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For the record, aliens in my headworld range from generic space-furries to uninspired humanoids that can crossbreed with humans (though in the Clawish’s defense, the guy who created them aimed for that for Reasons, long story) to “what the actual heck.” It really depends on who made them or guided their development, since most of the sentient life in my headworld is there Because Angels.

I was gonna share this a long time ago, but chickened out. Now I’m just like whatever, but it is a bit outdated and incomplete. I’m still pretty happy with it though. And yes, these all have writeups with varying levels of length and complexity (many of them are intended to mostly be ‘background aliens’). @heartlessmushroom can vouch for that.

The Nomoc are not actually mine entirely, but I don’t think the guys who made Heiankyo Alien for GB in 1990 spent like 25+ years sloooowly building up a backstory and culture and relative ecology for them since childhood, so this weird overworked version of them live in my headworld. The fact that they’re not mine is even part of the meta-narrative surrounding them (Go basically brought some in with him when he moved there and they flourished from there).

idk tl:dr my headspace is messed up and i’m blubbering and unoriginal

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)


this is so irrelevant but felt like sharing that yesterday during my psychology lecture the lecturer actually thought i was a guy and called on me to answer a question like “yes you, the fella in the back” and i literally was like !!!!!!! bc i can’t pass for shit ??? idk how this happened but it ended p quickly bc as soon as he heard me speak he kept calling me “young lady” the next time he asked me questions r ip

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Oh my gosh, you guys. I legit love all of you. You guys are so amazing. I can’t believe you guys have actually stuck with me and my weird response times. I haven’t been that active lately because my therapy has been really intense (but now it’s the weekend I’ll have some free time :D) 

But guys, seriously. I have made so many new friends here, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Each of you are so kind, and you’re all AMAZING  writers! I’m honestly so lucky to have you guys. Oh no, I’m rambling. I’m gonna cut myself off here and get to the tagging so I don’t bore you guy. <3<3

This is super long so I’m gonna have to put this under a read more! 

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Hey, this is a question for whenever you feel like it and have the time, but I'm curious what you think of each of the Heap's canon SO and why or why not you ship them?

this is gonna be me gushing a lot, but also kinda salty so be warned

Simon: Lucy. I love Lucy!!! She’s one of my faves. She’s so… atypical for a character in a book series, especially as one of the main “star crossed lovers”. She’s loving, strong, persistent, steadfast, strong-willed. But she’s also loud, nosy, overweight, stubborn, in-your-face, angry, and, most importantly to me, ugly. Lucy is not typically beautiful or soft or feminine, but she’s still the main love interest!! And even though she’s not typically feminine, she still likes things like pretty ribbons and silky cloaks and cute boys, which are traditionally feminine. She’s allowed to be complex, and have this strong dichotomy with both her personality and her role in the story. And!! She grows!! In my reread something I noticed and really appreciate is the arc that Lucy goes through. It’s easy to see how she saves Simon, but she matures so much on her journey. She comes to appreciate what she has, but also trying to do better for herself. She learns to (somewhat) keep a cap on her temper when she needs to, she becomes kinder to strangers, she tries really, really hard to be a good person. And it’s so good!! She makes friends, weathers hardships, lives on her own, helps pull herself and Simon up by their bootstraps. G O D  I love her so much!! And her and Simon together??? Incredible!! She is so important in his arc, and y’all know how much I love him. They’re both so… weird. They’re kind of outcasts, they have their issues, and they never once falter on their love for each other!! Never once does Lucy think of abandoning Simon despite everything. Never once does Simon see Lucy as anything other than an angel. When he thought she left him, he wasn’t even angry with her!! He was angry with himself for not being better for her!! I love crying about them!! And like, with Lucy being kind of ugly, this becomes so much more important!! When Lucy comes out in her god-awful wedding dress, everyone’s like “oh wow, that’s kind of ugly.” But Simon!! Thinks she looks incredible and loves it because she made it herself!! Could your OTP ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: Marwick. G o d  I love Wolf Boy. I love him!! I always knew I liked him but my love for him has skyrocketed during my reread!! He’s… so incredible, and I’m a little mentally tired after that Lucy analysis so I won’t go into why I love him so much right now (maybe another time if y’all wanna know). And Samwick!! OK, so I only have 2 problems with Samwick, and neither makes me not ship them. The first is the whole thing about Keepers not getting married, which I wanna do a separate post about sometime soon, so I’ll leave it there. The second is the age gap. But, like Septyrah, it??? Doesn’t seem to really exist in the world??? Like, Sam is 7 years older than Marwick, but I’m pretty sure canon ages mean Absolutely Nothing to Angie Sage. And they’re both adults in Sandrider, so I’m cool with it, but I still think it’s kind of odd. Angie, why are you like this. B U T!!! They’re so cute!! Talk about a #battlecouple. They’re so nature-y and wild and intense, and they travel the world together?? Talk about #goals. Sam almost dying is like, my favorite part of Sandrider!! And the way Marwick is so sweet and trying to be calm and helpful?? 10/10

Edd: no canon S/O. (I ship him with Moira Mole for no real in-text reason, but as they both have like, no canon personalities or S/Os I’m allowed to!!)

