind writing an imagine where tom comes home late to find the reader asleep in the office from studying and so he carries the reader up the stairs and they wake up in his arms and it’s just cute and fluffy and leads to cuddling or something?? Thank you so much!!!! Love your writing btw!!” (requested by anon)

short summary: ^^

length: 941 words

warnings: none

A/N: just a quick/short little thing, i was feeling a bit inspired last night tbh sorry it’s shit (also ik i’m doing requests out of order i’m also sorry for that too)

Tom had had a particularly long day, as both of his flights back home had been delayed for several hours each. He was a bit peeved considering how excited he was to see you earlier in the day and take you out for dinner, but those plans came to a halt seeing as it was currently 2:15AM.

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I Wanna Be Yours [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Requests: “I’m actually not into fluff (give me all the smut), but you write some about Tate drawing reader (or the other way around)? I think of him, even though he is popular for his music taste, more as a painter than musician. Love your writings xoxo” - Anon 

“Can you do a kinky Tate imagine ;)” - Anon

“Can you do a post-death Tate Langdon smut please? I love your imagines btw! 😊” - Anon

“girl reader smuts pls. idrc who with:)” - Anon

“Hey! Love your blog by the way! Do you think you can do another Tate Langdon smut fic? I would love that 💕💕” - @gabygarcia5

Warnings: SIN, NOT PROOFREAD (at all), SMUT, FEM!READER, not proofread, blowjob, swallowing cum, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, slight daddy kink, begging kink, unprotected sex (again), sorta OOC Tate, Reader is aware Tate is dead, tbh probably more

Word Count: 1.2k 

A/N: I’m going to hell. It’s fine, though, because you’re all going to be there with me. 

(This gets weird towards the end, I know. I stayed up until like 5am last night to finish this so I could post it today. Don’t judge me. This whole thing is just a mess though tbh. & it’s not proofread like I barely read the damn thing when I wrote it, so let me know about any errors.)

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Miscommunication // Billy Hargrove x Reader

A/N: I actually like how this one turned out and I hope you like it too anon. Remember that feedback is greatly appreciated

Warnings: OOC!Billy, mentions of alcohol, and hinted (but not directly stated) at sexual activities

・☆ ✯  ゚  ゚・☆ ✯・☆ ✯  ゚ ゚・☆ ✯・☆ ✯  ゚ ゚・☆ ✯

3rd person POV

You were late. Well you and your boyfriend, Billy Hargrove, were late and it was his fault. You see you slept over at his house since you ended up getting too drunk at last nights party so you ended up staying the night at Billy’s house. He had other plans for what to do when you guys got to his house but once you stepped foot inside you passed out. He was bummed out that you both couldn’t do what he had in mind but what mattered most to him was if you were alright or not. So to him that meant making sure that you had enough sleep. Which resulted in you both sleeping in and waking up around the time 2nd period would start at first you were mad but you knew he had good intentions so you let it slide. But the people who wouldn’t slide were your friends. To be exact Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. They were both teasing you asking questions like “why are you late?” And “What were you two doing so late at night which required you to stay over at Billy’s house?” You told them what happened but they still think that something else happened.

As the day progressed you started noticing that people were staring at you. This was a normal occurrence since you started dating Billy but, they normally looked at you with jealousy and envy for either becoming so close with him or by the fact that you are dating him, but now they were looking at you with pity. You swore you even heard someone tell someone else, “Do you think she knows?” And “probably not since they are still together.” That confused you ‘were they talking about you? Or were they talking about someone else?’ Either way you felt something was off and now you were going to find out what it was one way or another.

During your art class you noticed that the people at your table kept giving you that same look of pity and now you were sick of it. You were not going to be treated like some kicked puppy.

(Y/n)’s POV

“So is anyone going to tell me why everyone is looking at me like I am some sort of kicked puppy?” I said sounding annoyed. “Well it’s about Billy…” one boy said looking at everything but me. “What about him?” I asked him starting to get angry. “I-i-its just tha-“ he was cut off because someone slammed the door open. “Stacy you need to start coming to class on time! I let you off the hook this week because you are new but I’m sick of you showing up to my class late. Come late again and I’ll give you a detention.” The art teacher said with a huff. I looked at this “Stacy” and I recognized her from earlier this week. Her and Billy were talking. Well it was mainly like her flirting with him and him not being interested in her. After she found out that Billy and I were dating I’ve been put on her shit list not that I really cared or anything since I don’t even know the girl. “(Y/n)…” the boy said trying to get my attention. “Oh sorry… what were you saying?” I asked feeling like shit for not paying attention. “I said that she’s the reason why everyone’s been looking at you like that.” He said still looking away from me. “How does this have anything to do with Billy…?” I asked starting to get angry again but my confusion was still overpowering that anger. “Well at lunch someone found them making out behind the gym… and apparently they both looked like they were having a pretty good time with each other.” He said finally looking at my face but still giving me that look of pity.

