i was without internet the whole night

I had today off and should have been in bed but felt like trying to draw a chat to go with my ladybug. Also, since I like drawing girls, trying to draw male proportions was really hard! Not very good at it. Anyway.

This turned out alright, wasn’t exactly what I was going for, but I feel a cyberpunk Chat would use lots of the bright neons despite the whole ‘black cat’ thing. He’s kind of loud in presence, so it feels kinda right, you know? I’ll get to his actual body eventually, but since drawing a guy with clothes was hard, drawing a cyborg body without clothes will probably be much more of a challenge. Anyways, I have a raging headache and it’s 1 AM so good night, internet.

so I saw Coldplay last night at the Rose Bowl

They are the most important band in the world to me… Chris and the rest of the guys have been with me my whole life. It was such an honor to be able to see them perform. 

I’ve been mostly without internet since after the concert so i’ve had a lot of time to reflect and rest! I just wanted to draw Chris because he is such a cool and good dude.