Erik: no canon S/O. OK, so I headcanon Erik as a HUGE flirt who dates/hooks up with a lot of girls. BUT!! I also headcanon that when he meets the girl who will eventually be his wife, he’s stunned!! He’s still a smooth charmer, but he loves this girl like a little puppy, and he’s so intent on taking it seriously. He knows after like, 2 weeks that he wants to marry her, but they date for a while and he’s so happy!! He has no trouble transitioning from player to ready-to-wed. At first he has a bit of trouble not flirting with everyone on instinct before he realizes His Girlfriend also does that and they laugh and use flirting to get what they want, and never ever once worry about the other not being faithful. Then they have like 6 kids (first 2 are a set of twin girls). And it’s good!!

JoJo: Marissa. S i g h. I… have so many mixed feelings about Marissa and Jorissa. On the one hand, it’s so interesting, because they’re so fucked up. But also…?? Their canon state makes me so M A D!! I’m sure I’ve ranted about it somewhere if you look in the “Starchaser,” “JoJo Heap,” or “Marissa Lane” tags. So I can like, vibe with it I guess, but I would have to do a lot of work before I was okay with them canonly ending up together. Like, a multi-chapter Jorissa fic is something I eventually wanna do, working on how I want to make them work. But I love JoJo and Marissa does NOT treat him well!! So… IDK. It’s real complicated.

Nicko: Snorri. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original childhood OTP, my dudes. I was so sad (and angry) in Fyre when Snorri left and they broke up. Like, nooooo!!!! My heart was broken!! So when they got back together pre-Pathfinder, I nearly lost my mind. They’re both adventurous, a little snarky boat people!! And Snorri jumped into the past for him and his fam?? And he stayed in the past with her just so she wouldn’t be lost alone!! And the way they’re both changed after the House of Foryx. They went through so much together!! I love them!! And I love Snorri!! She’s really cute. The scene where she meets Jenna and Wolf Boy, and she just keeps laughing about the ever-growing number of Heap brothers?? She’s so deadset on establishing herself as her own person, but it’s not until she goes on her own journey that she realizes she was still just following in her father’s footsteps. And she does get her own journey, and also learns to appreciate her mom!! And she can see ghosts?????? I love her!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna: Beetle. Sheesh, okay, this is where it gets a little messy, but until Sage puts in writing that these two broke up and makes S/e//p/J//e/n// canon, I won’t accept it!! Even then I won’t, but still. A N Y W A Y, Beetle is such a great character. I did a bit of an analysis on his inferiority complex compared to Sep here, but besides that he’s?? Such a huge loser nerd and I love him. He loves so completely, he strives to do what’s right, he’s so genuinely interested in things!! And his crush on Jenna is one of the cutest parts of the series, 10/10. And how do I even describe Jeetle. Two cinnamon rolls who love to have fun and help people fall in love and proceed to spread joy and love and sometimes salt throughout the kingdom. They’d fight anyone for the other. I love them.

Septimus: no canon S/O. OK, so Starchaser kinda implies that he and Driffa are gonna date, but even Angie has said no way that’s gonna last lmao. #Let SepDateSyrah2k17.

Seeing quite a few people tearing Emori down (and thinking she lied about everything when I believe she only lied that it was that guy but the tragic backstory actually happened hence why John knew about it as well even though he wasnt in the room when she explained it to Clarke) for killing t survive like your guys favs havent been doing this for four seasons and wont continue to do this. Fuck, at the beginning of this season Clarke made a list of 100 people that would get to live and even though it was hard, thats still killing people to survive. The difference being Emori has never lived in a time where she hasnt had to fight for her right to live. Its always been do everything she can to survive and she still has that mentality which is what i think people dont like because she doesnt fall into this “this is bad but i need to do it” mindset they have given all these other people. 

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Ok I have a question what is up with calling guys Daddy ? I'm not judging I just really don't understand.

I saw this ask awhile ago, started thinking about it and I still have no idea how to answer, lmao. I will try my best though…

I love the whole Daddy!Kink thing. I love the idea of an older man having authority over me, telling me what to do and disciplining me when I misbehave. I have no idea why, but I sure as sugar like it.

I don’t know if calling guys daddy and actual ‘Daddy!kink’ are the same thing… but I’m guessing for some people it is. 

The way I see it, every has a thing I guess lol. 

I hope this helped a bit? I honestly have no idea how to answer this, but if someone else wants to chime in, I’d love to hear other opinions too!

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