i was working on it for 4 hours last night


Yesterday was such a shit show. I finally finished my paper and turned it in. Getting back home was hell, and I finally got home around 11:45. I was dragging all morning, so when I got home I ate for a few seconds, took the dog out to go potty while I ate, let her in and fell asleep around noon. I woke up about 2:25, got ready and headed to work. I worked from 3:30 to 8:30. They pulled us early because ticket sales were shit and there really was no reason for us to be there. So, what the point for me standing there guiding customers for five hours? I am trying any and all ways to find a job. I need something with reliable hours and that is flexible. The nap really helped but, it was really cold last night. It’s almost noon and I need to start on the dishes, and get ready and leave by 4:15 to meet my husband for a meeting tonight. 

Happy Tuesday

Seb and I are home today. He spewed 5 times between 8.30pm and 9.30pm last night 😢😷😷😷. Hes woken up fine today, eating and drinking and playing. I’m going to ask daycare this afternooon if they will take him tomorrow… he will be 35 hours spew free by drop off time but wont be surprised if they say I have to wait 48. I’ve done 4 loads of washing including all the bedding and towels he spewed over last night and I’ve run out of line so space and pegs. I’m cooking dinner early so we can play in the yard when Rhykah gets home because its another nice day here (so much yay!). Then tonight after the boys are settled I’m going to The Warehouse to start our Christmas shopping 😁😁🎄🎄🎄🎁. But for now… coffee time ☕☕☕

i’ve been really productive the past few months, which is actually quite rare for me bc i’m a slave to procrastination i get burnt out v easily. this time was a little different, i managed to keep my productivity levels really high for a whole 2 months all the way until exams ended, studying every single day without fail, around 10 hours a day, when i used to only do an average of 3 or 4. so here’s what worked for me and what didn’t!

what works: schedule your day

what happens when ur a virgo studyblr? u plan. i would write out everything i needed to accomplish for the day, the night before, and be really specific about it. i would then plug in the timings, this works for me, but u can choose to put the time in first and plan what u want to do around the time. 

a structured time plan pressures me and i end up getting everything done, especially when i set an alarm on my phone for all the timings!

what does not: cramming a lot of hours into a day

12+ hour work days are ideal, especially when u watch all the ‘study with me: 14 hour work day!’ youtube videos, but they are just tedious and unreasonable. 

let’s face it, even if u do complete one or two long study days, ur just gonna get bored and tired and have no mood to continuing this for a week or more. slow and steady wins the race!

what works: tweaking the pomodoro technique

i hate the pomodoro method. at the 25 minute mark, i’m normally on a roll and super focused on the task; and the 5 minute breaks were too short for me to actually take a break. 

that’s why i tweaked it to 45-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks, and after 3 study sessions, a 30-minute break. longer study sessions meant i get a break when i really start to get restless, and longer breaks gave me more time to recharge. i suggest tweaking this to match what works for you.

what does not work; doing too many / too little subjects a day

1. u don’t want to cram all the same topics and subjects into one day. ultimately, it’s a choice of spending 8 hours solely on a subject / topic and not touching it for the next few days / weeks, OR doing just 2 or 3 hours of one subject / topic each day over a few days / week

2. just thinking about doing only one subject for a whole day already tires me out. i have tried it, but normally i get so sick and tired of it that after a few hours, i can’t bring myself to focus on it any longer. on the contrary, if i keep switching between subjects, i get super confused because i have to remember too much of very different info. 

what works: leaving the last portion of your day ambiguous 

i like to start and end my days early. but in the process, i found a benefit of ending them early: i end up w a chunk of time at the end where there are two scenarios:

  1. i’m super motivated and want to continue studying
  2. i’m rly tired and cannot bring myself to continue bc i need a break !1!!

surprisingly, option 1 does happen a lot. and i think this is a rly good work-life balance. u don’t get burnt out easily, but from time to time, u get a bonus extra few hours of work done! 

what does not work: forgoing sleep

sleep is so important omg. 3 hours of studying while sleepy = 1 hour of studying when ur refreshed and ur brain’s working. a tired mind is a slow mind, and an awake mind is a fast mind!

do not worry about that rly hard chapter that u must understand and complete! ur mind continue to works even when ur sleeping, i assume bc it’s rewiring and sorting through new information. after waking up, i find myself being able to better remember and understand information that i struggled on the night before!

what works: finding out ur energy levels and use it to ur advantage

some people work best at 6am and can’t focus after 9pm, some people can’t focus before 11am and work best at midnight. take note of and chart ur energy levels throughout the day for about a week or so, are u particularly refreshed in the morning? do u feel urself always dozing off at 4? are u the most productive at night? 

work ur body clock out and work around it! every body functions differently! like in the last point, 3 hours of studying at ur worst energy levels = 1 hour of studying at ur peak energy level! forcing urself to work when ur body refuses to do so will only lead to procrastination. 

i sincerely hope these few tips can help u out w being productive! what are some of the things u do to get shit done? 

*staring at long list of homework/projects I’ve already committed to but haven’t worked on* maybe now’s the right time to try out Duolingo Hebrew

anonymous asked:

hey! i think ur art is p cool c: any tips for using ps?

thank you! here are some super quick things people may not know going in:

  • smart objects
  • masks
    • clipping masks
    • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • liquify, general fliters
  • blending effects
    • for layers
    • for brushes
  • grids, guides
  • history/save states/snapshots
  • importing brushes
  • workspaces
  • dark magic
    • quick exporting
    • what a contact sheet is
    • batching, scripts.

this will all be in PhotoshopCC. This is the more technical side of Photoshop instead of the fun drawing side, because let’s face it you’ll already learn that in time. This is stuff to make drawing digitally or editing or whatever easier, faster, and less trouble. These are shortcuts and smart things basically.

smart objects!

touching up? use smart objects!! please!! When you size them down they still maintain the data of the original, so you can scale and re-arrange without data lost (you can’t draw on this layer as a smart object though!). do this please. to undo this look for “rasterize layer”

this also means filters are clipped onto the layer but aren’t actually changing the layer. You can then turn them off, delete them, ect. without any repercussions. Smart objects will be more data but they are safe bets.

you won’t see this for drawing and painting but when you’re editing your drawings for maybe a poster or compiling them this is super useful! 

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I don’t study on weekends. 

It’s the simple reason as to why when it comes to my days of productivity there is (and pretty much always will be) two days that I skip before I continue on with my days of productivity again.


There’s actually a number of reasons why this approach benefits me, and I think it could potentially benefit all of you as well!

1. Avoiding burn out

Most of my life I had an issue where I was studying a minimum of 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and this was while I was also working 10 hour days as a waitress. All it ended up doing for me was that by Monday morning I was struggling not to fall asleep in my 9 am class and ended up playing Tetris on my iPad instead of paying attention to the class.

That last step is definitely not recommended.

By mid-semester, I was exhausted, grouchy, highly unmotivated to do anything, falling behind in all my classes, ridiculously stressed and tiny things would set me into a fit of rage or leave me crying my eyes out. Basically, not a good look. Also, definitely causes your mental health to deteriorate.

Taking at least one day a week off study to relax can definitely help you with this.

2. It creates a goal for yourself to finish the tasks, and you get a reward too!

Basically, it acts as a bit of a mini reward!

If you finish all of the things you need to do by Friday, you get to have the whole weekend off to spend time with friends and family, or just do things that you enjoy! If you aren’t finished, you can also take Saturday to catch up on work but at least you still get the time off on Sunday.

Up until now, I have barely needed to use the catch-up Saturday. The only times where this is something that I need to do is really when I have a couple of assignments due at once, but even this can usually sort of be planned out so that you can do them in advance. Trust me, it’s a whole lot less stressful if you submit it a few days early and can check and edit your originality, then praying that it’s alright when you submit it one minute before the deadline.

Now that we’ve covered the why let’s go onto the how:

1. Get organised

This is what I’m going to emphasise the most. I generally just use to-do lists in my bullet journal, under the headings of different days.

This is organised by looking at the required readings for the week, any assignments due in the coming weeks and revision for different topics that have already been covered (which means you’re more prepared when it comes to exam time).