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. If I did I knew I was going to cry. “Excuse me can I go to the nurses office? I’m not feeling too well” I said with a shaky voice but still loud enough so that the teacher could hear me. “Sure (Y/n) there’s a project that’s going to be due next week we’ll talk about it more tomorrow so you can catch up” he said looking at me concerned. “Thank you” I said in a really quiet voice before I stormed out of the classroom.

Time skip to after school

“Jonathan!” I called out to him looking like a mess. Face red and blotchy from all the crying I did waiting for school to be over. He turned around really fast. I probably scared him. “What’s up (Y/n)? You doing alright? You look like you’ve been through a lot” he said looking concerned. “I’m fine but I was wondering if you could give me a ride home” I asked him ready to cry again. “Uh.. yeah. Sure. But doesn’t Billy drive you?” He asked looking confused. ‘He doesn’t know?’ “Yeah he does but I don’t want to see him right now…” I said letting a couple tears slip out. “Oh shit I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He said looking panicked. “It’s fine but can we go now? I don’t want to run into him” I said quietly. “Okay.. let’s go now then.” He said trying his best not to look worried about this whole situation. As we were pulling out of the schools parking lot Billy was waiting by his car and was looking around. Stacy walked up to him and threw herself at him and he wrapped his arms around her and laughed. At that moment Billy and I made eye contact. My eyes began to water and his eyes widened as he pushed Stacy away and got in his car.

I guess Jonathan saw too because I heard him mumble out ‘asshole’ I just looked down and quietly began to sob.

Time skip a couple of days

I haven’t been at school. I haven’t been doing a lot actually. I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten anything, hell.. All I’ve been doing was crying, even after Jonathan brought me home all I’ve been doing was just turn myself into a sobbing mess. He hasn’t even called me, or stopped by to check on me, or at least to apologize and explain what was going on. Only my friends have visited but I haven’t gone out of my room to see them. I didn’t even ask who it was because, what’s the point!? I’m not even sad anymore I’m just done. Done with this whole situation. Done with dealing with him.

There’s a knock on my door. “(Y/n) there’s someone here to see you.” I sighed “who is it?” I asked my throat raw from the lack of care I’ve been giving my body and all of the crying I have done. “It’s the same boy who’s been visiting you everyday sweetie.” ‘Boy?…Everyday?… who is it?’ I stepped out of my room and walked down the stairs to see who it was and it was Billy. He looked awful. His eyes tired and red from what seemed to look like he wasn’t getting enough sleep and that he has been…crying?

Scratch that part when I said I was done dealing with him and that I’m over it I’m not and I’m not ready to face him. My mom looked at both me and Billy since it seemed that we were caught in some sort of stare off. She felt the tension in the air and decided to leave. “Well I have to run to the store to pick up so if you wouldn’t mind watching over (Y/n) while I’m gone that would be very helpful.” After she said that she left. No words passed for a couple seconds I took a step back and it seemed like he knew what I was about to do next since he started to walk towards me. As I saw him nearing the stairs I turned around and ran to my room locking the door behind me and went to my bed feeling my eyes sting with the tears starting to build up again. He knocked on my door “(Y/n)… open the door” he said his voice quiet and shaky. I said nothing I only started to cry. He put his forehead against the door and it sounded like he began to cry. “Please… open the door I need to talk to you.” He sounded broken… the carefree boy from California that I once knew was gone and replaced with a broken and vulnerable boy. I was going to say something but all that came out were sobs. “I’ll just tell you through the door then..” he took a shaky breath. “Harrington told me what people have been telling you about Stacy and I and… all I have to say that it wasn’t true…” I started to get angry. “What do you mean?” I stood up and walked closer to the door but still not close enough to unlock it. “Stacy is my cousin and on that day I wasn’t making out with her behind the gym… she told me that she was pregnant and decided to move back to California…So I congratulated her and gave her a hug you know. But I guess some people mistook that whole entire situation and spread that rumor about her and I.” I took a step closer “well what about the first day that she came here?… she was flirting with you.” My voice cracked, “kept asking if you had a girlfriend when you kept telling her that I was your girlfriend. I’ve been put on her shit list because of that you know.” I took another step closer, heart pounding against my chest feeling as if it was going to burst. “She just wanted to mess with me… she always used to rub it in that she was dating someone when I wasn’t. So this time I actually was dating someone and she got mad, first skeptical, but mainly mad since she wouldn’t be able to tease me anymore.” My hand was on the knob at this point door already unlocked. “Why are you just telling me this now?” I asked, ready to open the door. “I’ve been coming by everyday… everyday I came by and your mother would just tell me that you didn’t want to see anyone…” My eyes widened, ‘Shit that was him!? Why didn’t my mom tell me!?’ “I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn’t see you again.” His voice was still just as shaky as before. “Are you telling the truth?” My hand gripped the knob tighter, voice shaking. “Yes I am.” He gave out a shaky breath. Still crying. “You could even ask Max… even my parents and they’d agree and say that I’m telling the truth” he let out another shaky breath sounding like he’s ready to sob. I opened the door.

