i was wondering if he was even with them since he posted those zoo pics

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You mentioned in a post that the zoo pic could be photoshopped. But why? Does everything have to be? Do you think it is? I have seen your GOT Zayn edit so you obviously know your shit about photoshop, so why did you say that one could be? It looks real to me.

Hello! Well, many people beat me to it by pointing out his hand should be tattooed, but tbh that’s not what made me say that, I hadn’t even noticed the hand.

What bothers me is the outline of his jacket on the left of the pic, it seems to blend weirdly with the background. He could be a cradboard cutout placed in the pic. The shadows that fall on him and Perrie are alright. Notice the middle, they look consistent, ie like the shadows were falling on two people really standing side by side. However the lighting on Zayn’s face is way different than the lighting on Perrie’s and the height difference is no excuse. Also Zayn’s middle looks bigger than actual Zayn’s. Plus if they had them there at the zoo I doubt they would have been satisfied with a pose like that, it would have been so easy to make them appear more coupley!

So if it’s photoshopped I think Perrie was indeed standing next to a man, so that part of the pic is genuine. However Zayn’s head is photoshopped in, and maaaaybe they are both photoshopped in a zoo background. The way that guy posted the Zerrie pic suggests that they weren’t really at that zoo, definitely not yesterday ofc, or else he would have surely posed with them? He also said he didn’t wanna ask for a pic with them. Okay so, you don’t wanna invade their privacy or appear pushy so you don’t ask for a pic with them….but asking to take THEIR pic is better? Private Zayn agreed to that and smiled so wide? Jesus Christ Superstar.

The sad thing about all this is that it doesn’t even need to be shopped. We are now at a point where we can take our pic - every situation is so full of plotholes that you can find one blindfolded and without even trying!

However let this sink in for a second - if this picture is photoshopped then Zayn has actually been [as in, been with her with proof, cause I am sure they stack pics as is evident from the engagement one now] with Perrie just ONCE since the engagement! That time when he picked her up in Australia it was with no proof whatsoever, they just wanted us to think so. The new cat pic is photoshopped [blatantly so, this zoo one is a masterpiece compared to that one]. So the only time they’ve been together was when he was dragging her along in Newcastle. And a few days later we found out even Ant was with him. Oops.

The point I am trying to make is, Zerrie is on life support. Only one half of the couple is a willing participant. Instead of Zayn it’s his family that hangs out with Perrie more, in order to move this stunt forward.

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