Now split all of it up. You have a class with readings on Friday? Then you’re going to want it done by Friday? That class has 70 pages of readings split into 6 sections? Then try to do two of those sections every day until you’re done with those readings.

2. Don’t worry about being too pedantic

This one seems contradictory.

Basically, I don’t worry too much if I haven’t accomplished all of the tasks in the day, as long as I have started all of them. Some days I have more motivation and also brain capacity to get through things quickly and understand the content I’m looking at.

Using this system, I’m usually still ahead by the end of the week! Like last week, I’d accomplished everything on that week’s to-do list, and also some of the stuff that was carried over to the next week! Just keep doing a little bit every day and you will get there.

But do remember that you do have to put a certain amount of time and energy in otherwise you will fall behind. Currently, Monday and Tuesdays I work 9-5, get home around 6 and do a solid 4 hours of study a night. Same goes for the days I have classes, including study during breaks where I have the time.

3. Have a plan for how to relax

This is another one that probably seems odd but was touched on earlier.

It can be super hard to switch from a really intensely studying mode to a mode in which you are allowing yourself to relax and not to worry about things. I have the awesome benefit of an amazing boyfriend who balances me out, and just being with him helps me destress. He also makes me feel like a weekend cuddled up on a sofa, not moving except to get up to eat and binge watching a weird tv show is 100% alright and completely worth it.

If you don’t have any friends who can help you to snap out of the studying mindset when you’re doing nothing, then you need to plan a way to achieve that!

Plan to spend some time doing something with your family. Plan to go out to the movies with friends if they’re free. Go do something that you and someone you know enjoy. Just make sure that you write that plan down in your bullet journal, and you go out and make the most of it.

Real Studyblrs

In honour of @academla‘s post, I just wanted to add to the real studyblr movement to welcome those who are starting new studyblrs. 

Don’t worry about having all the stationery, spending money to study at cafes and owning macbooks. 

As a student that has always performed well academically, I can tell you that my favourite pens are Papermate Inkjoys and Kilometricos, and I prefer the 0.38mm gel pens that I got in a 20-pack for $3 on eBay over any Muji pen (they’re actually kinda scratchy). 

Although I love pretty stationery, it’s something I buy as a gift for myself from the money I earn working part time since I don’t really spend on things like eating out, makeup or clothes shopping outside uni expenses, and even then I try and shop around to get a good deal. Even though that puts me kinda in the middle of the studyblr spectrum, I would never tell anyone that you need any of this to succeed academically. 

In fact, I never had any of it when I actually was in high school (Muji wasn’t even in Australia then). I only started buying small things after I got a job, and even then it’s sparingly. I know for a fact that I spend less than 1% of the money I earn on stationery, and less than 5% of all I earn on everything leisure related (learned money management from the best after all!). And I know all the Saving Money Tips about uni :) (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

My favourite time management and organisation method? It’s actually not my planner or bullet journal, it’s Google Keep (here I expound upon its virtues), and it’s completely free. 

My study desk? It didn’t use to have anything on it, I gradually added one special thing at a time to it over the years. Bought the whole flower bouquet for $1 on eBay, had the ribbon lying around at home, the hourglass from Target was something we’ve had in the living room for years. I am a music lover who listens to music everyday without fail, and I love the cheap speaker my dad bought me (works really well). 

The one actually expensive thing, my Kikki.K calendar, my friend bought me for my birthday because she said that I wouldn’t splurge my money on it and she wanted to treat me. 

Laptop and phone? Bought my laptop at the beginning of uni (not a MacBook); 4 years later it’s a bit short on battery life (can’t even last 3 hours on a charge when I have 4 hours of lectures) but still works really well; I’m never intending to buy a new laptop since I’m graduating after this year. Phone is a Huawei, don’t own a dslr camera. But I’m happy with both of these, especially when I’m not someone who texts all day and night. 

Writing pretty study notes? I basically don’t, but the few times I start, I write one page, just to motivate me to continue. After that, I just go back to typing on my computer and save some paper and my own time. And I actually hate mind maps, sorry mind-mappers. 

So yeah! I have always strongly believed that education is for everyone. So all you studyblrs out there, don’t ever doubt yourself!

Thursday | ten

Genre: best friend!au | fluff, lil bit of quite stressful angst but happy ending

Member: Ten / reader

Word Count: 3500ish

Summary: “it was still a mistake”

“no the mistake was falling for you!”

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It’s a Thursday when they meet.

Their year 7 teacher assigns them partnered projects about the solar system and she pulls names out of a hat. They get paired together. He’s is nice, really nice and she realises he has the most beautiful smile she’s ever seen- she’s not star struck or anything, she just hasn’t seen one like it before.

He introduces himself, she hasn’t seen him around much before so she’s assuming he’s pretty new and his name is a number. “Why is your name Ten?” she asks as they’re glueing planets to pieces of strings.

He shrugs, “It’s just a nickname.”

She frowns, “Well then what’s your real name.”

He sighs, smiling knowingly because there’s no way she’ll be able to pronounce it. “ Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.” he says, almost proudly.

She pauses, staring at him, “Yeah I like Ten.” she dismisses because even she knows any attempt at the pronunciation would be embarrassing.

He grins, “You’re funny.”

“Do you want to be friends?” She asks quietly, almost shyly and he likes her already.

He smiles again, “I have a feeling we will be for a very long time.”

She frowns, “What are you a psychic or something?” She scoffs and rolls her eyes, pretending that a few second ago she wasn’t worried about what he’d say.

“Yeah I read people’s minds.” He assures.

She narrows her eyes and glances around the room. And then she points to a classmate, “What’s he thinking?”

“That he’s got a really itchy butt.”

And the teacher separates them because they distract each other too much.

“We’re out of Chinese.”

Ten closes the door behind him, frowning as he makes his way past the kitchen to look into the open living room. She’s sitting on the floor with a plate of food in her hands and her laptop on her lap. She’s surrounded by sheets and open text books and colouring pens strewn around in an unseemingly order. “That Chinese has been there for weeks.” He scoffs, dropping his bag onto the dining room table.

She shrugs, “It’s the only thing that was in there and I’m starving.” He breathes a laugh, walking over to sit behind her on the couch. He flops down and sighs loudly, rubbing his eyes tiredly. She pauses stuffing her face. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asks.

There’s a silence where he contemplates telling her, knowing that he will eventually because he tells her everything so he just sighs. “I got fired.”

She glares at him, “Again?” she cries, putting her plate aside to turn around and face him. Her chin barely reaches the sofa but she still manages to scare him a little. “What the hell did you do this time?” she demands.

“Nothing!” he cries cordially but when he sees the look on her face he sighs again, “Okay so I may have burnt someone’s arm.”

She frowns, “How did you do that?”

He rolls his eyes and waves her off like it’s no big deal, “They got in the way of the fire-”


“It was only a small fire and I told him to move, it’s not my fault they put the toaster right under the cupboards.” he defends.

She shakes her head, “You’re insane.”

He sits up, looking down at her plate of food, “Yeah, well at least I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

She waves him off, “I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

“Look at it, there’s mould on the chicken!” he cries, reaching over to point and she bats his hand away.

“Get your own food!” she snaps. He rolls his eyes threading his fingers through her hair and sighs Her eyes flutter closed and she leans her head against the sofa. It’s quiet, the only sound is their breathing and he doesn’t think he wants to move from this very spot when they’re both so comfortable in the silence of their own thoughts. “I’m tired.” she murmurs.

He looks down at her with eyes soft around the edges of the cold look she’s grown so used to and he nods, “Me too.”

His fingers thread through the knots and his thumb brushes her cheek and a part of her feels that this isn’t what friends do, but when he makes her feel like this she doesn’t care. “Can we watch House?” She asks quietly.

He breathes a laugh, “As long as you promise not to spoil it for me.”

This time she laughs, “Well I’m sorry I used to watch ER. At least your life is safe in my hands, imagine, you could have a heart attack right now and I would know what to do.” she assures.