Both of us had tears streaming down our faces. I threw myself at him. And he caught me squeezing me tightly and still crying. I looked up at him and kissed him. He kissed back with so much passion and force that I know for a fact that my lips are going to be bruised but who cares. All I cared about was letting Billy know how sorry I was for doubting him. When we pulled away my head started spinning. Not because of the kiss but because of the lack of care I’ve been giving my body. Everything just started to hit me at once just like how I would have hit the floor if it weren’t for him holding me tightly against him. As if he’d let go I would have disappeared.

Time skip to later that night

I woke up. Head hurting and eyes burning from all the tears that were shed earlier. As I tried to get up I felt something pull me back and I crashed into something hard but warm. I turned around and saw that Billy pulled me into his chest. “Stay” he mumbled. I giggled and kissed his nose before attempting to snuggle into him. He pulled me back up to him and kissed me. “You missed.” He said as he pulled away. I laughed and snuggled into him trying to get comfortable. “By the way your mom said she’d be him tomorrow. Went out for date night.” He said the need for sleep evident in his voice. “Let’s just sleep. We both need it” I said pulling the blankets up around me. He wrapped his arms around me tighter and kissed my head before I fell asleep.

“The skirt is supposed to be this short” + “Take. It. Off” + “I said get rid of it” + Jungkook

“Jealous kookie 1,14,60”

words: 860

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— thanks for requesting anon <3 here you go I hope it’s good haha —

You were getting ready for you and Jungkook’s date night. It had been a while since you two last went on a date, so you planned to look extra good today. You finish styling your hair, walking over to the mirror to check yourself. Your outfit was simple but cute. Smiling, you open your room door and head to where Jungkook was waiting. He sat on a chair, looking at his phone. Clearing your throat, his attention went to you. He didn’t gasp, he didn’t compliment you. No, he didn’t say anything at all. His jaw clenches and his eyebrows furrow. You could see a tint of anger in his brown hues. “What’s with the skirt? Why is it so short?” You look down at your skirt, not really getting why he was mad. “What do you mean? The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Jungkook stands up and a grin of mockery spreads on his lips. “Are you serious? You are not going out like this. Every guy’s going to be staring!” You raise an eyebrow and lean forward, “so?” Your boyfriend glowers at you, grabbing your arm. He sets you in your room, a black look on his face. “We shouldn’t be fighting about this! Take. It. Off.” Your eyes widen at his sudden attitude.

“Are you seriously commanding me?” you ask. Jungkook rolls his eyes at you, making you even more mad. “No, Jungkook. I’m not going to take it off! I try to look nice for you and you just bash at me for nothing!” His face gets closer to yours, hands grabbing your waist. You hated how hot he looked mad. It didn’t help in this situation. “You try to look nice for me? Babe, you’re trying to look nice for all the perverts who are going to look at you.” You push him off you, shaking your head at his unnecessary behavior. His hand grabs you again but you shake it off. “It’s ridiculous how you’re getting mad at me. You wear tight shirts that damn well show your figure but do I say anything? No. Girls look at you all the time regardless of what you’re wearing and I don’t complain, I don’t say anything! I don’t care what you say, Kook, I’m going like this to our date.” You walk towards the door, grabbing the knob and turning towards him. “Are you coming or not?” you ask him. Jungkook walks towards you and you sigh, thinking he realized his childish actions but no, he hadn’t given up. He picks you up, making you yelp, and carries you to your room. You fall on the soft mattress of your bed, Jungkook scavenging through your clothes. He comes to you with a pair of jeans in hand, still looking mad. “Take that skirt off.” he demands. You glare at him. “No.” He throws the jeans besides you, “I said get rid of it.

