i was working on it for 4 hours last night

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4 hours of sleep for, Sam seems like they had a fun night last night. He probably got up worked out came back and had breakfast with a certain brunette who was on SM about the same time as he and then they head cycling and some wine later. Sounds like a day made in heaven to me ❤️

Sounds like a lovely day to me…

I hope Cait does do the London to Brighton charity ride for WCC with her sister in Sept., that would be fun!

If Sam decides to join that would be great too :) ;), it would be perfect for his MPC Challenge month which is Sept. too, I think….

*staring at long list of homework/projects I’ve already committed to but haven’t worked on* maybe now’s the right time to try out Duolingo Hebrew

Hidden namjin element in the boy meets evil + WINGS concept?

Theory time!

Thanks to the new teaser pictures, I have gotten 4 hours of sleep last night writing a colored tears and yoonminkook theory. Now, I’m gonna share with you a namjin thing I noticed.

First things first, the above photograph is so pretty, right? And in Singlish (I’m Singaporean), we call those ice creams atas, which means high class. Prop or not, an ice cream that has flowers in it like that kailijumei lipstick is cool.

Then I (not so calmly) moved on to Jin’s picture, and I noticed one obvious thing: his ice cream is the same type as Namjoon’s.

That was when I questioned: Why give Jin the same ice cream when Taehyung should be the one twinning with Namjoon? Instead, Taehyung has a different ice cream.

We all know, and Bighit has put it across very clearly in INU, Run and Boy meets evil films that taejoon are linked in a way that hasn’t been explained why. It makes more sense for Tae to twin with Nams in this case, so why Jin?

With this, the scientific researcher for Kpop in me began on a hunt. It soon dawned on me that namjin is more prominent than it appears to be. Let’s start with Namjoon’s song in the Boy meets evil album, Reflection.

A part goes like this: I wish I could love myself.

Reflection in the water, Jin kissing his reflection. I wish I could love myself.

Now, Reflection is a lovely song and I do not wish to overly read into the lyrics but don’t you think that a namjin link explains Jin’s seeming obsession of himself? Jin also kissed the statue in BS&T and I can gurantee you that the statue is a symbolism of him, judging from all his skin cracking scenes.

That’s a total of two times he’s kissed himself. There was also a scene in his film showing him opening the curtains, only to see a reflection of himself. This means that all he is able to see in the outside world is himself. I think that Jin’s character in the script isn’t able to truly accept himself, thus resorting to physical touches to change that. Obviously that doesn’t work.

Reflection and Jin’s reflection of himself. I wouldn’t have noticed the parallels if not for the new teaser pictures. This brings me back to the ice creams and Tae.

If you look closely, you’ll notice flowers in all three of their ice creams. Pretty peculiar choices for flavour if you ask me. This is the white one Tae has:

A close up on Joon’s one:

And holy fuck do you see that yellow rose along with the same small white flowers in Tae’s ice cream? It’s a very beautful piece of ice cream/art but yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship, which makes me assume that namjin have a platonic relationship if they aren’t alter egos of each other (namjin shippers you’re welcome to think otherwise).

Do you guys also remember Jin owning lilies in pretty much everywhere except BS&T? I’m thinking that flowers also represents him and the fact that all three ice creams have flowers means that the three of them are linked.

I also propose that Tae is Jin’s inner demon given that the statue Jin kissed has Tae’s wings and the statue is Jin. It’s a way to show Jin embracing his inner demon. Perhaps Tae has led Jin astray, covering his eyes whatnot, making Jin unable to connect with himself.

I’m putting my money on a hypothesis that something happened between Tae and Joon and it made him ‘become a demon’. Also, his abusive childhood experiences could have contributed. As a result, he is seeking revenge on others (Jin).

Again, this is only my theory and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

All in all, what do you think of this?


the yoonminkook theory I was talking about and wrote

Feeling desperate, alone and broken.

I had to get up at 6am for a doctors appointment for a new doctor. I need my insomnia meds, penicillin, hormone and pain pills filled. I don’t sleep right, my body doesn’t put itself to sleep thanks to a brain tumor I’ve got. I also have chronic migraines and whacked up hormonal imbalances.

So I left work early last night. Got barely 4-5 hours of sleep. Got to this morning coming off my sleep aids feeling dizzy and nearly throwing up twice. Got all the way up there just to see they are going to be closed. All. Day.

I needed to do this today. Next week I start doubles, open to close at my job. I am skating on thin ice, I need this extra money but I need all of my medications( I take like 5) and now I’m lost as to what to do. Do I request next Friday morning off? That’s my only option it seems. I’m just so distraught.

It’s 7:24 am and I’ve been sobbing and pleading with God for a good half an hour to help me, asking why this is happening. Why am I so sick? What did I do? Why did He do this to me? The answer is to glorify him I know but… right now I don’t know how to.. im in tears, in shambles, there’s nothing good that I can see in this. I’m beyond a breaking point, I’m afraid and I just need God to help me.

Please pray for me.