He rolls his eyes, “If I have a heart attack its because of all the stress you cause me.”

It’s a Thursday when Ten realises he might like her as more than a friend.

They’re in the supermarket, travelling between aisles in search of cheap food that they can easily make because neither of them is particularly good at cooking. He’s pushing the trolley and she’s sitting inside it, a lollipop in her mouth as she grabs at rice packets and biscuits and throws them into her lap. “We don’t need those.” He points out as she slides a stack of waffles somewhere next to her knee.

She wags a finger at him but doesn’t turn, “We always need waffles.” She assures.

He shakes his head, “There is literally no situation in which we would ever need waffles.”

She grabs a cowboy hat that someone disregarded in the cereal aisle and pops the lollipop out of her mouth, “well, what if the queen comes around?”

“The queen?” He scoffs, throwing in a pack of cereal that he knows she likes.

“Yeah!” She cries, “And what if she stays for breakfast and we’ve only made pancakes but she doesn’t like pancakes and we don’t have any waffles!” she holds them up to show him, “We can’t let down the queen!”

“Of which country?” He asks in response

She pauses. “England?” She suggests, “Or maybe a Russian Tzar, oh! Do you think Rasputin might come round?” She exclaims, turning to face him with this child-like grin that turns his leg to jelly.

He shakes his head with a small smile, “Rasputin’s dead.” he points out and she waves him off.

“That’s what they want you to think.” She assures, “And if he ever visits I can assure you that he is a waffle person.”

“Okay, now what your reasoning for this?” He asks, reaching forward to pull the cowboy hat from her head.

She snatches it back, “I look good in it, is that not reason enough?”

“Were not going to buy it.” he points out, “Despite the fact that it’s just you and me, we eat a lot.

She mock gasps, “But what if woody comes round for dinner?”

He rolls his eyes, turning the trolley towards the costume aisle, “Don’t you think he’d be offended by you impersonating a cowboy?”

She pauses.

“You’re right!” She cries, ripping the hat off her head. She wriggles around in the cart and clambers to her knees, facing him as she places it against his hair and begins to tie string to hold in place under his chin. “You’d look more realistic as a cowboy.” she smirks and he’s staring longer that he should.

“Can I get a tiara?” He asks, still pushing the trolley and she grins.

“Of course you can princess, any particular colour?” She questions, her eyes crinkling with her smile.

He hesitates, a finger tapping his chin as he pretends to think, “Pink or purple, whatever they’ve got.”

She nods, “Yes-sir-ie” she jokes in the most southern accent she can muster and leans out of the trolley, picking up various princess costumes, “Would you like to slip into an apple induced coma or lose a shoe on a wild night out?” She asks, holding them up to face him.

He smirks, “Depends, do I meet the love of my life?” He asks, looking her straight into the eyes before realising the fact that his heart rate is way up.

She smiles, adjusting the cowboy hat on his head, “Why, do tell me your deepest, darkest wish and the genie will make it a reality.” She says, again in a southern accent, “Is it princess Jasmine? Was it her beautiful dark eyes?”

He cocks his head leaning closer, “No.” he shakes his head, still staring, too long. She notices. “They look like yours.”

“Shut up.” She jokes and when he doesn’t say anything the smile slowly slides off her face. She hesitates, “You’re serious?” She deadpans.

He shrugs, “Same colour hair, same freckles on her cheek, same smile.” he blurts before he can even realise that this is probably a mistake.

And she stays kneeled in the trolley, their faces close enough to see the truth in each others eyes and that cowboy hat still on his face. She blinks, trying to ignore her heartbeat, “Are you banging my sister?” she raises an eyebrow.

And they laugh, but they never talk about it again.

She glares at him from her seat at the dining room table, “I told you, I can’t.”

He throws himself dramatically onto the table, whining and pretending to sob, “But please!” he begs, praying in her direction and pouting.

She shakes her head, ignoring him, “No. You asked me a week ago and my answer was no, you asked me yesterday and my answer was no and then you asked me today and guess what? My answer is still no.”

“But you promised!” he exclaims.

She stares at him almost astounded, “I did no such thing.” she assures cordially.

He wags his finger, “At 4:30 am on the Friday of last week you said that you would come with me.”

“4:30 am? On Friday? You mean when I had been awake for 52 hours?” she cries.

He holds his hands up, “You still promised.”

“I was sleep deprived!” she yells.

“It counts!” he assures.

“It does not!” she replies, “Now get off the table, you’re sitting on my work.” she demands.

He shakes his head, “Nope.” and proceeds to lie down on top of the mounds of paper and open textbooks. “You’re coming. Get your shoes it’s Latin night.”

“I don’t even dance!” she cries, running short of arguments he’ll just ignore anyway.

He shrugs, “You do with me.” he points out.

She glares at him, crossing her arms and trying her best not to blush. He looks so hopeful and pleading and the white shirt he’s wearing clings to his body like it’s always belonged there. She wrinkles her nose, shaking her head, “You’re so annoying.” she huffs angrily.

But he grins, this wide million watt smile that blinds her and makes her forget that she’s angry  because oh god he looks so beautiful. “Yes!” he cries, sitting up. She grabs a textbook and whacks him with it, “Ow! What was that for?”

“For constantly roping me into this shit!” she replies and he laughs, a laugh that makes her heart stutter and die in her chest.

She hits him again.

It’s a Thursday when they first kiss.

Its 3am and they’re still dancing in the club at Latin night. Her feet are sore and her legs ache but she’s got this huge grin on her face and her veins are intoxicated with a flood of alcohol. Or maybe it’s the way he’s looking at her, who knows. There are waves of bodies crushed together and music that pounds her ears until the floor shakes and the lights become a haze of colours that ripple through her mind.

He twirls her around and laughs when she does because her laugh is infectious and he can’t stop staring. “Shots?” She asks and he nods.

They weave between the plethora of bodies that nearly crush them and she reaches out to hold onto his hand so they don’t lose each other. She nearly slams into the bar and they both laugh because they’re pretty drunk, and they’ve been here so long the bartender knows what to give them.

“Three, two, one!” They shout over the music and then they lick the salt from their hands, down the shot and then stick a lemon in each others mouths. They laughing and smiling and they’re touchier than usual because they’re drunk and fuck it, boundaries disappear when they’re drunk.

His arms is around her waist and his fingers grip at the bare skin  her hip to hold her in place. She smiles and pushes the hair back from his sweaty forehead, “You’re hot.” She points out, breathing heavily because she is too.

He smirks, “Thanks, I know.”

She laughs and shoves his chest, “You’re an idiot.”

But she pushes too hard and looses her own balance but he catches her  wrapping both arms around her. Her hands land on his shoulders so she can stop herself from falling down and that, right then, is when they kiss.

Because why not?

They’re both consenting adults, neither of them will remember and when he kisses her like that she doesn’t care. His fingers are tangled in her hair and her skin is on fire, their veins feel like they’re being pricked over and over again by tiny needles.

This probably shouldn’t be happening, they’re friends- best friends. Best friends don’t kiss each other like the world is at their feet. But their kissing too deeply, too much like they care that they lose their balance and nearly fall down again. And so they back to dancing, but things change from then on.

“You haven’t spoken to him? You live together!” Johnny cries and she rolls her eyes.

“That’s another problem. I need to find an apartment.” she adds, staring down at her coffee and swirling it with the small spoon provided.

“Are you serious?” He mutters, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and middle finger. “You can’t just move out.”

She shrugs, “Why not? He has six hours of lectures on Thursday, I can pack up some stuff, stay at yours.”

He scoffs a laugh, “You are not staying at mine.”

She frowns, leaning forward, “Why not?”

Because-” he hisses and then pauses, taking a deep breath. “Because you can’t just not talk to your best friend for a week and then move out without any explanation.”

“Fine, I’ll leave a note.” she surrenders, waving her arms.

“Are you serious? Jesus you’re just as bad as each other.” He huffs angrily, leaning back in his chair because he’s sick of both of them.

She pauses and stops swirling her coffee, “What do you mean? He’s spoken to you?” she demands, her eyes wide.