“I said no! Stop being ridiculous and let’s just go!” Jungkook shakes his head, pacing around your room. “You don’t get it Y/N, I don’t want you to go out like that! Other guys are going to be looking at you in a specific way. I’m the only one who should look at you like that! Some guy’s going to hit on you and knowing me, I’d probably end up punching the asshole! You’re mine, Y/N, mine. I can’t just let you go out looking like that, it makes me mad. I can’t bare the thought of some other guy with you.” Jungkook’s eyes went from anger to worry. He was frowning. Your anger faded away too and you smile at his words. A blush creeps onto your face. You reach for his hand and rub the back of it with the pad of your thumb. “Kookie..are you jealous?” His gaze drifts away from you. He wasn’t responding. “Just tell me.” you softly say. “Yes, I’m jealous. But can you blame me? I have a beautiful girlfriend. I don’t want to loose you,” He goes to sit down next to you, his head going to your shoulder. You hold him, leaning your head against his. Warmth passed through both of you. “I’m sorry I got mad..I just got jealous.” You sigh and smile. “I’m sorry too, I never took into consideration how you’d feel about it.” Your free hand plays with the hem of your skirt, willing to remove it if it meant you and Jungkook would have a nice night out. “You really do look good, though. You always do.” Laughing, you thank him.

“We should just leave, we spent too much time fighting about a skirt.” You agree with Jungkook and you two get up. You grab the jeans, but Jungkook takes them from you. “Don’t. Let everyone see how beautiful my baby looks.” You grin and stand on your toes, holding his cheeks in your hands. Your lips dance against each other, a sign of apology and love towards the other. Pulling away, you giggle at yourself. “You look hot when you’re mad.” Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully and holds your waist. “Okay okay, let’s just go.”

BTS Reaction: Their S/O has a hickey and is wearing a choker to hide it

To the anon who requested this: I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted me to write about with the “choker” so I assumed you meant their s/o was wearing it to hide the hickey. :) 

Please enjoy everyone! 

Kim Seokjin:

“What’s this?” Jin tucked your hair behind your ears, getting a better look at your black choker. He hooked his finger around the fabric and pulled it down, revealing the love bites he gave to you last night. “Oh jagiya…” he mumbled, lips smirking. “Maybe I should give you a few more.”

Min Yoongi:

“Yoongi!” you gasped his name when you felt his hands wrap around your waist, his face nestling into your neck. 

“You know Y/n…” he whispered, kissing your jawline, sending small jolts of pleasure throughout your body. “That thin thing around your neck isn’t going to help hide anything.”

Jung Hoseok: 

“Why are you wearing that, jagi?” Hoseok asked when he saw you walk into the room wearing a thick, rosy pearl seeded choker. 

“Because of you, Hobi!” you pulled down the choker and he laughed once he saw the marks he left. He walked towards you, pulling you into a hug, hands running curiously over your body.

“Really?” he playfully whispered into your ear, your body warm from his touch. “I think I like how it looks on you, jagi.“

Kim Namjoon:

“You think that a choker is going to cover anything up?” Namjoon traced his finger slowly down your neck.

“M-maybe,” you let out a small moan, biting your lips. 

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway, baby girl,” he lightly gripped your jaw and brushed his lips against yours. “I’ll be making sure everyone can see how good you look all marked up, with or without that flimsy thing.” 

Park Jimin:

“Y/n!” he smiled when he saw you wearing the velvety dark blue choker he bought you the other day. “I knew that color would match you.” 

You nodded your head in agreement- you didn’t accessorize as much as Jimin but you had to admit, he was good at picking stuff out.

“Maybe I should let you kiss my neck more often so I’d have an excuse to buy more,” you joked, admiring how well it matched your skin tone. 

“Mmm jagi,” his contemplated your idea, eyes filled with curiosity. “…that’s not such a bad idea.”

Kim Taehyung:

“You look good, baby,” his fingers pulled your choker over your jaw, “Open,” he commanded. 

You did as he asked, and as parted your mouth, he placed the choker between your lips, slightly gagging you.