I'm seething

I had to do closing shift on a Saturday night (I work at a grocery store) and we close at midnight. About 4 minutes to midnight a bunch of customers walk in (WTF why is it that ppl always leave it until the last millisecond to buy what they could have bought in the last oh, 17 HOURS that the store was open all day - but I digress)
A customer came in and bought a drink (time 11.58pm) and wanted to also get $100 cash out. Dude! Our registers are counted and ready to go ! I gave him his $100 but he cleaned me out of basically everything in there and I had to give him his money in $10 notes and he was complaining!!! He wanted big notes!! Dude, my friend, sir, it is ONE MINUTE to closing time, you get what you are given. It’s all money anyway, now get out of the store and let us go home. After him, so now literally on the clock of midnight, this lady walks up to the till with a bunch of GIFT CARDS $50 each and pays $250 CASH for them, so now one of our tills is empty of $10’s and overflowing with $50’s.
Sorry morning shift people for stuffing you about, I’ll never know why people always have to do these huge transactions at midnight on a Saturday night.


Do you have any idea how long I’ve been looking for something like this?? 1) A place in my little podunk town that actually teaches adult classes (I’ve been driving to the nearest big city for the last several years) and 2) Actually offers multiple classes in the evening after working hours.

 And it’s literally in my neighborhood. I’m calling them as soon as they open to see what’s up. Imma take class tonight if it kills me. 

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Matsuhanaiwaoi #25 with iwaizumi saying it please

“I’m fine.”

Read on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10216448

The last thing any of the younger years would expect was that their senpai spent every Friday night in the gymnasium after hours.

Until midnight.

Perhaps entrusting Oikawa with a key hadn’t been the wisest idea, but at least on Friday, he was never left alone. He and his fellow third years would sneak in about 8pm, set up the net, and play 2 vs 2 for the whole 4 hours, occasionally switching things up in their teams.

Currently, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa were on one side of the net and Oikawa was setting to Hanamaki on the other.

“Take this!” He spikes hard and fast, but Iwaizumi is already leaping into position, having guessed the trajectory, and receives it with ease. The ball goes high, but Matsukawa is there, and instead of setting, he dumps it over the net right at Oikawa’s feet.

It surprises him so much that he startles, and fumbles his volley. It touches the top of the net and Matsukawa just has to tap it for the ball to fall again.

But the duo have prepared for this. Oikawa jumps backwards at the same time as Hanamaki lunges forwards, hand flat against the floor and saving the ball with a pancake.

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1) Gaming and bad lighting. What a combo!

2) This dog kicks some major butt. His owner actually taught him to understand sign language. He’s deaf and a wonderful pup. Plus, THOSE GLASSES?!

3) After much wandering and just having fun, I have located the Master Sword! No more as it’s still too early to include spoilers! I mean c’mon, it’s Zelda. Master Sword. No surprise.

 So, work today was fine. Nothing too frustrating.

 The main part of my day though was last night. I woke up for no good reason just past 2 after going to bed at a reasonable hour of 11, and couldn’t get back to sleep until… well, the last time I looked at the clock it was past 4:30, and it still took a while beyond that. I get up at about 6. So, yeah, I’m pretty tired.

 I did have a brownie an hour before bed so… maybe? I doubt it, but I’m going to avoid having any sugar within a few hours of sleep. Water is where I’ll go for any refreshment.

 I’m thinking… no gaming tonight. When I’m short on sleep I’m also a bit short on temper, so I don’t want to take a chance on getting angry at anything. Not that I’ll actually do anything, but I’m taking no chances. Right now I’ll go out on a walk to get some energy out, the relax until bed.

 I do hope you have all had a great Wednesday!

 - Lana

Didn’t do nails- sold the decision to myself as being about gender equality but really I was just too tired to go. Worked on train, but will chillax on way home. Need much more coffee. Awful circles under my eyes. Not bothering to deal with makeup until right before interview. Shoes are killing me, might write a complaint letter about these shoes. M got her second wind and wouldn’t go to bed last night until a time that i’m embarrassed to even type. I was scared I’d sleep through alarm, woke up every half hour, finally gave in and took shower at 4:30. We’ll get through the day though. Sorry for all the stress blogging!

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Hello Lovely! You're relationship looks so ... perfect. As you may know I've recently gone through a rather traumatic divorce, any relationship advice you'd care to give?

I wouldn’t be that great to ask for advice… I got lucky that’s really all. I went through 4 shitty relationships last year and found one person who is not demanding of me, doesn’t lie to me, and is just overall happy to be around me. They go around my schedule which is very difficult since I work nights but they said they wanted to be here always when I get home or when I wake up which is really special. I know it’s hard for people to do that with me because of my weird hours and I’m so happy they are willing to do that for me.Finding someone like that is tough, I am so happy and lucky to have found Iris! All I can do is say don’t give up, eventually it will work out for you!