He waves her off, “I’m not playing messenger between the two-”

“Does he hate me?” She asks quietly, looking back down at her coffee.

Johnny purses his lips and sighs, “Of course he doesn’t hate you, you’re his best friend.” he says softly, because he can tell she’s worried.

She swallows, looking out of the window, “I need to move out.” She determine.

Johnny throws his arm up, “Jesus Christ do something.” he begs.

Is a Thursday when they finally realise they’ve been in love with each other for years.

She goes back home when he’s at his six hours of lectures, but she’s still quiet anyway because she doesn’t really feel like she going home, she feels like she’s stepping into forbidden territory. She tip toes in, closing the door quietly behind her, “What are you doing?” A voice says.

She jumps, holding her hand to her heart and squeezing her eyes shut. But slowly she opens them, landing on Ten. He’s sitting on one end of the sofa with a book in his hand and a frown on his face. He looks tired, bags under his eyes and they’ve lost their usual glint. “I’m just uh…” she trails off, pointing to her room

She doesn’t finish that sentence, “Where have you been?” he asks with no particular tone of voice.

She swallows, dropping her keys into the bowl on the kitchen counter. “Busy.” She states, “I’ve had this project due so I’ve been living in the library for the past week and-”

“Stop lying to me.” He interrupts sadly, closing the book. He looks disappointed, like he expected better from her. “I think…” he trails off, scratching his head, “I think we need to talk.”

“About what? The state of our economy?” She smirks, laughing to hide the fear behind her words, “You know, China has had some fascinating developments in-”


“Well no actually, they’ve been working on a new train that is elevated above the city of-”

Hey!” He interrupts again, standing up this time. “You being in perpetual denial does not help anyone.” he scoffs, approaching her.

She rolls her eyes, “I’m not in denial, denial of what?”

“Do you remember that night?” He asks like he’s making sure she’s genuinely just ignoring him for another reason. He sounds so scared and tired that she opens her mouth but finds nothing to say.

She swallows, looking down at her feet, “It was a mistake.”

He shakes his head and scoffs bitterly, “No. It was a long time coming.”

She frowns, “What are you talking about?” She demands angrily-, but deep down she knows so maybe she really is in denial.

He cocks his head, “Wow, you really are oblivious.” he shakes his head and sighs, “there have been multiple occasions on which we’ve basically admitted how we felt and still neither of us did anything.”

She sneers, “We were drunk, people do dumb shit when they’re drunk.”

He shakes his head, “Sometimes we were sober.”

“It was still a mistake!” She cries, suddenly angry because he’s making her feel bad now.

“No, the mistake was falling for you.” he snaps back immediately.

Her neck snaps up, “What?” She breathes.

He cocks his head with a small smile, “Come on babe. You know what i’m talking about.” he assures, his fingers hooking apprehensively through hers.

She frowns, curling her fingers with his until she feels like he won’t let go. She steps closer to him and he sucks in a slow and steady breath, his eyes widening at the look she’s giving him. There’s this soft smile on her face and her eyes are shaded with hope and wonder and she swallows, “How long?” she asks quietly.

He laughs, “Do you remember when we went to prom and you wore that purple dress and the necklace I got you and the most jaw dropping smile i’ve ever seen another human wear.” he pauses, reaching up slowly and placing a hand on her cheek, “I realised that… there’s no-one else like you.” He smiles, “The day I met you was the day everything became a hundred times clearer, like I finally understood the reason i was put on this earth.”

She smiles as his arms come to wrap around her waist, and she feels like her skin is on fire wherever he touches her. “What happens now?”

And he kisses her again.

Its like poison in her veins, like she’s sliding down a cloud and his smile is the rainbow. “Now-” he breathes against her lips, “Now I think we need to establish something.” he states in all seriousness.

“Oh, okay, what?” She asks carefully.

“Rasputin is dead, and the Queen is not a waffle person” he blurts. “I bet you the queen only eats kale for breakfast or something.”

She looks aghast, “Now hold on a second-”

First date

Okay, this imagine is not only the longest that I’ve written but also the one I’ve spent hours with. 4 hours I needed for it but I’m honestly proud of this work. Hopefully, you guys will like it too. Please give me some feedback, I really appreciate evry opinon. Sorry for typos and grammar mistakes. Enjoy my lovelies! Btw, Harry looks like the picture above in the story! (Both pics are not mine!)

“How are you feeling, babe?” (Y/N)’s best friend asked her as (Y/N) was observing herself in front of the mirror for the last time. To say that she was nervous was an understatement, she was hell terrified of the upcoming night even though there was no reason to be. Deep down she knew everything would go just fine and she had not have to be worried about it at all. But still, her legs were so shaky that (Y/N) felt like they would give up steadying her when she even dared to walk. And not to mention her heart. Her heart beat increased faster, threatening to rip off her chest in two the more she thought about the date she would have in an hour. She took a deep breath to calm down her nerves, to get rid off of the uncertainty that was consuming her. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax. She reminded herself nonstop. How bad could it be? It was just a date.

Yes, it was just a date but which girl would not freak out if she was asked for a date by the one and only Harry Styles?

She was still perplexed if she was being honest. How come that someone like Harry wanted to date somebody like her?

(Y/N) turned around and a pout appeared on her lips as she looked at the black dress that adorned her body. She wore it only on certain occasions or when it came to important events that she had to attend. She was never the type of girl who liked to be overdressed to be fancied by a man. No, she always stuck to natural beauty, preferring a less amount of makeup on her face even though her job was contrary to what she usually held on to. She was a makeup artist, working alongside Lou Teasdale, a very close friend of Harry’s. That’s how she met him.

Lou once took her on a  gathering where her famous friends met each other, among them were people like Nick Grimshaw or Lottie Tomlinson. (Y/N) was quite honored to meet each one of them, but when she was face to face with Harry Styles it honestly felt like she achieved at least something in her life. Okay, that was definitely an exaggeration but it really gave her that feeling. She was a fan of him you can say.

“Do you think I look slutty?” (Y/N) questioned her friend. Her ass was sticking out obviously too much for her liking and matter how much her friend tried to convince her that she looked fine and sexy as fuck, she couldn’t stop doubting it.

“Slutty? Are you kidding me? You don’teven wear something that makes you look like a slut. Geeze, you look more like a nun if you ask me.”

(Y/N) threw her pillow at her friend who had a cheeky grin on her lips.

“Not funny.” She mumbled, turning around to face her reflection and adjusted her dress.

“ Relax, it was just a joke, girl. Calm down. You look really good and Harry will definitely fall down on his knees because he’ll be so overwhelmed by your amazing beauty. Hell, if I was gay I would totally want to date you. I mean those boobs and this ass-wow! ”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at her, shaking her head. ”I don’t feel like I’m okay. Maybe I should call off?”

“No way this is happening!” Her friend called outraged, standing up from the bed she was sitting on the whole time and placing herself behind (Y/N).  With laying her hands on her shoulders she continued speaking. “You’re going to on that date and you’re going to have so much fun, okay? Babes, I totally know how you’re feeling and I understand. If Harry Styles asked me out I would have probably burned down an entire city out of happiness but I promise it’s going to the best date that you’ve ever had. And the sex you will have afterwards will be mind-blowing, I’m sure.”

“I’m not going there to get laid and neither plan on doing it.” (Y/N) replied, an annoyed tone underlined her statement.

“But you can’t deny that you haven’t wasted a thought on it.” Both girls laughed because it was indeed a true fact and (Y/N) reminded herself of why she loved her so dearly. (Y/F/N) always did everything to cheer her up, to put a smile on her face. In her hardest times she was there for (Y/N), wiped off her tears ,never left her side for once and supported her countless of times. (Y/F/B) was more like a sister to her. A sister she never had. They were so close and a lot of experiences and memories bonded them to each other.

“Come on, let’s finish getting you ready.” (Y/F/N) suggested and led her to the dressing table where she made (Y/N)’s hair and makeup.


Meanwhile, somewhere in London in a fancy and quite expensive penthouse, a young man went back and forth to check up if everything was prepared and was going well as he planned. Harry spent hours in his kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for his date and he was quite proud of himself. Hopefully, (Y/N) would like it.