  “Too bad it won’t be thick enough to cover up all of them,” he breathed against your neck placing devilish kisses against your burning skin. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Sorry y/n,” Jungkook apologized when he saw you wearing the choker, trying to cover the hickeys up. 

“That’s okay, babe,” you replied, taking a sip of water, a droplet running down the corner of your lips and slowly down your neck, framed beautifully with the choker.

“Jagiya,” he spoke, tongue running over his lips. “On second thought,” he pulled you down onto his lap and began kissing you softly. ‘I think this thing suits your beautiful neck just perfectly.”

BTS Reaction to your neighbors calling the cops because of a “noise complaint”

Anon Requested:  bts reaction to the neighbors calling the cops/filing a noise complaint because they were being to loud last night (don’t want to be too direct in case there are younger kids in here yEET)

LMAO! Okay let’s be honest you could have been so descriptive with this requests and these little kids on my blog wouldn’t have bat an eye because of some of the smut I write so it’s okay lmao, I hope you like this!

Jungkook: Poor little Jungkook went from being the rough and dominant boyfriend in bed to such a timid and nervous boy in front of the cops. He looked guilty but still managed to tell the cops that the neighbors hearing was off because they were old.

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Taehyung: Taehyung laughed it off when the cop spoke to him about such a noise complaint. “They’re liars! They’re two grouchy old ladies who get mad when we watch a movie, trust me, if we were making noise you’d know.” You smacked the back of his head trying to knock some sense into him as he was still talking to the police officer.

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Jimin: Jimin would rush back in the house going straight to the bedroom and fall flat on his face onto the mattress screaming into the pillow. “We have to move!” You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing not being able to believe that your neighbors actually called the cops on you two.

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Hoseok: “You were too loud! That was embarrassing (y/n).” You just laughed while shaking your head. “You’re the one who wanted me to be louder! If I can clearly recall you were the one who wanted everyone know who was fucking me so well.” You crossed your arms over your chest smirking as you had just won the bickering between you two.

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Namjoon: He’d totally rat you out to the cops when they knocked at your front door. “Talk to her she’s the one who was screaming and making the so called noise.” You had to quickly yell from the other room that it was his fault because he was the one causing the pounding sounds to the wall, there was no way you were going to go down for this alone.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would roll his eyes not thinking that what you two were doing was worthy of calling the cops. “Oh they’re just jealous that we can do what they can’t.” Your eyes would widen immediately but feel some sort of relief when the cop chuckled at your boyfriends words. Let’s just say you two were let off with a warning.

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Jin: He’d act innocent the whole time while talking to the cops. “Oh I don’t know what they’re hearing but it surely isn’t us.” He’d give off a big smile and try to be as clueless as he could knowing he was the one making you scream for the past couple hours. 

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Nighttime Company

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Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (ft. Morgan)

Content/Warnings: Fluff

Words: 485

A/N: I procrastinated writing this by working on another drabble list that won’t be used until November at least. So there’s that. Also coming up with titles is the hardest part of the writing process. Besides the writing, of course. That is all.

This was a request from anon asking for 41 with Reid. I hope you like it :)

“Morning Y/N,” Derek Morgan greeted as you walked into the BAU. “Whoa, you look like hell, you alright?”

“Yeah,” You mumbled tiredly, taking a swig of your coffee. “Just a long night.”

In reality, you had spent your night completely sleepless, not because you couldn’t sleep, but because you were scared to. It wasn’t even because of your job, which was horrific on the best of days, though it was part of it. The last case you and the team had worked on was in the town you had grown up in. The case hadn’t just hit a little to close to home - it had hit your home, since you were kidnapped by your step-father who ended up being the unsub all along. Sure, you knew he was an abusive son of a bitch, but you didn’t think he was capable of butchering the people you had all but grown up with.

You had nightmares every night after that. Last night, you couldn’t take it anymore, forcing yourself to stay awake via TV and copious amounts of caffeine. Needless to say, coffee was the only thing you were running on this morning, but at the very least you didn’t have a case. Just paperwork, which was probably worse. “Good morning, Y/N,” Spencer greeted, giving you a smile. His eyes took in your appearance, and he frowned. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

“Nope,” You said, collapsing at your desk. “I’ll be alright though.”

“That’s not very healthy, you know,” Reid said, wandering over to lean against your desk. “You need to stop doing this to yourself.

“It’s the only thing that keeps the nightmares away,” You mumbled, propping your head in the palm of your head to look up at him. “Unless you have a better suggestion.”