(Edit due to multiple typos due to being awake for 5 mins before responding lol)



First, hello and shout-out to (in no particular order): @shock777 @sausage-fist @nejicanspin @neji-lives @tappingfingernails @ten-all-over @morganknightos @fruitysmellz @teacher-monica @samlovesmaitogai I know a couple of you have been sick. Been thinking about you. (((((HUGS)))) I realized last night I’m in what I pray is a good place. I banged out a 3 page intro/background for the story I’ve been working on more than a year. It all fell into place and in 4 hours it was done. I tweaked it more today. I think I may be getting up enough nerve to begin posting what I’ve written so far, which scares the living crap out of me. @sausage-fist and @ten-all-over have read a lot of it. They like it. 🙂 But it still doesn’t erase the hesitation I guess all writers consider when they’re about to make “their baby” public. The intro is a good place to start. My “epic” is far from done. But I’m getting up the nerve…Team Guy deserves it.

More things veterinarians and vet techs hate...or at least strongly dislike

1. Comparing the vet bill to you last hospital bill. I guarantee the hospital charges more. I know for a fact that your dog’s TPLO surgery is around $4000. Your ACL surgery was around $90,000.
2. Bringing your 3+ small children with you to your visit. Then not doing anything to keep them from interfering with the exam.
3. Not following any discharge instructions then blaming us for the procedure not working.
4. Lying. The cut isn’t an hour old, he didn’t start limping yesterday, the weight gain didn’t happen over night, that isn’t a week old tumor.
5. Saying the vet isn’t a “real” doctor.
6. Not finishing the meds.
7. Wanting the same meds you got for one dog, for another dog that we have never seen, refusing to bring the new dog in, then calling our receptionist a cold hearted bitch and hanging up on her.
8. Swearing you will come in for blood work for the medication, doing this three times in a row, then crying and saying we are killing your pet when we refuse to fill it without the blood work.
9. Not showing up for an appointment, no call either. Nothing.
10. Saying another veterinarian’s prices are lower in an attempt to get us to give you a discount.
11. Adopting pets you can’t afford. We know you are kind hearted, yes they need loving homes, but you cannot afford the five you already have.
12. Showing up thirty minutes early an getting pissed when we tell you that you’ll have to wait as there is an appointment ahead of you.
13. Leaving a message…with a phone number that doesn’t work.
14. Dr. Google, DVM
15. People euthanizing an old cat that really only needs a dental.

It was a long day.

*kicks the wall, tiredly*


I HAVE to stay awake after work today. I went to bed at like quarter to 5 last night, I had maybe 4-5 hours of solid sleep but I’ve been up most of the night watching garbage (why yes, “Nothing But Trouble” IS as bad as I remember it)

I hope you guys never have to deal with anxiety / depression. It’s bad enough living on the edge all the time, let alone when I’ve had some sleep, it’s a feedback loop

Anxiety -> Can’t Sleep -> Creates More Anxiety -> Can’t Sleep

Update bc I'm not dead

Gaaaaaah I’m trying, guys! Work’s just kicking my ass is all. I’ll probably have to skip that Yoosung birthday thing ^^;;

I have a LOT of asks to answer (about 70? I think….), so I’m sad to say that I won’t be taking anymore matchup requests for now bc I literally answered like, 40 of them and I STILL haven’t gotten to the actual requests that will be posted on the blog.

If I haven’t answered your matchup, please hold onto it until I open matchup requests again and I’ll gladly answer them! Ah, but for space’s sake, I’ll only accept 10 at a time, so get ready!

I also had to delete some requests because it either was really hard for me to understand (the way it’s worded? Idk) or it made me uncomfortable (angst, “certain kinks”). Requests are still open for scenarios and imagines, but it will take some time now that I’m a working adult, ahaha. ;;

Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll be sure to get some posts in this week while the fandom’s still alive.

Stay cute~

- Rei


I fell asleep before posting this and apparently my screen capture for my Fitbit mixed yesterday’s steps and active hours with last night’s sleep and lack of moving for today yet.

As you can see I fell asleep early yesterday hence the early morning before work post today.

Panera coffee
Puppy for National Puppy Day
Day 4 of high heels and walking

Today I get off early because of comp hours and I’m going to enjoy an early start to my weekend by cleaning my house so I won’t waste my weekend doing that.

Happy Friday tidings! May today go quickly for one and all. I know between meetings and the long list of things to do the day will just rush by for me.

I’m so ready for a nap.
Last night I got home from work and was told we needed to clean the entirety of the house so a realtor could show it off. So me and my roommate for 4 continuous hours of intense cleaning, scrubbing, and moving. And I sent to bed way past my bedtime 😴😴

Three more hours of work since it’s my early day.

Then it’s off to my writing goals for the day:

1. Fix the errors in the last section of the Vows chapter discovered by the wonderful @cloudsinmycoffee9.

2. Post the Vows chapter.

3. Write the 3 prompt ficlets still in my inbox.


This will set up final, totally non-writing goal for the day:

Go to Pub Trivia Night. Relax. Enjoy the company of husband, son, and friends. And win! 😄