He took a look at the dining table which he decorated with two plates, forks, knives and wine glasses a few minutes prior. He also made sure to scatter some rose petals on the table and he even lightened two red candles. With the soft music playing in the background, a very romantic atmosphere was created, exactly how Harry wanted it. Normally, he was not a romantic guy in his opinion but the sight in front of him proved that he could be if he gave a little bit of effort.

Checking up the time, which told him that he had no longer than fifteen minutes, Harry hurried to the kitchen and took the dessert he made out of the fridge. Mousse-au-chocolat with raspberries on top.

He placed it on the dining table and voila, the evening could begin. He immediately ran to the bathroom to check up himself. Running his hands through his messy hair, he tried to fix them so at least it looked like something. With spraying a few splashes of his favorite cologne before, he brushed his teeth afterwards.

Harry couldn’t remember when it was the last time he had been so excited for a date. With his busy schedule in the past, the touring, the interviews and songwriting in the past, he never had the time to get to know somebody or ask them out. His busy lifestyle never allowed him to find somebody that he liked very much and to date her. Even though he talked to (Y/N) only a few times when Lou brought her to the gatherings, he knew she was something special. The first moment he laid his eyes on her he just wanted to make sure that no one except for him could make a move on her. He wanted to make her his. He would love to call her his girlfriend sometime, to introduce her to his family and friends. Yet he was afraid of how the media and the fans would react if they ever found out but at the end they had to live with the fact.

“You already think like she was yours.” He mumbled to himself, fixing his white shirt, wrinkling its sleeves up to his elbows.

He was wondering how the night would end. Before he dared to ask her out for a date, he’d been a nervous wreck. He was scared she would turn him down. But as a “Yes” escaped her beautiful lips, Harry was so relieved he could have jumped out of happiness. However, in front of her colleagues, he thought it was a good idea not to do it. He felt like he had already embarrassed her in front of them.

At point 8 PM, Harry perceived a knock on his door and he breathed in and out deeply as he went to open it.

(Y/N) who was standing behind the door patiently, tried to stay calm. All the way long to Harry’s she reassured herself that everything was going to be just fine and she would enjoy the night with him. Her hands became slightly sweaty as she heard footsteps reaching the door.

“Here we go.” She mumbled under her breath. She put on a smile on her lips as the door was finally opened.

But her smile slightly faded as she faced him. Her heart stopped its beating and she felt a huge amount of warmth spreading through her whole body. She was out of words. He looked absolutely handsome. Beautiful. Angelic.

He wore a white shirt and she could see the outlines of his tattoos underneath. His legs were adorned by tight black jeans and black boots covered his feet.

But she wasn’t the only one who was speechless and knocked out of breath. Harry, Harry was totally mesmerized by her, blinded by her beauty. He could have indeed fallen on his knees in front of her, just like (Y/F/N) predicted. Her normally straight hair was curled and that black dressed fitted to her body perfectly. She was absolutely breath-taking.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes for a while before (Y/N) could regain herself and made the first move.

“Hello Harry.” She smiled at him with slight red cheeks. His gaze on her was warm but she still felt uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)…” He only breathed out. He knew he made a fool himself right now by staring at her instead of inviting her in but who could blame him? “You look- (Y/N), you’re- wow.” That was it. Just wow. Gorgeous.

“Thanks.” (Y/N) replied sheepishly. “You look handsome yourself. May I come in?”

“Of course, of course.” Harry stepped aside so she had full access to enter his fancy penthouse.

“May I take your jacket?” He asked her, helping her out of it like the gentleman that he is.

(Y/N) thanked him for his kindness and Harry led her to the living room. Her eyes widened as she entered the room. Everything looked so elegant and just like Harry but it seemed hella expensive. Even the furniture. (Y/N) didn’t want to know how much he probably had spent for the couch she was sitting on.

“Do you want something to drink?” Harry inquired. “Water, wine, juice?”

“Thanks, I’m fine.” (Y/N) responded.

“How was the ride?”

“It was okay.” She offered him another smile. “I just had some difficulties with finding the address. But I’m glad I made it on time.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Harry said, returning the smile (Y/N) gave him. So beautiful, he thought.

“No need to apologize. I’m here now.”

They had a small conversation of how they had been in the past weeks and what they had been doing before Harry invited her to the dining room. (Y/N)’s eyes went wide open as she saw the beautiful decorated dining table. Just like how she imagined it to be.

“Harry…” She spoke, touched by his effort. “You really didn’t have to do that. I would have been fine with take outs as well.”

“You’re worth more than just take outs, (Y/N).” He said, pushing her chair back slight so she could take a place. “And you’re a terrible lair.”

“I’m not-“

“Do you want some wine?” Harry cut her off, pointing to a bottle of red wine in his hand.

“Sure, I would love to.” He tilted the bottle carefully and poured some wine in her glass. They clinked their glasses and took a gulp of it.

Placing her glass next to her plate, (Y/N) glanced at the meal in front of her. Harry had prepared pesto pasta with grilled chicken and it looked so alluringly delicious to her. She probably could never prepare such a meal. She was quite clumsy when it came to cooking. She admired his cooking skills. Maybe he could teach her how to cook sometime.

“You can start if you want to.” Harry offered and (Y/N) obeyed, taking a small bite from her plate. Harry observed her features intensely as she chew the food in her mouth. He was insecure how she would find it. With the look on her face he could neither tell that she liked or that she hated it.

(Y/N) however didn’t mean to make him feel that way. She only needed time to enjoy the food she was tasting. And it tasted heavenly.

“Not bad, Styles.” She said with her thumps up and Harry let out a relieved breath. “I’m impressed.”

“May I say something?”


“You almost gave me a heart attack.” Harry laughed. “I thought I did bad.”

“Oh no…I’m sorry. It tastes really delicious.” (Y/N) blushed. “I never ate something cooked by a male and it is very admirable how you managed it.”

“Thank you.”  Harry responded. At the same time he felt honored and proud of himself because he was the first man in (Y/N)’s life who cooked for her.

While eating, they talked about different stuff. Harry was very interested in her life which he showed by asking her numerous of questions. He got to know her family and friends, the people she grew up with and the ones who made her the person she was today. Harry watched her in awe as she passionately spoke about her job and stuff that she liked because he loved the shine that formed in her eyes. Inwardly he really hoped that one day he would be also the cause of this shine in those mesmerizing orbs of hers.

When he was talking (Y/N) could not stop but to be focused on his lips. She had never expected that words could sound so beautiful when they came out of his mouth. His voice was so indescribably amazing and soothing, she could have listened to him all day without any interruptions. The most important thing was that he was talking. The way he pronounced a word, the way his British accent would underline them, it was to melt away. But the way he spoke out her name was even more beautiful. Whenever he used to say her name, a shiver would run down her spine, giving her chills in her whole body. He had lips of an angel. (Y/N) wondered how they would feel on hers, how it would feel to kiss an angel.

She woke out of her trance as Harry looked at her worriedly.

“Excuse me?”

“I just asked if you wanted a bit more of the pasta.”

She shook her head smilingly. “Thanks but I’m quite fed up. It was really delicious, Harry. Great job! I would love to eat more of your cooking sometime.”

“I’d be honored. Would you like to eat the dessert on the balcony?” He pointed at the area behind him. (Y/N) agreed with a nod but before that she made sure to help him putting the dishes into the sink in the kitchen. Harry appreciated her help but told her that she had not to do it. She shrugged her shoulders, telling him it was fine for her. After the table was tidied up, Harry took the cups with mousse-au-chocolat while (Y/N) took the wine glasses and the wine bottle and the two of them entered the balcony.

Even though it was already in the evening, the weather was still warm enough. Harry had an area with a tiny table and lounger. They had a perfect view on the city and (Y/N) held onto the railing while admiring the view in front of her. The moon and the stars emphasized it wonderfully.