“Well, um,” Your boyfriend stammered. He very obviously did have an idea, but you didn’t know if he was going to stop stuttering long enough to spit it out.

“What is it?” You said impatiently, tone more snappish than you had meant it to be. “Sorry, I’m just really tired.”

“No, no, it’s alright,” Spencer assured you. “My thoughts were, well, people say that sometimes they sleep better if there’s another person with them. And I was just thinking, if you wanted to try, maybe we could…”

“Spence,” You drawled. “I am currently running on caffeine and pure spite right now, so anything that will let me get a full night’s sleep is a godsend. And if you really think that I would say no to cuddling with you all night, you would be wrong.”

“Oh,” He said, blushing. “Right, um, I’ll come over tonight then.”

“Woo, get it Reid!” You heard Morgan yell from across the room, causing the doctor to go an even more vibrant shade of red.

You tactfully flicked Morgan off before smiling sleepily at Reid. “Sounds like a plan.”

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Coffee shits anon here to say I may actually have an intolerance to coffee and its making me feel really really sick so i was wondering if i could get some sweet byler fluff of either Mike or Will getting like a cold and the other having to care for them ?!

hey anon i hope you’re feeling better by now!!! i had already gone to bed when you sent this message last night, i’m so sorry! but i worked on this in my spare time today, just for you!!! it’s only a little piece of meaningless fluff, but i hope you enjoy it. :’)

“I can’t believe your mom finally let me into your quarantine zone,” Will says as he enters Mike’s room. He closes the door gently behind him even though the space already feels a bit stuffy.

Mike smiles from where he’s cocooned in his blankets. He struggles, but manages to sit up against the wall behind his bed with all but his head covered by the thick comforter, and Will feels the sweet, familiar warmth wash over him at the sight of Mike’s face. God, he’s missed him.

On the floor beside the bed is a trashcan overflowing with used tissues. A half empty bottle of cold medicine is tipped over on his bedside table (the grape kind - Will’s not sure how Mike has managed to choke so much of that down over the past three days).

“I think I convinced her that if you don’t come up to show me what I missed in calculus the past three days, I’ll definitely fail out of eleventh grade and have no choice but to become a rodeo clown traveling aimlessly across the midwest.”

The flu that’s been plaguing Mike since Monday has yet to leave his head and all of his “v”s come out like “b”s, and he sniffles after every other word. Will finds that it only endears him more to Mike - red nose, messy hair, and all.

He laughs as he sets his notebooks down on the corner of Mike’s desk and walks toward the bed, carefully avoiding stepping on any tissues that haven’t quite made their way into the waste bin thanks to Mike’s less-than-stellar aim.

Mike hums out a happy noise and unfurls himself from his blanket cave, reaching out with long, spider-like arms to yank Will close to him and pull him into a hug. The soft press of his feverish face against Will’s flannel shirt feels warm even through the thick layer of fabric, and Will’s mouth twists down into a frown.

“You’re burning up,” he says.

A soft, careful hand finds its way to Mike’s forehead. He ignores the mumbles of protest as he forces himself backward, out of Mike’s grip, so he can push the hair back from his face and make note of the glassiness of his eyes and the red-pink flush to his skin.

“I’m fine,” Mike insists with a shake of his head.

He grabs Will’s hand between his own and pulls hard, sending Will stumbling and falling face-first onto the bed.

“You’re a nuisance,” he bites out, but there’s laughter in his voice as he finds a way to situate himself among the various blankets and pillows tossed along the mattress.

Mike sighs in satisfaction, curling up to lie down with his head resting in Will’s lap, his low whisper of I missed you nearly lost among the rustling of the sheets as he tries to get comfortable.

“Mike,” Will says softly. “You shouldn’t let me disturb your sleep. I only came by to drop off your homework.”

It hurts him a little just to say it, because the truth is he’d rather be locked up here with Mike in his sick-den than anywhere else in the world. But he also doesn’t want to impede the process of him feeling better by keeping him awake when he should be sleeping.

Mike pouts and opens his eyes to focus on Will.

“Please stay. Just for a little while. I bet it’ll make me feel better.”

His voice is a little raw from the sore throat and a lot emotional from the three days of illness that has separated him from Will, thanks to Karen’s very careful regulation of her sick child. The most contact they’ve had was a ten minute phone conversation the night before, during which Mike blew his nose thirty times and then fell asleep on the line before Will could properly say goodbye.