Harry joined her but instead of looking at the same direction as (Y/N) he rather looked at her because she was the one and only beauty there. He had no idea if he was ever able to avert his eyes away from her, she was so captivating. She smiled and had her eyes closed, just listening to the noises from London’s streets. The wind was slightly blowing into her face, moving the curly strands of hair. Harry had the urge to touch them because he knew they’d be soft on his fingers.

(Y/N) caught him staring at her, a blush crept its way on her cheeks.

“You look beautiful when you blush.” Harry admitted.

“Thank you.” (Y/N) said. She wondered how many times she had thanked him the night. Probably a thousand times. Suddenly, she felt his fingers between hers and the warmth of his hands overwhelming hers.

“I really enjoyed our date, (Y/N).” He admitted. “I would love to ask you on a date again. Only if you want to of course.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, that sounds like a very good idea.” She knew she couldn’t let him go out of her life anymore. He had intrigued her in so many ways tonight, the thought of leaving him alone seemed impossible in her mind. All she wanted to do was to keep him till the end. This date shouldn’t be the one and only they had. She wanted more. And she was willing to do everything to get it. To get him.

Harry entwined one hand out of hers to shove back one strand of hair behind her ear. One simple touch but enough to make hear heart beating wildly in her chest.

“I really want to kiss you.” He whispered with a smile.

“I don’t usually kiss on the first date.” (Y/N) said, causing his smile to drop slightly. “But I think I can make an exception.”

With that, Harry put her face softly between his hands and gave a dimpled smile before he leaned forward to capture his lips with hers. (Y/N) felt like she was flying and thousand, no millions of butterflies erupted in her stomach. Harry kissed her so gently, so soft that her she thought her heart would explode out of happiness.

When they pulled away, they smiled at each other and Harry caught the glimpse of passion in her eyes that he craved to see.

“(Y/N), I don’t know about you but I have feelings for you and they’re deep. I have feelings for you since the moment I saw you. And if you give me a chance, I would love to show you how much I care about you. Being your boyfriend is all I want.”

(Y/N) smiled at his confession but she had to admit that she was very shocked about his honest words. This time, she was the one who bent forward to bring their lips to a kiss again.

“You’ll get a chance Harry.” She said.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head against his chest where she could perceive his constant heart beat. Harry slung his arms around her body in order to keep her safe and secure. They stood there like this for a while and gazed at the city together.

It was the best first date that they’d ever had.

Chanyeol scenario - The waiting game

Originally posted by veriloquentmind


 Genre: smut, smut and TOO MUCH TEASING!

warnings: bad language, rough-ish sex, light spanking, dirty talk

Summary: After being told by Chen that he is too “clingy” Chanyeol decides to see how well you can resist him. 😉

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A Shitty Story

This happened today, gonna need to provide some backstory.

I work at a religious-sponsored club and rec center that I found at a college job fair. I’ve worked a few jobs in different departments throughout the building, but currently I am working in their hourly daycare center and have been for about a week. This is a place where staff members drop off their kids for the day, or people who need time for their workout or swim kid-free. The center is open until 7 pm, and after 4 pm you need to have a reservation called in the day before if you want to leave a kid.

So today I’m working the closing shift alone; it’s a standard day with mostly staff kids that I know. The last of the group leaves around 5, and I start getting around to cleaning for about half an hour when I hear the door start to open. Odd, I don’t have an reservations written down for the night. A girl probably in her mid twenties comes in with 3 girls (a baby, a 2.5 year old, and a 5 year old) that have never been in the daycare center before. I smile and ask her if she has a reservation (I know she doesn’t, and since they’d never been here there’s a lot more paperwork to be done) and she says “well I’m just their nanny, their mom made one”. It’s against policy but I can’t take it out on her, so I just ask for the mother’s information so I can call her. She’s exasperated and tells me that their mom is teaching a spin class in the room next door (not an official club staff member, just someone the company has contracted) and will be by in just a moment to check them in, and then she leaves a bag full of the girls’ stuff, hands me the baby in her carrier, and takes off before I can get a word in edgewise. Great. But there’s nothing much I can do. So I take the baby and start talking to the girls, getting friendly, trying to get basic information from them that should’ve been passed on by the nanny. And lord let me tell you, these girls are a handful. The 5 year old is just about the most precocious, attitudinal human I have ever met. Won’t stop sassing me, going on about how she has better toys and snacks at home, telling me she knows “everything” there is to know about child care so I don’t even have to worry about taking care of her sisters because she can do it herself, on and on and on. Acting way beyond her years. I thought she was like a short 10 year old until she told me how old she was. Middle sister was just off the walls hyper, nothing much to say. Worth mentioning that she is wearing a short dress and underwear, instead of a pull up like most children her age. However she did tell me once that she needed to go potty, and seemed to be completely trained. This will matter later. Baby is an angel, slept through most of the chaos.

About 20 minutes goes by, and I’m getting incredibly anxious by the lack of the girls’ Mom. I don’t want to put my job or the center itself in jeopardy because all sorts of rules and regulations are being ignored, but there’s nothing I can do otherwise. Suddenly, 5 year old says “I’m gonna go check on my mom in her class, I’m gonna take (middle child) with me”. I tell her that she isn’t allowed to just leave, that she needs one of her parents to come sign her out because it’s not safe. She freaks out and throws a fit, really lets me have it. I’m not the boss of her, she’s a big girl and she can go wherever she wants, the like. I just continue to play calmly with the baby who has woken up by this point, knowing the door is locked and she’s safe, but I’m not going to feed into her tantrum. Nope.
Oh and finally, around 6 pm, Mom shows up. An adult embodiment of her oldest spawn. I tell her about the reservation rules, and that this can’t happen again. She’s very short with me, telling me it’s “fine” because she’s “staff” (she isn’t, I checked front desk after the entire incident) and she’s just next door so why would it matter. She then steps over my gate dividing my computer and desk and the front door from the rest of the daycare (a big pet peeve of mine, when parents come into the main center) and starts fawning over her children, starts going through the snack cabinet (no!!) and tries to grab things for her daughters before I stop her, tries to get in the locked back room where we keep a lot of supplies “just to see what’s in there”, etc etc etc. I can’t explicitly tell her to leave but it creates big problems when parents get meddled in, the kids will freak out more when they leave, creates problems for me, etc. She eventually leaves and says she’ll be back to pick them up at 7 when her next class is over.
And of course, the youngest two children lose their mind. It takes forever to calm them down. Fast forward to about 6:50. I’m losing hope the Mom will actually be on time so I try to start my cleaning routine so I don’t have to stay for an hour after. But no. Middle child waddles up to me, hands in her underwear, smelling like shit. Literally shit. I don’t even have to ask her before I scoop her up and take her to the potty (inside the center so I’m still within seeing range of the other two children, happily engaged in their toys) and try to clean up the mess she’s made. And it’s a big one. I put a pull-up diaper on her before I hear a knock on the door which I’ve left unlocked (around 7:05 at this point) and the familiar high pitched voice of the Mom (and her husband with her, inexplicably). She starts screaming my name, I leave the mess and the shit filled underwear on top of the toilet to deal with later, pick up the child at hand, and go out to meet her. She squeals her child’s name and she wriggles out of my arms to go to her mom, at this point I think I’ve become invisible. Dad starts playing with the older two children, Mom starts breastfeeding, meanwhile I’m trying to tell them about the accident their daughter just made. The only response I get from dad is “oh that’s fine, she is still getting a grip on the whole potty thing”. Oh. Awesome. Would’ve been fantastic to know when yOUR CHILDREN WERE DROPPED OFF. Mom and dad start discussing dinner plans in excruciating detail, their children are still playing with the toys (it’s like 7:15 at this point, I’m supposed to have the lights off and door locked by 7). To make a point, I try to start cleaning up, but it’s largely unnoticed.
And this is when I remember the poopy underwear. Policy is we take any soiled clothing and stick it in a plastic garbage bag and hand it off to the parents. I go quietly into the bathroom, with the expensive purse serving as a diaper bag handed off to me earlier in tow. I take the shitty underwear (didn’t even attempt to clean it out, trust me there were BIG chunks) with a gloved hand and loosely, verrry loosely throw it in a bag, don’t tie it off, stick it open side down in the fancy diaper bag, and shake it around a little. I hand it off to the parents with a big sickly sweet smile on my face. They half heartedly tell their kids to clean up, but I say sweetly that I can handle it, they should head out because they’ve had a long day. They hardly say a word of thanks as they pack up their stuff and their now-screaming children, and I’m left to finish cleaning and trying hard not to cackle and rub my hands together.

TL;DR Three siblings get dumped at my daycare with no notice or proper paperwork filled out, Mom ignores policies, makes me stay a half hour late, and overall treats me like shit, so I leave her diaper bag full of shit in return.

So I work at Walmart; last night I was having one of the worst nights. My managers kept messing up my breaks so I would go 30 minutes early and I was told to take my lunch after being there for 2 and a half hours on a 9 hour shift. It was crazy busy and by the last few hours of my shift, I was tired. This woman and a girl (maybe about 4 or 5 years old) comes through my line. I do my “hi how are you guys doin’ tonight?” And she looked at me and goes “fine.” She was very short with me and didn’t really seem like she wanted to talk and I wasn’t in the mood to pry. We’re almost finished with her transaction and she goes “OH! honey! Look at her pin on her vest!” And I was like “huh? Which one?” And this woman is all excited trying to get her daughter to look at my vest. The daughter looks at me and goes “HARLEY!!!” -one of the electronics managers gave me a ‘Daddy’s little monster’ Harley Quinn pin.- the little girl is all excited and goes “SHOW HER!!! SHOW HER THE PICTURE MOMMY!!” And her mom starts playing with her phone and holds it to me and goes “she LOVES Harley Quinn! She was her on Halloween! She watched makeup tutorials for two months to learn Harley’s makeup!” And listen, you guys… that little girl was the cutest thing. Her makeup was really great too by the way. But just to see the mother come through and just seem to hate the world until she saw the button and got to show me the thing her daughter was most proud of was probably my favorite thing last night.


Major props to the Sweet Relief foundation and Finn Wolfhard for putting together such an awesome show last night - these were some of my favorites that I managed to snag of Finn during his performance with his band Calpurnia (by the way, they killed it, like they’re all so talented, it’s incredible!)

Waited in line for a good 4-5 hours but it was 100% worth it considering we managed to snag front and center seats !!! Lots of dancing and jumping and yelling - my voice is pretty gone and I only got 4 hours of sleep since the concert ended at like midnight and I had work the very next morning but I DON’T REGRET ANY OF IT !!! 

I hope I get to meet Finn one of these days just so I can tell him how proud I am of everything he has accomplished so far !!! He deserves to know that he’s doing a good job out there !! :’)

Stay Professional! Part 2

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: JK x Reader

Read Part 1 Here.

“Where.. what..? What happened?” You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself neatly tucked under your covers dressed in yesterday’s work clothes that stank of alcohol. You immediately felt as though someone had violently stirred your stomach like a thick soup of calm-chowder and ran straight to the bathroom, almost vomiting up the bitter taste of bile. 

Clueless and with a killer migraine, you splashed some cold water on your face and looked up- a reflection of dark eye-bags and hair that defied physics. 

“Oh god..” You mumbled to yourself, evidently becoming terrified at the thoughts of what you could’ve possibly done last night. The last time you got that drunk was all the way back in 1st year university when it was acceptable and was the encouraged norm. So many mistakes were made..

You checked your wrist-watch to find that it was halfway through the day and you’d not left the house for work. Panicking, you hopped in the shower and temporarily forgot about the migraine until you stepped out of the elevator and into the office. 

Greeted with whispers from co-workers and an angry boss that had glued her hands to her hips, it was a reasonable reaction considering your wet hair and struggle to walk in a straight line. 

“Look who decided to show up huh?” 

“I’m so sorry Ma’am. I..” adrenaline rushed throughout your body as you tried to find a reasonable excuse for why you could possibly show up 4 hours late to work. 

“You..? What? What did you do? You look like a mess. You look terrible!” 

Since you couldn’t think of anything logical to say, you’d just decided to tell her the truth. You were experiencing the worst hangover possible so it was understandable that you weren’t thinking the most logical. 

“I went out with my friend last night and I didn’t feel well in the morning. Please let me off the hook.” You sighed, bowing your head down to show respect and asked for forgiveness. 

“You’ve been such a slacking member. You don’t even know how to make coffee and you can’t handle the simplest of tasks. Tell me, how’d you manage you even get this job?” 

You just gritted your teeth together in hopes that she would stop spewing utter bullshit. I didn’t spend ¾ of my life in school to get treated like this.

“My apologies ma’am. I promise you this will never happen again.” 

“You don’t need to kiss my feet. You’re not even worth it. You’re fired.” 

You’re fired. 

I’m fired? 

Those words echoed through your mind and looked up at her with a shocked and annoyed expression. Eyebrows raised and eyes squinted, you looked at her in disbelief.

“E-excuse me?” You scoffed, unable to keep up the ‘submissive-perfect-girl’ image any longer.

“You’re fired. Get out.” She repeated, turning around in a swift motion and walked away from you- tempting you to throw daggers into her back. 

“You’re a bitch you know that? You treat everyone else like shit and think you’re all that when in reality, how are we expected to look up to someone that can’t even dress half as decent as your ugly sugar-daddies? You’re rude and annoying as fuck and then you wonder why you keep getting dumped by all of them you parasite.” Your vulgar language brought the entire floor to a silence. Your co-workers looked at you as if they’d had seen a zombie climb through the window and it looked like everyone’s souls had been sucked right out of their bodies due to shock. 

Your boss was in disbelief and refused to process the words that had ran through her burning ears from anger. 

“What did you just say to me?” She hissed loudly, violently pushing the closest stack of books down onto the ground. She was pissed.. but so were you.

“I’ve just about had it with your bullshit everyday. You make my life miserable and I hope you continue to get dumped because karma really is a bitch.” 

“Watch your mouth you ungrateful bitch!” She grabbed hold of a cup that was full of hot coffee (that was probably made by the secretary in your absence) and threw it in your direction. 

Instinctively, you covered your face with your arms and let out an inaudible scream of fear. To your surprise, no heat or burning sensation followed on. Instead, the scent of rich coffee and expensive clothes put your fear to a halt.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jungkook presented his usual cold demeanour and spoke in an icy tone that was sure to freeze the hottest of fires. 

He swiftly shook off the boiling coffee which dripped down his new Versace coat sleeve that he had purchased recently and stared down at your boss with eyes of pure disgust. 

“I believe this is against not only company rules but normal legislation as well. Your actions will have concerning consequences. Please understand that you will face charges.” He spoke gently with a smile on his face, a sense of deadliness that caused her to whimper in fright.  

A followup of yells from Jungkook’s bodyguards broke the thick atmosphere. 

“Sir! Are you alright?! We’re so terribly sorry sir we got caught up with the CEO in the hallway.” They projected their voices a little too loud for the sensitive ears of Jungkook. 

“Shut up… this is nothing.” He wiped off the excess hot coffee from his coat and threw the tissue at one of the body guards. 

“Are you sure sir? Your mother will be very worried. Would you like me to contact the CEO?” They mumbled with teeth evidently chattering, terrified at the amount of trouble they’d have to face. 

His mother? The CEO? WHAT?!

The realisation hit you like a 5 tonne truck. You’d just been saved by the future CEO of the company. Instead of you, he was splashed with hot coffee. Because of you- he was splashed with hot coffee. How in the world were you supposed to process that kind of information. What have I done?

Y/N, clean yourself up and my office. Immediately.” He barked, causing you to jump in shock from his unusual loud voice. 

Was it possible to die from nervousness? Your heart was beating so fast it felt like it could fly out of your chest at any moment. The sweat that formed in your palms was almost convincing enough to say that you’d just recently washed them. You still looked like a mess and you tried your best to tame down the hairs but there were still persistent strands that stuck up in the most inconvenient places. 

You took a deep breath in and out for the 5th time before pep talking yourself for the 8th and attempted to knock on his door for the 10th time. You gently knocked on his office door and prayed to all the gods in the world for forgiveness. 