Will’s heart pulls itself into a bind and he reaches down to run his fingers through the curly mess of Mike’s hair. He should definitely go, his rational brain tells him - he’s likely to get sick himself if he stays much longer - but he finds the too-warm sheets of Mike’s bed and the pleasant weight of Mike resting against him is making him feel lethargic and complacent right where he is.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbles out, and Mike brightens a bit before furrowing his brow and opening his mouth to speak again.

“I can’t believe she kept you away from me for so long.”

Maybe it’s silly, that three days has felt like so long, but Will has been showing up to the Wheeler house every afternoon with Mike’s missed assignments in tow only to be stopped short by Karen at the front door, all calm mom-smile and friendly-stern voice. It’s taken them far too much time for Will’s taste to convince her that he really does need to see Mike; and Will has felt each and every hour of those three days somewhere deep inside his chest. In the lag of his pulse. Like someone has reached inside him and formed a fist around his heart, squeezing just this side of too tight.

“To be fair, you’ve been pretty sick,” Will reasons, because he likes Mrs. Wheeler and he can’t really blame her for wanting Mike to get better.

Mike coughs on a laugh and reaches up to run his fingertips over Will’s face, lingering on the mole above his lip and settling finally at the hollow of his throat where he catches the humming buzz of Will’s pulse with his ice cold hand.

“Yeah, but you’re my boyfriend,” he says. “You’re supposed to be here when I’m sick. To take care of me or whatever.”

Will blushes, a pleasant carnation pink blossoming over his cheeks, and swallows hard.

Boyfriend. He lets the word sit at the front of his mind, wants to repeat it out loud just to feel the tender weight of it against his tongue, to hear the timid way it will leave his mouth - embarrassed and shy, yet somehow entirely certain at the same time. It’s not a word they let themselves use often, because in Hawkins it’s better not to risk the wrong person overhearing it, the name for this secret, erroneously forbidden thing between them.

And so to hear Mike say it out loud - so casually, like it’s common knowledge half the world over - it makes a slow warmth unwrap itself and settle like a new coat of paint into every crack in Will’s heart. He takes a deep breath and catches Mike’s hand with his own, intertwines their fingers.

“It’s not like she knows that,” he says. Then, softer: “She can’t know it.”

The words come out a bit more melancholy than he’d intended but it’s hard to hide it sometimes, how much it hurts to pretend Mike means nothing more to him than any of his other friends. To pretend he doesn’t daydream about the whisper of Mike’s hand against his own beneath the table in chemistry class. To act as though his breath doesn’t tangle itself into an unmanageable knot and wrap itself around his lungs with expert precision whenever he catches Mike’s eye from across the hallway. To pretend he doesn’t look at Mike and see his whole damn heart projected back at him, doesn’t taste the promise of some kind of future with every fleeting kiss they manage to steal.

Sometimes it just gets a little hard, pretending.

“I wish she could.”

Mike’s voice is soft as he says it, wistful as he opens his eyes and presses their intertwined hands to his warm face to place a kiss against Will’s knuckles.

“I wish everyone could know how much I love you.”

Will’s heart does a stutter-stop in his chest and he thinks for a moment that it must be the fever talking. Either that or the cold medicine, because he and Mike…they haven’t said that word yet.

Sure, Will’s thought it hundreds of times: certainly every day over the last nine months they’ve been together; probably ever since his return from the upside down and his multiple brushes with death and also with the soft weight of Mike’s hand against his own; possibly since the first time Mike placed an arm around him in first grade when Will had fallen off his bike and skinned his knee so badly that the blood had run down into his sock and gone all tacky against his foot as he’d limped home. He’s thought it for years. An entire lifetime, maybe. But they haven’t said it.

He looks down at Mike and expects to see that same feverish glaze, a faraway look on his face like his brain is certainly somewhere else, lost in the haze of illness. Instead all he sees is soft, quiet confidence and the kind of sure and steady gaze that Mike is so expert at - like he’s daring Will to challenge him on this. But this isn’t something Will is going to challenge him on. Not today. Not ever.

“I love you too,” he says, and the words feel big but taste pleasant and it’s okay right now, that no one else can hear it. That no one else can know.

They don’t deserve to know, Will thinks to himself as Mike nuzzles against him with his lips pulled up into a sleepy smile.

“You know, I think I’m starting to feel a little better already,” Mike says, his tone playful and sweet. “Looks like I was right. You’re healing me after all, Byers.”

Will rolls his eyes but he can’t keep the fond look off of his face as he whispers dork and pulls the blankets further up around Mike’s shoulders. It doesn’t take long for Mike to begin nodding off with his head still pillowed in Will’s lap, his breath coming out in soft, whistling snores that make Will giggle silently in the evening-dark of the room.

“Will you still be here when I wake up?” Mike forces his eyes open long enough to ask, wrapping his arms around Will like he’s trying to ensure he can’t get away even if he wants to.

Will hums out softly, rubs his hand over Mike’s back.

“Yeah, Mike. I’ll be here.”

Mike’s asleep before he can hear his response, but it’s okay. He already knew the answer before he’d ever asked the question. And it’s okay, when he wakes up an hour later bleary eyed and pouty as Will insists he needs to get home before his mom begins to worry.

“Are you gonna let me kiss you goodbye, at least?”

He looks so pathetic, with his frowning lips and his stuffy nose and his hair standing up in every direction, and Will is tempted to say no because they have midterms coming up and he really can’t afford to be sick.

But instead he just laughs and half-protests that it’s gross as Mike presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth with warm, chapped lips. (It’s not gross and he missed it and he loves it and he loves Mike, god he loves him.)

And even when Will is lying in bed the next week, coughing and sniffling and downing cold medicine every few hours as Mike spends his afternoons apologizing and bringing Will homemade soup from his mom in a bright red thermos - he still can’t help but think that it was very much worth it.

exo reaction to you trying to hide the hickeys he left on you last night (I)

“Requested by anon… (I’ll do three members each post)

Put only two members in this post, my mind stopped working suddenly lol


Chanyeol always admires his art work on you. Sitting on the bed, he watches you struggle to hide up the love bites he showered you with the other night, with a smirk on his face. 

“Stop staring at me.” You say, looking at him through his reflection in the mirror. 

“Why? It’s so cute how you are trying hard to hide them.” Chanyeol says with a pride. You roll your eyes. 

“I have to go to work.” You whine, pouting to the mirror as you wrap a scarf around your neck. But it isn’t hiding everything. 

“I know.”

“Yah! Next time, don’t do it this high, it’s hard to cover.” You say, touching those under your jaw line.

Chanyeol shrugs, looking away from you. It does not really bother him. He wants everyone to know that you are already taken. 

“Yes I did that. What an art work”

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Lay sees you trying covering the hickeys will be an enjoyable sight for him. Because he just will not stop teasing you. 

“I told you it’s not going to work.” 

“Don’t say it’s my fault, you also left some on me.” 

“Just take the day off if you don’t want people to see it. Maybe I can leave more on you.” 

Groaning, you glare at lay who presses his lips into a thin line, looking away from you. 

“You shouldn’t be angry.” He says again, looking at with wide eyes. “They look cute on you.” 

“Lay, I’m already late.” 

“Just use makeup, or say it was a mosquito. My stylist uses make up a lot to hide those things you put on me.” 

You blush madly, whenever he reminds you that you did the same for him. Frustrating you just do as he suggested and magically it works well. 

“They are cute though.”  

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Viktor is a barista at a coffee shop near where Yuuri works. Yuuri stops in each morning and they obviously notice each other -- there are jokes about spelling Yuuri's name wrong etc. But one morning Yuuri walks up to order and Viktor already knows his standard order and that makes Yuuri super anxious because he doesn't like people remembering him since it feels like a lot of attention so he stops going to the coffee shop in the morning... take it away :D

Yuri or Yuuri?

length: 1.6k; rating: all ages;

“So the barista is…”

Attractive, Yuuri’s mind finishes automatically. The barista is off-putting in simultaneously the best and worst possible ways. He’s off-putting in the best way because he’s gorgeous, silver-haired and blue-eyed and everything that Yuuri’s wildest dreams couldn’t even come up with. But he’s also off-putting in the worst way because the barista’s aforementioned attractiveness makes Yuuri’s words come out in awkward, pieced-together chunks that make him appear to be an idiot.

“…nice,” Phichit finishes his phrase, smiling knowingly at Yuuri.

“He’s nice,” Yuuri agrees, dismissing the topic with a wave of his hand. He takes another sip of his drink.

Phichit takes the cup out of his hand, and Yuuri tries to grab it back, but his friend is squinting at the name written on it. Yuri. “He spells your name wrong.”

“Plenty of people do.”

“There’s no line right now. Why don’t I go correct him?”

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