“Come in.” He said, his voice now recognisable as you’d gotten a little familiar with his velvety tones- unable to remember exactly why. 

“Did you call for me, Sir?” You shuffled into his office, a plastered blush and anxiety evidently obvious on your features. You stared down at his white tiled flooring and fiddled around with your sweaty thumbs. What could he want from me? I’m already fired. 

“How could you possibly act as if nothing has happened after your actions?” He questioned, resting his hands that were clasped together on the dark mahogany desk. 

“Please pardon my actions. I spoke completely out of line and I apologise deeply for my vulgar language. I’ll leave the company as soon as possible, sir.” 

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Y/N.” He looked at you. The temperature of your body skyrocketed from his curious stares that felt as long as centuries. 

“Do you perhaps.. not recall of your actions from last night?” His voice was firm and stiff, it progressed to increase in volume as he got up from his leather seat and approached you. 

“I.. I don’t have any clue on what you’re talking about sir. I do remember drinking last night though, but I don’t remember anything else. Please forgive me for any inconvenience that I may have caused.” 

“Stop apologising and look at me properly.” He commanded, his husky tone sent you running for the hills inside your head. 

You examined his expression- such a beautiful face and jaw dropping features. The heat rose up to your ears and you felt as red as a ripe tomato. What was he doing? So close up in your personal space. 

“You don’t remember even if I’m this close?” He murmured, a somewhat arrogant smirk that spread across his lips. You felt his words graze your skin and shook your head quickly. 

“Sir I have no clue on what you’re talking about.” You looked away from him, eyes adverted down onto the ground once again. 

“Then what if I do this?” He mumbled, gently placing his hand on your chin to turn your lips onto his. His cold lips felt familiar and somehow relaxing yet you were freaking out completely from his sudden actions. But you couldn’t possibly push him away. He had you wrapped around his finger and continued to deepen the kiss by gently sucking on your bottom lip and trailed his hand down your spine. 

Part 3

Feeling desperate, alone and broken.

I had to get up at 6am for a doctors appointment for a new doctor. I need my insomnia meds, penicillin, hormone and pain pills filled. I don’t sleep right, my body doesn’t put itself to sleep thanks to a brain tumor I’ve got. I also have chronic migraines and whacked up hormonal imbalances.

So I left work early last night. Got barely 4-5 hours of sleep. Got to this morning coming off my sleep aids feeling dizzy and nearly throwing up twice. Got all the way up there just to see they are going to be closed. All. Day.

I needed to do this today. Next week I start doubles, open to close at my job. I am skating on thin ice, I need this extra money but I need all of my medications( I take like 5) and now I’m lost as to what to do. Do I request next Friday morning off? That’s my only option it seems. I’m just so distraught.

It’s 7:24 am and I’ve been sobbing and pleading with God for a good half an hour to help me, asking why this is happening. Why am I so sick? What did I do? Why did He do this to me? The answer is to glorify him I know but… right now I don’t know how to.. im in tears, in shambles, there’s nothing good that I can see in this. I’m beyond a breaking point, I’m afraid and I just need God to help me.

Please pray for me.

extremely specific quick-leveling minimal-effort guide for that one last non-80 straggler alt

I say extremely specific as in tailor-made to the particular problem of my second elementalist sitting pretty at level 40 for way too long, and wanting to finish leveling her fast so I can try weaver. I was pretty entertained by this style of grinding though lol so I’m sharing just for kicks

1. have a bunch of these hoarded:

you’re selecting the first(i think?) one on the list, an experience booster that lasts 20 minutes. and grab a bunch of some cheap food thing that also offers +10% exp from kills. I got these at meatoberfest in diessa plateau

2. have some beginner zones uncompleted… areas to explore, hearts to complete. 

3. get your armor as good and up to date as possible, and spec for power as much as you can. because the point of this is you HAVE TO KILL FAST, AND BULLETS TOO SLOW! I was on ele for this so I had no problem but do whatever you can to be able to kill things as fast as possible for your level. I just geared myself with a set of my race’s cultural gear when I started at lv 40, and again at 60, and that was enough to get me all the way through.

4. put on the mighty switch force OST. ~this step is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL

5. pick a beginner zone, put on your exp booster and your nourishment meal and start combing across the countryside. the exp booster works up a stack of +10% exp every time you kill an enemy. it caps at 10, meaning your exp is doubled, so kill everything in sight to max out that stack. you kill one thing, you have 60 seconds to find and kill another thing to keep the boost maintained. focus on yellow-named creatures because they tend to rack up the most bonus exp. but anywhere sort of out of the way or places where people are unlikely to stop and cull the enemies is good; creatures gain bonus exp the longer they’re out in the world. also for this reason, if the game wants you to change maps, avoid it as long as possible; it resets your boost stack, and enemies in new maps haven’t had a chance to rack up bonus exp so it’ll slow you down considerably.

anyway work your way through RAZING THE COUNTRYSIDE in the general direction of some hearts, and new unexplored areas to get more easy exp. no need to linger in one area after you decimate all its wildlife once. If you happen upon hearts that require you to kill things to complete, do those, as well as any events you come across with lots of things to kill. Remember you need to kill something at least every 60 seconds to keep your boost. but really, the more the better. I eventually started hoping on my raptor mount and using its attack to enter combat, and for some enemies this just killed them outright in one hit and I was able to move on immediately. combine this with some music to get you pumped and you will soon slip into the zone….. the Murder zone.

I ended up leveling up once about every 15 minutes, which is about once per experience booster. your additional food only lasts 10min so remember to reapply it. I ended up making lv 80 in 2 nights of staying up late (I wasn’t gonna sleep anyway tbh)

here’s last night with timestamps:

advantages: requires little conscious thought! requires no cooperation or interaction with strangers! works at any time of day! yet another excuse to listen to the mighty switch force ost on repeat for 4 hours!

if the halloween event were out I probably would have been doing this in the labyrinth and it would have gone even faster, but. yeah

Sanders Sides Headcanons(Logic/Logan)


I might have to split this into 4 parts,so let’s start with my personal favourite,Logic/Logan

Originally posted by incorrectprinxietyquotes

•In his free time,he’s always trying to learn new things,spending his evenings working alone,late into the night

•The other sides probably try to get him to go something fun,to which he replies,”Fun is enjoyment,enjoyment is a feeling,something that could simply be there the one day and gone the next.A short term loss,while with my work…the fun lasts for hours.”Or something like that

•If he has any other hobbies beside studying,it’s probably stargazing.He finds it’s the only calming thing in his life.His studies do really stress him out actually.

•He doesn’t admit it though

•If you ask what his favourite constellation is,he would probably say Triangulum.

•Although he would call it Deltoton as the greeks called it.

•He could tell all about the constellations lore.

•Hell he could do all of them

•His favorite tea is probably chamomile with honey.

•It seems like he doesn’t have feelings,but trust me,he does.

•The man isn’t a robot,he likes to get sentimental at times

•Only when he’s is alone of course.Letting the other see him get close to tears

•He would never hear the end of it

•oK LeTS nOT forget about that unicorn onesie he wore that one time.

•You think he has sleepovers with Morality?

•OH i bet he does

•Only on the very rare occasion where Anxiety and Roman are busy,and they have alone time

•Obviously they don’t get along all the time,but they can tolerate each other at least

•It always ends up with them curled up together,sleeping, and the tv is playing a spanish soap-opera,since they can’t understand anything they usually fall asleep

•We can always try to tell him that he’s adorable

•He probably comes back with something like,”Excuse me,i am many things,but ‘cute’ is not one of them.”or”You must be mistaking me for Morality,his fans always say that.Is it the glasses?”

•Maybe he tries to act tough,but everyone says that his words are stronger than his body

•He disagrees

•Could take someone down if he wanted to,but that isn’t very classy or kind

•Probably got drunk once and never spoke about it again

(JUST SOME THOUGHTS.It was quite rushed so it isn’t that good,i sorry)


Roman/Princey Headcanons

Anxiety Headcanons

Morality Headcanons